Womens Health :: Tired, Feeling Miserable, Light Headache And Light Cramps

Nov 6, 2014

2 Days waking up tired, feeling miserable,slight headache and light cramps above my bladder. little bit of nausea in the mornings.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Light Bleeding And Cramps After Arousal.

I'd like to know what can be the cause of some light bleeding and cramps after arousal.

I am in my late 20s, healthy and I am a virgin. I have no boyfriend and I do NOT masturbate with my hands NOR any kind of toy. Sometimes, when I get aroused, I relax and tighten the pelvic muscles (like kegel exercises) and squeeze/unsqueeze my thighs together. That helps me get some kind of release, although I have no idea if any orgasm is achieved.

Thing is, a couple of hours later I get this light bleeding with fresh colored blood. Not big in quantity, but enough to notice when wiping myself for the next two or three bathroom breaks. It does not appear when I clean myself after playing with the muscles (I do get wet), only later. It does appear after every arousal episode.

And, the more intense the feelings, the bigger the chances I also get cramps later that day or the day after. Even if my period is nowhere near. It hurts.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Light Cramps But Nothing Like My PMS

I was expected to get my Period 2 days ago . My periods are very regular. always on time ! They are always heavy and dark red and I get these unbearable cramps. 2 days ago when I was suppose to get my period I ended up dribbling brown spots of blood. Side note: my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on my days of ovulation and he did ejaculate inside of me (unprotected)...

I thought since it was the first day that my cycle should have started I assumed it would get heavier within in a few hours .. It didn't. I've been spotting a light red blood for almost 2 full days.

Its not enough blood to fill a pad or tampon but when I go to urinate (which I've been doing like crazy recently) there will be a bit more blood then what's on my pad .

My breasts are tender. I've been having light cramps but nothing like my PMS ones. I'm extremely tired all the time and have no interest in food as I'm constantly nauseated . and I found that my nipples got a bit bigger. Could I be pregnant?

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Pregnancy :: 38 Weeks - Light Cramps

So today in the afternoon I got a light period like cramp and I just got another one tonight. They both were not severe but they were just enough to let me know they were there. I haven't lost my mucus plug nor had a bloody show...should I start prepping to see my baby soon....this week maybe?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Light Bleeding And Cramps

I had sex on the 26th of March, my boyfriend cum in me, my period was suppose to come about the 29th-30th, but on April 2nd I started to have some light bleeding and light cramps, does this mean I am pregnant??

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Pregnancy :: Cramps And Light Bleeding

Im 10 weeks and im having very light pink bleeding and some cramping on and off but im also taking duphaston pills every eight hrs is it normal

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Am I Pregnant? :: Getting Huge Cramps And Light Spotting

I was on my last day of my period and I had unprotected sex with my partner, and lately like a day or two after my period I started getting huge cramps and light spotting could this mean I'm pregnant or should I be concerned?

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Menstruation :: Little Light Headed And My Cramps Have Been Pretty Bad

So I just ended my period a week ago and had a little bit of bleeding when I wiped for the past few days then today my bleeding was really heavy and I've had cramps and horrible headaches for the past few days. I've also felt a little light headed and my cramps have been pretty bad but different than period cramps. What is wrong with me?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Having Light Pink Spotting And Cramps

I had sex a day after my period about a week ago and now I'm having light pink spotting and cramps...

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Am I Pregnant? :: 13 I Have Cramps In My Stomach And I Feel Light Head

Im 13 I have cramps in my stomach and I feel light headed and I have to pee like every 30minutes. plus I have craving can I be pregnant

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Light Ache Feeling In Left Testicle

I'm 15 years old and I know that this feeling is not from intercourse. So to begin, this is a very strange feeling. It's going to be hard to describe but I'll do my best. It is almost as if there is a ghostly feeling in my left side where the left testicle will enter the body. Like how they normally will enter the body when they are cold. Except there is nothing there. Both of my balls are hanging loose but there is just a very irritating and creepy feeling like there is a testicle just sitting there. So I can only describe it as feeling like I have a ghost ball there. Maybe it is the vein I'm not sure. There is also a small ache in the vein as well. Nothing bad but just enough to keep my mind on it and it's starting to drive me insane.

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Am I Pregnant? :: 3 Days Late Light Spotting Period Cramps

My last period was 12/12/2015. I have been using period tracker app since August to track my periods and ovulation. I ovulated on 12/26/2015. My fiance and I dtd on the day I was ovulating as well as a few other times. My period was due 1/9/2016 but I missed it. I am 3 days late. On the day my period was due when I went to the bathroom and wiped there was a tiny pink dot and a tiny brown dot and that was it. In the following two days there was nothing. At the end of day three of my missed period I had a little more spotting but not enough for a tampon and it wasn't enough to worry about staining my pants or underwear. Early morning of what would be the 4th day of my missed period I am period cramps. But when I went to the bathroom there was a couple of stains on my bed pants but no blood clots and it is pink not red. I took some Midol and the cramps are better now but I am so confused on what is going on. Anyone else experience this or can shed some light.

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Menstruation :: Tender Boobs, Cramps, Light Pink Discharge

I had my period 2 weeks ago which went for a few days like normal, a week later i got it again the same as the first time. It eventually went away and then it came to the next week...i had sex with my partner and after i went to the bathroom to go to the toilet i noticed there was light pink discharge... which then later on turned to red and brownish a little bit heavy. Now I'm onto day 2 with it and its still brownish and red very light. I have tender boobs, and mild cramps i've been searching the web to find answers. Ive also been braking out in pimples the last week and it's only just clearing up. Im also have the implanon which i got 2 years ago, usually u get my period for 2 days each few months lightly.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Light Period, Cramps, Sore Nipples, Some Blood Clots

I use to have irregular periods, but they have become regular over time. I normally have light the first day or two then it becomes heavy and lasts a week. Last month my period was due April 26th, and I ended up getting it on April 30th, I woke up and my stomach was VERY tight, I had hardness under my belly button for a few weeks before period, it was VERY light at first, light pink, and in some mucus. The next day I did not have normal clots like I get which are darker red and heavy. I got these very small light pink clots that lasted a day, and only showed up when I wiped. I had normal clots show up in toilet twice and that is it. The next few days it got lighter, and it stopped on May 4th, I stopped wearing pads on the 3rd day it was so light. I never have periods that light and that short. My nipples are still sore, my stomach still hurts and is a little tight still, have horrible acid reflux, and gas. What could this be? My friend and boyfriend both think I am pregnant, but I don't think I am. I took a test over a week ago and it was a BFN.

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Menopause :: Severe Cramps, Bloating And Light Spotting, Night Sweats

I am 45 years old. I had a normal period in Jan and Feb. Then nothing in March, April or May, then in June and July severe cramps, bloating and light spotting. When I urinate there are blood clots but no bleeding. Im also experiencing night sweats. Should I be worried, I don't have an appointment till late August.

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Hormones :: Feeling Like Im Dying, Tired,headaches, Feeling Sick

I'm only 17 years old. I have felt the way i feel now for months. I am not pregnant before anyone suggests that!

I suffered from a disease/illness where my glands swelled up til they were huge and you could clearly see them. I had a fever all day, i would go cold and the hot, i had no energy at all and was generally sick! The doctor gave me some antibiotics and it cleared up.

Ever since then i have not been myself. I feel sick at some point during the day, i constantly have a weird feeling in my head, its not pain as such, but like a numbing feeling and irritation. I feel like im going to faint all the time, im weak and very tired, i also get chest pains from time to time & my breathing is rubbish, its hard to breath at times, i generally feel like im dying

I have had countless blood tests and all of them showed nothing!

This totally upset me because im frustrated, i just want it to be over!!

The doctor told me just to have lots of water and exercise.

My family were convinced that i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks!

As i had a panic attack due to the fact i felt so ill i thought i was dying!

It wasn't just happening to me for no reason the attack.

so they took me to the doctor where he told me my symptoms were that of anxiety and panic attacks so he gave me some tablets to take.

But i still feel the same!!

I do not believe that i have anxiety

I am sick if people believing that is what it is!!

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Asthma :: Feeling Tired, No Energy, Constant Uncomfortable Feeling

I am slightly worried, but last thursday i was told i had asthma and i was given 2 inhalers, but since then my breathing has gotten worse, i suffer from chest pain and a "that's not right" feeling in my chest, and i am soooo fatigued and have no energy and now have lost my appetite :-(
and also feel sometimes light headed, I have been given a blood test but results aren't out yet and i hate waiting also i am really worried which make me worse and i have some back pain as well.

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Womens Health :: Retaining Water And Have Put On 20 Lbs

I am a 41 year old female. For the last two weeks I have been retaining water and have put on 20 lbs! For the first two days I took lasik and that kept it at bay but did not reduce any swelling. My last blood test was 90 days ago and all was fine. My family care doctor has ordered blood work for cancer, liver and thyroid tests as well a ct scan of my abdomen/cervical region with and without contrast in case of any blockages. Short of acute kidney failure is there anything else you can think of that would cause this.

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Womens Health :: Vulval Itch Continues

When a patient goes to an obgyne and given 1 fluconazole tab and some antifungal and mild steroid cream (10 days) for fungal infection, but symptoms like vulval itch continues, can the patient continue w/ the cream more days or is it advised to stop? A friend was advised the discomfort may be caused by diabetes too, wc the doctor admitted she had as symptom before being diagnosed as having that. Have other readers experienced this before going for diabetes tests too?

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Womens Health :: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Vs Pelvic Inflamattion Disease

Have a lower abdominal pain on the left,i was diagnosed with pcos when i was 17 now am 28 and it hasnt gone away,i have recently diagnosed with PID and was on treat ment for 3 weeks ,was given doxycycline,metrinazole and indocid together with the vaginal cream,it has only been 4 days and have a white vaginal discharge which comes when am having an abdominal pain.my question is where do i get the discharge and why is the inflammation not going down despite taking medication?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Light Orange Cum

I'm 15 year old girl and i started to notice orange cum for about a week. My period starts in a week but I've been researching online and I definitely know that I'm not pregnant. I don't feel any itching/burning and other things like that. I need to know if I should go get it checked out because i am worried it will be something fatal.

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