Herpes :: Blisters Are The Sign Of Outbreak?

Nov 7, 2015

I am trying to figure out if this is my first outbreak. I have a history of vaginal infections that may have masked outbreaks before.

If i had outbreaks before it must have consisted of a pinhead blisters that i never saw and probably never burst

I thought i had another infection but noticed a teeny tiny bump and pointed it out to doc

She did super painful swab test, digging into the skin. This was tuesday. Friday came back positive for type 2. Labia and vaginal opening hurt soooo bad now, but no other blisters. The one she opened is angry and red and not really healing.

The pain is very different than what i used to get with the vag infections. Is it possible my outbreaks were always fairly mild but now that a blister has been broken it is raging, or is this likely my first outbreak?

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Herpes :: HSV2 Outbreak Itching And Blisters On Wrist And Leg

I was diagnosed with HSV2 about a month ago, during which I had my first classic outbreak. I got it from my boyfriend, who did not know he had it at the time. I was tested negative for HIV, hepatitis, and syphilis at the time I was diagnosed. During my primary outbreak, I must have somehow touched the sores or the fluid and in the same week one large blister appeared on both my left wrist and left leg at the same time. I was put on Valtrex for 10 days and the genital region cleared up pretty quickly, but the ones on my wrist and leg took longer and I don't think they ever fully healed because there was always a red spot in those areas.

This past Saturday it came back but only on my wrist and my leg, not in the genital area. It started as just itching then by Sunday there was an appearance of a cluster of blisters in each area, where the first time there was only one in each spot. I went for a follow up appointment to my gynecologist two days later and showed him the blisters. But he was not very helpful; he said he only deals with the genital region and I had to see an infectious disease doctor. He gave me a permanent Valtrex prescription to take daily and I've been on it for 4 days so far and did the swab test on my wrist to confirm it was herpes. I could not get an appointment with the ID doc for another two weeks, and Tuesday night the spot on my leg was huge and red and swollen with cellulitis all over the area. It is on my lower calf close to my ankle, but I'd say the entire surface area that is infected is about the size of my fist. I went to the ER and they tried to tell me it was a staph infection despite hearing my story and put me on an antibiotic without answering any of my herpes related questions. It has been 4 days since I'm on Valtrex again and I've kept the area bandaged at all times and worn pants and long sleeve shirts.

Sorry for all the background, but I thought it would be helpful info to best answer the questions I have. I am concerned that for the rest of my life I'm just going to be a walking contagion that can spread the virus to everyone without knowing it, since HSV2 spreads frequently asymptomatically. I know that Valtrex reduces the number of outbreaks I'm going to have, but I'm more concerned with the areas on the exposed parts of my body and want to know exactly which parts are contagious to others and if I'll be able to tell or I will have to keep both areas covered the rest of my life.

My appointment with the ID doc isn't for another two weeks, and I cannot wait that long to have these questions answered because I'm getting sick over this.

These are my questions (please only answer if you've experienced this yourself or you are an MD, I know it's a unique case):

1. Will the areas on my wrist and leg always be a site for a breakout, and will these areas always have the potential to be shed asymptomatically?

2. What part of the outbreak is actually contagious? Is it anywhere that is red, or is it mainly just the blister itself? Will bandaging only the blistered area during an outbreak protect the virus from spreading to others or can it spread from any part that is red?

3. I've read that once it is in an infected area, the virus can spread to other parts close by on that same area, so is there a potential that the next outbreak will be further spread out on my arm, thus giving my whole arm and leg potential to shed the virus?

4. Will it always break out in those spots? I find it curious that this second outbreak (or continuation of a primary outbreak) only appeared in those spots and not the genital region.

5. I know women with HSV 2 can still have babies, but I'm concerned that if I have it on my wrist that I will never be able to hold a newborn baby. I know obviously if I have visible sores that I should avoid a baby at all costs, but what about when there is nothing there and it sheds without me knowing?

6. I'm concerned about it spreading to other parts of my body. I know auto inoculation is rare after the first outbreak, but my wrist is too close to my face for me to be comfortable.

7. What about shaving my legs? I know when there is an outbreak I should avoid the area completely, but when there is nothing there can I still shave over the area or will that spread the virus to other parts of my leg?

8. Manicures/pedicures used to be a huge part of my life. I would never want to infect anyone with this disease. Would it be safe to tell them to only touch my hands and my toes, or is this too risky?

9. My gyno placed me on a permanent Valtrex prescription. Is there a risk associated with becoming too dependent on antiviral meds, or a chance that the disease will become resistant to the medicine? I've also read that being on permanent antivirals can cause the virus to mutate and cause different strains.

I know this will probably take anyone forever to read, but I had to get this all out because these questions have been running through my mind for days and no doctor I've talked to so far has been able to answer them.

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Herpes :: One Outbreak Runs Into Another

I decided to try taking valtrex everyday as my gyn told me to do. 2 days into taking it I got another outbreak. One outbreak runs into another. I have very little time without an outbreak. It has become very depressing. I don't want to get involved with anyone as we could never have sex.

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Have Herpes - Unprotected Sex When There Is No Outbreak?

I was diagnosed herpes 2 five years ago. I didn't aware I had it and was in relationship. Until the first outbreak I got tested, same as my ex. His result came out positive, we didn't know who got first but we supported each other.

We broke up almost 2 years ago, we remained friends and he already started a new relationship one year ago. He told me sometimes he didn't use any protection with his gf(she knows) and she has been okay.

I know that herpes can pass to others even there is no outbreak, but from my ex experience, his gf and him are good so far. Just wonder if anyone has similar experience with his/her partners? If you have unprotected sex when there is no outbreak?

I have met a guy and told him the whole situation. He said he doesn't care and still want to be with me. He wanted to have unprotected sex, but i really don't want to put him at risk. I did saw others for short time also with unprotected sex. He got tested a few month ago and result came out negative.

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Herpes :: Genital HSV 1 - Long Without An Outbreak?

Diagnosed by blood test with hsv1 on genitals. Bad outbreak in 2007. No outbreaks at all until last month since 2007. That's 8 yrs. Is that normal to go that long without an outbreak. My partner is negative and we have not used protected sex. We have split up a while back and I'm wondering since he never contracted it, is it ok to have sex with a new partner without protection. What's the chances of my new partner getting it since the last one didn't. Of course I know not to have sex during a break out. Is it that easy to transmit this. I have grandkids also and am very careful around them.

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Herpes :: Genital HSV 1 Transmission Without Outbreak?

How common is it to transmit genital HSV1 through genital to genital contact only having sex once with no outbreak? I am a female who is worried about transmitting hsv1 genitally to a partner whom I only had sex with once. Any insight in this?

I have had genital hsv1 for 3 years.

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Test Positive For Herpes If Your Having A Shingles Outbreak?

Will you test positive for herpes if your having a shingles outbreak?

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Can I Use Tampons During An Outbreak

Can I use tampons during a outbreak I just found out I have herpes and started my period I've been using pads but they are so uncomfortable.

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Herpes :: HSV2 - What An Atypical Outbreak Look Or Feel Like?

I read lots of reports that indicate many HSV 2 carriers are unaware because the initial outbreak is atypical and doesn't fit the burning itching blistering oozing horror movie details that is attached to herpes.  So I ask what could an atypical outbreak look or feel like?

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Herpes :: Chances Of Asymptomatic Primary HSV 1 And 2 Outbreak?

I kissed and had sex with a female partner with unknown std status 6 weeks ago I have not had any symptoms but I'm scared il have a recurrent outbreak. The sex was protected. What are the chances that I had an asymptomatic outbreak and it's only a matter of time for a recurrence to happen. I'm still terrified please help

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Herpes :: Negative IgG But Outbreak Symptoms Match HSV2

I had an encounter with a CSW Feb 2015 that involved unprotected oral (stupid I know) but protect vaginal sex. The next day I had a strong itch on my groin and the following day (2 days after encounter) I had a blister cluster of about 6-8 blisters in that area. The blisters went away without any scabbing within 1 or 2 days and never reappeared. I have had a almost near constant itch/tingling in my crotch in the same area ever since.

I had assumed this was a HSV-1/2 outbreak from what I had read, and I was unable to visit a clinic at the time. 13 months later, I get the IgG test and my results are:

HSV1 <0.1 negative
HSV2 <0.1 negative

While initially relieved, I'm worried that this <0.1 on both tests could possibly be a mis-test? I have seen many other tests here come up with number registering (example 0.27 or 0.5). Should I just retest or go for a Western Blot to settle this?

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Herpes :: Positive Oral HSV2 Result W/ No Outbreak Or Symptoms At All

I'll get straight to the point.  Yesterday received results that I tested positive for HSV2, and its definitive being a 5.0 Igg. However. I have not had genital sex with anyone except my significant other.  I do frequent strip clubs, and there has been occasion where as recently as a month and a half ago, my mouth came in contact with a strippers *** and clitoris.  There was no bump or lesion, and from everything I've read, this is not an efficient way of transmitting HSV 2.  My doctor has no answer for how this happened and I have had no physical manifestations of any type do viral infection. We are currently retesting to see if there is any kind of mistake, but as of now feeling pretty hopeless. Can anyone shed some light?  The test I had was the Herpeselect Test.  

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Swollen Lymph Nodes With Outbreak

Does anyone else get tender swollen lymph nodes with their herpes outbreak mind tends to be swollen and tender on the side that my outbreak is on. Is this normal?

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Negative Herpes But Random Blisters On Vagina But Tested Negative For Herpes?

Hello! I was recently back in February diagnosed with hpv. I had full blood work done and I have no other diseases or infections. I've also not had sex since before the testing. I recently noticed I have two painful blisters, one on the inside of my labia and the other on the other lip. I shave and I've had ingrown hairs but these definitely don't feel the same. They are super uncomfortable. I'm unable to go to the doctor until The end of the week and wanted to see if anyone knew what they might be? And any temporary ideas for pain relief? Over the counters pain killers do nothing. Also, I have extremely bad allergies to pollen and with the pollen, came these blisters, so I am not sure if they are related. I've added pictures below. Thanks for the help.

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Herpes :: HSV 1 - Blisters And Ulcers - May Have Contracted It?

I recently had some irritation following sex with a girl who I know gets cold sores on occasion.  On the shaft of my penis, near the head there is an abrasion of sorts that is mostly painless and I never saw blisters.  It doesn't seem to heal, but I've had similar problems in the past; once that skin tears, it seems to take months to heal.

My question is, should I be the slightest bit concerned that I may have contracted HSV1?  I went to my doctor and I find that most doctors really have no clue about STDs; she said it could be herpes, but it wasn't typical.  Anyone else have an opinion?  Do blisters usually show up and hang around for a while before they begin to look like ulcerated skin?  Is the pain from these sores usually obvious?

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Blisters Are Identical To Cold Sores - Herpes Or Acne?

For years, I have suffered from sores around my chin area. The blisters are identical to cold sores that sometimes appear on my lip. They are painful and will eventually start to weep clear fluid. I do my best to keep the area clean to avoid any spread of infection. However, when I went to the doctor about it, she told me it was not herpes as I had thought, it was acne. Is it possible that the two conditions present as the same?

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Herpes :: Would Urethral/Meatus HSV Blisters Burn When Urinating?

I have a small bump on my Meatus/outside tip of the urethra. It secretes a very, very small amount of clear fluid when I press on it. Doesn't hurt much (only when I squeeze it hard)... and when I urinate there is no pain.

Does this sound like a HSV blister or not?

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Herpes :: Tiny, Clear Bumps (blisters) On Vagina

About a month ago, I got a few tiny bumps, or what appeared to be small blisters, on the top of my vagina. They slightly itched when irritated by my clothing, but if I touched them, rubbed them, or slightly itched them, it would kind of start to burn. I popped them in hopes of relieving some of the pain and irritation, which did seem to help. When I started googling what it could possibly be, everything lead the "Herpes." I am sexually active, but I am married and have been for two years now. My husband and I split up at the end of last year for about two months where we had both been with other people, me with one, him with two. So, seeing that these blisters automatically make people think herpes has me severely worried. I went to my doctor and they had already scabbed over by then, so she said she couldn't be completely sure, and to come back if they appeared again. Well, I noticed them again yesterday afternoon. It's a small cluster of about 5 of them. I left them alone until I went to bed (because I was very busy yesterday), but they started itching and bothering me in my sleep. I woke up and went to the restroom, where I popped them. It relieved some of the irritation, but they began to itch. I didn't mess with them, or even itch them. I just went back to sleep. Today I'm worried all over again about what this could possibly be. I set up an appointment with my doctor for later this afternoon, but I was hoping to possibly get some answers before then.

I do shave, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. My husband and I were tested by our doctors for STD's after we got back together and everything came back negative, except for Chlamydia, which we got treated for. So, I'm really hoping it's not herpes.

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Insect Bites :: Bite Blisters And New Blisters Form Around It Days Later

What kind of illness or insect could cause small insect bites to blister on the bite site? After being bitten a blister appears on the skin at the site of the bite after a couple of days, followed by new blisters forming around this bite site a further few days later. Skin appears red and site is painful, blisters are about 1cm in diameter and half a cm in height, newly formed blisters appear much smaller. This insect bite would have been contracted in a central American country such as Guatemala.

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Shingles - A Sign Of HIV?

I'm 21 and recently got shingles on the left side of my buttocks 6 days ago about now. Well my doctor looked at it and said that what he "thinks it is". He gave me some antibiotics and did a skin culture, and I will be meeting with him again soon.

It happened out of nowhere one night I was at work. It was terrible pain, and very nasty, but seems to be getting better.

Another problem I've had, and idk if this is why it happened on my buttocks, but I've had chronic anal hemorrhoids or anal fissures over a year now. I recently showed my doctor that about 2-3 weeks ago for a normal check up and I will be seeing a specialist for that soon as well.

Im ultimately worried about HIV though, since I heard that's what can cause HiV in young people...

I've actually negative for HIV recently, and have only had one sexual partner since then but she was a sex worker. She seemed clean in appearance, but she gave me unprotected oral and I penetrated her vagina with a condom on after. I do not recall the condom breaking. I'm 90% sure about that, unless there was a small tear or something I didn't notice if that's possible.

One other note is that the day before my shingles breakout, I had diarrhea after an intense day of basketball. I am normally very active weekly, but this day I did play more basketball than usual and I was extremely exhausted after and then had stomach pain which lead to the diarrhea. The diarrhea was only that night though and haven't had any since.

Can anyone give me some knowledge on something like this?

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Tingling Scrotum Sign Of Some STD?

Few months ago I suffered from classic cold symptoms like. I had enlarged cervical lymph nodes, a decrease in appetite for a few weeks, headaches, fever and was extremely fatigued.

With all these symptoms I have had had a tingling sensation under my scrotum.

All these symptoms disappear in about ten days but the scrotum tingling sensation stayed the same.

I thought it was some normal viral infection but this symptom made me think. Now, I’m sure that this couldn’t be some cold and I’m a bit worried what could it be!

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