Inguinodynia After Inguinal Hernia Repair With Mesh?

Apr 6, 2016

Is anyone out there aware of any person who has had to have mesh removed due to mesh inguinodynia after inguinal hernia repair with mesh?

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Inguinal Hernia Repair :: Anaesthetic Options?

Last February I had a double inguinal hernia repair done and am currently on the waiting list to have my right inguinal hernia done again.

this time I was told it would have to be open surgery and not key hole.

I have the pre operation appointment at the beginning of November and received a letter saying I'm on the waiting list.

But today I have received a letter with an appointment for a Anaesthetic Opinion? ? Dose anyone know what this is and why I have to have one. I'm 14 stone and 5ft 11 so I wouldn't have thought its cos of my weight as I feel I'm of normal average size/build.

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Repeated Hernias - Femoral And Inguinal After Spigelian Hernia Repair?

18 months ago I had a spigelian hernia repair. Everything seemed to go well until the following April when I was in a lot of pain around the site of the op. I subsequently found that I had 2 more hernias, a femoral hernia and an inguinal hernia. Both were repaired at the same time last August. It transpired that the mesh had come away from my 1st repair and wrapped itself round my inguinal hernia but this wasn't discovered until the actual repair was carried out.

Now I have similar pain and another hernia. My GP says that it is an incisional hernia and it is at the end of the scar from the last repair! I'm scared that the pain will become as bad as it was last year and worried for my job as I always seem to be off recovering from surgery.

How am I getting so many hernias? My consultant implies that it is because I smoke but surely that can't be the only cause!

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Double Inguinal Hernia Open Procedure Experience

Male, mid 50's,double inguinal hernia, open procedure.

Day 1 no real pain until the meds/anesthesia wore off. Not too groggy.

Day 2-4 no pain when lying down, just when getting up. Then sharp pains in groin near upper thigh, really nasty pain. Right side, retained feeling everywhere. Left size all numb below scar, to and slightly onto thigh, and to base of penis. Balls not sore nor swollen. Advice, get a bed pee thingy if you drink a lot of water, it's a lifesaver.

Then onward, once the pain began to wear off a bit after about five days, I stopped pain meds and switched to advil. Nothing made much difference. I didn't have a bm until about five days after the surgery and was terrified. I was taking Colace and it worked fine. I drank a ton of water.

When I started getting up and walking, the sharp, burning, scraping pain was there when getting out and into bed. When walking it was like someone had put a brick in the left side of my groin. It was heavy and uncomfortable, probably due to the neuropathy. My nerve was not cut, I found out later, but it was all probably due to the fluid, swelling, and trauma of the nerve during surgery.

The progress here on in was extremely slow. A month in, still some paint, but less, still equal amount of numbness and discomfort when walking and sitting. After week three i could finally like on my side, which was great. This relieved the pain in my heels that were killing me from resting against the bed. And it ended the sore kidneys/back from lying around. A friend said socks can prevent this.

Week 5, still numb, but the heaviness in the groin feeling is getting slightly better. I went through a sort of depressive time after reading online about people who didn't recover well after a year or more. I'm feeling better these days, emotionally. After sitting/walking around for a couple hours, especially if I go out and walk, visit a store or anything like that, I get completely wiped out sort of all of a sudden. It feels like my entire energy is gone. Other people I ask say this is normal with surgery and it takes a long time to get the energy back. Saw doc and he said it seems everything is healing per normal. That was good, at least.

So I wanted to post this, because it seems some people are up and running marathons the day after whereas for some of us, the healing seems to take a lot longer than expected. Here's wishing everyone good recovery and mental strength. It is taxing to lie around and wonder if and when things will begin to improve.

My recommendations: Tons of water. Daily vitamins. Colace for first few days, then bran etc. Get a cheap bedside hospital table from walmart or somewhere, it's great for sliding over your stomach and putting a book or computer on. I also put it over my abdomen at night to keep the cat from jumping up onto me.

Bottom line, don't get depressed. Only after nearly five weeks did I begin to notice a real sort of improvement at all.

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Infertility :: Bi-Lateral Hernia Repair Sperm Extraction Technique?

When my husband was two years old, his testicular sac was full of fluid and was not draining so the doctor did a bilateral hernia repair. After being looked at he was told that he could not have kids due to the repair. Is it possible to get pregnant using some type of sperm extraction techniques...?

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Ovulation :: Severe Ovulation Pain Following Hernia Repair?

Is it possible to experience severe ovulation pain following hernia repair surgery?

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Hernia :: Swelling Under Right Ribs, Hiatus Hernia

I was diagnosed some years ago with Hiatus Hernia and have had 3 endoscopy's. I do eat carefully am about 1-2 stone over wieght, I am a line dancer and have no problem with that. The main thing that I don't like is the feeling of a lump under my right rib, it is quite uncomfortable and i feel i have to stretch up to ease it. I can feel it now while sitting at the computer. I had the pain in backand chest last night which is bad but took Peptac liquid which quietened it down. Does anyone else have the lump feeling?

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Constipated After Laparoscopic Ventral Mesh Rectopexy

I hope you don't mind me posting on here a rambled question as I'm new to the forum and haven't contributed yet. I've read through several posts about Laparoscopic Ventral mesh Rectopexy and some not so positive outcomes, and my heart goes out to you all!

I had the LVR done nearly 6 weeks ago. I have had chronic constipation for 7.5 years now and have only just, this past year, been able to get anyone to take me seriously. I'm now 26, and have been through everything in terms of diet, water, exercise, toilet position, relaxation, supplements etc. I have been on Dulcolax daily; things like Senna or Movicol don't seem to do anything, and newer drugs like Prucalopride have been useless. I paid for a private consultation in Oxford follow my request to my NHS gastroenterologist for a transit study and defecating proctogram. I had a rectocele and intussusception grade with with full rectal prolapse. 

On a side note, I have pernicious anaemia, folic and iron deficiencies, and was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (after a lot of pushing!). I am being treated for all of these but the Levothyroxine for hypo isn't doing anything, so the GP has suggested some people look online for an alternative NDT...

Post surgery, I've been constipated as usual. The Movicol / Laxido did nothing on 2 sachets a day. 3 sachets a day and nothing happened either. Dulcolax did something, but it didn't work as quickly or as effectively as it did prior to surgery. Last week I called the consultant and he suggested I may have impaction and to take Citramag. I've done that this week and it was horrendous - 2 sachets and 8 hours later, and I was finally able to go. This was mostly with pushing my stomach out, massaging my stomach, moving around etc.

I feel like there's still some kind of obstruction because with laxatives I know there's something in the rectum, but it goes no further. Without laxatives, and I don't feel anything there; it's like nothing happens in the descending colon, there's no 'activity' that I can feel. Before surgery, the transit study showed all markers still in my colon as I didn't move my bowels at all. The markers were mixed, some made it to the rectum but many were at the top of the descending colon. I'm wondering whether it's possible I'm still 'obstructed' and whether my colon is even working (all these years having to take a stimulant laxative surely won't help!)

I was just wondering whether anyone has any thoughts? I'm exhausted, just spent all of the money I had to my name on this surgery and I feel like it's worse. I should have been looking to go back to work from next week but that's not going to happen with the state I'm in. I don't want to be on laxatives, and I feel these past 7 1/2 years have been a complete waste. It all seemed to happen over night that I became constipated as I'd never had any problems with my digestion before that (I was prescribed iron tablets and thought it might be those, so I stopped taking them but never regained bowel function). 

I see the surgeon next week but don't know what I should be asking or what options I should look to explore. I can't go on like this and I'm sorry for the rambling and feeling sorry for myself, I'm just feeling very alone right now and pretty fed up.

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Lymphoma :: Inguinal Lymph Node That Is Enlarged

I have an inguinal lymph node that is enlarged. 2cm long verified by ultrasound. It has been like this for 7 weeks now. Pain started in June with testicle pain. Doctor diagnosed epididymitis. All testing came back negative. Eventually testicle pain went away but turned into groin pain in mid July. This prompted ultrasound that found enlarged lymph node in groin. The doctors deemed the lymph node as questionable. My doctor said it is nothing to worry about. My concern is that it is causing minor discomfort since mid July in the node itself as well as my upper right thigh, my right hip, and also in the area on my right side between hip and ribs. My doctor says the node is not an issue and I may have an inguinal hernia that is pressing on my femoral nerve causing referred pain. I think my lymph node hurts and whatever is causing it seems to be spreading. My doctor is not worried at all. I'm freaked out. I have no night sweats but I'm so scared that I barely eat or sleep. I lost 10 pounds my doctor said from stress. I gained it all back afterwards. Does this sound like lymphoma? My doctor thinks I'm paranoid and tells me not to worry. I am freaked out because it feels like no one cares or believes I'm in pain.

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Abdominal Pain After An Inguinal Orchiectomy - Normal?

I would like to know if it is normal to have abdominal pain after an orchiectomy. I have had an inguinal orchiectomy 4 days ago and I have testicular cancer. When I cough the pain is very bad it feels like muscle strain. I had back pain for a few days on the same side too but that has now passed. I'm worried that something is seriously wrong. Has anyone else experienced this pain after surgery?

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Hernia Pain After Lifting

I had a hernia repaired in the groin 7 years ago and suffered no pain since.  However a month ago i lifted a small weight at work and felt a small pull at the repair site. Since this i have had a sharp burning sensation just off the repair scar and my left testicle constantly aches. I have been to a and e and my Gp they say no hernia, had an ultrasound and they say no problem.  I'm ok if lying still but if i move, walk, lift or anything remotely strenuous i get the pain.  

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Reiki For Hernia - Complementary?

Can I ask a question about reiki? I have a hernia and have not had much luck trying to treat it thus far. A friend of mine recommended I try reiki. She even gave me the number of someone who is a reiki master. It seems quite expensive but I am willing to give it a try. So is reiki meant to be used complementary?

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Shave Before Surgery? Perineum Repair

The thought of surgery down there is bad enough, But I do remember them shaving me for a forceps delivery and when the stitches healed the pain was made worse by the itching from the shaving. I am a rectocele with perineum repair.. will they shave? Am I best to get the area waxed instead?

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Hernia :: Trouble Sleeping Due To Pain

anyone any tips to help with trying to sleep as pain some nights is unbearable.

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Reflux Oesophagitis With Hiatus Hernia

I have had problems with acid, heartburn and stomach pain and symptoms for well over 8 yrs maybe longer. after yrs of asking for more investigations and being dismissed by gp because of my age (30), telling me I am young and healthy and don't require a endoscopy , I finally had one done yest and have been diagnosed with hiatus hernia and a large area of barrett's can anyone advise the best info sites to look at at.. and also could this have been helped had by doctor listened to my concerns and had proper investigations done years ago rather than guess and take me on and off diff stomach tablets ?? Long few weeks of waiting on results.

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Hernia :: Causing Blood In Sperms?

my son has a real bad hernia in the groin area, painful and when pushed back up doesn't stay, he now has blood in his sperm , can this be related? He also has a Hernia above the umbilical area as well? has had the Hernia in the Groin area for almost 3yrs.

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Cardiovascular :: Enlarged Heart - Operation To Repair

I have a relative who has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart.  My father died of an enlarged heart 25 years ago. so its in the family.

I am an engineer so I can understand a simple explanation that if your heart gets bigger but the muscle doesn't get stronger then the pressure it can pump falls away and you have a problem of insufficient blood flow and low blood pressure.   Drugs that make the heart work harder are only going to wear the muscles out faster unless you can make them grow so they are again in the right proportion to the heart size.

One drastic solution I heard of is that instead of making the muscles grow or just work harder we make the pump back to its old efficiency.   Heart too Big?  Then just make it smaller.    The idea is that the surgeon just cuts a wedge out of the muscle and sews the remaining heart back together.   It all then heals and you have as good as new,    I can't imagine what you do while it heals but I am only an engineer and I expect the heart experts to have such issues covered.   After all swapping a heart out is now routine.

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Urinary Incontinence :: After Prolapse Repair And Perineorrhaphy

I had prolapse repair and perineorrhaphy repair in May this year ever since I have urinary incontinence leakage I never stuffed with before hospital told me physio is only cause of action at moment someone please tell me there is light at end of tunnel feel so depressed. 

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Recovery Time? ACL Reconstruction And Meniscus Repair

I am due to have acl reconstruction and meniscus repair what would be the recovery time as im also due for carpal tunnel surgery.

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Rectocele And Cystocele Repair - Advice / Tips?

I'm due to have Rectocele and cystocele repair. I had my last consultation with my surgeon back in August 2015 had my pre op assessment in September. I was told I would be in for surgery around December and I'm still waiting, I spoke to someone at the gynae waiting list team today and they said I'm not even on the list yet as they are so far behind. I completely understand that they are busy and their are woman out there a lot worse then me it's just that walking and lifting is becoming a real pain and I'm sick of taking co dydramol which blocks me up when I already struggle to go to the toilet for a bm.

Sorry for ranting I just wondered if anybody had any advice as I'm starting feel like I'm moaning all the time to my husband.

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Do's And Dont's After Anterior Repair

I have an upcoming anterior repair booked for April. I have recently realised I will have to have at least 6 weeks off to heal. My job is a sales assistsant in a ladies boutique. My husband is off with me for the first 2 weeks.My question is what can I do after this time. Will i be able to walk around, walk upstairs, make a cuppa, or even go for a run in the car (not driving i know) I understand how recovery is the key to this surgery being a success and I certainly dont want it to fail.My husband is brilliant at home so i have no worries about him doing the chores at home while i rest up. Any other advice would be wonderful from you ladies who have been through it. Positive stories welcome lol. I have a wonderful surgeon who i completely feel will do a fantastic job.

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