Hepatitis B :: Normal ALT/AST - But Liver Damage Progress ?

Jun 29, 2015

Can someone explain why the chronic Hepa B patient has a normal ALT/AST, but the liver damage still progress ...?

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Atorvastatin Causing Liver Damage, But Helps Fatty Liver?

My Cholesterol was 7.8 and I was put on Statins 3 years ago.  Because they gave me pains in my legs and other areas I stopped them.

A year ago my Cholesterol was still high and I had changed doctors and was prescribed Atorvastatin 10 mg after 2 months my doctor sent me for blood tests and in a phone call when I was at work he told me that Atorvastatin had caused Liver damage.  He said I should stop taking the tablets immediately, pity this advice was not put on my notes so that when I phoned for my blood results a week earlier the receptionist could inform me to stop Atorvastatin.  She just said Doctor will be in touch via phone call next week

He referred me to a Liver Specialist.

I went to see Liver Specialist after having Liver Ultrasound.  Fatty liver was diagnosed and Liver Specialist promptly put me back on Atorvastatin claiming this would help my fatty liver.  I couldn't believe it but what could I do?

Local GP had advised me to have bloods done again after being on tablets for 2 months.  When my results came back the Locum doctor I saw said "whoa your Liver is not happy" STOP the tablets and have a blood test in 2 weeks.

2 weeks later Liver levels are coming down so thats a good direction.  Dilemma is I have to see my Liver Consultant 16 June 2015.  Wish me luck!

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Liver Tests :: How Much Damage Caused By Fatty Liver?

IiIt was picked up by chance thaI have fatty liver, could have had this for years without knowing about it, how do I find out how much damage has been done already if any? My GP does not seem too concerned about it, all my LFT have come back normal so what can I do about it apart from lifestyle change which I'm doing already?

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Nodular Contour /Heterogeneous Liver Suggest With Normal Liver Labs?

My mother is a 65 year old female, 136 lbs, and on peritoneal dialysis for 3 years due to End Stage Renal Disease. Last week, she began experiencing severe abdominal pain that was a burning/gnawing pain. She went to the hospital and a CT Abdomen was taken without contrast. All was normal.

Over the next four (4) days, the pain persisted, particularly during dialysis exchanges at home. She returned to the hospital who admitted her. Another CT Abdomen was taken at this time which showed "nodular contour on the liver", free air in transverse colon which appeared to be dilated. She was also constipated for several days during this period. The CT impression suggested clinical evaluation for chronic liver disease.

A standard liver panel was taken and all results were normal. Nothing even close to elevated. She has never had a history of any liver issues and never had anything show on a CT for liver. After a day in the hospital, all stomach pain disappeared, she was able to use the restroom, and all stool samples/GI tests were normal without blood. She is naturally anemic due to ESRD with low iron/protein. Her last ANA/autoimmune panel was in December, all clear. No history of any hepatitis.

An Ultrasound Right Upper Quadrant was performed and the impression was no biliary obstruction, moderate ascites (tends to be normal due to peritoneal dialysis fluid), and "heterogeneous liver." The impression suggested referral for cirrhosis evaluation.

She began taking Hydralazine (25mg/3 times daily) in the last 3-4 months. She also takes a host of other blood pressure medicines.

QUESTION: She is currently awaiting a kidney transplant and very worried about this. A blood test will be taken in a couple weeks by a specialist that is supposed to diagnose Cirrhosis. Given this presentation alone, what other causes could explain this imaging results? Should we fear the worst?

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Liver Tests :: Reduce Alcohol To Reduce Further Liver Damage

Just before christmas I received a letter from my hospital saying “ recent blood tests show a slightly abnormal liver function and the scan revealed cirrhosis. It is absolutely crucial that you consider urgently reducing your alcohol intake to avoid further liver damage. I would be grateful if you could see your gp to discuss this further.”

Immediately I phoned my gp and couldn’t get an appointment for 2 weeks, when finally seeing my gp she referred me to a councillor, which took another 2 weeks before I saw them, only to be told they don’t have a clue at what stage my cirrhosis is?

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Orlistat :: Rumours About The Liver Damage?

I've been prescribed the orlistat pills today and I was wondering if it's true about the rumours about the liver damage

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Does Liver Damage Cause Terrible Leg Cramps

Does liver damage cause terrible leg cramps, swollen feet and ankles? I also can't sleep at night but I'm always tired and sleepy in the day time.

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Taking Prednisone For Long Can Cause Liver Damage?

I suffer from sarcoidosis for nearly 16 years now and have been on prednisolone all these years an a varied level of dosage. at the moment i am in hospital as i have just been diagnosed with TB and Hepatitis B. I have been put on anti TB treatment last week and now stopped because it is not working. my blood cells are getting worst with TB treatment. Now they will try to put me on Hep B treatment to see how it goes and then gradually re-start TB treatment. Saying so as i have a check up every 3 months for my sarcoid, Hep b appears in my blood test in 2014 and was not told about this. Now i have a chronic hep b. Has anyone had the same experience as me and also can taking prednisone for that long damage the liver.

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Liver And Kidney Damage - Taking Quinine For Leg Cramps

I have just been found to have liver and kidney damage through taking Quinine for leg cramps. It is banned in the US for treating this condition.

I am now on a repair diet, to aid good health again.

I had a call from my Dr, to say STOP taking them asap, they are creating many problems for your health.

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Alcohol :: Liver Damage After A Year Of Binge Drinking? Strange Symptoms

I know I suffer from anxiety (and depression and insomnia), which is partly what drove me to drink, am on treatment for same and will review things with my GP asap, but I want to concentrate on my physical health concerns.  Please ignore this thread if you ONLY want to talk about anxiety.

Briefly: I was a social drinker for 25 years, occasionally drinking more than I should have (but at things like celebrations and functions).

Two years ago, I began to develop mental health problems, but didn't start drinking more heavily (self-medicating) until about one year ago, when I also started to binge drink occasionally, including twice last October.  After a gap, I then restarted drinking heavily in March this year, and this became very heavy at times in the summer (80+ units per week), with occasional even heavier binges, the most recent being last Thursday / Friday (50+ units each day).

I finally ended-up in hospital last weekend with tachycardia, low blood pressure and probably alcohol poisoning.  While there, I first developed a painful red/purple rash on my chest.  I was put on antibiotics for this, and it seems to be clearing-up.

However, then, I quickly developed various other strange and unpleasant physical symptoms:

- numerous bruises;

- numerous pimples and red/purple dots under the skin;

- some hair loss and extensive hair-thinning;

- a spider naevus;

- red palms;

- itchy skin- skin darkening affecting the backs of my hands and genitals;

- regular, profuse sweating;

- whites of eyes turned lemon;

- brain "fog".

Some of these symptoms have reduced or resolved (eg. red palms and itchy skin), but the others have persisted.

I am eating OK, but making an effort to do so.  In spite of this, I have lost about a stone in weight in the past 3 weeks.  I'm also lacking in energy.

Since June, I have had regular liver function tests and other blood tests, too.

These have shown elevated enzymes, more or less in line with the extent of my drinking.  In early August, after a serious binge, the AST was 96 and GGT was 121.  In mid-August, AST had reduced to 25 and GGT 72.  But they were higher again (though both under 100) on my admission to hospital last weekend, but had started to fall again after I was there for a few days.  I have been advised that, in all of the tests, the values for other important measures were consistently normal.  The junior doctor in hospital said the LFTs indicated no cirrhosis or hepatitis. 

I also had a physical exam (just manual) from a GP in mid-August, and she said my liver / abdomen felt soft and suple with no sign of inflammation, enlargement or hardness.

However, given the strange and unpleasant physical symptoms that quickly developed in hospital last weekend, I fear that my last serious binge a week ago finally tipped me over the edge and into serious liver disease.  Too many of the symptoms are those of cirrhosis for me to think anything else.  (I've checked on the NHS website.)

I am absolutely terrified that, despite good advice and warnings, I did not take heed and my body, especially the liver, has finally been permanently damaged by the alcohol.

My main question is: can I turn things around?  I have not had anything to drink since last Friday, and have no inclination to do so.  I am drinking a lot of water, fruit and vegetable juices, and eating healthily.  I will try to get some exercise, though I don't have much energy.

I'll see my regular GP next week, but could do with some advice and, if it's appropriate, some reassurance before then.

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Cirrhosis Of The Liver And Hepatitis C Cured By Harvoni

I haven't been in here for awhile, My husband took harvoni and is free of hep c,  He has been on the transplant list for 4 years, He had the tips procedure done in 2011 because of a bleed out that almost killed him, He has had liver cancer, They probed the cancer and it is gone, He is on lactulose because of H E , Also he vomits every third day and no one knows why, So we had a meeting with the transplant doctor yesterday, and because his hep c is gone and his meld score is only 16, They took him off the list, I asked what would happen if he got worse or whatever, And they said we would have to start over again, So now we have decided,  no matter what we have been sitting too long , it's time to enjoy life and start traveling,  Whatever happens ,, happens,,, Had to vent Thanks

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Liver :: Hepatitis Transmission Due To Mouth Sores?

Can I get hepatitis due to sucking of breast that could be bleeding not noticeable but may be. Also kindly explain the chances of transmission due to sores in mouth. I have dark greenish light brown combo urine in the mornings but rest of day it is light diluted colorless green due to drinking water, I am taking also b complex tablets.

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Cirrhosis Of The Liver :: Hepatitis B For 8 Years - Spleen Is Inflamed

I have been diagnosed chronic hepB for 8 years now my spleen is inflamed.

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Alcohol Addiction :: Fatty Liver, Swelling Of Leg And Hepatitis

He recently was in hospital due to his drinking problem. He almost died literally, he has fatty liver, swelling of leg and hepatitis too. He was a binge drinker and has been developing a bleeding nose now. He says about headache always , but never been ready to leave this drinking. What should we do? Will admitting at an alcohol addiction recovery centre help him? Any suggestions?

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Enlarge / Fatty Liver Can Come Back To Normal Itself

My husband got a fatty liver disease and enlarged liver. he hadn't no pain at all, no bleeding in urine at all. he happened to found out by test while in life cover.

well i want to know why he had to wait until january for more test? will enlarge liver/fatty liver can back to normal itself?

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Liver :: Normal Function And Ultrasound In Early Disease?

I read that you can have normal liver function and ultrasound with early liver disease. If that is the case, how are you to find out in order to take corrective action?

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Normal Blood Test Results But Liver Problem?

Is it possible you can have normal liver function tests and a complete blood profile and everything comes back normal but still have liver problems? 

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Severe Bloating And Pain - Liver And Gallbladder Normal

I had two hida scans, they xrayed my liver and gallbladder. all normal. I did have fatty liver lost 30lbs now enzymes normal with still some fat around liver. Trying really hard to watch what I eat but living with parents. I weigh 213 now. A lot of unhealthy food in house. I still have severe bloating and pain under right rid. I never get that I need to throw up feeling like most people do. Also, I notice I developed rosacea and dermatitis. I have seen over 5 doctor even the top doctor at U of M. Any advice. I think I have sluggish gallbladder. it always sticks out and buffy.

How can you point to gallbladder issue. What other tests? I burp a lot even on vegan diet.

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Enlarged Liver And Spleen With Normal Blood Work?

I went to the doctor for burning when I urinate. She said I had high WBC in my urine. She sent off for a culture. It came back neg for infection. She sent me to kidney doctor to check for stones and ordered a CT scan. The kidney doc said I still have high WBC in my urine and checked my prostate for infection which hurt really BAD. No infection there. The CT scan showed an enlarged spleen and liver. I have been having a low grade temp and pain in my left and right side and low energy. My blood panel came back normal but the doctor is sending me to a liver doctor for a biopsy. She thinks my liver is causing me problems for my spleen. My question is with normal liver blood work how can my liver still be enlarged and causing me problems?

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Brownish Skin Color - Fatty Liver With Cysts - LFT's Normal

Am just wondering, i know that jaundice is a sign of the liver not working properly but is there any other skin colouring to look out for does anyone know?  i think i am getting a bit paranoid - i have fatty liver and a liver cyst and although my LFT's have all come back normal (and various other blood tests that i have had) i seem to think my skin colouring is turning a bit brownish if that makes sense or it could be me being paranoid - any advice?

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Liver Tests :: Echogenic Appearing (non Alcoholic) Fatty Liver

I had an abdominal ultrasound done for some abdominal pain and it was noted in the report as an impression that I had an echogenic appearing liver (such as non alcoholic fatty liver). My doctor at that time didn't tell me and just said my report was normal. When I went in for my Colonoscopy that was unrelated, it was mentioned again and when I did some research I realized what fatty liver actually was. I switched doctors.

My new doctor is considering giving me a CT scan but is checking with the GI department to see if they think its needed, etc. etc. But that there is no treatment for it besides diet modification.

Here's the thing. I don't have any of the risk factors. I am not overweight. I'm actually underweight slightly (BMI is 18, I weigh 110 lbs). I don't drink any alcohol, never did. And I don't have diabetes or hepatitis. The only thing I could do and what I have been doing is change my diet. I stopped eating processed foods, watched my sugar/carbs, and eat more vegetables than I ever have. 

I'm a very anxious person and I'm not sure I want to know what the scan says. If it's worse than what I thought, I'm going to be so upset and stressed out. And I can't treat it anyway. It's not like they can give me a medication and make it go away. I think knowing the extent of it will just cause me mental anguish and I'm already stressed out about it as is.

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