Asthma :: Feeling Tired, No Energy, Constant Uncomfortable Feeling

Aug 4, 2008

I am slightly worried, but last thursday i was told i had asthma and i was given 2 inhalers, but since then my breathing has gotten worse, i suffer from chest pain and a "that's not right" feeling in my chest, and i am soooo fatigued and have no energy and now have lost my appetite :-(
and also feel sometimes light headed, I have been given a blood test but results aren't out yet and i hate waiting also i am really worried which make me worse and i have some back pain as well.

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Hormones :: Feeling Like Im Dying, Tired,headaches, Feeling Sick

I'm only 17 years old. I have felt the way i feel now for months. I am not pregnant before anyone suggests that!

I suffered from a disease/illness where my glands swelled up til they were huge and you could clearly see them. I had a fever all day, i would go cold and the hot, i had no energy at all and was generally sick! The doctor gave me some antibiotics and it cleared up.

Ever since then i have not been myself. I feel sick at some point during the day, i constantly have a weird feeling in my head, its not pain as such, but like a numbing feeling and irritation. I feel like im going to faint all the time, im weak and very tired, i also get chest pains from time to time & my breathing is rubbish, its hard to breath at times, i generally feel like im dying

I have had countless blood tests and all of them showed nothing!

This totally upset me because im frustrated, i just want it to be over!!

The doctor told me just to have lots of water and exercise.

My family were convinced that i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks!

As i had a panic attack due to the fact i felt so ill i thought i was dying!

It wasn't just happening to me for no reason the attack.

so they took me to the doctor where he told me my symptoms were that of anxiety and panic attacks so he gave me some tablets to take.

But i still feel the same!!

I do not believe that i have anxiety

I am sick if people believing that is what it is!!

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Contraception :: Uncomfortable Scratching Feeling Copper IUD

I had a Paragard IUD fitted in early June, and everything had been going going brilliantly up until a few days ago. My periods has become slightly heavier/more painful, but the non hormonal contraceptive and convenience definitely outweighed a couple of days of discomfort a month. I had a pretty heavy period last week, and my boyfriend came to visit at the weekend so I didn't get around to checking my strings until Monday, when I felt a small lump next to the opening of my cervix, though I could still feel the strings. I panicked thinking I was expelling and booked an emergency appointment with the GP. She examined me and said that everything looked fine, I had a small nabothian cyst on my cervix but it wasn't anything to do with my coil, nor was it of any concern as they are very common. I felt really relieved but I also have this odd feeling, like I can physically feel my iud. I feel a bit crampy when I sit down, and it almost feels like something is scratching my uterus. I didn't have this before. Has anyone had a similar experience or feeling? I really hope it subsides because the copper IUD is ideal for me in every other aspect, I have PCOS and don't want to mess up my cycles with hormonal contraceptives.

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Asthma :: Choking Feeling? Anxiety?

I've been having this horrible feeling like someone has a hand around the base of my throat, but I can breathe mostly fine. It's a horrible feeling. It gets worse when I lay down. Also I've been feeling lately like I can't breathe and I have to take a deep breath almost like a fast yawn. My inhaler only works for a couple of minutes and then it's back. I went to the ER and they said it was anxiety, which it is not. I make an appointment with a pulmonary specialist tomorrow. Anyone have any ideas as to what it could be our how I can help it until I can get to my doc?

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HIV Prevention :: Feeling Sick And Tired

17 and 1/2 years ago I had unprotected sex in the Philippines.Last year I got sick with numb hands and feet.Now my whole body.March 2013 I tested negative for HIV with a Labcorp HIV 1/0/2 ICMA,but I feel it was a mistake.This morning I notice white patches on my tongue and lips.The people in my life think I'm OCD.I also noticed my chest has strange sensations with a wheeze.I feel lousy and don't want to get sicker before I can get help

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Undiagnosed Numbness And Tired Feeling In My Left Arm And Leg

About a year ago I had what they originally thought was a stroke but when I had mri and cat scan they showed nothing. Since whatever happened I have a numbness feeling in my left arm and leg and they feel very tired (as if I have done a hard workout at the gym) which has never improved. My right arm and leg has started having a burning sensation. None of these symptoms ever go ever when I sleeping is making nights hard. Doctors keep saying they can find nothing wrong. So what do I do........ I am starting to get panic attacks now as i don't trust my own body I have 2 young children and I am getting extremely frustrated. Is it nerve damage? Why are tests showing nothing up? And now doctors saying is it in my head?

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Cannabis :: Feeling More Tired Than Usual With The High

I'm HORRIFIED right now. I can barely type this down. Please read all: I hadn't smoked for about 10 months when I finally had a hold of some weed. I first smoked .2 grams out of a bowl. It felt great. I was so high. I was also a little sick and the next day, I felt "meh". I was pretty high that day too. SO I smoked that night (last Thursday) to smoke .2 grams again, and it felt great! Everyday afterwards I was high. Like a 3/10 high or sometimes a 6/10 high. I'm not doing anything these days so I'm just staying at home doing nothing. I have been eating fine and drinking lots of water and lots of fruit and none of that has been working. For the past 2 days, I've been feeling more tired than usual with the high. According to some people online, anxiety causes this or some kind of underlying physiological problem. Some people said that it was laced. Others say that it is all in my head. I am a little sick now and my ears are popped and I have a runny nose. Maybe this sickness is making everything worse mixed up with the fact that I am a noob at weed tolerance? Another really weird thing is that in my dreams or when I wake up, I start to remember my previous dreams from months to years ago. It's SO WEIRD. I have no one to talk to and it sucks. I have no friends here. I haven't had one for 10 months. Haven't hung out with one person my age for the past 10 months so can you guys "help" me out. What is going on with me? 

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Dysautonomia :: Feeling Faint, Extreme Weakness And Tired

Hi, my daughter was just diagnosed less than a week ago with DA. I am heavily in the research phase and would love all the input I can get. I am wondering whether to skip our local cardiologist and go straight to finding a specialist, which I am not have much  success with yet. She has been symptomatic for a long time on and off again. Recently, in the last 1.5 mos her symptoms have worsened. She was have "spells" of dizziness, feeling faint, extreme weakness and tired. Over the past week she has gotten worse and has not been able to go to school for 2 weeks now., She gets really faint, very weak and exhausted with ambulation. She has difficulty getting out of the bed.

So my questions are: Since we have seen a progression does this mean it is getting worse and worse? Anyone know any specialist in SC or NC or close by to those states? She was started on Florinef. How long before we see improvements? Her doctor said 1 or 2 weeks? feeling sad and overwhelmed by this diagnosis. This is my 15 yr who was a competitive gymnast and looking forward to team sports in HS. I am sorry for all who are having to deal with this. Thank you in advance for your input.

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Sertraline :: 10th Week And Feeling Sick / Tired Again

Been on Sertraline 100mg for nearly 10 weeks and I had two good weeks before entering week 10, now I feel sick, tired and have difficulty eating and focusing on TV etc is this a blip like I had before, Dr doesn't want to change meds or up dose.

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Abdominal Pain :: Farting / Flatulence, Belching And Feeling Tired And Weak

The problem starts 6 years ago and it was accompanied with severe gastric problem. The problem with my gastric is better after taking H-pylori. But I feel severe pain if I eat beans specifically lentil and drink any fraction of alcohol. I also made check up for ulcer through endoscopy and the result indicates that I don’t have any ulcer in my gastric.

This time I am feeling more tired and weak throughout the day. I am also having the feeling to go to the toilet frequently but most of the time nothing is going out except farting.

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Anxiety :: Constant Headaches, Detached Feeling, Trouble Sleeping

Okay, so I’m 16 and I’ve been suffering for about a year with constant headaches, although sometimes it feels more like pressure building up on my head, and sometimes it feels like its at the back of my eyes, I also find it hard to sleep because I have this weird pulsating feeling in my head. I don’t know if this could be connected but I also get some days when I just feel detached from everything and everyone and just totally spaced out and I have
to think really hard to remember things, like literally what I’ve done in the day, I have to recall my whole day to remember what I have done and I have a
really bad memory.  I also get random shooting pains up my back, I would really like some help to find out what this is if anyone has experienced similar or has any tips?

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Womens Health :: Tired, Feeling Miserable, Light Headache And Light Cramps

2 Days waking up tired, feeling miserable,slight headache and light cramps above my bladder. little bit of nausea in the mornings.

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Anxiety :: Constant Panic Attack Feeling But No Panic?

I used to suffer from panic attacks but don't really get them no more (only after alcohol)... 3 nights ago I did drink (a lot) and I had the classic panic symptoms but not the actual attack... The reason why I didn't have the actual attack was (I think) I took a friend's anxiety pills (propranolol) I had 1 x 10 mg two days ago and 1x10mg yesterday I havnt took one today because they haven't helped me at all... now I'm just stuck with (what I can describe) just the build up to a panic attack but no panic... I feel I have butterflies constantly in my stomach from worry but I don't know what I am worried about... I feel like this feeling will never go and that there is nothing that can help me has anybody ever experienced this? Also I am aware (now) of the dangers of taking unprescribed drugs I only did this because I felt this was my only option. I only took two pills I should be ok to stop taking the propranolol right?

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Vitamin D Deficiency :: Tired, No Energy, Pale Color, Moody, Bleeding Gums

I found out I was deficient about three weeks ago.After months, almost a year of feeling weak..weaker on one side...tired, no energy, pale color, moody, bleeding gums and sore mouth.Sometimes feeling chilled and yet at night I would sweat more when I slept. All my pain markers have been elevated proving inflammation but I tested negative to R A. I've Been taking 5000 iu's daily of calcium was low too but I'm told I can get extra in my diet. I have also started Salmon and Fish oil supplement. After just one week of supplements I felt a difference. I had realized there were two days I hadn't needed pain medication.then on the 8th day I had forgot my vit D and hadn't realized till that night because I was trying to understand why I was stiff and sore and basically crawled up the stairs. Would one day make that difference? I found since..I'm feeling just as poorly...needing medication for my discomfort, bleeding gums and sore mouth...heaviness in my legs and tired tired tired. Irealize iI was months of being depleted and it will take more than one week to feel 100%...are these symptoms similar to yours as i'd love to hear some comments

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Depression :: Feeling So Low

My bf has been horrible 2 me recently! Last night we were out and we had been out all day in the sun and he'd had 6 pints! We had r kids with us (he has 3 I have 1) and he got a message off his friend asking to meet up. I said no because he had promised his 6 year old daughter he'd would take him to school next day, and also when he goes out with his friend he has a habit not coming home until after 2! We had a fight I came to my mums with my little boy!! He's been texting me abuse all day saying I'm a selfish bitch & he wants to end it!! I can't stop crying my anxiety is through the roof! I just feel useless 😢

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Citalopram :: Feeling Really Nauseous

After I take Citalopram in the morning I feel really nauseous with feeling of discomfort in my stomach.  Any suggestions?

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Depression :: Feeling Really Low And Useless

I am really unsure where to turn or what to do etc - last year I had a very stressful situation in my life and took some time off work - every now and then I get really low in mood and became quite tearful etc - over the past few days I'm just feeling really low and "useless" I find myself taking every little comment so personally and getting myself into such a state, I feel so helpless and wonder why I am here - when I look at my life and my age I just feel like "is this it" this is what my life is going to be like forever? I never have any money and constantly have to borrow tonight I found myself considering hurting myself just so I could feel something if that makes sense - is this depression? Or am I just feeling sorry for myself?

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Have Been Feeling Extremely Thirsty Lately

I didn't know where to put this, because I don't really know why I have been feeling so thirsty, just that I am and have been. Kind of hard to put a time frame on it, but I think it's been a couple of months, more or less. As far as diabetes, that's an easy answer, but I had blood tests a month ago, and I was normal (had a large range of tests in many areas and was pretty much normal). I also had been checking my sugar manually a month ago just because I wanted to see if I had it.

I notice that if I have a savory meal (i.e. with salt, obviously), I am more thirsty, but I pretty much never eat anything that salty ever, and I also have been eating the same types of food that I've always eaten my entire life, and haven't had this issue.

I already emailed my doctor, and will eventually set up an appointment with her.

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Feeling Overly Fat

Ok so I'm 36 weeks and 2 days and I've gained an insane 50 lbs. It doesn't help that I'm 5'2" and my husband is 6'3" our little girl is HUGE. I also know as women we should embrace our pregnant bodies, but I just started becoming swollen and I can't help but feel like a damn oompa loompa. I'm not looking for a way to feel better it would just be nice to hear I'm not the only one feeling like a huge cow...

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While Having Sex - Tingling Feeling On The Tip Of My Penis

Last night i had sex with my girlfriend and i did it from behind (on her vagina). So we were both in the moment and things were definitely heated up, and then i felt a tingling feeling on the tip of my penis. kinda feels like when i pee something. mind you, this isn't a constant tingling feeling but a tingle only just at that moment.



*Mind you again, i did not reach orgasm right away that moment, took me quite awhile actually before i actually came. when i pulled out, i checked the hole of my penis (the meatus, am i correct?) it was absent of any white liquid. I tried "squeezing out" my penis to see if there was any liquid coming out, but nothing.

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Anxiety :: Feeling Faint

does anyone's anxiety make them feel faint I feel faint sweaty and my hearing seems funny sometimes . This has been happening on and off all day and has happened before it really scary

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