Hip Dysplasia And Disorders :: Hip Trochanteric Bursitis Pain

Mar 31, 2016

I have a ton of stairs at my new house. Go upstairs to get to front door, stairs to go to master bedroom and stairs to climb back up, and stairs in the barn. I must have walked up and down stairs today at least 10 times to do things outside. Well it's no wonder my hips are killing me! Ugg! But why has no doctor recognized that as a cause for my trochanteric bursitis that no corticosteroids has even touched the pain and burning sensation in my right and left hip? I had AVN supposedly left hip femoral head crushed like a ping pong ball and I cried at the diagnosis and treatment for hip replacement to find out after surgery I'm an inch shorter now on the left side. I totally appreciate that and yes I'm down right mad. I'm in worse pain now than when I had a crushed femoral head bone. I'm more upset that I'm still in pain and docs are just taking my money left and right and no results. Just keep taking a piece of me away, oh take some antidepressants that will take the pain away. What a joke! I'm subject to drug testing too for being in pain, this sucks! Especially when I see so many youngsters without pain. I wish I could go back 5 years ago. I might have changed what I ate, where I lived, dietary supplements and types of housing, stretching and exercise. Sorry about the rant, I just can't take the pain anymore!

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Neurological Disorders :: Discolouration On Optic Nerve With Septo-Optic Dysplasia

I have Septo-optic dysplasia, and I'm lucky if I ever get to see someone who's even heard of it because it's apparently one of those rare and awkward conditions with varying symptoms. But basically, in my case, the nerves in my eyes didn't develope well or at all. 

I have 6/60-6/48 vision in my right eye and 0 in my left eye; as in I don't even see black or anything at all. I don't think light could ever get in there.

My most recent check up at the Optician showed some discoloration on the optic nerve in my left eye (the blind eye). It appeared black, apparently, which my Optician said meant it had been there a long time, as opposed to grey? But no one seems to know if this is normal for an optic nerve that never formed properly. 

Apparently the discoloration is not mentioned in any of my letters on record, though. Is that weird? That's the only thing making me worried. Some people say it should be obvious so not included, but others say that means it's new?

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Big Lump On Hip - No Pain - Hip Bursitis?

My wife noticed yesterday that I had a very large lump on my right hip. It could have been there a while, I've no idea. I've been looking online and it looks like I may have Hip Bursitis but I have absolutely no pain at all.

I've been taking Ibuprofen and ice packs, which brought the swelling down yesterday but it's grown back overnight.

Can I have Hip Bursitis with no pain?

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Sciatic Pain With Hip Bursitis

I'm 34 years old and I have recently gotten MRIs done to reveal L5-S1 a posterior disc bulge with disc protrusion that compresses my left S1 nerve root...I have been in constant pain for over 3 months now with pain shooting down my left leg/thighs and my left buttock kills me. I cannot walk without limping and it feels like my hip is out of socket.

I have tried physical therapy, muscle relaxers, vicodin, ibuprofen, icing, etc...nothing long lasting relief. Last Friday I had to have an endometrial ablation done and they must have jostled me around while I was under anesthesia or something because I am in WORSE pain than ever!!!
I was also told I have hip bursitis and it only makes this all worse.

I go in 2 days for an epidural lumbar steroid injection which I am also nervous about but hoping that provides some relief, although I read varied opinions. Spinal surgeon said they will try this out and then if it doesn't work they recommend surgery. Today I went to see a chiropractor who does acupuncture because at this point I will try anything.

Sitting, standing/laying, it all irritates me. I can barely sleep at night even with a wedge or body pillow. I wake up crying because I am so frustrated with this pain. Each day I am growing more and more depressed. I have 2 young kids and just moved into a new house and I feel helpless to get normal things done like laundry, emptying a dishwasher, or even picking something up off the floor.

I am a 3rd grade teacher and feeling very very worried about going back to work and even making it through the day. I cannot squat or bend and walking hurts. I don't know what to do and i guess I am just looking for any words of wisdom or advice.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Anything To Ease The Pain Of Bursitis?

I was diagnosed with this condition a few years ago in my left hip. I was given a steroid injection in my thigh and to be truthful, I completely forgot about the pain. I still get niggly pain, but nothing I can't cope with. In January this year, I was diagnosed with it in my right hip and was given a steroid injection in March. It worked for a couple of days, but after that, the pain is worse than before. I am due a follow up in September. Painkillers don't seem to help at all.  Any other sufferers out there?

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Hip Replacement :: Trochanteric Bursa

I had my 12 months and 6 months appointment with the surgeon .

In short: 1st R THR on March 16 2015 and 2nd L THR on September 10 2015 -

Recovery is okay, even though I am a bit disappointed  .. I thought I would be further along by now .. My old new hip has been acting up for a while now - Pain in buttock, right cheek, side thigh pain , pain in groin (also Left one) ... all in all, not such a happy puppy.

New x-ray was taken and discussed with surgeon, who, by the way, is eye-candy ... wow ... my surgeon quit (was fed up with all changes and filling out infinite forms) - so I got this one ...

Back to the hips ... x- ray showed hardware to be in place correctly - legs are same legs (legs were checked and position of knees) 

Now this - groin- pain -and- soreness- and stiffness -and I can barely walk after I sit for a while ... He presses on my hips, outer thigh, upper thigh - these areas are very tender - 

So, his diagnoses right now is :  trochanteric bursa - or Bursitis

He explained how this inflammation can occur after THR - How learning to walk properly and all the things we have to relearn has an effect on the body, including the bursa ..

He will not give me a steriod injection because of infection hazard through skin with needle - 

Not unusual at this stage, apparently ... Wants me to do strengthening exercises like clam, standing on one leg, side leg lifts etc.

Need to give it an additional 6-8 weeks ... If there is no improvement then he will go another route (MRI and maybe steroid injection)

Other than this, I am good to go - Crossing legs, squatting, any thing really, I can do as long as it doesn't hurt and I am confident enough to do it - 

He understands and agrees that this is disappointing but reminded me of how I felt before the surgeries ...

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Osteoarthritis :: Hip Bursitis And Osteoarthritis Pain

I have been suffering from hip bursitis, both sides, for about a year now.  Two steroid injections into the worst hip haven't helped.  I've been following a physiotherapy course for a month, but am still in pain.  Added to this, I have osteoarthritis in my knees, top of my right foot and both thumbs, all of which are painful at the moment.  I also am feeling very tired and under the weather.  I will be seeing my Orthopaedic Consultant on Wednesday and am wondering what to ask him.  He'll be checking on the hip bursitis, but will he be able to do anything about the arthritis?  More steroid injections?  Should I ask to see a Rheumatologist?  My legs and hips feel very heavy and I'm so tired of feeling like this, with little energy.

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Ischial Tuberosity Bursitis - Cortisone Injections Every Six Months

I've had this nasty problem for almost 5 years now. I was in a severe vehicle collision where I fractured my L1 vertebrae, and then about 6 months later, I started getting this nagging pain in my left sit bone and down my leg.

I was misdiagnosed for the first 3 years of it. At first they thought I had piriformis syndrome ( which is most doctor's first diagnosis since it sends pain down the sciatic nerve. I did 6 months of rigorous physio/chiro/needling to attempt to fix the pain, but nothing helped.

Then they thought it was a bulging disc radiating pain down my back from the injury.

All the while, my pain was getting worse and worse. Taking more and more pain medication. Getting heavy into the opiates. Then after losing my career in the military, and after a year of wasting time. I finally got in to see a spinal specialist. one who teaches around the world and after 5 minutes of asking questions and a couple of manipulations, he diagnosed my with Ischial Tuberosity bursitis.

While I was happy to finally KNOW what it was. It hasn't been fixed. I get cortisone injections every six months, and unfortunately the relief is is not the best. I am taking a Fentanyl patch for consistent pain relief.

It sucks that a pain in my butt is a constant in my daily life. It's depressing and it makes it so i can't live like a normal person....doing normal things....movies, dinners, socializing, driving... etc.

All I do, is try to keep on moving......moving....trying to stay flexible...doing my stretches....trying to keep in decent shape and health.

If anyone wants to chat about their issues with Ischial Bursitis, I'd be glad to. Or if anyone wants to know about treatments etc....ask away.

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Digestive Disorders :: Upper Abdominal Pain, Metallic Taste, Bone Pain

I'm a 27 year old female and I've been having abdominal pain for 2 months now. I've had a CT scan and blood tests done and everything came back normal other than an elevated WBC in the urinalysis. I can't get in to see my doctor for a few days and just want some peace of mind. I'm having bad sharp upper abdominal pain. It started on the left side originally but is now happening all over my stomach and I'm ridiculously bloated. I started having weird bone pain a few weeks afterward--there is no pattern. My hands will hurt, then my left leg will hurt, then my right hip, etc. Today I started noticing a metallic taste in my mouth as well. Anyone know what this could be? I've researched everything from hemochromatosis (my mom carries the gene) to H Pylori but nothing fits perfectly.

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Bowel Disorders :: Pain, Lower Back Pain, Bouts Of Watery Diarhea 3-4 Times Day

i have upper right abdominal pain, lower back pain, bouts of watery diarrhea 3-4 times a day, and am constantly wiped out and exhausted. all tests have come back normal( ultrasound,blood,mono)i'm still being examined, but wondered if you had any ideas?

last year i suffered with lymes*(most likely but not definite)or a super virus and was pretty much a potato for a month, but the new pain has been going on for over 3 months.

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Bowel Disorders :: Lower Left Abdominal Pain, Nausea, Loose Stool, Pain After Food

My husband has been suffering from lower left pain and tenderness in his abdominal area. He also has loose stool and a lot of the time feels like he needs to go, but can't. Cramping included. He randomly feels nauseous. His pain is also cause with eating, so he avoids eating big portions. He does eat yogurt, one cup a night. It sometimes helps. He has had a colonoscopy done and it was clean. Heartburn is also included, he takes rolaids every night. I just wish I could help him. I hate seeing him in pain! What is wrong with him?

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Bladder Disorders :: Pain After Urinating

I believe I have an UTI. I am VERY clean when it comes to "Down There" It concerns me because It hurts when I pee, but at the very end. It also has a funny smell, as if you left urine to sit for days. Also, sometimes afterwards, my clitoris is waaaay more sensitive to movements and the way I walk. I've done some research and I've found that cranberry juice and water helps flush out the system. What do you think I should do? (I'm a virgin by the way, if that helps any) Thank you!! Also...I've used a different brand of soap when I wash down there.... Do you think that could've caused it?

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Penis Disorders :: Pain When Urinating

So I am currently having an issue where I feel a sharp, shooting pain in my penis when i urinate...The weird thing is that I only get this maybe once or twice a day and not every time I urinate...It's not itchy, burning etc etc...Just have the sharp, shooting pain. Anyone got any idea what this could be?

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Foot Disorders :: Achilles Tendon Pain - MRI

I had a mri done of my Achilles tendon my dr wanted to look for a ligament tear I have been having pain in my Achilles tendon for a few years now my left foot is worse than my right foot but I have pain in both my dr only wanted a mri of my left foot the mri states that I have physiological fluid present then it states that I have fluid between the tendon and the calcaneus which is suggested to have peritendinitis I have looked and looked and I can find what peritendinitis is but nothing about fluid being present like I said I have had this pain for about 4 years now I have had cortisone shots to help the pain a few times the first time I had the shot it worked and then it never worked again I have a lot of trouble walking I've had special inserts also made a few years back before having the mri I can't walk up and down the stairs especially in the mornings I can't stand the pain anymore but if anyone could help me better understand what the mri means that would be great so I know what to ask the dr.

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Thyroid Disorders :: Goiter - Acute Pain And Fever

So for the last few weeks or longer I was sporadically feeling a lumpiness in my throat, especially while sleeping.  I thought it was how I lie in bed while reading.  Then this lumpiness, this weird feeling that isn't exactly painful just awkward and uncomfortable is a daily annoyance.  So bad in fact I felt nausea from the feeling in my neck.  Sort of like something is rolling up and out; of course nothing ever did.  So now this feeling his constant I feel like I'm either vomiting or choking.  Lovely!  So I also have asthma so my breathing is not 100% in the first place, add tightness to my throat and what? Full blown panic attack sure, lets not sleep tonight.  So I finally drag my feet to a Dr.  guess what PA says I have an enlarged thyroid, i.e. Goiter.  So now I am to have a thyroid ultrasound blood work.  Now this goiter is extremely uncomfortable, borderline painful; especially when I swallow, cough or yawn (oh yawning *****).  Is this simply because I am now aware of this enlargement in my body. The pain and discomfort seemed to become more acute during a 24 hour fever spike, which is what motivated me see a Dr in the first place.

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Bowel Disorders :: Bad Stomach Pain And Black Stool

Bad stomach ache for 1 week can't eat when I do tummy hurts worse this morning I had a really black stool.

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Bowel Disorders :: Pelvic Pain, Constipation And Bloating

I have pelvic pain in the middle of pelvic area, constipation and bloating.. I have had ct scan and nothing shows up..i also had a stool test done and that was clear of anything.. I am having a colonoscopy soon but I am worried about what this could be..

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Bowel Disorders :: Severe Constipation With Bloating And Pain

Im 22 and have suffered from severe constipation since puberty. I've been to doctors and tried metamucil, coloxyl, movicol, oral laxatives etc etc etc i have a high fibre diet, I'm active and i drink enough water. my constipation comes with the typical bloating and pain but also a feeling as though I am trying to digest hundreds of little needles. The only thing i have found to offer some reprieve is dulcolax suppositories. As unpleasant as they are they do soften enough so I can pass the initial blockage but nothing else. my first doctor refused to believe me until he sent me for an X-ray and seen that I was blocked up the wazoo. My second doctor handed me a referral to a dietician even tho I wanted to see a gastro specialist. I'm aware I'll have to see a specialist in the near future I was just wondering if anyone else has/is experiencing the same problem. when I say sever constipation I'm talking 3 weeks usually before I start to lose my marbles and opt for a suppository. 

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Foot Disorders :: Hot Flashes And Shooting Pain In My Heel

My right foot has been having hot flashes and I been having shooting pain in my heel that I think is bone spurs, I've had the spurs for about a month but hot flashes just started. I work as a cashier so I'm on my feet all day. I'm worried it may be a blood clot but I have no swelling or redness. I'm a 52 year old female.

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Blood Disorders :: Abdominal Pain That Travels From One Side To Other

I am hungry all the time and also my abdomen right side hurts. I don't know what else to do. I feel like there is something bothering me there and the pains travels from right to left and someone to the back.

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Bowel Disorders :: I.B.S.? Had Colostomy Then Ileostomy, Now Severe Pain

Had colostomy surgery, etc * see above *

Is it normal to develop I.B.S. after these kinds of surgery. It have been going on for around 4 years now.

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