Shingles - A Sign Of HIV?

Dec 28, 2015

I'm 21 and recently got shingles on the left side of my buttocks 6 days ago about now. Well my doctor looked at it and said that what he "thinks it is". He gave me some antibiotics and did a skin culture, and I will be meeting with him again soon.

It happened out of nowhere one night I was at work. It was terrible pain, and very nasty, but seems to be getting better.

Another problem I've had, and idk if this is why it happened on my buttocks, but I've had chronic anal hemorrhoids or anal fissures over a year now. I recently showed my doctor that about 2-3 weeks ago for a normal check up and I will be seeing a specialist for that soon as well.

Im ultimately worried about HIV though, since I heard that's what can cause HiV in young people...

I've actually negative for HIV recently, and have only had one sexual partner since then but she was a sex worker. She seemed clean in appearance, but she gave me unprotected oral and I penetrated her vagina with a condom on after. I do not recall the condom breaking. I'm 90% sure about that, unless there was a small tear or something I didn't notice if that's possible.

One other note is that the day before my shingles breakout, I had diarrhea after an intense day of basketball. I am normally very active weekly, but this day I did play more basketball than usual and I was extremely exhausted after and then had stomach pain which lead to the diarrhea. The diarrhea was only that night though and haven't had any since.

Can anyone give me some knowledge on something like this?

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Tingling Scrotum Sign Of Some STD?

Few months ago I suffered from classic cold symptoms like. I had enlarged cervical lymph nodes, a decrease in appetite for a few weeks, headaches, fever and was extremely fatigued.

With all these symptoms I have had had a tingling sensation under my scrotum.

All these symptoms disappear in about ten days but the scrotum tingling sensation stayed the same.

I thought it was some normal viral infection but this symptom made me think. Now, I’m sure that this couldn’t be some cold and I’m a bit worried what could it be!

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Schizophrenia :: Buzzing In My Ears Is This The First Sign?

Well since i was a kid i used to have anxiety, panic attacks and i used to overthink alot.

Before going to tell what i have im gonna tell you what type of person i am. Well if i hear that a friend of mine has a illness or someone is having a tumor i would totally believe that i have it too and sometimes i have the exact symptoms and i freak out.

But lately i have different type of thoughts. I have a daily Depersonalization including weird thoughts. I don't have delusions (i don't know if daydreaming or thinking of something you wanna be is delusion) but lately i have a buzzing in my ears and especially in the left one and read on the internet that it might be a first sign of Sz.

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! i dont have the enough money to visit a therapist. And i have been checked by a neurologist nothing.

How was like when you first had a Schizophrenia ?

I wanna compare it with mine symptoms

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Schizophrenia :: What Are The Early Sign And Symptoms?

I am off work now with depression, experiencing lack of concentration, fatigue, constant mood swings. The doctor prescribed me with antidepressants. After 2 weeks on this I felt even worse and didn't want to sleep, felt like I was in a bubble and not me anymore. I told the doctor I had voices in my head. There is a good and a bad person. He changed my meds, saying this will help with the sleep, and is referring me to a psychiatrist. Over the last few weeks I am hearing these voices all the time. I now see the voices in my head. The bad is always on the right hand side in my mind the good on the left. The bad person laughs at me and is horrible to me. The good person in my head that used to talk is even now scared of the bad voice. I was that scared the other night I put a pop up tent in the living room and slept in that. I now go in it when I feel bad. I went out the other day with my partner and I thought this man was going to get me I was petrified and want to go home to the tent. I keep thinking back to my past and if I have ever felt this bad before

Then loads of things came into my head that I had been passing off as 'normal' that really aren't. I used to sit on my own in my room when I was younger and talk to myself and would rather do that than interact with people. I have always been an over thinker and worrier, but I just feel something really bad is happening to me now.

The voices I'm hearing are in my head but getting stronger. There are several voices in there who are constant so I can't sleep. I have headphones in to try and get away from them but they are in the songs now. I have also had three occasions where I have smelt burning plastic or rubber and nobody else can smell anything??. Also shadows are turning into things like demons at nighttime which scares me.

I am still waiting to here about my referral, and schizophrenia hasn't been brought up other than me searching for answers which brought me here today.

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Herpes :: Blisters Are The Sign Of Outbreak?

I am trying to figure out if this is my first outbreak. I have a history of vaginal infections that may have masked outbreaks before.

If i had outbreaks before it must have consisted of a pinhead blisters that i never saw and probably never burst

I thought i had another infection but noticed a teeny tiny bump and pointed it out to doc

She did super painful swab test, digging into the skin. This was tuesday. Friday came back positive for type 2. Labia and vaginal opening hurt soooo bad now, but no other blisters. The one she opened is angry and red and not really healing.

The pain is very different than what i used to get with the vag infections. Is it possible my outbreaks were always fairly mild but now that a blister has been broken it is raging, or is this likely my first outbreak?

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Diarrhoea Is A Sign Of Labour? (38 Weeks)

Is this a sign of labour? I'm booked in on Monday to have my c-section and finally meet my little girl but I started getting diarrhoea today?

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Pregnancy :: Bloody Show Is That A Sign Of Labor?

If you have a bloody show is that a sign of labor? Should I be worried? Oh man I'm not sure what to do... I'm having cramps like I'm on my period...

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Bell's Palsy :: Discomfort In My Left Eye - The First Sign

The first sign that something was not right was a discomfort in my left eye.While trying to put mascara on my left eyelashes I couldn't bring my eyelid down to meet the brush and on looking in the mirror I noticed that my eye appeared more open than the right eye and on blinking my right eye blinked at a faster rate than the left. Of course panic immediately set in, then I noticed that I couldn't blow my left cheek out as much as my right cheek. I then tried to whistle and noticed that the left side of my mouth didn't look the same as the right. Oh no, first thought was I was having a stroke. My husband immediately ran me to the a@e at my local hospital. After undergoing routine tests and describing my symptoms the doctor diagnosed Bells Palsy and advised a course of steroids and antiviral tablets as well as eye drops to moisten the eye, eye cream to put in at night and tape to stick my eye closed when I went to bed.

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Ovaries :: Discharge A Sign Of Increasing Or Vanishing Follicles?

I'm having brown discharge continuously for 10 days before my period due date,so i went to doc n she asked me to take thyroid n Ultra,my thyroid results came normal, but ultra shows that slightly enlarged ovaries,bilateral ovaries with multiple small follicles arranged periphery, clinical correlation for PCOS, so she asked me to take oral contraceptive(YASMIN) for 3 cycles, till now i have completed 2 cycles, still i am having that brown discharge, this time the discharge has increased slightly like i have to wear a small pad,( Not so heavy).I am so much concerned about this, is this a sign of that follicles are vanishing?? Or is this a sign of Increasing follicles?? Please let me know what it is?? Before i started this medication, my periods are normal( if they are late, only about 10 days late) and i am not overweight, i don't have any acne or unwanted hair.

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Persistent Polymyalgia Rheumatica Sign Of Underlying Cancer?

My 77 year old father has had PMR for nearly 5 years and still takes 20 mg of prednisolone. Currently he is on 35 mg after a nasty fall and injury. I have read somewhere that resistant PMR can be a sign of an underlying malignancy. Apart from feeling unwell, poor walking and painful spasms in his hands and low back there don't seem to be any other clues. Any advice?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Discharge That Smells - Pregnancy Sign?

Okay, I am only 16. I am sexually active with my boyfriend.. I have recently just been treated for a UTI . My medication is done but now I have a discharge that smells funky.. It smells like old period blood. But anyways after I had sex I noticed this very thick, sticky, milky white glob of something on my boyfriends penis.. I thought it was sperm but it ended up being me. I have never had it before. I need help. I don't know what it could be . I looked it up and it said it could be an early sign of pregnancy.. The mucus plug they call it.

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Shingles From Someone With Shingles - Spread?

Hello! I am a 34 year old woman who has just been diagnosed with shingles. I have had them for about a week and am quite uncomfortable, but not miserable. I have had some stomach pains for a few days that I believe are associated.

One problem I have is in all the information on the net and from doctors they stress the point "you can NOT get shingles from someone with shingles"... well, I disagree. My mother is a non-hodgkin's lymphoma patient who was diagnosed with shingles about two weeks ago. I live by her and help her and I find it hard to believe my shingles didn't come from being exposed to her!

Just wanted to let others know.

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Can't Get Shingles From Shingles? Spread?

I've just been diagnosed with Shingles. I have been told you can't get Shingles from Shingles, only chicken pox from shingles. But I am the third person in work in a week to come down with Shingles. If you can't get Shingles from shingles, how come so many people in work have it?

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Shingles In The Eye?

as much as i have search i can't seem to find any usefull info on this condition. i first noticed something was wrong when i woke one morning with a slight pain on the left side of my left eye. after one scary long week, two doctors, one optician and no real answers i had lost any useful sight in the eye, just a blur. took myself to A&E one sat morning , spent the next 7 days in King college hospital on a antiviral drip. that was 4 weeks ago and still no sign that i will regain my sight ,just a huge amount of floaters. having antiviral pills,9 a day ,plus steriods & drops. another 3 months of those i have been told. rare condition i have been told and the object of fascination at the hos. any one with the same experience out there? still wondering if i will ever see again.[

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Conjunctivitis With Shingles

I got diagnosed with conjunctivitis tonight. Anyway after some research on conjunctivitis to see what causes it etc as I havent been in contact with anyone with it, it turns out herpes zoster can cause it. Anyway I am immunocompromised to the shingles virus

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Recurring Shingles

I'm 21 and have had recurring shingles since I was 9... I used to get it about once a year but have had it 7 times in the last 2 years. It used to knock me for six for about 3 weeks but I'm getting better at recognising the early symptoms so that I can have my acyclovir prescription ready and waiting for when the spots come out! The first thing I notice is that I find it uncomfortable to wear my bra (I always get shingles on my side) and then I get that distinct "been hit by a bus" feeling... Absolutely knackered, deep muscle aches and a little nauseous. And then joy of joy, the shooting pains begin! This is the part I find most difficult to cope with, I get really sharp pains drilling down my side and a dull pins and needles like feeling that is continuous. I don't get alot of blisters, just one or two, but they are always inside a mottled rash about the size of a side plate.

I have seen numerous doctors about this who have all said that it's rare, esp for my age, but that's about it. I guess there's nothing that can be done.

The only advice I can give about recurring shingles is just try and get good at recognising it early! And then try and chill until it goes. Useless, I know, but that's all I've got.

If anyone's got some better advice it would be greatly appreciated!

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Recovering From Shingles

I have been diagnosed with shingles nearly 4 weeks ago ..

I have commented on this forum before giving my view on alternative options on medication.. Through diet , vitamins etc ..

I did not take any antiviral or strong painkillers as I am very hypersensitive and allergic to a lot of these chemicals ..

At the moment I am feeling a lot better still in some discomfort have my good and bad days .. The pain I had has some what subsided .. I have a little burning in my right hand side of my back and my tummy .. But nothing to the pain I have experienced.. I feel I am on the meant and hopefully make a full recovery .. And I just wanted to give some hope and reassurance to those still in recovery ..

But it would be great to know if anyone has NOT taken any medication for whatever reason and made a fully recovery or has not had a recurrence in the past few years...

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How To Detect Shingles

Can anyone tell me if this could be shingles. I haven't been well since last October. I have upper back pain, gnawing pain that moves around. My ribs are sore, sternum, aching neck and shoulders, loss of appetite and feeling itchy

I feel better than I did in October but still have the aches. Had an ecg, chest xray, echocardiogram, bloods which were all ok. Would shingles have been detected with these tests? I have also felt short of breath at times and spaced out. I have no rash. The doctor said it was probably viral and to take pain killers. I have diagnosed myself with costochondritis or fibromyalgia but am beginning to wonder whether it id shingles.

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Shingles On The Lips Possible?

shingles on the lips possible?

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Shingles Without The Rash?

For the past week, I have had pain in my side...about the size of an apple. The skin is extremely sensitive to touch (even getting goosebumps makes me wince), and am getting sharp stabbing type pains. I went to my local emergency department. The nurse who looked me over first asked me many questions, and said that she believed I have shingles, although I don't have a rash. I have had shingles before, and it does feel the same...but when the Dr. came in, he said he has no clue going on, but that it can't be shingles without the rash. He didn't do any bloodwork, nothing. I know for a fact that a person can have shingles without a rash. What is even more confusing is that he prescribed me a muscle relaxer, some Naproxen, and a script to go to physiotherapy. Why would he do this if he doesn't know what it is, and why would he rule out the shingles without any tests?

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Eye Shingles - Nothing Helps

About 5 weeks ago my right eye started to feel extremely painful to the point I ended up to A&E, The diagnosis was that I had a cornea cut and I was given some eye cream, over the following couple of days things go much worse, again back to A&E and still cornea cut, finally I was able to go to an Optometrist who quickly told me that the cream I was given were absolutely no help as I had Eye Shingles, and she prescribed VIRGAN,she also made a follow up appointment as I am half blind (left eye)..... 2 weeks passed and started to feel better, however follow up app and apparently shingles were still there. I was given tablets against the viral after 10 days I feel it has gone worse where I am unable to look in the light at all and I am at a loss..... I would go back to the Optometrist on Monday but losing faith and not sure what else they can do as obviously I am pretty much at a loss (no punt intended).... anyone has had experience with eye shingles and what were the best "products" provided?

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