Cannabis :: Feeling More Tired Than Usual With The High

Oct 30, 2014

I'm HORRIFIED right now. I can barely type this down. Please read all: I hadn't smoked for about 10 months when I finally had a hold of some weed. I first smoked .2 grams out of a bowl. It felt great. I was so high. I was also a little sick and the next day, I felt "meh". I was pretty high that day too. SO I smoked that night (last Thursday) to smoke .2 grams again, and it felt great! Everyday afterwards I was high. Like a 3/10 high or sometimes a 6/10 high. I'm not doing anything these days so I'm just staying at home doing nothing. I have been eating fine and drinking lots of water and lots of fruit and none of that has been working. For the past 2 days, I've been feeling more tired than usual with the high. According to some people online, anxiety causes this or some kind of underlying physiological problem. Some people said that it was laced. Others say that it is all in my head. I am a little sick now and my ears are popped and I have a runny nose. Maybe this sickness is making everything worse mixed up with the fact that I am a noob at weed tolerance? Another really weird thing is that in my dreams or when I wake up, I start to remember my previous dreams from months to years ago. It's SO WEIRD. I have no one to talk to and it sucks. I have no friends here. I haven't had one for 10 months. Haven't hung out with one person my age for the past 10 months so can you guys "help" me out. What is going on with me? 

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Cannabis :: Pale And Feeling Weak When You Are High - Normal?

Is it normal to get really pale and feeling weak and feeling like your intestines are coming out and feeling like vomiting when you're high?

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Hormones :: Feeling Like Im Dying, Tired,headaches, Feeling Sick

I'm only 17 years old. I have felt the way i feel now for months. I am not pregnant before anyone suggests that!

I suffered from a disease/illness where my glands swelled up til they were huge and you could clearly see them. I had a fever all day, i would go cold and the hot, i had no energy at all and was generally sick! The doctor gave me some antibiotics and it cleared up.

Ever since then i have not been myself. I feel sick at some point during the day, i constantly have a weird feeling in my head, its not pain as such, but like a numbing feeling and irritation. I feel like im going to faint all the time, im weak and very tired, i also get chest pains from time to time & my breathing is rubbish, its hard to breath at times, i generally feel like im dying

I have had countless blood tests and all of them showed nothing!

This totally upset me because im frustrated, i just want it to be over!!

The doctor told me just to have lots of water and exercise.

My family were convinced that i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks!

As i had a panic attack due to the fact i felt so ill i thought i was dying!

It wasn't just happening to me for no reason the attack.

so they took me to the doctor where he told me my symptoms were that of anxiety and panic attacks so he gave me some tablets to take.

But i still feel the same!!

I do not believe that i have anxiety

I am sick if people believing that is what it is!!

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Asthma :: Feeling Tired, No Energy, Constant Uncomfortable Feeling

I am slightly worried, but last thursday i was told i had asthma and i was given 2 inhalers, but since then my breathing has gotten worse, i suffer from chest pain and a "that's not right" feeling in my chest, and i am soooo fatigued and have no energy and now have lost my appetite :-(
and also feel sometimes light headed, I have been given a blood test but results aren't out yet and i hate waiting also i am really worried which make me worse and i have some back pain as well.

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HIV Prevention :: Feeling Sick And Tired

17 and 1/2 years ago I had unprotected sex in the Philippines.Last year I got sick with numb hands and feet.Now my whole body.March 2013 I tested negative for HIV with a Labcorp HIV 1/0/2 ICMA,but I feel it was a mistake.This morning I notice white patches on my tongue and lips.The people in my life think I'm OCD.I also noticed my chest has strange sensations with a wheeze.I feel lousy and don't want to get sicker before I can get help

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Undiagnosed Numbness And Tired Feeling In My Left Arm And Leg

About a year ago I had what they originally thought was a stroke but when I had mri and cat scan they showed nothing. Since whatever happened I have a numbness feeling in my left arm and leg and they feel very tired (as if I have done a hard workout at the gym) which has never improved. My right arm and leg has started having a burning sensation. None of these symptoms ever go ever when I sleeping is making nights hard. Doctors keep saying they can find nothing wrong. So what do I do........ I am starting to get panic attacks now as i don't trust my own body I have 2 young children and I am getting extremely frustrated. Is it nerve damage? Why are tests showing nothing up? And now doctors saying is it in my head?

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Dysautonomia :: Feeling Faint, Extreme Weakness And Tired

Hi, my daughter was just diagnosed less than a week ago with DA. I am heavily in the research phase and would love all the input I can get. I am wondering whether to skip our local cardiologist and go straight to finding a specialist, which I am not have much  success with yet. She has been symptomatic for a long time on and off again. Recently, in the last 1.5 mos her symptoms have worsened. She was have "spells" of dizziness, feeling faint, extreme weakness and tired. Over the past week she has gotten worse and has not been able to go to school for 2 weeks now., She gets really faint, very weak and exhausted with ambulation. She has difficulty getting out of the bed.

So my questions are: Since we have seen a progression does this mean it is getting worse and worse? Anyone know any specialist in SC or NC or close by to those states? She was started on Florinef. How long before we see improvements? Her doctor said 1 or 2 weeks? feeling sad and overwhelmed by this diagnosis. This is my 15 yr who was a competitive gymnast and looking forward to team sports in HS. I am sorry for all who are having to deal with this. Thank you in advance for your input.

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Sertraline :: 10th Week And Feeling Sick / Tired Again

Been on Sertraline 100mg for nearly 10 weeks and I had two good weeks before entering week 10, now I feel sick, tired and have difficulty eating and focusing on TV etc is this a blip like I had before, Dr doesn't want to change meds or up dose.

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Abdominal Pain :: Farting / Flatulence, Belching And Feeling Tired And Weak

The problem starts 6 years ago and it was accompanied with severe gastric problem. The problem with my gastric is better after taking H-pylori. But I feel severe pain if I eat beans specifically lentil and drink any fraction of alcohol. I also made check up for ulcer through endoscopy and the result indicates that I don’t have any ulcer in my gastric.

This time I am feeling more tired and weak throughout the day. I am also having the feeling to go to the toilet frequently but most of the time nothing is going out except farting.

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Cannabis :: Feeling Low And Not Myself After Using Weed

I been an occasional weed smoker for about two years now. 3 weeks ago I  started feeling anxiety while I was sober. I had a few bad trips before , I'd say about 3-4 and I just thought everyone experiences them since it is a DRUG. The one time I took some really potent stuff and I smoked the next morning while I still felt high. It was a really good high then it went downhill, that same week I started vomiting and feeling a high feeling when i was sober. At first i thought it would leave by the day but it lasted a good 8 days before I started feeling better. About 4 days later I took a little hit and it was in a closed area so it was a form of hotboxing so I might've took more than I planned, also I got faded with some drinks that night with some friends. I started having the same anxiety/panicky feeling the next day and I'm still feeling them wondering whats wrong with me. Its feel like forever and the days seem longer since I can only get maybe 1 hour of sleep. It seems worst this time around and I feel the same detachment just with more worry because it happening again so close to the last time. My scheduled appointment with my doctor in in about a week and that seems so far because i don't know how I can keep up this endurance. I noticed a few things help me like music, talking , and even forums like this. Hopefully I start feeling better.

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Cannabis :: Zombie Feeling Days After Having Weed?

4 days ago my friends told me to try weed and so I did but only 2 small hits, after that I felt what every person trying weed for the first time felt. The next day we tried another one, but my friends made me do 3 hits, once again small hits and felt the same thing as the day before. The next day I woke up and still felt 'high' felt like a zombie walking doin tv. Stuff I didn't remember doing, 4 days have passed since the first time I tried it and I still feel 'high' And i feel almost in an unreal state of mind. like i'm not all there. I try to deal with it, but i really want to feel normal again. It wasn't laced because no one else felt weird but me. i have no idea what's going on. Whenever I walk around or do stuff, I feel like a zombie and don't remember doing the stuff sometimes. I guess what I'm trying to ask is how long will this effect last? And if I need to go get medical attention what do I say because I'm only 18 will the doctor call police or something?

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Cannabis Addiction :: Feeling Spaced Out Going To Die After Smoking

I smoked out of a bong this one time , for the first time and i smoked alot so i layed back and chilled .. after a while i started getting goofy because i didn't remember if i smoked or not and started spacing out , it was weird because every time i thought harder my heart would beat faster and faster i thought i was going to die. At this point i was only trying to survive then i noticed i started to feel sharp pains in my shoulders and the pain started from the outer part of my shoulder and would get stronger and closer to the center where my head was when i thought hard about stuff. When the pain got sharp and harsh at the center i would twitch a little and remember it was something mentally because nothing was actually happening and so now im scared to try ot again , is this normal ?

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Cannabis :: Bad High With Marijuana - First Time

I'm 21 and last night I smoked weed with my partner and got high for the first time. I smoked many times before but I did not do it correctly according to my friends. So after the first few initial puffs I felt pressure on my head. Then everything slowed down. It got to the point where I wasn't able to control my body and mind and then I started to panic and have anxiety. I felt as though I was God incarnate, like I could do anything (I can recollect that I jumped down a fire escape and landed on my back. My spine and right shoulder still hurts so i'll be going to the ER soon).  It's like I had terrible Deja vu. Like I could see the past present and future. But as I said, I started to freak out and become paranoid. Reality and time itself warped to the point that I couldn't focus. All I remember is that I ended up home in bed and not at my partner's house. Can anyone tell me if this is normal when you smoke weed??? Is this what a high feels like and does to you cause if so I see the reason why it's illegal. Hell I still even feel the effects from it....

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Cannabis Withdrawal :: High In CBD With Little To No THC Marijuana?

I live in a state that is legal for medical marijuana. To improve my withdrawal I am considering trying some very high in cbd with little to no thc (thc is what makes people high). Does anyone know what effects this could have?

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Cannabis Addiction :: High Protein In Urine?

I went to my doctor last week, and because I am almost 9 months pregnant, they always do a routine urine sample at the beginning of my checkup. I already know that I have extremely low iron levels, and am taking 3 iron supplements a day. Well during this visit, my doc told me that my urine shows that I have high protein levels, and has made me do a 24-hour urine sample for my next visit. Anyways, I was wondering why I might have high protein in my urine, considering I don't eat more meat than the average person, and I'm not generally very active. My father in law said it could be due to too much sex, and I was wondering if this is true, because my fiance and I haven't seized having sex at all during my pregnancy.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Normal To Black Out, Or Was I Just Too High?

Ok well back when it was 420 me and my friends decided to go smoke, I am a on and off type of smoker I've never really been high so me and my friends decided to smoke. So everyone is having a good time and I was inhaling more smoke than I use to, suddenly I blacked out I think maybe a few seconds the second I opened my eyes everything felt so weird and everyone looked all happy and sh*t, I felt like I had control over myself but after talking to my friends the next day they said that I freaked out. I really want to know what happened, is that normal to black out, or was I just too high.

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Cannabis :: Legal Weed Causing More High Than Illegal?

I have smoked a lot of weed before legal and nonlegal but Ever since I smoked legal weed I haven't been myself, I feel like I'm in a different world and I do not feel normal,i feel like im always high like i can't really explain it but it's the worst feeling In the world...

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Womens Health :: Tired, Feeling Miserable, Light Headache And Light Cramps

2 Days waking up tired, feeling miserable,slight headache and light cramps above my bladder. little bit of nausea in the mornings.

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Depression :: High THC Weed / Cannabis Indica Or Sativa Helps

I am depressed and feel hopeless. I recently felt like life wasn't worth it. And started experimenting with prescription drugs, alcohol, and marijuana. I found that all of it is hard to get, and very expensive. But when I am on a high thc weed "indica or sativa", I actually feel happy. I don't judge myself, or feel depressed. I believe that marijuana saved my life. But since my age, and state laws it is impossible to buy or find. I just want to continue to feel happy legally. Any suggestions on what to do? Not antidepressants, the fact of me those would make me feel labeled for being depressed. No one knows I'm depressed. Not even my mom or dad.

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Cannabis Allergy - Sick, Pale And Feels Like Passing Out When Pretty High?

My friend and I smoke cannabis occasionally and whenever we seem to be getting pretty high my friend starts feeling sick and turning a yellow, pale color and loses color in her lips, also her stomach starts churning, she starts twitching, and she feels as if she's about to puke or pass out, is she allergic or is this just caused by dehydration or not being used to the substance?

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Thyroid :: High TSH, Normal Free T4 - Fatigue, Depression, Feeling Cold

I am a 51 year old female and had a physical last week with my general practitioner because it has been a long time. It included blood tests. One test was about the thyroid and I've got conflicting information about the result.

The report says:
TSH Reflex to Free T4
TSH RFLX is 8.25 - and is high, the normal range is shown as 0.40-4.50

Thyroxine, Free, Direct - 0.8 - and is in range, range is shown as 0.8-1.8

I've done some research and it looks like this combination falls in the hypothyroidism range. However, my doctor says it is fine because the T4 FREE number is in range. There is no family history of thyroid problems. I'm concerned because I have some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism (fatigue, depression, feeling cold).

Does this sound right to those of you who have experience with thyroid disease? Should I see an endocrinologist?

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