Fracture Of Both Heel Bones - Walking Around Delays The Healing Process?

Oct 18, 2013

I am a 25 year old female and I fractured both of my heel bones about 8 weeks ago after jumping from a height of 6 or 7 feet. An MRI showed the fractures as well as bone bruising in both feet. My doctor gave me crutches and that he'd follow up with me in a couple weeks.

I stayed off my feet COMPLETELY for the first 3-4 weeks post the date of injury, but then I started walking around my house (couch to bathroom, couch to kitchen, etc.) on my toes/balls of feet without crutches. This would cause minor pain in my heels but I didn't think much of it cause it's not like I was putting weight on them.

At my follow up appointment (6 weeks post injury) the x-rays showed the healing fractures and my doctor said I could start walking. This confused me because initially he said it would take 6-8 weeks. I told him I was still having pain (not constant, more like sharp pricks that come and go after a few seconds) so he told me to wait 2 more weeks and to THEN start walking.

Well, those 2 weeks are now over and I still have the pain that comes and goes in my heels, and NOW the bones in my toes and sides of my feet are hurting a bit from walking around on them for several weeks. I'm going back to the doctor on Wednesday so I'm sure I'll get some peace of mind then (although I don't particularly like my doc, he's the kind that rushes through your appointment) but I just wanted to post here to see if anyone else experienced this first hand.

MY MAIN QUESTION IS: IS THERE ANYWAY that by walking around on my toes/balls of feet I have delayed the healing process in my heels? I've tried looking around ALL over the internet and can't find an answer for this. I don't see how it could because I'm not putting any weight on my heels..

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Broken Bones :: Healing Of A Fractured Tibia

I have a spiral fracture of the Tibia. It has been fixed with a plate however the surgeon left a gap in the bones. (This gap was not present in the original x-ray prior to surgery). After 12 weeks there is no sign of the bone healing. I sort a 2nd opinion & was advised that the bone is unlikely to heal because of the gap & further surgery was recommended to join up the gap & possible a bone graft.

What is the conventional thinking on this? Should bones be fixed touching to heal?

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5th Metatarsal Mid Shaft Fracture Not Healing

It has been just over 5 weeks since I flailed off of my ottoman, fighting a cockroach, and landed on the side of my foot. I do not have health insurance and was first trying not to spend the money, if not needed, on a specialist. I was given a boot and have been in it consistently for 4 weeks. Now, I am getting a little bit worried after a couple of X-rays and, also, the fact that it is not showing healing. It is displaced, with an offset of 4mm on the top view and 8mm on the side view and there is some splintering within (according to radiology notes from the hospital).

I just recently went to a highly recommended Orthopedic doctor and after looking at the two X-rays I had previously, and taking a new one in office, says that he does not recommend surgery. He did explain that I may be looking at 3 more months of healing but that it would heal on it's own. I can understand the fact that it has been 5 weeks and that opting for surgery now would be a huge step backwards in the muscle and tissue healing that has inevitably taken place.

My concern is: I am a runner. This bone, to me, looks terrifying and to think it will stay that way forever and only fill in where it is positioned now seems it will only give me problems in the future. I don't know if I should bypass his recommendation and opt for surgery to have the bone set in the correct alignment and know that I will not have future problems or just let it to what it's going to do. I do know that nothing is 100% and even surgery can mean a long healing process. I guess I am hoping for more opinions on the matter, so please help, if you can.

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5th Metatarsal Mid Shaft Fracture Healing Experience

I broke my 5th metatarsal on 16 December, it is now 23 February.  Someone came down on it very heavily in high heels and broke it, spiral fracture, slightly displaced.  I didn't realise it was broken at first, just thought it was swollen and bruised...and boy was it bruised!  Never seen anything like it! Anyway, did the usual, rest, elevation, compression and ice and kept hobbling about, using the opposite side of my foot to hobble round the house...after all it was Christmas and I didn't have time to rest! Luckily could stay pretty much in the house so didn't do massive amount of walking...and couldn't get a shoe on anyway! Did mention it to a locum doctor on 23 Dec, but had gone about something else, and he dismissed it without looking at it, just telling me to RICE it..which I already was.

After a day or so, bruising still horrendous, I decided to see my usual doctor who referred me immediately to get it x-rayed.  This was on 28 Dec..and  the fracture showed up to my shock.  X ray technician mentioned going straight to A and E but then said all they would do is make me an appointment at the fracture clinic, which I may as well get from my doctor, when the information about my fracture had got to my doctor (and no, I couldn't have the letter to hand in, it had to go by snail /Royal Mail)  I had started by now to use weight bearing on bad foot at all.

A week later, as soon as I could (bank holidays delayed information getting to doctor and hence consultation) I saw my doctor who phoned the hospital after reading the letter to make me an urgent appointment with the consultant for the following Monday (this was Friday)

I went and saw him and to my shock he was very, to me , pessimistic and not a little rushed.  Told me it was a nasty fracture, difficult to heal, and I might very likely end up having two operations, one to put pins and plates in and one to take them out.  Oh..and the plate would stick out of my (slim) foot and there was a high risk of infection etc as we were operating on bone.  However, he told me I could still go to work, drive (this was my clutch foot) as long as it wasn't for long (work is 10 minutes drive away) and elevated and rested foot at every opportunity....and it might be an idea if I used crutches and didn't put weight on it BUT he didn't put it in an air boot or cast. (which concerned me a little)

This I did, but no real improvement, in fact it got worse, swelling up, pins and needles in toes and very sore and swollen behind toes, on ball of foot.  Went back again to hospital, saw a different doctor, who told me I should be off work, not driving, moving as little as possible and keeping foot above heart level. For at least a MONTH!

So...I have done that.  Googled the injury to death, scaring myself and becoming depressed over what I have read.  Rested completely, didn't put any weight on it , crawled and used a pair of crutches at all times, slept with it elevated, sat with it elevated, compression bandage at times, rubbed comfrey oil on it twice a day , used epsom salt baths (used to lose the circulation and it also helped a little with swelling), tried to keep my leg muscled with scissor action exercise etc  Wore hiking/timberland boots (still doing this)  It was still sore and swollen however behind the toes, so much so I wondered if there was other damage, but have now realised this was a result of not using my foot on the floor at all.

NOW....9 weeks from when I first injured it, I have been told this week I can put a little weight on it and start to walk, even though the bone hasn't joined up AT ALL, no callus etc on the x-ray the consultant reckons there is fibre etc holding it and I am now ready to walk on it.  (I was prepared for there to be no sign of healing ..research on internet again!) It isn't sore to touch although aches a little (almost a burn) now I am walking on it..but I have read this can be a sign of healing.

I am walking about with either one or no crutches,taking it very slowly,  but I cannot believe I am actually walking on it, I can stand on both feet in the shower etc.....I NEVER thought this would be the case after only 8 - 9 weeks after all I had read on the internet...and those weeks felt interminable!   I have broken bones in my foot before but have never been as disabled with it as with the 5th metatarsal break, and never felt so depressed over an injury after googling it all.  So, I didn't have an air boot, nor a cast, which seems to have worked for me, although it was very hard work getting about on crutches or crawling  (calloused knees now!) and mentally , although I kept reminding myself it wasn't a life threatening condition, it still got me down at times as there didn't seem to be any improvement. 

In my experience, yes it has taken a long time to get better...and I am still not there by any means...haven't walked out of the house yet...but I feel I AM on the road to recovery, which is the main thing.  I won't be running (which I do) for quite a while I think, not doing a lot of long distance walking but at least I am getting better.  After reading such a lot of depressing and pessimistic posts on this injury I felt I had to post a more optimistic one..and I hope at least some of you out there have just as good a recovery if you have fractured your 5th metatarsal.

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Foot / Ankle :: Calcaneus Heel Fracture / Pain

I sustained a calcaneus heel fracture on 1/10/2015 in a mountain biking accident. I fell off a ledge and tried to catch my fall with my foot. Landed on concrete and twisted my ankle in the process. I had surgery on 1/21/15 and have two screws in my heel and a plate and two screws on the side of my ankle. Two weeks after surgery (four days ago), I lost my balance and fell forward and caught my fall with the ball of my foot (I was in a boot). My foot is so stiff that it will not lay flat on the ground. My heel started hurting a few hours afterwards and the next day. It felt better Wednesday and i did some stretches to my foot. Now it is hurting again today. I wonder if anyone else has had this experience? Do you think it is a stiff tendon (plantar fasciitis) that I just pulled or do you think I could have done damage to my heel? I didn't land on my heel, but I feel a dull ache at the bottom of it now.

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Foot / Ankle :: Heel Fracture (no Surgery) Recovery Time

I broke my heel 54 days ago, felling down from 2nd floor. I am really nervous & worried about... Doctor told me you need to keep cast for 60 days (or 8 weeks) 2 weeks ago I had 2nd x-ray, it was 40th day of fracture... I smoke, as you know it makes bone recovery period longer....On my X-ray heel didn't look like recovered....bones were darker color, fracture place still lighter, but doctor said its fine & you can put weight on that foot and come back after 2 weeks, we will take off cast and put on some kinda fixing boot. However, neither 2 weeks ago, not now I can put weight on it. It hurts so bad....I don't know what to do, do what doctor says, or listen my pain? I want to know if its normal to feel such bad pain whilst doctor say your bone is okay? and how come it's okay, if on my X-ray even I can see its not okay.

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Burning Heel Pain When Lying - Goes Away On Walking

I do not have diabetes, I do not take any meds, and I am not obese.

For the last few years, I have burning pain in my heels when I am lying down for a few hours. When I get up and walk around, it goes away and I have no pain during the day. The problem is I can't sleep because the pain wakes me up.

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Hallux Valgus (Bunions) :: Heel To Hurt When Walking After 8 Weeks

I had a bunionectomy done on my left foot 8 weeks ago. The bones are healing properly etc.

I am still walking in my cast boot off and on using just one crutch.

But when I do walk, i have a little bit of pain and discomfort when I walk. Everytime I put pressure on it, it makes it difficult for me to walk.

I tried even walking in my regular shoes but still find it difficult to wear and walk due to the discomfort in my heel.

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Heel Pain / Hurt After Standing Or Walking - Patellar Tendinopathy

For several years now both my heels hurt after standing or walking for a little while. After a couple of days rest I am able to walk for maybe 30 mins before it becomes unbearable and standing seems to be worse. I have seen podiatrists, followed stretching plans, bought new shoes according to my gait analysis, customised insoles and the job lot. I was wrongly diagnosed with Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis which were cleared after an MRI and ultrasound scan. No heel spurs or cushion problems etc and back MRI scan has ruled out root nerve issues although a nerve conduction study presented some mild root nerve S1 weakness. A little further info is that my left foot is significantly worse than my right and my left knee has been diagnosed with patellar tendinopathy.

I'm in IT and do spend a lot of time at a desk but get out to the gym a couple of times a week for some light cycling and stretching. I have found that my core is pretty weak and the likely cause of my Patellar Tendonitis. I'm now working on core stability and looking to fix any muscular imbalance.

My consultant is stumped and does not know whats causing the pain so I asked her to rule out Baxters nerve compression which she is looking into.

I would really like to get any help with this as it's been causing me pain for several years and not allowing me to get on with day to day activities as I can't walk or stand for short periods of time.

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Foot / Ankle :: Heel Bone Fracture? (Right Foot)

Right, so i fell from a stairs which is at least 5-6 foot high and i have no idea how i landed on my heel first but i probably did as it's the only place where it hurts. I Can move my foot, rotate it and bend it and everything but i can't bear weight. The pain is not really in the middle of the heel but more to the left (Right foot). I can walk but i limp and i usually use the right side of my foot to bear weight and the part where it hurts is elevated a little so it looks kinda funny. Did i fractured my heel bone or is this just a sprain? It doesn't hurt when i'm resting, slightly pressing it but it hurts when i try walking using my heel. It has been more than 48 hours and I don't see any noticeable bruising or swelling as well.

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Losing Virginity Delays Your Period?

Recently, my boyfriend and i lost our virginities to each other. Last Friday to be exact. It was 30 seconds long, and he did NOT ejaculate. Then, we had sex again that following Monday. Twice actually. And he did ejaculate. BUT, each and every time he was wearing a condom. And the second time we did it Monday, he put on a new condom instead of going back in with the Semen filled condom. I was supposed to get my period Tuesday. It is now Saturday. My period is 4 days late. I told my mom, and she told me to quit fretting if i used a condom. And that it will come. However, i can't help but be TERRIFIED. Because, sex is sex. And that's how you get pregnant. I've been reading online about periods being late after your first time because it is a change to your body? Is this true? I also have been stressing a lot. Which i know can also delay your period. I am not on the pill. The only birth control we had used were the condoms.

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Breastfeeding :: C-section Delays The Milk?

I'm having a c-section on Saturday at 37 weeks. My concern is that I want to breastfeed but I'm hearing that my milk won't be ready until a few weeks after birth. Is there any pills Or teas I can take to help with the milk flow?

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Heel Pain :: Plantar Fasciitis Or Tendonitis, Stone Bruise, Bone Spur, Heel Spur?

I am experiencing pain on the bottom of my right heel. I have been told by several people that could be several things....a stone bruise, bone spur, heel spur, plantar fasciitis or tendonitis. Any ideas?

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Successful Breastfeeding Process?

I need help on all the things i need to know & what all i will need. I'm trying to have a successful breastfeeding process.

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Pregnancy :: Being Induced - How Does The Process Go?

I will be induced at 39wks next tuesday, how does the process go? Do they stick something in me to break water or will meds they give me help my water break on its on?.

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Hepatitis C :: Approval Process To Get Harvoni (no Cover?)

I spoke to my Dr. today, he does not want me on Harvoni since I treated with S & O and he feels my carrier will not pay for the meds.He also mentioned I could have build resistance to Sovaldi and I will have a better chance with new meds coming out next year.He gave me appt for March of next year so I made appt with new doc and hope I can achieve what others have done here with the approval process to get Harvoni.

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Arm/Wrist/hand :: Physio Process After Ulnar Shortening?

Hi I had ulnar shortening on my right arm on 11/9/13 and have been placed in a full arm cast until I have it taken off on 30/10/13, can anyone advise me on the physio process after the opp and what I'm likely to be able to achieve after periods of time, I'm currently off work as my job needs me to be able to use my arms/ hands at all times, I'm also right handed.

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Broken Bones :: Tibia Options

I broke my fib and tib on January 22nd, nearly 23 weeks ago. The fracture was treated conservatively, in a long leg cast for 6 weeks. After 1 week, x rays showed angulation, and wedges were applied in the cast. This seemed to be successful, as there is no evidence of malunion. After 6 weeks, a sarmiento cast was applied and 50% weight bearing initiated. At 12 weeks, x rays showed healing was being slow and after a further 4 weeks in a second sarmiento cast, at 16 weeks, although there had been some growth, it was deemed necessary to have a further 4 weeks in a Miami cast. At 20 weeks, the registrar was of the opinion that healing was still no adequate, and a CT scan is being arranged. Options suggested if there is evidence of delayed healing, are: bone stimulator or bone graft.

There is no pain on standing although there are some occasional twinges over the fracture when walking. Weight bearing has now been increased on advice, to 70%. I always use a walker.

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Bones :: Ulnar Shortening Failure?

I had an ulnar shortening osteotomy and tfcc debridement on may 24th. I had been misdiagnosed with tendonitis for three years, then an MRI revealed a tear in my tfcc. They cleaned up the tear and then shortened my ulna by 6mm.

So my bone is healing and stable. I have almost all of my range of motion back. But the pain in the soft tissue on the ulnar side of the wrist is worse than before surgery.

I have adjusted my whole life around the pain. I no longer have hobbies, cook my own food, or even pick up my three year old son (which is heartbreaking). The most daunting part of this is that I can not do my job. I can type and email, but I can not use my drawing programs for more than 30 minutes a day without screaming. I have spent my whole life training for this career, and all of a sudden I am no longer able to do the job I am paid to do.

I met with the doctor today and he said there is nothing more he can do for me medically. I don't know if this is a failed surgery or not, but I know that I am no better off than before. I had the surgery because I could no longer do my job, and now I have had the surgery and still can't do my job.

The doctor also said there is nothing he could do for me pain wise.

My questions are:

Is there really nothing they can do for the pain? No shots? Nothing? Am I expected to work in excruciating pain or not at all?

Would I even have a chance at disability? I can work at a computer, I just can't use the skill set I have that makes me employable. I feel like I would have to start from scratch.

Is this considered a failed surgery? Should I get a second opinion? My surgeon is the best in my state and is really nice. I don't know if there is a better surgeon out there.

Do any of you live with chronic pain? How do you do it? Do you have any tips as to where to start?

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Broken Bones :: Tibia, Unsure How Much Weight I Can Put On It

I have broken my tibia just above the ankle I have had a steel rod inserted through the bone and it has been two weeks since the operation and doctor has told me I can start walking with crutches. Still unsure how much weight I can put on it and what to do to help it heal?

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Broken Bones :: Tibia/Fibula Rehabilitation

I'm a 22 year old male. On March 18, I broke both Tibia/Fibula bones in my right leg while playing basketball. The fracture was diagnosed as a displaced oblique fracture of the tibial shaft. The break is located fairly close to the middle of the bone, maybe just a little closer to the ankle. I had surgery on March 25, where an IM rod was placed in with two pins each above and below the break. Three weeks after surgery, the orthopedic surgeon told me it was okay to bear partial weight on my leg using crutches. It is May 5 (6 weeks post-op), and I have been walking around using my injured leg with the assist of crutches for the past two weeks. I have also been loosening my knee/ankle, and using foam rollers to loosen up muscles in the injured leg. I have no serious pain, just small amounts of swelling throughout the day. I was just wondering if weight-bearing on the injured leg is okay considering it is an oblique fracture. Is it normal to put weight on a fracture so early after post-op? Also, when do most people who experience a fractured tibial shaft begin to start driving again?

Thank you for any advice and help in advance.

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