Hernia :: Causing Blood In Sperms?

Jun 9, 2014

my son has a real bad hernia in the groin area, painful and when pushed back up doesn't stay, he now has blood in his sperm , can this be related? He also has a Hernia above the umbilical area as well? has had the Hernia in the Groin area for almost 3yrs.

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Unprotected Sex :: Blood In Sperms

About 4 weeks ago i had unprotected sex with a girl i knew. that week i got a slight rash on my penis which was itchy. that has come and gone over the past few weeks. about 2/3 weeks after that i had blood in my semen. and now i can't maintain an erection and have very low sex drive for a 24 year old male.

there is also a mild discomfort in my left ball but no redness looks normal down there 

i thought nothing of this as i thought i might have been ok

but since it is christmas i have been unable to get to a clinic to get it checked.

looking for advise for peace of mind until i can get thru the weekend and have it checked asap.

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Penis :: When Blood Comes Out In Sperms?

blood in sperm?

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Daily Masturbation :: Blood In My Sperms

I masterbate daily, im a guy, and over the past month off and on their has been blood on my blanket and in my sperm. i...

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Men Issues :: Blood In Sperms, No Pain

I'm 36 yrs of age and i'm worried cos i found out that have a blood mix with my sperm 2 days ago, but no pain at all. what could be the reason...

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Testicles Discomfort And Blood In Sperms

I'm 27 and was masterbaiting and when I went to cum I pinched the tip then when I went to release there was blood in it so I stop and looked online it said I probably broke a blood vessel So I waited area days and tried it again and it was brown. Now I have a discomfort in my sides and balls. Any ideas and if so what should I do to treat it and how long will it take to heal.

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Penis :: Blood With My Sperms On Masturbation

i was having sex with my gf and i nutted i got home and found out i had dry blood i mastuerbated and blood came out with my sperm.

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Men Issues :: Blood In Sperms And Lower Back Pain

For last 3 month i see blood in my sperm i am in tension what's that and what reason i have no girlfriend and i have also back pain lower.

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Hiatal Hernia :: Citalopram And Mirtazapine Cold Turkey Due To Throwing Up Blood

Here is one for you, been told by doctor to immediately come off both as I am throwing up blood, I have a hiatal hernia but it has got much worse over the last month, I have taken citalopram for about 8 years on a 40mg dose, and mirtazapine on was a 30 for three years now 15mg for about 5 months, going cold turkey, is that wise? My doctor has refered me urgently to have a Endoscopy, will I get loads of withdrawal symptoms ?

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Fertility :: Pin Head Sperms, Non-motile - 1000 Ml Sperms

Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for five years. Recently we have our check up and my ob gyne said i don't have any problem. but my husband on his result states that he has a pin head sperm, non motile and have only 1000 ml sperm. the doctor said he has no chance of having someone pregnant. we haven't tried the ultrasound and other test that they want us to do but we are already depressed on what they have said. Is there any chance we could or he could drink vitamins for his sperm count to go up. and what to do with the pin head type kind of sperm?

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Hernia :: Swelling Under Right Ribs, Hiatus Hernia

I was diagnosed some years ago with Hiatus Hernia and have had 3 endoscopy's. I do eat carefully am about 1-2 stone over wieght, I am a line dancer and have no problem with that. The main thing that I don't like is the feeling of a lump under my right rib, it is quite uncomfortable and i feel i have to stretch up to ease it. I can feel it now while sitting at the computer. I had the pain in backand chest last night which is bad but took Peptac liquid which quietened it down. Does anyone else have the lump feeling?

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Interstitial Cystitis :: Inflammation Causing Blood On Toilet Paper After Urination?

Can IC inflammation cause blood on toilet paper after urination? Couple years ago my doctor thinks I may have IC. Couple times a year I do get bladder infections. Right now I'm on Cipro for a bladder infection and I'm on my 10th day of antibiotics when I saw blood on the toilet paper. My bladder symptoms however seems better now that I'm on antibiotics.

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Menopause :: Anxiety Causing Heart Palpitations And Increased Blood Pressure

My anxiety has been terrible since peri menopause started about 8 years ago.I am 46 now and the heart palpitations and increased blood pressure is getting to me. I had blood work,had a holiter monitor test for 48 hours and the results were normal.My anxiety is horrible which in turn makes everything else go up, can this really be normal?

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Boric Acid Causing Slight Pink Discharge/blood?

I ordered some boric acid suppositories. Yesterday I used 1/2 suppository in the afternoon, then inserted 1 whole one before bed, then another whole 1 this morning.

By this afternoon a had quite a lot of discharge, but within that discharge on my pantyliner it was pinkish, which is not normal. It looked a bit like blood. Maybe a drop or two of blood, but as a streak.

My period is not due for another 2 weeks so I know this is definitely irritation from using the boric acid. I know that boric acid should come into contact with the blood stream though, so I'm worried about continuing use...

Is this pink discharge/irritation of the vagina normal when using boric acid? Is it safe to continue with the boric acid?

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Omeprazole :: Causing Rash - Lapromazole Causing Diarrhoea

I have a horrendous rash on my feet, upper arms, back and hands. I have been taking Omeprazole for about 6 weeks, and am due to see a consultant in a few days. As no one had mentioned a rash to me, I assumed it was a heat rash, as I have a habit of warming my feet by the fire, but the rash has got much worse, and now I have ENORMOUS blisters on my big toes and small ones elsewhere on my feet and hands. I have phoned the GP surgery as I see this is listed as a possible side effect, and was told to stop taking the omeprazole which I did yesterday. So far there is no improvement, but it is only 24 hours, so I am hoping there will be some improvement very soon. I have also lost my sense of taste and smell which may be due to a bad cold, but I have a very dry mouth and a horrid taste in it when I wake up in the morning. This is also a listed side effect. The doctor I spoke to seemed to think the rash IS due to the omeprazole. Incidentally, I took lapromazole for 2 weeks previously, but it gave me dreadful diarrhoea, so the consultant changed me to omeprazole. I will post another message on here when I have seen the consultant.

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Am I Pregnant? From Sperms In Mouth?

We had oral sex he didn't insert into my vagina but i had done a blow job that time i felt a drip of sperm taste in my mouth, then we had lip locks i doubt that tiny exchange of drop from my mouth to his mouth and after about 7 min if he splits saliva into my vagina will i get pregnant through that sperm drip transferred from my mouth to his mouth.

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Getting Pregnant :: Does Precum Contains Sperms?

I had some fun with my girlfriend but we didn't do intercourse. her period date was 25th august 2013..we had that on 15th of august 2013.she's still a vergin.i touched my one and i touched her one too.i little bit fingered her.im worried does this can lead her to a pregnancy.does pre cum contains sperm. .

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Hernia Pain After Lifting

I had a hernia repaired in the groin 7 years ago and suffered no pain since.  However a month ago i lifted a small weight at work and felt a small pull at the repair site. Since this i have had a sharp burning sensation just off the repair scar and my left testicle constantly aches. I have been to a and e and my Gp they say no hernia, had an ultrasound and they say no problem.  I'm ok if lying still but if i move, walk, lift or anything remotely strenuous i get the pain.  

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Reiki For Hernia - Complementary?

Can I ask a question about reiki? I have a hernia and have not had much luck trying to treat it thus far. A friend of mine recommended I try reiki. She even gave me the number of someone who is a reiki master. It seems quite expensive but I am willing to give it a try. So is reiki meant to be used complementary?

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Am I Pregnant :: Fingering With Sperms On Hands

My boyfriend fingered me but had earlier ejaculated and was unsure whether he had any on his hands. We did this many hours after he ejaculated but are worried whether this can get you pregnant. Would you be able to let me know.

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Pregnancy :: After Intercourse The Sperms Keep Coming Out Of Her

I got married last year since then we are TTC. But after intercourse all the sperm will be coming out of her . Not even for a certain time it keeps on coming out till next day. I may approach to GP but the thing is that first of all i need to know is this my problem like if incase if a man having low sperm count or any other problem will results in sperm leakage after intercourse or else she is loose or any kind of blocking tubes in her.

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