Heel Pain After Falling From Bike

Apr 5, 2016

Four weeks back I fell with my bike and seemed to hit my heel to the ground. I stil cant put much pressure on it, I can walk on my heel but I can feel the pain. It's better than 4 weeks back but not all good. Is there maybe something I can do to speed up recovery? When I press on my heel from the bottom there is not pain but on the sides an back of the calcaneus there is a lot of pain when I press, it's all around the edges of the calcaneus.

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Vasectomy :: Pain After 6 Weeks - Riding A Bike?

So I had my vasectomy 6 weeks ago and I still am unable to ride my bicycle (which is killing me!!!). I seem to be progressing and feeling better when I'll decide to go for a short spin and a couple of days later my testicles are super sore and I have pain in my lower abdomen. I've done this twice now. Both times I go back to square one in regards to pain. My question is how long I can expect to be off my bike? What is a typical recovery time (I know there is no such thing but is what I am experiencing more common than I have been lead to believe)? I kick myself each day for deciding to do this to myself...Any tips, thoughts, comments, questions are appreciated. I just want to hear from someone other than my urologist.

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Heel Pain :: Plantar Fasciitis Or Tendonitis, Stone Bruise, Bone Spur, Heel Spur?

I am experiencing pain on the bottom of my right heel. I have been told by several people that could be several things....a stone bruise, bone spur, heel spur, plantar fasciitis or tendonitis. Any ideas?

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Heel Pain By Running At The End Of Race

I was running the 100m this morning, and at the end of the race, I got a really bad heel pain. It was hard to walk on it, and I had to skip an event. Does anyone know what it could be, and how I can cure it?

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Heel Pain

My right heel, at the bottom of my foot, kills today. I am going to make an uneducated guess and say its because I have been 'babying' my left leg and putting all the pressure on my right foot when I walk. My heel pain was sudden and I've never had problems with my right foot.

Anyone have any ideas as how to avoid hurting yourself when you have a weak leg?

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Heel Pain :: Plantar Fasciitis Or Tendonitis?

I have had this going on for 3 years now and still no closer to an outcome. The pain is in the back of both heels and when touched is really painful. I have had xrays, ultrasounds and an MRI for Plantar and tendonitis but both have been ruled out as nothing showing up. The symptoms led them to believe it was one or the other ie Plantar or Tendonitis, I can hardly walk when I get out of bed and when I point my toes to the air it pulls around the back of my heel. As I work in retail and I'm on my feet all day my feet ache the longer the day goes on and by the time I get home I shuffle along as the pain hurts too much. Once I sit down and rest for as little as 10 minutes I feel everything tighten up and is hard to walk. I have now been told by my the consultant that he doesn't think the pain is in my feet and if it is he can't find it so has now made me an appointment to see the spinal team that's if they are willing to see me. Surely if I am in pain and can't get through a day without any then surely there must be a problem somewhere. At 40 years old I find myself not being able to do the things I love like long distance walking and being out in the fresh air instead. I spend most of my free time resting my feet so I can be ready for the following day as its a constant struggle with the pain.

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Heel Pain :: Strengthening My Arches And Not Using Orthotics?

I have been having left heel pain for more than 2 years. I actually had foot issues from before (I developed a morton's neuroma a year earlier, had surgery with some residual pain, so started wearing orthotics to try to offload some pressure from the ball of the foot). After trying different pairs of orthotics, I started developing this heel pain, which has persisted for 2 years.  

The pain is in the location where you would expect plantar fasciitis, but is not classic. It hurts more at the end of the day rather than the morning. I've had two MRIs over the course of the last two years, both show just an inflamed plantar fascia with nothing else really interesting.

I'm at my whits end. I've tried custom orthotics - spent literally thousands of dollars - and they don't help. I've tried heel cups, physical therapy, night splints.  My feet are pretty flat, and so my podiatrist thinks that could contribute to the fasciitis. 

Wondering if anyone has any non traditional tips, or if they have experienced something like this before. I'm thinking maybe my pain is because of orthotics. This started so long ago it's hard for me to remember the circumstances accurately. But maybe I should be strengthening my arches and not using orthotics?

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Burning Heel Pain When Lying - Goes Away On Walking

I do not have diabetes, I do not take any meds, and I am not obese.

For the last few years, I have burning pain in my heels when I am lying down for a few hours. When I get up and walk around, it goes away and I have no pain during the day. The problem is I can't sleep because the pain wakes me up.

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Foot / Toe Injuries :: Pain In The Heel And Up The Calf

All through the winter i wore heeled boots, only a small heel then about a month ago i started wearing flat "dolly" shoes again, after about a week of wearing flat shoes i woke uP and couldn't walk properly due to pain in my calfs so i went back to wearing boots and just occasionally wearing dolly shoes. Sunday i went for a walk with my friend but i wore flat sandals ended up walking about 3 miles. Monday morning i got out of bed and nearly fell due to pain in my heel which i couldn't feel until i put my weight on it, i found it painful to walk on the rest of the day and today (tuesday) its became worse and the pain has travelled up my calf, similar feeling to what i felt a month before, which is becoming worse as the day goes on.

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Plantar Fasciitis :: Heel Pain For Months

I have been suffering with heel pain for 7 months. Very frustrating. I left a job in december because standing up for prolonged hours was too painful. Have discomfort in my current job but the hours are shorter so it is more bearable. 

Just wondering if anyone has suffered with heel pain for a similar length of time and if it ever went away eventually?

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Foot Disorders :: Hot Flashes And Shooting Pain In My Heel

My right foot has been having hot flashes and I been having shooting pain in my heel that I think is bone spurs, I've had the spurs for about a month but hot flashes just started. I work as a cashier so I'm on my feet all day. I'm worried it may be a blood clot but I have no swelling or redness. I'm a 52 year old female.

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Foot / Ankle :: Calcaneus Heel Fracture / Pain

I sustained a calcaneus heel fracture on 1/10/2015 in a mountain biking accident. I fell off a ledge and tried to catch my fall with my foot. Landed on concrete and twisted my ankle in the process. I had surgery on 1/21/15 and have two screws in my heel and a plate and two screws on the side of my ankle. Two weeks after surgery (four days ago), I lost my balance and fell forward and caught my fall with the ball of my foot (I was in a boot). My foot is so stiff that it will not lay flat on the ground. My heel started hurting a few hours afterwards and the next day. It felt better Wednesday and i did some stretches to my foot. Now it is hurting again today. I wonder if anyone else has had this experience? Do you think it is a stiff tendon (plantar fasciitis) that I just pulled or do you think I could have done damage to my heel? I didn't land on my heel, but I feel a dull ache at the bottom of it now.

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TKR :: 4 Months Post Op - Pain In Heel And Swelling In Thigh

My friend is into his 4th month of having his tkr. It's like everyday there's something new. He had noticed an indentation on the outside of his knee. He is experiencing pain in his heel, swelling in his thigh, and pain in his back. He had to stop his PT because of the pain. He goes to his Surgeon but he just says it's going to take time. Has anyone else experienced this or similar to this?

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Heel Pain When Pressure Is Applied From The Side Of Bone

I sprained my ankle a couple weeks ago and everything is feeling great except if I sit Indian style and apply pressure to the outer side of my heel I get a very. Sharp pain that goes away as soon as I let off of it. It doesn't hurt at all when I walk or run and put upward pressure on the heel. Only when pressure is applied from the side of the heel bone. Any ideas?

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Heel Pain 2.5 Weeks Post Achilles Tendon Surgery

I am probably worrying about nothing, but I had surgery on 11 July and since i had my stitches out and cast changed on Tuesday (22 July) my heel has been quite sore. I am PWB and the cast moves slightly when I walk... Could the pain be caused by the cast rubbing on my heel? During the surgery I had metal shards removed from the tendon (caused by calcaneal osteotomy screw disintegrating), treatment for tendinitis and the tendon was re-anchored. I also had a lateral ligament repair, but the site of that is not so sore. I'm not sure whether to call my doctor... I don't want to bother her if this is just healing pain and is normal.

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Heel Pain / Hurt After Standing Or Walking - Patellar Tendinopathy

For several years now both my heels hurt after standing or walking for a little while. After a couple of days rest I am able to walk for maybe 30 mins before it becomes unbearable and standing seems to be worse. I have seen podiatrists, followed stretching plans, bought new shoes according to my gait analysis, customised insoles and the job lot. I was wrongly diagnosed with Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis which were cleared after an MRI and ultrasound scan. No heel spurs or cushion problems etc and back MRI scan has ruled out root nerve issues although a nerve conduction study presented some mild root nerve S1 weakness. A little further info is that my left foot is significantly worse than my right and my left knee has been diagnosed with patellar tendinopathy.

I'm in IT and do spend a lot of time at a desk but get out to the gym a couple of times a week for some light cycling and stretching. I have found that my core is pretty weak and the likely cause of my Patellar Tendonitis. I'm now working on core stability and looking to fix any muscular imbalance.

My consultant is stumped and does not know whats causing the pain so I asked her to rule out Baxters nerve compression which she is looking into.

I would really like to get any help with this as it's been causing me pain for several years and not allowing me to get on with day to day activities as I can't walk or stand for short periods of time.

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Plantar Fasciitis :: Heel And Leg Pain That Leads To Shoulder Blades

I cannot wear a shoe on my right foot for my than 3 hours before this terrible pain starts in my heel, then travels up my leg & ends up in my shoulder blades, but so far they cannot find anything wrong with my foot also have shocking leg cramps during the night, if I walk around the house with no shoes on no worries, see a neurologist next week then a rheumatologist the following week, back doctor has given me the flick & tells me it's nerve damage, all very strange

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Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease :: Terrible Heel Pain?

I have undifferentiated connective tissue disease and am off all meds. Currently I can barely walk. I am getting so used to it that it almost feels normal but of course it's far from normal. The pain is about an 8 out of 10 and i've never experienced anything over a 4 or 5. It was always fatigue before!

Can anyone tell me what i can do about this foot pain?

More than anything I just want to know what it is? It started when I began a job where i stand all day. Is it a kind of RA? I am desperate for answers. If I knew something would work I would do it. Anything but go back to prednisone....I"m starting to think that would be better too though!

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Plantar Fasciitis :: Inflamed Irritated Feeling Heel Pain

About 4 months ago I started noticing my both of my feet felt very fatigued after a short walk and when I put my feet up to rest, the lower back side of my heels (below my achilles just before it turns to the underside of my foot) felt slightly irritated. The fatigue in my feet would come and go then about 6 weeks ago I started feeling pain/discomfort in the bottom of my feet (in the heel area). The pain has never been worse in the morning. It gets worse the more I'm on my feet (especially standing or slow walking like when shopping). I have extremely high arches and the doctor thinks I am experiencing pain because of the anatomy of my feet (a lot of concentrated force on the heels). 

Let me rewind a bit. Because of my very high arches I have been fearful of developing foot problems, especially PF. As a result, in March of this year I started doing calf stretches in the morning. About 30 minutes to an hour after waking up I would stand on a stair and really stretch out my calves (3 sets of 20 seconds for both legs). It was about 6-7 weeks later that at the same time I started noticing the pain in both of my heels.

About 3 weeks ago I got custom orthotics and shoes with excellent cushioning for the heels. About 10 days ago I stopped stretching thinking I may have actually injured myself because of overstretching.

I have no pain when pressing on my heels or achilles or anywhere under my feet, just an inflamed irritated feeling when I walk. Other than a few steps here and there I don't walk barefoot and haven't for the past couple of years (broke and ankle two years ago and hard surfaces really aggravated things after getting out of the cast).

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Broken Pinky Toe - Heel Pain - Bruise Or Plantar Fasciitis?

I broke my pinky toe and was walking more on my heel. Now the inner edge of my heel hurts a lot with either walking on it or just even pressing on it!  Is it more of a bruise (& treat accordingly) or is it plantar fasciitis?

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Fallen From Bike And Now Wrist Hurts

Is it normal that after 12 days of accident my arm hurts when i make sudden moves? Ive done a xrays and doctor said that my wrist may be broken and i got a plaster , wore it for a week and went back to the doctor and he said that it is not broken and i was wondering is it normal that my wrist hurts.

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