Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Diarrhoea Is A Sign Of Labour? (38 Weeks)

Jul 23, 2014

Is this a sign of labour? I'm booked in on Monday to have my c-section and finally meet my little girl but I started getting diarrhoea today?

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Pregnancy (36 Weeks) :: Labour? What To Expect

I'm 36+4 (second pregnancy, first was a miscarriage at 10 weeks) I'm absolutely terrified of Labour as I don't know what to expect. I know I'm probably being stupid but I just need reassurance has anyone been this scared for Labour? How bad can it be..

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Pregnancy (39 Weeks) :: Labour? How Long After Sweep?

Im 39+6 and had a sweep this morning. Turns out at my sweep I was already 3cm dilated.  

Midwife has said just go home and see what happens but could still be a few days until anything happens.

Since getting home I've had constant cramps. Is this the start of it all?

Has anyone had a similar experience? Or after having a sweep how long until you went into labour?

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Pregnancy (38 Weeks) :: Labour? No Contractions But Tightenings

I am 38 weeks and have been having pain and tightenings for about a week some intense and all over back buttocks and lower abdomen some mild like period pains. Have been reading forums online and people have gone into their birth centre with no contractions.

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Pregnancy :: Measuring Big - A Little Over 3 Weeks - Early Labour?

So I went to the Dr today an I'm measuring a little over 3 wks a heads. Has anyone had time an went into labor early?   Are the chances any higher?  This Is my 3rd

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Pregnancy (39 Weeks) :: Labour? Pinkish Jelly On My Panty

I had a pinkish jelly like thing on my panty liner twice and i have been cramping since then. 39 weeks 5 days

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Pregnancy (37 Weeks) :: Labour? 2 Cm Dilated And Brown Discharge

I am 37 weeks and 2 days.  I went to my doctor Thursday and was 2cm dilated and she could feel my baby's head.  I'm a first time mom, so I don't know what to expect.  I think I lost my mucous plug yesterday and now keep having brownish colored blood on my panty liner.  Should I call my doctor?  Is labour very soon?  I also have contractions sporadically and back lower back pain. 

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Pregnancy (37 Weeks) :: Labour? Pressure In Cervix And Lower Back

I'm 37 and 1 day and for about 3 weeks iv had pressure in my cervix but not bad pressure, now it's starting to hurt and feels like her head is coming out! And also iv been having pressure in my bottom and my lower back is really sore like a dull pain... Could this be labour starting soon? Did this happen to anyone else?

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Pregnancy (37 Weeks) :: Labour? Upper Abdominal Pain And Cramps

I am 37 weeks tomorrow and have been having a lot of pressure pain since yesterday and I woke up with strong upper abdomen pain this morning that had me doubled over .. thay pain has subsided now but now im still having menstrual like cramps along with diarrhea (sorry tmi) I just want to know if these would be signs that labour could be soon?

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Pregnancy :: Labour? Sweep - Irregular Tightenings And Bleeding (40 Weeks)

I had my membrane sweep today and ever since I've been having irregular tightenings and period type pains and have been bleeding but blood is dark brown? Im 40 weeks 5 days

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Pregnancy (39 Weeks) :: Labour? Sweep - Clear Blob Of Jelly And Cramping

I had the sweep yesterday and this morning when I went to the toilet I noticed like a clear blob of jelly. I'm getting cramping in my belly and legs.. could this be it? I'm 39+3

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Pregnancy (38 Weeks) :: Labour? Tummy Hurting / Vaginal Burning After Walk

I'm 38 weeks and I went for a very long walk today 10 blocks and I had to quit on my way back home cause my tummy n vagina were hurting , I was having rank pain when I got home it was so bad I was crying it stopped now I'm having pains every 20 mins and burning feeling in my vagina this is my 3rd pregnancy and with my two others my water broke then had to get the Labour started for me. Just wondering if anyone else had Labour start like this ??

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Knee Replacement (3 Weeks Post Op) Still In Pain And Diarrhoea

I am three weeks post op having had a full knee replacement. My recovery is going well and I'm not using crutches or a walking stick but am still in a lot of pain and having to take painkillers. My question is I have developed loose bowels only once a day at my normal time but it has been going on for over a week now, I have no bloating or abdominal pain with it. I can only take paracetamol as I'm allergic to codeine and Nurofen I felt might be causing the upset stomach but I haven't taken them for nearly a week now. Has anybody else suffered diarrhoea after a TKR? 

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Pregnancy :: Bloody Show Is That A Sign Of Labor?

If you have a bloody show is that a sign of labor? Should I be worried? Oh man I'm not sure what to do... I'm having cramps like I'm on my period...

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Sexual Health - Women :: Discharge That Smells - Pregnancy Sign?

Okay, I am only 16. I am sexually active with my boyfriend.. I have recently just been treated for a UTI . My medication is done but now I have a discharge that smells funky.. It smells like old period blood. But anyways after I had sex I noticed this very thick, sticky, milky white glob of something on my boyfriends penis.. I thought it was sperm but it ended up being me. I have never had it before. I need help. I don't know what it could be . I looked it up and it said it could be an early sign of pregnancy.. The mucus plug they call it.

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Pregnancy :: Sex To Induce Labour And Contractions

I'm a ftm n 40 w pregnant, i've been having sex regularly with my husband to induce labour. R8 after, I get these painful period like cramps n back pain, it goes on for a few hrs but then fades away and is completely gone, this has been going on for 3 days. Could my cervix be widening? I'm already 2 cm open.

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Pregnancy :: Labour? Having Contractions Every 5 Minutes

having contractions in every 5 min but pain is not getting hard for 1.5 hour ... Am I going to labour ? How long should I wait to call my doc ?

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Pregnancy :: Labour? Feeling Rubbished

Did anyone feel really rubbish before going into labour? I'm 40+6 and started feeling awful a few hours ago. I managed some sleep but am pretty achy (period pain like) and just generally feel terrible (exhausted/flu like) but have had no good contractions. This is my 4th baby, but I don't remember ever feeling rubbish beforehand.

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Pregnancy :: Do You Go To Labour After Loosing Mucus Plug

When did u ladies go into labor after loosing ur mucus plug?

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Pregnancy :: Acupressure And Or Aromatherapy Induced Labour

Did anyone go into labor from acupressure and or aromatherapy?  how long after?

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Pregnancy :: Bloody Show - How Soon After Do People Go Into Labour

I am 4 days over and got my bloody show at 11 this morning how soon after do people go into labour.

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