Hip Replacement :: Anyone Tried Alexander Technique After Op?

Jan 11, 2016

I know I am not sitting properly at the computer and it must be affecting my hip. Am 5 1/2 weeks post-op.

Have been thinking about when my daughter was in her teens and playing viola at an elite school. She got some tendonitis and went to Alexander Technique. One of the things the guy taught her was how to "sit on your sit bones".

It made me think it might be worthwhile exploring as a post-op therapy. Just wondering if anyone has tried it...

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Plantar Fasciitis :: Boden Technique

has anyone had the Boden Technique for plantar fasciitis?

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Technique To Reduce Stress /depression / Anxiety

It's supposed to be a special breathing technique and I tried it and it really did relax me. He says you are creating a "energy circuit" when putting your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Can someone explain in further detail, this interests me majorly...

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Lips Augmented With Silicone Microdroplet Technique

I had my lips augmented with the Silikon-1000. I had one treatment and the Dr. didn't even use full amount for both lips but I feel things are turning for worse...recently the silicone seems to be forming a bigger lump on my upper lip on the left side. I notice it now in pictures and videos of myself. Especially smiling and talking. Not too bad when I have a closed smile or closed mouth. A little worried it'll just get worse. Do you know if there is anyway to surgically remove just the one lump and not affect the rest of my lips? Or do you think that may be too risky?

I contacted him for his opinion and he suggested to inject the steroid in there, but I have also read very bad things about that stuff and how it can make things even worse. I think perhaps my lump was always there but almost 2 years after injections I have noticed it more...maybe the collagen around it increased a little bit. My mouth is just really asymmetrical and unbalanced and I fear people are going to hyper focus on it and judge me. I wanted a subtle natural result and lately is not looking like one.

Ugh, it's terrible, as much as I like more lip volume I hate the imbalance soooo much! I've had social anxiety and body dysmorphic symptoms for ages and this issue is really just too hard for me to deal with on top of those things....I'm always worried that not only I'm going to say something wrong out of nervousness people are focusing on my mouth when I talk. My pupils are two diff sizes due to an accident but now I don't even worry about that like I used to. I'm clueless about how to proceed and also I can't talk about this sort of thing with husband bc I don't him then focusing in too much as well. He already hates that I got the treatment in the first place since I came back n surprised him with it two years ago now.

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Infertility :: Bi-Lateral Hernia Repair Sperm Extraction Technique?

When my husband was two years old, his testicular sac was full of fluid and was not draining so the doctor did a bilateral hernia repair. After being looked at he was told that he could not have kids due to the repair. Is it possible to get pregnant using some type of sperm extraction techniques...?

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Depression :: Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT Or Tapping) Or Hypnotherapy - Beneficial?

Have done some shorter stints of CBT/psychotherapy for depression and anxiety in the past  which really helped at the time but never really found I got to "get to the root of my problem"  and shift it permanently. At the moment, I am not overly depressed or anxious but I felt that perhaps some EFT or even hypnotherapy could help me deal with some underlying recurrent insecurities.

Just a little apprehensive because of the lack of evidence regarding the effectiveness of this technique so I wondered if anyone has ever tried EFT or hypnotherapy and could advise/give a little insight into how effective/not effective they felt it was? 

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Partial Knee Replacement After Total Hip Replacement

I've had a thr April 2015 and was recovering well then both knees went and I was back in Crutches again. I had an arthroscopy and it was found I need the knee caps have to be repaired as i'm bone on bone. Has anyone had this procedure? Im also lined up for the other hip to be replaced as well. Im 53 and a bit worried.

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Hip Replacement :: They Do What?

I was researching the topic of lower back pain post THR. It concluded that the Hip made the back hurt or the back was making the Hip hurt. >>>?????

They haven't figured that out. Then, they added "of course the hip bone is connected to the back bone and the leg bone is attached to the knee bone" 

In this document, they go step by step through the anterior approach, and these 2 images showed up. While your leg is unhinged or whatever they push it back under the good leg to get in the incision better... Then, what's up with the slanting? It is a way to "facilitate the femur" something or adjusts the length.... So... Seriously, I'm laying there with my legs wide open? 

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Hip Replacement :: Clicking In Hip

Can anyone tell me if it's normal to feel your hip clicking. I had HR 11 weeks ago and have just started to feel it click when I move.

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Hip Replacement :: How Much Walking?

I have been reading your posts on your walking progress and am amazed at how much some of you are able to do.  I am almost 5 weeks post op and walk every day on my crutches, but it is just up and down the road a few times going a bit further every day.  Compared to some of you I don't think I am nearly doing enough walking, my fitness level was bad before the operation due to not being able to weight bear and walk so that may be why my progress seems slower.  

I was given the physio exercises, which I do every day, but was given no indication of how far I should be walking or if I should go on when I get pain.  Just wondered what your thoughts are on this.

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Hip Replacement :: Alcohol

A week before my op and post op I have given up alcohol. We usually share a bottle of wine at the weekend but with the meds I don't think I can. Is this the same for you?. Only three weeks to go, just in time for my wife's birthday.


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Hip Replacement :: What Movements Are Okay?

I had a right hip replacement 3 weeks ago and my surgeon gave me very little guidance on what was and wasn't okay.  He told me not to do any "leg lifts".  I was told that I didn't have to worry about the 90 degree rule (and yet, I do).  I have a physical therapist who comes to my home twice a week but all he has told me is "don't pivot" on that leg.  After 3 weeks, I'm not experiencing much pain (and when I do it's in odd places, like my knee or my foot).  I am now able to sleep on my "good" side using an abduction pillow.  

Yesterday, I saw a physician's assistant (not my surgeon) for a post-op visit and I pressed him as to what activities were okay and not okay.  He only told me "don't do it if it hurts".  That advice is singularly unhelpful.  I am comfortable turning my foot in and out but is it okay?  I'm comfortable bending over but is it okay?  I have no trouble lifting my leg onto the bed but should I continue lifting it with my hands?  The information I've found on the internet covers the first couple of weeks after surgery then there seems to be nothing between that and 6 months later when you can "resume normal activities."  I'm frustrated and perplexed without any guidance.  I'm worried that I could injure myself and have to have corrective surgery - and I'd rather be shot than have to go through that again and have to go back into the hospital!

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Re-replacement Of Same Knee

I am scheduled to have the knee I had replaced 9 years ago in May.  Just wondered if others have had this done and how they are doing.  Have put this off since they told me last year I needed to do it, but pain is enough that I can't do things I enjoy as much.  This time I am working on getting the quads and hams tighter.  Next, watching the diet to lose the 5 pounds I put back on.

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Toe Joint Replacement - All Is Not Well

I have had a toe joint replaced - all is not good.  Has anyone had this done that I could speak with?

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Hip Replacement :: How Soon Were You Able To Put Socks?

How soon were you able to put your socks on. I'm nearly 6 weeks and nowhere near ...

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Hip Replacement :: First Walk

My surgeon has let me out of bed and I tried to walk. I walked round my bed and sat in the chair on the other side. Like everything else the chair was not high enough so was uncomfortable to sit in. I was in really bad pain because. This hip feels so different to the last one.  I do know that I have to take into consideration that my leg will be using muscle it hasn't used for years. I also have to take into consideration that my hip deteriorate so much. But the way he did  the op is no different than when he did my right one. But to err on the side of caution. I am to wear a brace for 6 weeks once it arrives. I'm so glad I had my left hip done first because this has helped me cope a little more and it is almost as strong as the original leg.   The pain is intense and nothing at the moment is helping with it. So they have upped my oramorph to 15 mil to try and make me comfortable. This just goes to prove no two legs are the same on anyone. I hope this pain will subside  given time but right now I feel like my right leg has been chopped off not replaced. Things I know will settle down. I am just disappointed they didn't go the same way as before. 

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Hip Replacement :: First Fall

There was some water on the tiles in the bathroom, I didn't see it, and I have slipped and fallen, not very badly, but my operated leg skidded from underneath me, and a horrible pain shot through my hip. I am fine I think, shaky but fine. I know I haven't dislocated my hip, as I can still stand on it and walk, but the whole hip area is very painful, as well as my lower calf area. My groin especially feels bad why would that hurt so much? I feel quite shocked too...I was dreading this moment, which must come at some point to most of us.

I think my hip is okay in the sense there is no serious injury, even if it is really hurting, I know others have fallen too, how bad was the pain? And do I still need to get it checked by a dr? What can I do to ease the pain? Any suggestions. Any reassurance that I haven't damaged anything would be good, I am limping very badly when I walk.


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Shoulder :: Collarbone Replacement?

I'm 34 years young but my body is aging faster than I am. In 2007 I separated my shoulder joint while at work. It wasn't diagnosed until 2013 when I finally got a dr who listened to me. I did PT and also had surgery that year. Surgery also cleaned up my partially torn rotator cuff and got my bone spur that was fraying a ligament out. Last year (a year after surgery) I started having issues again. My dr wanted to throw me into PT as well as ortho but I refused because I'm so over PT after spending 6-9 months before & after that surgery. I just found out that nearly half of my collar bone was removed to repair that joint separation and because my shoulder/joint is lacking support the muscles over my scapula are basically permanently strained. PT would've been a waste of time. I can do range of motion exercises & meds. I need to check into NSAIDs because I have stage III kidney disease so I'm supposed to limit my NSAID use. Right now I have to go in 1-2 times per month for Toradol to treat migraines. We think the kidney disease is because prior to being diagnosed with my separated shoulder in 2013 and until surgery I was taking 800mg of Advil 3x/day (max dose). At one point I won't be able to lift my elbow to my shoulder. Once that happens I can get steroid injections. As it is, I can't lift my arm above my head for more than 1-2 minutes without extreme pain. I suspect the steroid injections could be in my near future. So...can that collarbone be replaced? Do I have any surgical options or any options? Or are these really it?

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Hip Replacement :: Vitamins Postoperative?

Interested to hear if any fellow hippies take vitamins post op i.e fish oils etc. Any benefit at all?

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Hip Replacement :: Bruising And Colours

I am 15 days post op. Most of you have now watched a hip replacement video Am amazed at the lack of pain . My question is bruising. Where did you get your bruising and what colours did you experience. I ask this as just below the side of my knee felt so bruised but nothing was there. Well that's what i thought. My nurse looked at the home visit and said it was bruised so i got hubby to take a photo. I was gobsmacked its yellow and runs right to my ankle where its purple. Apparently its VERY common.. i will see if dot will post a pic for me

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Hip Replacement :: Learning To Walk Again?

How is everyone learning to walk again? I'm 5 weeks today and yesterday I managed to walk up and down my stairs without crutches "normal" taking proper steps, a little hard coming up but nevertheless! But my problem now is how do you shake this blinking penguin walk or should I say waddle?

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