Menopause :: Severe Cramps, Bloating And Light Spotting, Night Sweats

Jul 22, 2014

I am 45 years old. I had a normal period in Jan and Feb. Then nothing in March, April or May, then in June and July severe cramps, bloating and light spotting. When I urinate there are blood clots but no bleeding. Im also experiencing night sweats. Should I be worried, I don't have an appointment till late August.

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Osteoarthritis / Menopause :: Gabapentin For Pain And Night Sweats

I have had osteoarthritis for the last two years have it in most joints quite bad in hands managed on just two codydramol a day but recently started going through the menopause and suffering from bad night sweats, saw my gp yesterday and has put me on Gabapentin for pain and night sweats they are 300mg took one last night and felt completely out of it and today feel really tired and irritable is anyone else on this drug that could tell me if drug is any good and if side effects settle down have to build up to  two a day but don't feel I would be able function normally during the day.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Getting Huge Cramps And Light Spotting

I was on my last day of my period and I had unprotected sex with my partner, and lately like a day or two after my period I started getting huge cramps and light spotting could this mean I'm pregnant or should I be concerned?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Having Light Pink Spotting And Cramps

I had sex a day after my period about a week ago and now I'm having light pink spotting and cramps...

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Am I Pregnant? :: 3 Days Late Light Spotting Period Cramps

My last period was 12/12/2015. I have been using period tracker app since August to track my periods and ovulation. I ovulated on 12/26/2015. My fiance and I dtd on the day I was ovulating as well as a few other times. My period was due 1/9/2016 but I missed it. I am 3 days late. On the day my period was due when I went to the bathroom and wiped there was a tiny pink dot and a tiny brown dot and that was it. In the following two days there was nothing. At the end of day three of my missed period I had a little more spotting but not enough for a tampon and it wasn't enough to worry about staining my pants or underwear. Early morning of what would be the 4th day of my missed period I am period cramps. But when I went to the bathroom there was a couple of stains on my bed pants but no blood clots and it is pink not red. I took some Midol and the cramps are better now but I am so confused on what is going on. Anyone else experience this or can shed some light.

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Statins And Fibrates - Severe Leg Cramps At Night

I have tried all the above.  The cholesterol went down from 9 to 5 but at a price: severe leg cramps at night, muscle pain in legs (and arms?), heat sensation in lower legs, severe constipation, insomnia etc. 

This has been going on for the last 6-7 years.  Want to stop altogether.  I am also on 75mg aspirin which I have to take with Omeprazole to prevent stomach bleed. Otherwise healthy 64yo.   Does anyone have some wise words to share? 

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Womens Health :: Tired, Feeling Miserable, Light Headache And Light Cramps

2 Days waking up tired, feeling miserable,slight headache and light cramps above my bladder. little bit of nausea in the mornings.

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Perimenopause? All Symptoms Except Hot Flashes / Night Sweats?

So I get all the perimenopause symptoms...dry vag, fatigue, loss of sex drive, gerd and digestive prob, tingling skin too name a few...however, I don't get the hot flashes or night you still think it's perimenopause...can you get all the other sym and not hot flashes and night sweats?

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Sleep Issues :: Trouble Sleeping With Night Sweats

I have not had a good night sleep in over 20 years. I am female 45 years old. I have had pains in my body and also have night sweats.  Where I have been only just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in Aug 2014 and also 

I know I am not going through my Menopause, I just can't get a good night sleep.  I don't like to take meds but have tried in the past and also have tried herbal remedies.  I also have tried with having a bath before going to bed, as well as having a milky drink before going to sleep.

I have also had CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) which helps with mindfulness and breathing techniques but just can't get my sleep.

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Carbimazole :: Painful Leg Cramps (not The Usual Night Time Calf Cramps)

I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I have been taking Carbimazole since Aug 6, 2010, since yesterday I have been experiencing painful leg cramps (not the usual night time calf cramps) that begin just above my right knee and travel down to my foot sometimes 5 or so in quick succession - this is really painful :? and I wondered if anybody else has these or should I go back and see my GP?

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Perimenopause At 39? Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Mood Swings, Headaches, Ringing In My Ears

I've been to two gynos with my issues and I'm getting a little frustrated but I think I've figured this out on my own anyway. I'm 39, work out intensely 6 times a week, have 11 year old twins, no history of gynecological disease, and for the past year I've been experiencing signs of perimenopause. I haven't missed a period yet but sometimes I get two (yay me) and sometimes I get one that's either very light and short or very heavy and long. I have hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, headaches, ringing in my ears on a regular basis for about 4 months(that hasn't happened in a few months now), extreme breast tenderness, fatigue, itchy skin, aversion to odors that normally don't bother me, digestive issues, etc. I can go down a list of symptoms of perimenopause and I have at least 12 of them. The problem is that when I tell a dr these things, they don't offer much help and they basically dismiss the idea that I could be perimenopausal at 39. I want them to understand that I'm miserable and I feel like **** 50% of the time because of these symptoms. They offer me the pill or an IUD to which I politely decline, leave, and go to my local homeopathic pharmacy to have some compounds made to help me cope with these insane symptoms.

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Uterine Fibroids :: Stopped Esmya - Womb / Ovarian Pain And Night Sweats

Stopped the esmya after 3 weeks due to night sweats ,hot flushes,severe womb pain,ovarian pain,chest pains like I was having a heart attack,etc.Have 20 plus fibriods,tried the mirena( uterus too bulky),uterine embolization( lining grew back),zoladex( severe migraine) so hysterectomy in sept.I had 4babies with fibroids the third was painful due to baby kicking on them,the fourth was a breeze.My doc says am the rare type who seem to get no problems getting pregnant with fibroids on the walls of my uterus and outside.

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Muscle Cramps All Over Body, Upper Thigh Cramps So Severe

Cramps so bad in thighs, I can't take the pain anymore

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Post Menopause Bleeding After Cramps Like Ovulation Cramps

I had what felt like ovulation cramps last week and tonight have vaginal bleeding, fresh blood not old.

I did this in 2012 after my mom died, was checked pap smear, uterine biopsy and I feel those hurt, it was all good, they thought it might of been stress related because it lasted only one day.

My abnormally normal periods were only 1-3 days, they were one coming in, one day of heavy bleeding, and spotting on third day. But every 28 days like clockwork with no issues there. In my 20's I was told I had endometriosis and when they went to do the ultrasound the cyst had went away. I didn't take it any further than that but never had children and never took birth control. Cramps were always very painful, had to curl up in a ball, always had severe back pain with them as well.

Last week they were like that not quite as bad but nearly.

Is this just a fluke you all think? Even menopause I had no symptoms, when I turned 50 it shut off like a faucet never again until 2012, and now.

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Menopause :: Stomach Cramps VS. Uterine Cramps

I'm having a hard time distinguishing between cramps from the intestines/stomach and slight cramps from my "female parts"... Sometimes I think that I have a regular stomach pain, but I'm wondering whether the pains could be slight cramping from my uterus instead? Right now I'm most likely just passed the ovulation and should have my period in about 13 days. Would slight cramping during this time be normal for someone in perimenopause?

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HIV :: Body Ache, Night Sweats, Hot Flashes Throughout The Body

I am 31 years old and had a vaginal sex with a girl of unknown HIV status using two condoms at a time. It was my first sexual encounter. I ejaculated twice and both times I used double condoms as I changed after first ejaculation. Both times the condoms seemed to be intact and I could see my semen inside the condom. It's almost over 28 days now and since the past couple of days I have developed almost all symptoms like pain in the back (I have a history of L3 compression and pelvic hairline fracture in 2007), cough with something in throat, body ache, night sweats, hot flashes throughout the body, had stiffness and pain in the back of neck, not visible swollen lymph nodes , had two time kind of diarrhea today.

Since the day after this exposure I was panic stricken with stress and anxiety and cannot sleep at all with insomnia like features and wake up at 2 or 3 or 4 am in the morning due to all sorts of weird thoughts.

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Mirtazapine Withdrawal - Cramps And Bloating Symptoms

Wednesday makes 5 weeks since my last 7.5 Remeron. I am still having cramps and intestinal churning with trapped gas & bloating. Also, the Mirtazapine must have played a part in my blood pressure/heart rate, as I am having, since stopping the pills, trouble stabilizing my BP/HR on the same medicine/dose that I was using prior to stopping. I have been on the heart medicine for at least 8 years. The sleep is improving, and the Phenergan is helping with the nausea. Anyone else having GI issues this long? I have IBS, but this is beyond that.

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Ovarian Cyst :: 7 Cm And 6 Cm - Bloating And Severe Pain

I was told I had 2 cysts on my right ovary. Measuring 7 and 6 cm last year.

I was down for an urgent operation in April that still hasn't happened due to miscommunication of one hospital and the other.

Today I've woken up and my stomach has double in size in bloating and the pain from my cyst is unbearable. I can sit and be comfortable. If I cough or sneeze I get pain and pressure where I imagine the dust to be. I'm constipated and feel sick when I eat.

Are these normal signs from the dust as they have happened suddenly and I've never had them before?

Do you think the dust could have grown which is why the pain is worse.

I'm so fed up of being passed around from pillar to post I feel like no doctors are taking me seriously.

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Diverticula :: Severe Bloating - Baggy Tummy

Why is it ,that I have been eating fresh air and boiled potatoes for six days, I look ,and feel as though I have eaten three Sunday  dinners? "BLOAT""   .I understand is part of a  Flare side effect. What  causes it,? it's not food, or poop. It's not painful. just unsightly Mebeverine will flatten it out for a while ,but it returns  ,so it's baggy sweaters to hide it .that makes me look as though I've eaten four sunday dinners .  Any suggestions  how to flatten it, without using drugs?


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Menopause :: Gas And Bloating

Why do we have this chest pressure discomfort after we eat something as simple as Mac and cheese doesn't make any sense I just want to feel better feel myself again across my breast just is so uncomfortable magnesium bcompkex primrose and vit d any more suggestions on how to feel better

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Menopause :: Bloating?

I have not gotten my period yet for the month of January, only a 2 hour slight brown discharge...never missed before either. Being 49, almost 50 in a few months, I am not surprised that I have missed a period at this age. Really looking into peri menopause, I think I have dealt with it for years, but always chalked it up to something else.

Right now this is what concerns me.....I have had feelings of the "phantom period", but than again, the month isn't over just yet, so maybe I still will get a period this month. I have some PMS symptoms, but the irrablitlity which was always a huge thing for me has not surfaced, that to me just does'nt seem normal since so many women make that their number one complaint. Oh trust me, I had it all the time, just not this

Now, my newest thing is extreme bloat! Holy Cow, I feel like I am cramming myself into my pants, yet my weight has not fluctuated only by 1/2 pound!

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