Heel Pain / Hurt After Standing Or Walking - Patellar Tendinopathy

May 20, 2014

For several years now both my heels hurt after standing or walking for a little while. After a couple of days rest I am able to walk for maybe 30 mins before it becomes unbearable and standing seems to be worse. I have seen podiatrists, followed stretching plans, bought new shoes according to my gait analysis, customised insoles and the job lot. I was wrongly diagnosed with Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis which were cleared after an MRI and ultrasound scan. No heel spurs or cushion problems etc and back MRI scan has ruled out root nerve issues although a nerve conduction study presented some mild root nerve S1 weakness. A little further info is that my left foot is significantly worse than my right and my left knee has been diagnosed with patellar tendinopathy.

I'm in IT and do spend a lot of time at a desk but get out to the gym a couple of times a week for some light cycling and stretching. I have found that my core is pretty weak and the likely cause of my Patellar Tendonitis. I'm now working on core stability and looking to fix any muscular imbalance.

My consultant is stumped and does not know whats causing the pain so I asked her to rule out Baxters nerve compression which she is looking into.

I would really like to get any help with this as it's been causing me pain for several years and not allowing me to get on with day to day activities as I can't walk or stand for short periods of time.

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Hallux Valgus (Bunions) :: Heel To Hurt When Walking After 8 Weeks

I had a bunionectomy done on my left foot 8 weeks ago. The bones are healing properly etc.

I am still walking in my cast boot off and on using just one crutch.

But when I do walk, i have a little bit of pain and discomfort when I walk. Everytime I put pressure on it, it makes it difficult for me to walk.

I tried even walking in my regular shoes but still find it difficult to wear and walk due to the discomfort in my heel.

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Hip Replacement :: Pain From Sitting To Standing And Walking

I'm 27, I got ejected out of a car at 17. I broke my hip and shattered my pelvis. My first surgery was to reconstruct my pelvis than a year later I had a total hip replacement. I hurt every single day, the worst pain is from sitting to standing and walking that initial step on my bad hip is excruciating. I don't take pain meds anymore if anyone has any tip for pain relief.

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Burning Heel Pain When Lying - Goes Away On Walking

I do not have diabetes, I do not take any meds, and I am not obese.

For the last few years, I have burning pain in my heels when I am lying down for a few hours. When I get up and walk around, it goes away and I have no pain during the day. The problem is I can't sleep because the pain wakes me up.

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Top Of Legs Hurt /shake - Standing For A Long Time

When I'm standing in one place for a long time the top of my legs start to hurt and then my whole leg start to shake. This started 3 weeks ago. Why is this happening?

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Sitting, Standing, And Walking - Sudden Dizziness

I don't know exactly where to start or how to describe my issue, but I know something isn't right. 2 days ago I woke up as I normally do from a good night's sleep and immediately knew something wasn't right. I was feeling faint and dizzy, but it wasn't a constant feeling that wouldn't go away. I would have these episodes about every 5 or 6 seconds apart from one another. 2 days later (today) it hasn't gone away and it's actually getting worse. It feels like I'm getting hit with a hammer and that's when everything starts to go faint and an instant dose of dizziness smacks me in the head. I honestly feel like I'm going to just kill over and pass out, but I don't. after a few seconds it stops, but then after I take a few more steps it does it all over again. This happens whether I'm standing up, walking, sitting down or even laying down. It just won't stop. Prior to this, there was a week where I got about 5 or 6 major migraines in one week. Not sure if this is related or not? I have no ins.

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome :: Sore Feet On Walking Or Standing Too Long

been suffering with really sore soles of both feet after walking or standing for too long they get that sore I want to walk on the sides of my feet just to take the presume off is this my fibro or something else??happens a few times now they do feel better after a nice warm soak

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Testicles :: Hurt On Walking

my testicles hurt. it only hurts when i walk but it doesn't hurt a lot. when i just in my chair or bed it doesn't hurt.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Walking - Can It Hurt The Baby?

Can it hurt the baby? I went walking on The National Harbor & it was a fairly long walk... sort of, idk. But, I just want to make sure nothing is wrong. I felt little pains near my pelvic area, but I think I also feel some kicks so maybe everything is fine.

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Unbalanced Feet - Dizziness While Walking And Standing

I have dizziness everyday while walking, standing as well as feeling off balance, unsteady on my feet like I am gonna fall over. I have had my ears checked by an ENT doctor in 2014 and he said I had meniere's disease so he treated it as that but medicine didn't help so went to another ENT doctor in 2015 who said I don't have meniere's disease but have hearing loss in both ears and did a test on my vestibular function which he said was normal so he referred me to a neurologist and I went and had an MRI done which was normal as well. I have had blood work done in November last year and my white blood count was a little high but not concerning and everything else was normal....no diabetes. Also had a stress test done on heart and was normal. I am at my wits end with this cause I don't know what's going on. I plan to see an eye doctor soon. Oh and I was diagnosed with anxiety 4 months ago but this dizziness and off balance feeling has been going on for 2 years now. I am on blood pressure medicine too. don't know what else to do. Does anyone have these same symptoms ?

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Severe Pain At Patellar Tendon Above Tibia Of Right Leg

I am having the severe pain at patellar tendon above tibia of right leg. This problem was started one month back when my ankle of left leg was twisted & I walked on right leg for 6-7 days. As per my Orthopaedics, due to counter weight , this inflammation has come on tibia/tendon.

Pain was so severe that I was not able to walk. My orthopedics was recommended some steroid antiinflammatory drugs. Now all drugs are stopped & I was asked to rest only.

Today, after one month, I am able to walk with baby steps but still there is lot pain. I am not able to bend the knee fully but only 60-70^deg. There is a severe pain when the leg raised from knee to upward direction.

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Fracture Of Both Heel Bones - Walking Around Delays The Healing Process?

I am a 25 year old female and I fractured both of my heel bones about 8 weeks ago after jumping from a height of 6 or 7 feet. An MRI showed the fractures as well as bone bruising in both feet. My doctor gave me crutches and that he'd follow up with me in a couple weeks.

I stayed off my feet COMPLETELY for the first 3-4 weeks post the date of injury, but then I started walking around my house (couch to bathroom, couch to kitchen, etc.) on my toes/balls of feet without crutches. This would cause minor pain in my heels but I didn't think much of it cause it's not like I was putting weight on them.

At my follow up appointment (6 weeks post injury) the x-rays showed the healing fractures and my doctor said I could start walking. This confused me because initially he said it would take 6-8 weeks. I told him I was still having pain (not constant, more like sharp pricks that come and go after a few seconds) so he told me to wait 2 more weeks and to THEN start walking.

Well, those 2 weeks are now over and I still have the pain that comes and goes in my heels, and NOW the bones in my toes and sides of my feet are hurting a bit from walking around on them for several weeks. I'm going back to the doctor on Wednesday so I'm sure I'll get some peace of mind then (although I don't particularly like my doc, he's the kind that rushes through your appointment) but I just wanted to post here to see if anyone else experienced this first hand.

MY MAIN QUESTION IS: IS THERE ANYWAY that by walking around on my toes/balls of feet I have delayed the healing process in my heels? I've tried looking around ALL over the internet and can't find an answer for this. I don't see how it could because I'm not putting any weight on my heels..

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Heel Pain :: Plantar Fasciitis Or Tendonitis, Stone Bruise, Bone Spur, Heel Spur?

I am experiencing pain on the bottom of my right heel. I have been told by several people that could be several things....a stone bruise, bone spur, heel spur, plantar fasciitis or tendonitis. Any ideas?

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Disc Prolapse :: Sever Buttock Pain When Standing Up

For the last 3 weeks I am getting severe buttock pain when I stand up after sitting or lying on the bed. Thereafter when I walk for 2 min the pain subsides and I feel absolutely normal.

Again when I sit the cycle continues. Sometimes the pain moves from bottom to back of thigh.

I have consulted few doctors, one said Hamstring strain, other said SI joint and piriformis muscle issue and finally the last one said disc prolapse.

Has anyone experienced such issue before and if yes what was the diagnosis.

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Ischial Tuberosity? Autoimmune? Tendinopathy - Prolotherapy

I have been suffering from pain on the gluteal region (it worsens when sitting), sitz bones (ischial tuberosity), upper thighs, lumbar region and feet (calcaneum) for almost 2 years now. I'm 26, have always been healthy, but I have to say this condition is affecting my quality of life SEVERELY.

I have researched a lot about my ailment, read many scientific articles, have been to almost 50 doctors and still I haven't received a proper diagnose. I have already done many exams to investigate the source of my pain, namely: MRIs, CT scans, electroneuromyography of the perineum/legs, dozens of urine and blood exams, etc.

I (together with some physicians and physiotherapists) have come up with some diseases which are compatible to the symptoms (burning pain on the pelvis, ischial tuberosity, perineum, pubic bones, upper thighs, calcaneum), such as:

1. Pudendal nerve entrapment (negative result after an ANGiography)
2. Ischial Bursitis (negative after a MRI scan, no bursas inflamed)
3. Hamstring Tendinosis/Tendinopathy (negative on MRIs)
4. Prostatitis (no bacteria detected whatsoever, although I have taken antibiotics - PSA normal)
5. Autoimmune diseases (Reactive Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis - negative)
6. Lyme Disease (inconclusive, took doxycycline for 3 weeks though)
7. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
8. Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome (hypothesis ruled out after intense physical therapy, pilates for over 11 months)

The only exam that showed something not normal was a discreet enthesitis on both heels (calcaneum). That's why rheumatologists thought it could be some autoimmune disorder. Apart from that, everything seems pretty normal. My vitamin D levels are low too, but I have started taking vitamin supplements and my vitamin levels (not only D) are almost close to normal.

I was wondering if someone with similar symptoms have already received a light on that. I have visited a lot of forums on the internet with ppl complaining about the same things, but never read/learned about someone who received an ultimate/precise diagnose., nor did I found anybody who actually recovered from that.

Medication taken to date: Lyrica, Prednisone, Cymbalta, Ciprofloxacin, Doxycycline, Arcoxia, Sulphasalazine, Fluoxetine, Naproxen, Cyclobenzaprine

I have recently started a new treatment called Prolotherapy. I've read it is a helpful technique for chronic tendinopathy.

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General :: Lower Right Abdominal Swelling, Pain When Walking, Random Sharp Pain

Me: 20 y/o female, 5ft5, 135lbs. (I have been losing some weight so I don't think I am pregnant.)

A week or two ago I was having this weird feeling, like tugging, in my belly button it was accompanied by some sharp pains on and off. A few days ago i noticed that the right side of my tummy, starting in the lower right quarter of my belly button and going about two - three inches down and about the same to the right, maybe a bit further, was swollen. It isn't super noticeable unless you look right in my belly button because I have some tummy fat, but the right is absolutely swollen. It is not a lump, but honestly just feels like fatty tissue or water retention. It isn't very tender, sometimes it feels like there is a bruise but there isn't, there is a spot that seems more tender. I have had this sharp tearing pain but it is very random and hasn't been bed enough for an ER visit. When I walk it hurts but it is very dull.

I have a doctors apt on monday but I am worried that this could be something bad.

I am not sure if this is related but it seems like it is (TMI sort of period stuff below just a heads up...)

I usually have normal/ heavy periods that last about 5-6 days. This time it started off very light, the next day i had about 12 hours of soaking a regular tampon in like an hour and a half (this is really unusual) and then it tapered off that night. The bleeding only lasted 2-3 days and the last bit was this strange copper color as opposed to bright red or brown. This is pretty strange for me.

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Heel Pain By Running At The End Of Race

I was running the 100m this morning, and at the end of the race, I got a really bad heel pain. It was hard to walk on it, and I had to skip an event. Does anyone know what it could be, and how I can cure it?

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Heel Pain

My right heel, at the bottom of my foot, kills today. I am going to make an uneducated guess and say its because I have been 'babying' my left leg and putting all the pressure on my right foot when I walk. My heel pain was sudden and I've never had problems with my right foot.

Anyone have any ideas as how to avoid hurting yourself when you have a weak leg?

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Heel Pain After Falling From Bike

Four weeks back I fell with my bike and seemed to hit my heel to the ground. I stil cant put much pressure on it, I can walk on my heel but I can feel the pain. It's better than 4 weeks back but not all good. Is there maybe something I can do to speed up recovery? When I press on my heel from the bottom there is not pain but on the sides an back of the calcaneus there is a lot of pain when I press, it's all around the edges of the calcaneus.

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Heel Pain :: Plantar Fasciitis Or Tendonitis?

I have had this going on for 3 years now and still no closer to an outcome. The pain is in the back of both heels and when touched is really painful. I have had xrays, ultrasounds and an MRI for Plantar and tendonitis but both have been ruled out as nothing showing up. The symptoms led them to believe it was one or the other ie Plantar or Tendonitis, I can hardly walk when I get out of bed and when I point my toes to the air it pulls around the back of my heel. As I work in retail and I'm on my feet all day my feet ache the longer the day goes on and by the time I get home I shuffle along as the pain hurts too much. Once I sit down and rest for as little as 10 minutes I feel everything tighten up and is hard to walk. I have now been told by my the consultant that he doesn't think the pain is in my feet and if it is he can't find it so has now made me an appointment to see the spinal team that's if they are willing to see me. Surely if I am in pain and can't get through a day without any then surely there must be a problem somewhere. At 40 years old I find myself not being able to do the things I love like long distance walking and being out in the fresh air instead. I spend most of my free time resting my feet so I can be ready for the following day as its a constant struggle with the pain.

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Heel Pain :: Strengthening My Arches And Not Using Orthotics?

I have been having left heel pain for more than 2 years. I actually had foot issues from before (I developed a morton's neuroma a year earlier, had surgery with some residual pain, so started wearing orthotics to try to offload some pressure from the ball of the foot). After trying different pairs of orthotics, I started developing this heel pain, which has persisted for 2 years.  

The pain is in the location where you would expect plantar fasciitis, but is not classic. It hurts more at the end of the day rather than the morning. I've had two MRIs over the course of the last two years, both show just an inflamed plantar fascia with nothing else really interesting.

I'm at my whits end. I've tried custom orthotics - spent literally thousands of dollars - and they don't help. I've tried heel cups, physical therapy, night splints.  My feet are pretty flat, and so my podiatrist thinks that could contribute to the fasciitis. 

Wondering if anyone has any non traditional tips, or if they have experienced something like this before. I'm thinking maybe my pain is because of orthotics. This started so long ago it's hard for me to remember the circumstances accurately. But maybe I should be strengthening my arches and not using orthotics?

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