Hemorrhoids :: Very Painful Quarter Size Bump On My Anus

Mar 3, 2015

I have a very painful quarter size bump on my Anus, on my cheek. I read some things about it and some people are saying it's cancer and others are saying it's just a zit like thing. I'm not going to pop it, though it feels like there may be pus or blood underneath. It's very painful and I've had it for days please help! I've had something like it before on my anus but it just went away. Do I need to see a doctor?

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Hemorrhoids :: Bump Over My Anus That Hurts A Little Bit

If I have a bump over my anus that hurts a little bit what does that mean ? I found this out just about 10 mins ago and it's scaring me .. It's about the size of a two peas but it isn't blocking my anus completely.

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Hemorrhoids :: A Small Painless Bump Outside My Anus

I Don't drink soda, Only water every day. But I do Have constipation, but it's not painful. I also don't bleed when I do use the restroom. I Do Exercise often (Army JROTC pt) but I have a Small bump on the outside of my anus. (it's not painful)it also doesn't hurt when I sit down, but it is visible. Do you think I do?

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Hemorrhoids :: Painful Bump On My Sphincter

I had a bump on my sphincter and it was slightly painful. It showed up Thursday night after I went to the gym and yesterday it seemed to have popped. The size of the bump has gone down but now there is some blood and clear liquid coming out. I can't see it since it is near the hole (sorry for the image). What could it be?

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Pea Size Nodule At My Anus

i have internal hemorrhoids. but now i found a new small pea size nodule in my anal opening that nodule bumps.

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Hemorrhoids :: On Bowel Movement Protruding Bump From My Anus

I have a protruding bump from my anus when I have a bowel movement. It comes out when I have a BM and then goes back up when I'm done. Sometimes it will stay out for a day or two. There is also occasion minor bleeding from this. There is sometimes shape pain while having BM and sometimes no pain at all. Sometimes I have diarrhea and sometimes it's harder to come out. There generally isn't much pain except when the bump/lump won't go back up. This has been going on for years. I am 33 year old female. What could this be?

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Painful Bump On My Occipital Bone?

I have a painful and migraine inducing bump on the left side of my Occipital bone, located an inch away from my ear. It's extremely painful and I have noticed some mood swings and it's driving me insane. Lately I've been having bad back pain too. I just want to know what are the possibilities or potential issue. It's very very painful and sore. It almost feels like a cyst by its hardness. I also am having a little case of the cold on top of this.

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Lichen Sclerosus Closing My Anus (size Of Pencil Now)

This is something I never thought about, never mind have. My obgyn told me two years ago that LS only affects the vaginal tissue.  Well, I never used the clobetasol farther back, and only discovered that my anus is almost closed!  This happened so rapidly.  I have looked on line at many, many sites, but when discussing anal LS, there are only one or two lines, saying it may cause constipation.  All say surgery isn't recommended because the skin will just grow back.  So, what am I supposed to do?  I only have an opening the size of a pencil now.  So odd.  I am upset that my dr. didn't know about LS affecting the anus, and only read about that here, which is why I looked at my own bottom the other day.  Is it too late to use the clobetasol now?  I am pretty upset and worried and scared.  Does anyone know anything about this, or even experienced it?

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Painful Lump On My Labia Near My Anus?

I am 17 years old, and am sexually active. I recently discovered an unnatural lump on my labia, near my anus on the right hand side. I have been looking into what it could be, but haven't found anything conclusive. Over the past few days (I discovered it three days ago) it seems to have gotten slightly larger and painful. Today I am uncomfortable sitting down, and am worried about it getting worse. I am unable to take a bath, only shower, and am trying to find a reliable gynecologist in the Pittsburgh area.

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Hemorrhoids :: Post Haemorrhoidectomy BM Size?

it's been 7 days since the op. No pain to speak of, discharge is minimal. My concern is BM size. Before the op they were brown and had a sizeable girth.

Post op they are orange (probably the Fybogel drink) but a lot narrower. We are talking the cross section of a thumb. Passing them takes a lot of effort, particularly when the mantra is "don't strain". Problem I the pressure bearing down.

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Hemorrhoids Or Swollen Anus?

The other day I felt a sting in my buttocks. Upon further inspection there appears to be at least one definite purple lump around the anal hole but if I push like I would during a bowel movement the whole anus gets purple and puffy with the same looking lumps as the original one. Pain and itching is accompanied to this. Is it actually hemorrhoids? Should I go to the doctor even though it's embarrassing or is it really even embarrassing?

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Hemorrhoids :: Dwellings Around The Anus

I have some dwellings around the anus ... They are just at the entrance. They aren't painful and there isn't any bleeding .. I'm ... I guess naturally worried as to what it is but I'm scared to go to the doctors as I've had a couple of bad experiences.

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Hemorrhoids :: Pea Like Growth Outside My Anus

This is sort of an embarrassing question...Recently I found out that there is something unusual just outside of my anus. It has grown like a pea. When I touch it, it is sort of hard but smooth red colour,and it hurts a bit. What should I do ?

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Hemorrhoids :: Someone Was Jabbing A Knife In My Anus

For about a week I've been having a hard time passing stool. It all started last Thursday when I came home from school and sat down to use the toilet. When I pushed i felt excruciating pain and it felt like someone was jabbing a knife in my anus. Also it burned. The burning came from an excessive amount of hot sauce intake (I love hot sauce and eat it with everything). Friday through Sunday was horrible. I drank tons of water and ate a lot of prunes and eventually went downstairs and bought some milk of magnesia. That seemed to do the trick and by Sunday my stool was soft enough to come out and the burning wasn't as bad. But ever time I did use the bathroom my anus would hurt and burn and swell. I thought everything was okay, but today when I arrived home from school I sat on the toilet and again when I pushed I felt like a knife was jabbing me in my anus. It hurts so bad! I just want to use the bathroom normally. This has never happened before and truthfully it's terrifying me. Do I have hemorrhoids? How can I stop the pain?

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Hemorrhoids :: Protruding Piles From My Anus

I am 40yr old female from Zimbabwe Africa. I have one external protruding pile from my anus & I don't know what to do. I'ts not painful, no bleeding but i hate the way it's been sticking out for the past 20 years. Sometimes when i use the toilet it feels like there is still something wanting to come out & if i push it sticks out more. I never consulted a doctor over it. Anyone with a remedy?

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Hemorrhoids :: Swelling Outside My Buthole (anus)

How can I feel better cause my but hole is swelled up and it hurts when I sit down

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Spot Like Lump Next To My Anus

I have a small spot like lump next to my anus and I have no idea what it could be. I am so embarrassed to go to my doctor straight away and was wondering if anyone could be of service?

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Lump Right On The Opening Of My Anus

I have discovered a small lump right on the opening of my anus.

It is about the size of a pea and looks almost blue or black in colour.

It feels exactly the same as a pea - solid behind the skin covering it.

I am extremely worried as I don’t know what it is. It is very sore, especially when passing stools.

Initially it wasn't painful at all and now it is. Yesterday I got it little open using surgical blade and small amount of blood came out.

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Anus Balloons, Mucous, Puffy And Purple - Hemorrhoids?

It started out with some swelling in my perineum. Eventually my anus become swollen shut (now constipated for 5 days), and my anus has balloons around it, mucous, and it's puffy and purple. Preparation H makes the swelling decrease a little bit, but I'm worried because I cannot flex my perineum so I have erectile dysfunction. It feels like my perineum is disappearing.

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Hemorrhoids ? Swollen Anus - Now Pea Sized Lump On Opening

I have had a swollen anus for about 2 months now, it was painful to begin with and then settled down but now there is a little pea-sized lump on the anal opening that is tender. I can push it back in and it usually come out on the toilet along with some swelling. My knickers are wet today, also with slight urge to itch anal area. What could this be? Is it haemorrhoids? How should I treat it?

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Lump On My Anus Which Is Extremely Sore

I have a small lump on my anus which is extremely sore. I was hoping to get some advice of a diagnosis and treatment required to get rid if it. I have recently had anal sex. It's almost like a swollen blood vein that has popped out.

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