Hemorrhoids :: Badly Thrombosed Piles

Jan 21, 2010

Have been having problems for around 5 months and sadly have not had much luck with any gp that I have seen not one has given me a digital exam and now I have badly thrombosed piles and have been forced to go to A&E for pain control including taking entonox while they are massaged by the doctor the pain to begin with was the worst I have ever felt infact I could not carry on without the gas.

I now have to wait who knows how long for a operation and hope A & E will look after me until then I am at my whits end and getting desperate.

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Hemorrhoids :: Recovery After Excised Thrombosed External Piles?

A thrombosed external hemorrhoid popped up Tuesday and had it taken off yesterday. Didn't sleep all night in pain and in quite a bit of pain today.

Wondering what a normal recovery is like? Trying to not get down by being realistic.

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Hemorrhoids :: Thrombosed Internal Hemorrhoids Not Responding To Injections

My internal hems. are not responding to a doctor's injections. They (3) are not major, but I wish (almost) they would become thrombus so it/they could be cut out. I had that years ago.

The pain is not so great as to cause bleeding, toilet trouble but the pain is there every day for two months.

Putting on ointments in public toilets all the time to cool the pain. Awful. Inconvenient and interferes with daily life.

Gets worse with stress.

Getting desperate, looking online - Venapro. But online wonder-meds never seem to work so I'm sceptical.

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Dealing With Thrombosed Hemorrhoids?

I have a thrombosed hemorrhoid since last week and it hasn't gone down at all. It was so painful the first few days but yesterday and today it doesn't feel pain any longer, just some discomfort.

The gastroenterologist I went to told me to avoid surgery because he said it will hurt a lot more if I have surgery. He advised me to just let it heal naturally. It has been over a week now, but that thing doesn't seem to shrink a bit.

I have been eating a lot of fiber and drinking a lot of water to avoid constipation. I am also doing sit bath, cream, suppository, etc.. but all that don't seem to help getting rid of this thing.

Anyone with experience on this issue? How long does it take for it to go away and anything else I should do to help speed thing up?

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Thrombosed Hemorrhoids And Constipation - Can't Go To Bathroom

I went to the doctor two days ago for what may have been one of the worst pains of my life, turns out I have an external haemorrhoid and the blood inside it has clotted. I was given scheriproct ointment which is removing some of the pain but hasn't reduced the hemorrhoids size yet. I really need to go to the bathroom (apologies for the tmi) but every time I try I get a blinding pain like something may tear or the hemorrhoid may burst. It's really uncomfortable now I haven't been to the bathroom in a week since this problem started. I'm aware of laxatives and stool softeners etc but stool softeners can only work so far down my colon, which doesn't really help me right now. My doctors surgery isn't open for another two days, is their anything I can do?

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Hemorrhoids :: Thrombosed And Hemorrhoidectomy Experience

I'd like to post my experience with these awful, awful hemorrhoids. Let me give you all some background first....so I have a habit of bringing my phone in the bathroom and reading articles, checking emails, social networks, whether, bank accounts, credit cards, bills, but the point is my BMs generally took a few minutes but sat on the toilet far too long, anywhere from 15-30 minutes and maybe longer. I saw having BMs as a perfect break point in my super busy life to get updates on emails and such. DO NOT DO THAT, please God do not make the same mistake as me.

So this behavior has been going on for quite some time and a week or so ago is when it all went downhill. Now I always shower after BMs if I'm home, so I started noticing these bulges in my anal area during my showers. They just went away and they didn't really hurt or anything and my initial thought was, "huh...hmmm that's weird". But other than that, I totally ignored it.

I didn't even really know what hemorrhoids were. So then one Friday night a few days ago I had a BM. Hopped in the shower (as I was home) and noticed another bulge in my anus and initially I was like, "huh, what is this weird thing". Towards the end of the shower I noticed that this time it didn't go away. At this point all I was thinking was, what the f***....so I began googling and soon educated myself on hemorrhoids and made the self diagnosis that I now had a thrombosed hemorrhoid. I immediately called my family doc and Monday afternoon I had it checked out. He confirmed my self diagnosis and referred me to a specialist whose literal job is to look at hemorrhoids. By the way, that weekend while waiting for my appointment was awfully painful, I had a hard time playing with my dog, making love and BMs were the absolute worst. Anyway, my family doc said that the specialist would probably make an incision, drain the dreadful roid and then I'd be fine....WRONG.

So I called the specialist (over 25 years of hemorrhoid experience) and scheduled an appointment later the same day (Monday). I went in optimistic, however, after the specialist checked it he said, "Chris, this is a pretty big thrombosed hemorrhoid, and I'm going to have to remove it. You also have a rather large internal hemorrhoid that needs to be removed as well, I can't just drain it at this level". By the way, it was about the size of a decent grape tomato. So surgery was scheduled for the next day (Tuesday) , a hemorrhoidectomy.

This being my first surgery ever, I was scared out of my mind. I watched the medical procedure on some college website which only worsened my anxiety (please don't do that). The surgery went well and I felt perfectly fine in the recovery room (the drugs hadn't worn off yet). However, the pain started to present itself after a few hours being at home. I tried to have a BM that night but nothing but blood came out, no pain though. After my BM attempt I made a warm bath and sat in it for maybe 30 mins, which really relieved the pain. So this brings me to today, this morning (Wednesday).

I'm currently sitting in another warm bath and the pain is minimal in the water. I have a difficult time walking around as I can't stand up straight. So far the pain has been tolerable and overall not as awful as some other posts suggest. I still haven't had a BM since the surgery about 14 hours ago. Honestly, I'm terrified too. I'll try to keep updating this with comments as I progress through recovery.

I have the idea that when I attempt to have my first BM, it will be in a warm sitz bath. I'll clean it out then hop in the tub, as I heard having a BM in the water is much less painful, gross but I think it will be effective and absolutely worth it. Just remember to stay as clean as possible. This is my first forum post ever so bare with me as I attempt to update. Thanks for reading and wish me luck.

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Hemorrhoids :: Once You Have Piles - You Have Them For Life?

47 year old sufferer and worried. Do i have these for life and it's all down to managing them, short of surgery of course?

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Hemorrhoids :: Anybody Suffering With Piles?

Anybody suffering with piles? Do you get pain in your tummy from this? What do you use to ease them ? Help going away 8 th not looking forward to a week of suffering.

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Hemorrhoids :: Bleeding Piles

ive had bleeding from my bum for 4 yrs i was examined by my gp and told i had 6 external small piles and a fissure.i can feel the piles outside and they itch and are sore.i only bleed when my stools are hard but not when they are soft.today i noticed a small amount of blood on my bedroom carpet as i got out the bed it was bright red but am soo scared to go to gp as i may have cancer has anyone else had this please.

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Hemorrhoids :: Piles Or Cancer?

I'll start off by saying that my father died of rectal cancer at the age of 39, and was diagnosed at the age of 32.

A couple of months ago, I found a small lump in my anus, that hurt every time I went to the bathroom(and sometimes when I sat down, if I had been constipated). Said lump is sort of blue-ish. It feels soft when I press it. I haven't had any sort of bleeding, only when I was constipated, and it was too much for my anus.

I am scared, as I don't know if it is a hemorrhoid, or cancer. I'm only sixteen, but the young age at which my father was diagnosed(Note that he was diagnosed, not that he got it at 32), worries me. My girlfriend has asked me several times to go to the doctor, as she had a look, and she described it as "not normal looking", and said it looked swollen.

I hope you will be able to give me an answer from the information provided.

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Hemorrhoids :: Bleeding External Piles

I am a 19 year old male that got my first serious hemorrhoid around a month ago, there was slight bleeding when using the toilet however apart from that with ointment and care the pain subsided.

However three days ago the pain returned as bad as it was last time, yesterday I began bleeding heavily (leaving one pair of underwear ruined) and subsequently I went to my local hospital who said I should see a consultant this morning.

I did that, and he was useless, however confirming it was an external hemorrhoid that had ruptured. I have been booked for a camera in 8 weeks time and his only advice was to change everything about my lifestyle (time to give up all indulgences yay).

It has not stopped bleeding, and even walking from my local supermarket left me having to wash my anus as well as changing my underwear again.

My question is, how long will it take for the bleeding to stop, and is there anything I can do to help stop the bleeding as in my current state I don't want to leave my bed let alone face the prospect of work. I live in the UK so luckily healthcare is free, however I am open to home remedies as well.

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Hemorrhoids :: Banding For Piles - Experience?

Have any you tried banding for piles what are your thoughts and experiences?

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Hemorrhoids :: Piles Returned After HALO

Has this happened to anyone else. I had my op 18 months ago and they have returned with a vengeance !!

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Hemorrhoids :: Protruding Piles From My Anus

I am 40yr old female from Zimbabwe Africa. I have one external protruding pile from my anus & I don't know what to do. I'ts not painful, no bleeding but i hate the way it's been sticking out for the past 20 years. Sometimes when i use the toilet it feels like there is still something wanting to come out & if i push it sticks out more. I never consulted a doctor over it. Anyone with a remedy?

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Hemorrhoids :: Are Piles/fistulas Always Visible?

I've had "bloody" diarrhea for 2 years now, it comes in kind of flare ups, it first starts with normal diarrhea and then i get a lot of blood!

I had a colonoscopy last year because doctors thought i could have crohn's or ulcerative colitis but everything looked normal, not even an hemorrhoid or fistula or anything, but the thing is i wasn't having any symptoms when i had the colonoscopy done, i didn't have diarrhea or bleeding or anything!

So is it possible to have hemorrhoids that are only visible when i get the bleeding? or whatever else..

Please answer ASAP!! im very worried, i have a doc appointment in nov 25th but i've had bloody diarrhea for 2 weeks now, so if he orders another colonoscopy i will be already without diarrhea, as i know how long these diarrhea attacks last.

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Hemorrhoids :: Had The PPH Stapling Surgery - Still Have External Piles?

They were massive, Dr said she could barely get them all inside the tube They use to do the stapling. The recovery was horrible, but i I am feeling better now. Still can't eat anything to Hardy just because out will make me bleed when it comes out.

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Hemorrhoids :: Still Bleeding After HALO For Prolapsed Piles

I had a halo procedure for piles 5 weeks ago and treatment for a prolapsed pile how long does the bleeding last with bowel movement I'm still having discharge and spot bleeding afterwards

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Hemorrhoids :: Pain After One Year Of Surgery - Piles Again?

I have done surgery last year January, and it was all good until last week, but now i feel like pain in the surgical place. It's uncomfortable to sit or lay down sometimes.. Am i getting the piles again? 

I usually have nothing to do, so i just sit and watch movies. Can sitting alot lead to me piles again?

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Hemorrhoids :: THD (HALO) Operation For Grade 5 Piles

I had op 17 days ago and feel today like I can finally see the light!  After suffering the agony, bleeding (continually wearing san towels) and life changing effects they bring you i finally decided to have the op.  I have had a terrible 17 days 2 visits to docs and 2 to hospital. part of the prob was caused by managing pain relief, allergic to anti-inflammatories, Tramadol gave me a panic attack and made me vomit, been on 60mg codeine 4 X per day and have been more or less sleeping in the bath. Saw surgeon day 15 who told me the op had worked and delay in recovery was because i couldn't take anti-inflam. He offered me morphine for the terrible pain which I declined.  Had 6 hours sleep longest since op (only been cat napping due to pain) so cut down on codeine all positive today.  Then I went the loo and felt a lump come out like my old piles (only 1 use to have quite a few), now stressing that I have had a prolapse.  The surgeon warned me I would have flaps of skin left but this feels more hard and shiny sorry to be graphic!!  Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this and whether it would go down again, I have never been able to push them up as some people mention.

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Hemorrhoids :: Natural Methods To Cure Piles?

I was put on antibiotics and steroids for an infection, but now I'm dealing with what I assume is a rather large hemorrhoid. My anus is very swollen and tender, but there is no itching or bleeding. I got some OTC cream but it's not helping...same with a warm bath and using wipes instead of tissue. I would feel silly going to the doctor for this, especially because I don't have a trusted GP, and my "lady" doctor says it's not their problem. Can you even have a hemorrhoid without itching? The pain is unbelievable, and comparable to the level of pain associated with my c sections. So what should I do? And do you have anything that works for you? Natural methods preferred.

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Hemorrhoids :: Haemorrhoidectomy Advised For Grade 3 Piles

I've been to see a consultant this afternoon and he has recommended a haemorrhoidectomy and the process to that is now in motion. Apparently my piles are Grade 3.

I have to say that the thought of this operation does not really appeal, especially after I've read various reports of just how unpleasant and painful the process is.

I've read about the HALO method which doesn't seem quite as barbaric but when I mentioned this to the consultant he seemed to dismiss it.

I have just made an appointment to chat with my GP who referred me to the consultant to see if he can offer any possible alternatives.

One thing the consultant did say was that if the piles were left untreated they could become ulcerative which obviously would then make the whole situation more serious.

While I realise the clock is now ticking down to the time when I go in for an operation in the end it's my body and I have the ultimate say on whether I go ahead with it.

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