Severe Bloating And Pain - Liver And Gallbladder Normal

Jul 1, 2014

I had two hida scans, they xrayed my liver and gallbladder. all normal. I did have fatty liver lost 30lbs now enzymes normal with still some fat around liver. Trying really hard to watch what I eat but living with parents. I weigh 213 now. A lot of unhealthy food in house. I still have severe bloating and pain under right rid. I never get that I need to throw up feeling like most people do. Also, I notice I developed rosacea and dermatitis. I have seen over 5 doctor even the top doctor at U of M. Any advice. I think I have sluggish gallbladder. it always sticks out and buffy.

How can you point to gallbladder issue. What other tests? I burp a lot even on vegan diet.

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Gallbladder Stones :: Bloating - Normal?

Is it normal to be really bloated and feel really uncomfortable in the lower abdomen, I have ten stones waiting for an op in the new year.

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Fatty Liver :: Feeling Of Swelling, Bloating And Pain In The Upper Right Abdomen

Last week I went to the hospital because my stools were black. They tested for blood but found none. Blood tests showed slightly elevated liver enzymes so they did an US and diagnosed me with fatty liver. That evening I began to notice swelling/faint pain in my upper right abdomen. I thought it was because of all the pressure from the US. It's been a week and it seems it's only gotten worse. Pain/swelling feeling extends from below the rib cage, don't my right side and i also get intermittent pain in my right lower back.

Once I got the diagnosis I changed my diet and stopped drinking. I'll be honest I used to eat horribly. Fast food, frozen meals, high fat, sodium and sugar. I became almost addicted to minute maid lemonade and drank 1-2 liters a day. All that HFCS is what I think mostly contributed to the fatty liver. I don't drink all that often (although when I did it was usually heavy). 2 years ago I used to drink a lot (though still only on the weekends) but up until my diagnosis it would be maybe few times a month tops.

I'm beginning to worry that they misdiagnosed fatty liver and it's something more sinister like cirrhosis. Other symptoms include fatigue, sometimes when I breathe I can take a full breath but it's like I'm not getting enough oxygen. It's hard to describe, almost as if the swelling in my abdomen is crowding my lungs. Lastly, my stools are now very light brown and loose (I honestly can't remember the last time I had a normal BM). I have a follow up with a GI Dr but that's not for 3 weeks.  All of this has triggered some severe health anxiety that I once had as a child after an oral surgery.

Does anyone with fatty liver experience this feeling of swelling, abdominal bloating and pain in the upper right abdomen, right side and lower right back?

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Ovarian Cyst :: 7 Cm And 6 Cm - Bloating And Severe Pain

I was told I had 2 cysts on my right ovary. Measuring 7 and 6 cm last year.

I was down for an urgent operation in April that still hasn't happened due to miscommunication of one hospital and the other.

Today I've woken up and my stomach has double in size in bloating and the pain from my cyst is unbearable. I can sit and be comfortable. If I cough or sneeze I get pain and pressure where I imagine the dust to be. I'm constipated and feel sick when I eat.

Are these normal signs from the dust as they have happened suddenly and I've never had them before?

Do you think the dust could have grown which is why the pain is worse.

I'm so fed up of being passed around from pillar to post I feel like no doctors are taking me seriously.

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Bowel Disorders :: Severe Constipation With Bloating And Pain

Im 22 and have suffered from severe constipation since puberty. I've been to doctors and tried metamucil, coloxyl, movicol, oral laxatives etc etc etc i have a high fibre diet, I'm active and i drink enough water. my constipation comes with the typical bloating and pain but also a feeling as though I am trying to digest hundreds of little needles. The only thing i have found to offer some reprieve is dulcolax suppositories. As unpleasant as they are they do soften enough so I can pass the initial blockage but nothing else. my first doctor refused to believe me until he sent me for an X-ray and seen that I was blocked up the wazoo. My second doctor handed me a referral to a dietician even tho I wanted to see a gastro specialist. I'm aware I'll have to see a specialist in the near future I was just wondering if anyone else has/is experiencing the same problem. when I say sever constipation I'm talking 3 weeks usually before I start to lose my marbles and opt for a suppository. 

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Gallbladder :: Severe Pain After Removal

I had my gallbladder out a month ago after only a few weeks of severe pain, which I know is lucky compared to a lot of others. No stones were found. My HIDA scan found my function at 28% and I started vomited three days before the removal. Surgery went perfect and for the first days after, I slept and walked and took my pain pills and ate normally, although low fat.

Two weeks ago I began having severe pain in the RUQ, right where the pain initially began. My surgeons office suggested OTC painkillers (Advil, Tylenol, and Aleve). I tried all of them separately for a few days and they did nothing. A trip to the ER (no X-rays or anything were performed) said it was a muscle strain. I'm still having the same pain and I think my surgeons office is kind of blowing me off. Also, my acid reflux got about 100 times worse, and I have a bravo probe coming up and have had constant diarrhea since surgery.

Has anyone else had this pain after a normal surgery?

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Nodular Contour /Heterogeneous Liver Suggest With Normal Liver Labs?

My mother is a 65 year old female, 136 lbs, and on peritoneal dialysis for 3 years due to End Stage Renal Disease. Last week, she began experiencing severe abdominal pain that was a burning/gnawing pain. She went to the hospital and a CT Abdomen was taken without contrast. All was normal.

Over the next four (4) days, the pain persisted, particularly during dialysis exchanges at home. She returned to the hospital who admitted her. Another CT Abdomen was taken at this time which showed "nodular contour on the liver", free air in transverse colon which appeared to be dilated. She was also constipated for several days during this period. The CT impression suggested clinical evaluation for chronic liver disease.

A standard liver panel was taken and all results were normal. Nothing even close to elevated. She has never had a history of any liver issues and never had anything show on a CT for liver. After a day in the hospital, all stomach pain disappeared, she was able to use the restroom, and all stool samples/GI tests were normal without blood. She is naturally anemic due to ESRD with low iron/protein. Her last ANA/autoimmune panel was in December, all clear. No history of any hepatitis.

An Ultrasound Right Upper Quadrant was performed and the impression was no biliary obstruction, moderate ascites (tends to be normal due to peritoneal dialysis fluid), and "heterogeneous liver." The impression suggested referral for cirrhosis evaluation.

She began taking Hydralazine (25mg/3 times daily) in the last 3-4 months. She also takes a host of other blood pressure medicines.

QUESTION: She is currently awaiting a kidney transplant and very worried about this. A blood test will be taken in a couple weeks by a specialist that is supposed to diagnose Cirrhosis. Given this presentation alone, what other causes could explain this imaging results? Should we fear the worst?

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Gallbladder Removed :: Mega Bloating?

I had my gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago.  Still have mega bloating.  Have history of "bloating" as unfortunately also have ulcerative colitis/diviticulitis and multiple sclerosis (not sure if this is relevant or not).

This bloating is so different as usually when I have problems with UC or diverticulitis my tummy goes down after sleeping.  I am a worrier (big time) has anyone else suffered with mega bloating - need my mind put at rest.

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Diverticula :: Severe Bloating - Baggy Tummy

Why is it ,that I have been eating fresh air and boiled potatoes for six days, I look ,and feel as though I have eaten three Sunday  dinners? "BLOAT""   .I understand is part of a  Flare side effect. What  causes it,? it's not food, or poop. It's not painful. just unsightly Mebeverine will flatten it out for a while ,but it returns  ,so it's baggy sweaters to hide it .that makes me look as though I've eaten four sunday dinners .  Any suggestions  how to flatten it, without using drugs?


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Gallbladder Tilted Up Touching My Liver?

The surgeon said this was most unusual, why it was hard to remove without damaging liver and is probably why my liver enzymes are still raised and Bilirubin low ten days after surgery.

I have suffered 18 months of severe idiopathic peripheral neuropathy - could this be why and could recent GB removal help to get rid of this pain?

Trying not to get too optimistic but lots of bizarre, seemingly unrelated neurological symptoms have got much better already. However I do have an open wound in my navel where an abscess formed in the keyhole wound and am on several antibiotics now so could just be coincidence or distraction?

I didn't have cholecystitis ever and my gallbladder was perfectly healthy apart from one very large egg shaped stone. So it's really really the contact with liver I'm asking about here.

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Bowel Disorder :: Severe Constipation With Bloating (colace No Effect)

I'm 18 years old... turning 19 next month. The last time I had a successful, healthy BM was on Sunday... about 5 days ago. Prior to the BM on Sunday, I didn't really go to the bathroom for about 4 or 5 days. I didn't feel as I have completely emptied myself with that BM per se, but I got a LOT out. More than what I would have when I am regular, going about everyday or every other day. It should have restored me to regularity.

The problem is, I don't have the urge to go to the bathroom... at all. 0 urge to have a BM. The only way I can get anything out (which is like, a quarter sized pebble at a time) is by straining pretty hard. It's so irritating.

I have also been having irregular periods as of late. A few months ago, it was a week late. Now they have been coming early. I feel like I may be on the road to having another early period... Cramps, back pain, and heaviness and bloating.

But because I'm so constipated, I'm much more bloated than what I would be with my normal PMS. The bloating intensifies when I eat. I get so bloated that, I don't really want to eat. I look like I'm about 4 months pregnant. Every time I eat, I get awful, rumbling gas in my stomach as well. I have to position myself a certain way to be able to pass it.

At this point in time, I'm worried that I have an impaction. I've been eating as normally as I could do with the amount of money I have to buy food with, aka buying fruit smoothies, eating whole grain bread, limiting junk food and sweets, drinking LOTS of water every day... maybe about equivalent to 10 or 11 8 oz glasses per day. I do have one cup of coffee with cream in the morning. Still, nothing.

I took 1 (100 mg) colace pill a day for the past two days. When will the colace work? Will it even work with my condition? Should I try something else, like a suppository? Or should I just go see my doctor and just get advice from them?

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Fatty Liver Connection With Gallbladder Removal?

my husband is not over wieght and does not have diabetis. since having his gall bladder removed he has develpoed a fatty liver. is thier any connection to not having a gall bladder

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Menstruation :: No Swollen Breasts Or Bloating - No PMS Normal?

I had sex (for the first time) on 19 April, 2016. After one hour I took one morning-after pill(emergency pill). We used condom, and we did everything safely, ejaculated outside of me. Still for extra safety I took Pill. Then I got my period on 9May(19days later after taking pill). My period is still going on today (June 12), marking 34 days' bleeding. In the middle, for 2 days the flow discontinued for 26-27 May, then continued again.
Condition: No cramp, no pain, no other symptoms. just having light to heavy blood with Blood clot like dark things. The clots are now less. Why my period is long, is it side effect of pill?How to bring it to normal by any medication? I had irregular periods before (periods which occurred after 35-45days each month, especially during stressed times, but periods continue for 5-7days always, no other problems).
Would be glad to have advice on this issue. Thanks in advance

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Menopause :: Severe Cramps, Bloating And Light Spotting, Night Sweats

I am 45 years old. I had a normal period in Jan and Feb. Then nothing in March, April or May, then in June and July severe cramps, bloating and light spotting. When I urinate there are blood clots but no bleeding. Im also experiencing night sweats. Should I be worried, I don't have an appointment till late August.

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Enlarged Liver (gallbladder Removed, 6 Years Back)

I am a 33 year old female I do not drink and do not have hepatitis or any type of disease. I was diagnosed with an enlarged liver but after a sonogram and blood work was told I just had a big liver. About six years ago I had my gallbladder removed I was told it was rotten and was functioning at 0%. My symptoms didn't totally go away but was better until about a year ago. I have nausea,severe back pain,pain and bloating in the upper middle and right side of my stomach,itching,a burning sensation beside my rib cage and I sometimes break out in a rash always on my neck and chest. None of this is normal and my liver has not always been like this I feel I have been misdiagnosed ...

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Gallbladder Removed - Severe Cramps And Constipation

I am a 55 y/o male, in 2007 I was diagnosed as having a gallbladder problem and the specialist / surgeon recommended I have it removed . She administered a test that involved a drug being introduced intravenously while in what I think was an MRI tube. I remember having stomach discomfort (dull pain) as soon as the drug was introduced. The attending at the time of test explained the discomfort was expected and was a confirmation of sorts, that that I did indeed have a problem with my gall bladder. A few days later the surgeon removed my gall bladder and I was sent home later that day.

Five days later I returned to work, and I seemed to be on the road to recovery. I existed on raw fruits and grains and such,as instructed and was given a list of foods to stay away from.(Fatty foods, dairy , etc.) This is really where my story begins. The surgeon/specialist never warned me of the potential problems that I might encounter if I elected to allow the procedure, now I can't eat anything that doesn't cause discomfort. I don't, nor have I ever had, chronic heartburn, before or after the removal, but have constant problems with severe cramps, constipation, I have to take a fiber supplement every day lest I have excruciating pain passing stool. Of late I have developed a nagging dull pain that is constant just inside of my bottom most rib on the right rear mid abdomen.I have no fever, and no urinary discomfort or bleeding, I occasion have red blood in my stool.

My general practitioner has put my on OTC Zegerid 40 mg 2 tid, after being on this for months I can't tell much of a difference. However this pain in my rib is of major concern as I can't sleep. Can the Zegerid cause this pain in my side ? I am currently unemployed and cannot pay for medical care and I am currently uninsured.

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Hepatitis B :: Normal ALT/AST - But Liver Damage Progress ?

Can someone explain why the chronic Hepa B patient has a normal ALT/AST, but the liver damage still progress ...?

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Enlarge / Fatty Liver Can Come Back To Normal Itself

My husband got a fatty liver disease and enlarged liver. he hadn't no pain at all, no bleeding in urine at all. he happened to found out by test while in life cover.

well i want to know why he had to wait until january for more test? will enlarge liver/fatty liver can back to normal itself?

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Gallbladder :: Removed, Body Is Not Functioning As Normal

It has been 4 weeks since my gallbladder surgery,. I am light headed, unable to feel when I am hungry, cannot have a normal bowel movement without taking a laxative, gas pains that knock me to my knees, despite drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water I feel constant thirst and I eat a healthy diet. Lastly, I have painful episodes that feel like gallstone attacks.  My lab work is great, CAT and X-rays, nothing. I am taking pills for acid reflux.

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Gallbladder :: Feeling Sick Everyday - Normal?

Almost time for my ultrasound and as much as I am looking forward to it I can't help but be worried about my body as my symptoms get worse. Aside from losing a LOT of weight, the nausea, breathlessness, and gassy feeling I get everyday all day is really worrying me. Is it normal for gallbladder sufferers to be this sick each and everyday? The only reprieve I get is when I go to sleep but the minute I wake up the symptoms above plus a dull ache on my right abdomen hits me with the full force of a gale wind. Please help. Has this happened to anybody else?

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Liver :: Normal Function And Ultrasound In Early Disease?

I read that you can have normal liver function and ultrasound with early liver disease. If that is the case, how are you to find out in order to take corrective action?

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