Infertility :: Bi-Lateral Hernia Repair Sperm Extraction Technique?

Dec 12, 2014

When my husband was two years old, his testicular sac was full of fluid and was not draining so the doctor did a bilateral hernia repair. After being looked at he was told that he could not have kids due to the repair. Is it possible to get pregnant using some type of sperm extraction techniques...?

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Inguinal Hernia Repair :: Anaesthetic Options?

Last February I had a double inguinal hernia repair done and am currently on the waiting list to have my right inguinal hernia done again.

this time I was told it would have to be open surgery and not key hole.

I have the pre operation appointment at the beginning of November and received a letter saying I'm on the waiting list.

But today I have received a letter with an appointment for a Anaesthetic Opinion? ? Dose anyone know what this is and why I have to have one. I'm 14 stone and 5ft 11 so I wouldn't have thought its cos of my weight as I feel I'm of normal average size/build.

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Inguinodynia After Inguinal Hernia Repair With Mesh?

Is anyone out there aware of any person who has had to have mesh removed due to mesh inguinodynia after inguinal hernia repair with mesh?

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Repeated Hernias - Femoral And Inguinal After Spigelian Hernia Repair?

18 months ago I had a spigelian hernia repair. Everything seemed to go well until the following April when I was in a lot of pain around the site of the op. I subsequently found that I had 2 more hernias, a femoral hernia and an inguinal hernia. Both were repaired at the same time last August. It transpired that the mesh had come away from my 1st repair and wrapped itself round my inguinal hernia but this wasn't discovered until the actual repair was carried out.

Now I have similar pain and another hernia. My GP says that it is an incisional hernia and it is at the end of the scar from the last repair! I'm scared that the pain will become as bad as it was last year and worried for my job as I always seem to be off recovering from surgery.

How am I getting so many hernias? My consultant implies that it is because I smoke but surely that can't be the only cause!

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Ovulation :: Severe Ovulation Pain Following Hernia Repair?

Is it possible to experience severe ovulation pain following hernia repair surgery?

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Hernia :: Swelling Under Right Ribs, Hiatus Hernia

I was diagnosed some years ago with Hiatus Hernia and have had 3 endoscopy's. I do eat carefully am about 1-2 stone over wieght, I am a line dancer and have no problem with that. The main thing that I don't like is the feeling of a lump under my right rib, it is quite uncomfortable and i feel i have to stretch up to ease it. I can feel it now while sitting at the computer. I had the pain in backand chest last night which is bad but took Peptac liquid which quietened it down. Does anyone else have the lump feeling?

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Orthopedics :: Lateral Malleolus Fracture Of The Right Ankle

On 4/5/16 I fell and had an x ray. It showed a lateral malleolus fracture of the right ankle. Last week, Dr was concerned with the amount of swelling, bruising and pain. Therefore he scheduled me for an MRI this past Saturday. Results came back today but I don't see the dr again till 5/23. Debating on if I should wait till then to see my ortho or if I should try to get in sooner with someone else.

Mri says

Again identified are changes of a lateral malleolus fracture as identified on x-ray. With surrounding large amounts of edema, they are no definite ligamentous injury to be confirmed. Abundant fluid noted within the sinus tarsus and probable deltoid ligaments.

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Hip Replacement :: Anyone Tried Alexander Technique After Op?

I know I am not sitting properly at the computer and it must be affecting my hip. Am 5 1/2 weeks post-op.

Have been thinking about when my daughter was in her teens and playing viola at an elite school. She got some tendonitis and went to Alexander Technique. One of the things the guy taught her was how to "sit on your sit bones".

It made me think it might be worthwhile exploring as a post-op therapy. Just wondering if anyone has tried it...

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Arthroscopy :: Lateral Release Or Partial Knee Replacement?

I'm in so much pain there is no space under my patella my knee is very swollen. Walking is getting increasingly difficult let alone the stairs. I have been referred to a surgeon who has offered me to either have a lateral release or partial knee replacement. I am very confused I thought I might go for the lateral as less invasive as at 44 I'm not sure whether to go down the knee replacement route yet. I would welcome your response to either of these procedures and any suggestions as to which to have?

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Plantar Fasciitis :: Boden Technique

has anyone had the Boden Technique for plantar fasciitis?

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Lateral Ankle Reconstruction OR Strapping, Rehab And A Steroid Injection

I'm after some advice, anecdotes etc. Two years ago I sprained my ankle quite badly and it never really healed. It has bothered me quite a lot since, particularly after walking and running but seven weeks ago I broke the head of the fibula on the other leg and the ankle has become very angry as a result of having to take almost all my weight for so many weeks.

I mentioned it to my orthopaedic consultant at my last appointment, was x-rayed and it was then explained that there is a two year old avulsion fracture there; the bone and ligament never reattached. As well as this, I also have sinus tarsi syndrome. The ankle is very painful and unstable and he strongly recommends a repair. I have a podiatrist friend who suggests strapping, rehab and a steroid injection.

Has anyone had anything similar and what route did you go down with what result?

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Technique To Reduce Stress /depression / Anxiety

It's supposed to be a special breathing technique and I tried it and it really did relax me. He says you are creating a "energy circuit" when putting your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Can someone explain in further detail, this interests me majorly...

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Lips Augmented With Silicone Microdroplet Technique

I had my lips augmented with the Silikon-1000. I had one treatment and the Dr. didn't even use full amount for both lips but I feel things are turning for worse...recently the silicone seems to be forming a bigger lump on my upper lip on the left side. I notice it now in pictures and videos of myself. Especially smiling and talking. Not too bad when I have a closed smile or closed mouth. A little worried it'll just get worse. Do you know if there is anyway to surgically remove just the one lump and not affect the rest of my lips? Or do you think that may be too risky?

I contacted him for his opinion and he suggested to inject the steroid in there, but I have also read very bad things about that stuff and how it can make things even worse. I think perhaps my lump was always there but almost 2 years after injections I have noticed it more...maybe the collagen around it increased a little bit. My mouth is just really asymmetrical and unbalanced and I fear people are going to hyper focus on it and judge me. I wanted a subtle natural result and lately is not looking like one.

Ugh, it's terrible, as much as I like more lip volume I hate the imbalance soooo much! I've had social anxiety and body dysmorphic symptoms for ages and this issue is really just too hard for me to deal with on top of those things....I'm always worried that not only I'm going to say something wrong out of nervousness people are focusing on my mouth when I talk. My pupils are two diff sizes due to an accident but now I don't even worry about that like I used to. I'm clueless about how to proceed and also I can't talk about this sort of thing with husband bc I don't him then focusing in too much as well. He already hates that I got the treatment in the first place since I came back n surprised him with it two years ago now.

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Depression :: Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT Or Tapping) Or Hypnotherapy - Beneficial?

Have done some shorter stints of CBT/psychotherapy for depression and anxiety in the past  which really helped at the time but never really found I got to "get to the root of my problem"  and shift it permanently. At the moment, I am not overly depressed or anxious but I felt that perhaps some EFT or even hypnotherapy could help me deal with some underlying recurrent insecurities.

Just a little apprehensive because of the lack of evidence regarding the effectiveness of this technique so I wondered if anyone has ever tried EFT or hypnotherapy and could advise/give a little insight into how effective/not effective they felt it was? 

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Foot / Ankle :: Arthroscopic Debridement And Lateral Ankle Reconstruction

I am just writing with the hope of getting some more help/assurance re the Gould brostrom (or as my letter has now pointed out Arthroscopic debridement and lateral ankle reconstruction - unsure if this is the same of different?) procedure which I am due to have in just over 2 weeks on the 22nd June.

I have been very unsure for a while now as to whether or not to go ahead with it but have decided to take the plunge, however I still have my doubts!

I injured my ankle initially around 5 years ago (ruptured ATFL showed up in MRI scan) and almost had the surgery back then, only to decide not to go ahead with it. Since then I have rolled over and sprained it on multiple occasions, and have felt it become increasingly weak to the point where I have very little confidence in its strength. When playing football I now wear lace up supports, which are strong enough to prevent the rolling, but obviously doesnt deal with the root cause and there is a still a feeling of achiness and limited movement. When not wearing my ankle supports I would say its at least a 50/50 chance I'm going to roll over on my ankle every time.

I can still run and go about my everyday life virtually without any issues (feel twinges but nothing major unless recently sprained) and the views of the consultants varied from the cautious 'maybe only have it if you're playing high level sport' ( which I'm not but just play football weekly for my local team), to saying yes I go for it as its clearly getting weaker and weaker and becoming more of a frustration.

I guess alongside asking for advice as to what to expect post op, I am also seeking assurance that by going ahead I am making the right decision (bearing in mind surgery is considered last resort and rehab process is lengthy).

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Can Dry Sperm Get You Pregnant?

My boyfriend and I were being stupid and i gave him a h-job. He had some of his semen on his hand, but wiped most off on his pants. About 10-15 minutes later we both totally forgot and he fingered me. He is almost positive his finger was dry, especially since he wiped it off. However, i'm literally freaking out. Could I be pregnant from this? He is pretty sure it was mostly dried and wiped off, but having that same finger inserted into vagina will i become pregnant?

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Hernia Pain After Lifting

I had a hernia repaired in the groin 7 years ago and suffered no pain since.  However a month ago i lifted a small weight at work and felt a small pull at the repair site. Since this i have had a sharp burning sensation just off the repair scar and my left testicle constantly aches. I have been to a and e and my Gp they say no hernia, had an ultrasound and they say no problem.  I'm ok if lying still but if i move, walk, lift or anything remotely strenuous i get the pain.  

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Reiki For Hernia - Complementary?

Can I ask a question about reiki? I have a hernia and have not had much luck trying to treat it thus far. A friend of mine recommended I try reiki. She even gave me the number of someone who is a reiki master. It seems quite expensive but I am willing to give it a try. So is reiki meant to be used complementary?

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Shave Before Surgery? Perineum Repair

The thought of surgery down there is bad enough, But I do remember them shaving me for a forceps delivery and when the stitches healed the pain was made worse by the itching from the shaving. I am a rectocele with perineum repair.. will they shave? Am I best to get the area waxed instead?

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No Sperm On Ejaculation With Kidney Stones

i have a 4mm kidney stone and i am using medicines when i masturbate no sperm is coming...

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Pregnancy :: Live Sperm In Precum?

I precum alot but will that contain sperm if i last ejaculated on friday and since then i have urinated 5 times? Would there be live sperm in precum when i had a erection today..?

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