Hot Flashes And Particles In Urine Like Pieces Of Toilet Paper / Dandruff

Mar 8, 2015

I went to have a drug test this past week for a job and I notice my urine was a bit on the dark side which it's normally not,but what freaked me out a little is what was floating in my urine. The best way to describe what it look like: look like pieces of toilet paper or a chunky piece of dandruff. How weird is that? Also anyone that deals with hot there any of you that only experience them at bedtime?

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Hemorrhoids :: Blood Either On The Stool Or The Toilet Paper?

After a bout of constipation early this year (I was on a liquid diet because of a throat issue and didn't consume much fiber for 2 weeks), I had 2 bowel movements with a little bright red blood either on the stool or the toilet paper. Started consuming more fiber, it got better for a few months...2 months ago, had a day where I hardly had any water during the day (was out and busy and it just slipped my mind except when I was super thirsty), then I had a little bright red blood again. Today, I was riding a bike, my butt started to hurt. Shortly thereafter, I pooped with a little blood on it. My mom has battled hemorrhoids since she was in college. Do you think I have hemorrhoids or should I be more worried?

No vomiting or diarrhea, no unexplained weight loss or fatigue, no consistent changes in stool size or shape...On occasion, I'll feel a burn when pooping.

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Pregnancy? Wiping Vagina With Toilet Paper In Public Bathrooms?

I suffer a bit of OCD with this situation. But here goes...What are the chances of me becoming pregnant after wiping with toilet paper from a unisex toilet. It was in the home of a lady that does gym classes. I had to use the loo and wiped my vagina with toilet paper after peeing and then thought to myself oh no men live in this house, what if one had ejaculated and somehow it got on the toilet paper and I wiped with it. Is this possible? I know it seems irrational but to me it is a serious concern. Can you please offer advice? I'm also on Yaz birth control but I'm such a worrier, I sometimes think well what if Yaz failed for some reason? Do you ladies wipe your vagina with toilet paper in public bathrooms? I felt so stupid afterwards.

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Atrophic Vaginitis :: Chemicals In Toilet Paper - Irritating To The Vulva?

when I had vulvodynia in 2013, I researched everything that could be contributing to it. One thing was the chemicals in toilet paper. In order to produce the pulp from the wood to make the paper harsh chemicals are used, typically caustic soda and sodium sulfide. This "chemical pulp" is then bleached, the colour or scent may be added. Could these residual chemicals in toilet paper be contributing to the irritation experienced with VA? Would you put caustic soda (drain cleaner) or bleach on your vulva, even if you didn't have VA?

Since I had vulvodynia I have used toilet paper that is made without nasty chemicals and without bleach to wipe after I've had a wee.

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Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug - Slimy Bloody Spot On The Toilet Paper

So i Went To Use The Restroom Like 30 Minutes Ago & Wen i Wiped There Was A Slimy Bloody Spot On The Toilet Paper ! Was That My Mucus Plug Don't Know Bcz i Didnt Lose It Wit My First Baby ! & Am i Supposed To Go To The Hospital After i Lose It ?

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Interstitial Cystitis :: Inflammation Causing Blood On Toilet Paper After Urination?

Can IC inflammation cause blood on toilet paper after urination? Couple years ago my doctor thinks I may have IC. Couple times a year I do get bladder infections. Right now I'm on Cipro for a bladder infection and I'm on my 10th day of antibiotics when I saw blood on the toilet paper. My bladder symptoms however seems better now that I'm on antibiotics.

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Women Urinary Issues :: Dribbling Small Amount Urine About 15 Mins After Toilet

When i go pee i find everything is fine, i pull foreskin back to avoid urine getting trapped behind it as i have a long foreskin. Finish off and shake well just to make sure all the pee is out. but about 10 - 15 mins later i dribble a small amount of urine without realising, not enough to empty bladder just a small dribble, but it can be seen on underwear and very occasionally on clothing as a tiny patch. Also as i have a long foreskin it traps urine under it when i do this dribbling causing stale urine by the time i get home from work or being out and about. which as u can imagine is not nice and can smell a bit and cause soreness.

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Anxiety :: Toilet Phobia - Can't Go Anywhere Without A Toilet

I've had a toilet phobia for years now since I was like 15 and now I'm 21. It's embarrassing to talk about like I really hate it and it stops me from doing a hell of a lot things.

I'm really pouring my heart out here and I'm trying to meet people just like me with the same thing or similar as I've never met anyone like me before and I know there is people out there the same as me.

Basically I can't go anywhere without thinking about the toilet, I won't go anywhere unless I know there's a toilet there. I won't travel anywhere with other people because I'm scared what they may think with me going to the toilet all the time. My mind makes me think I need the toilet. It forms into panic and anxiety attacks so it's very hard to deal with. It's a horrible fear and it angers me to admit that the whole embarrassment is the fear of me obviously weeing myself. I've never done it but it's the fear that takes over.


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Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

I have had these little oily, greasy yellow bumps on my head for about 2 years now and they tend to fall off whenever I scratch them. I have had REALLY thick hair but since this dandruff crisis started on me I only have half of the original amount of my hair now. Please, help!! If you're experiencing this problem then please state below how you control/get rid of it and if you used to have this kind of dandruff and cured it, will my hair grow back and return to normal? I seriously want my old hair back.

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Kidney Stones - Six Months Lithotripsy - Still Passing Particles?

I had a lithotripsy done in January 2014. I passed a lot of stone particles within a month. Six months later I am still have flank and side pain. I had KUB xray which showed nothing, last month I had an IVP done which again showed nothing. I am still passing tiny particles. Dr. does not think it is my kidney, thinks it is back pain. I disagree with him. Does anyone have any suggestions on passing the particles faster or same issues as I am having?

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Oraquick After 45 Minutes Of Eating - Food Particles Affected The Test?

I took an Oraquick home saliva test about 45 minutes after eating. The test was negative, but when I took the strip out after 20 minutes to throw it away, I noticed a food particle on the test pad (from some chips I had eaten an hour before) that had apparently been stuck to my gums and swept up by the pad. I know I am being paranoid to begin with by even testing (I have some issues with anxiety/OCD, which I freely admit), so not sure I want to invest in another test kit. My question is then, how likely is it that this food particle would actually affect the results? Would it be more likely to make the test falsely negative or falsely positive? I did get a control line, if that counts for anything...

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Hot Flashes Followed By Cold Flashes And 99.9 Low Grade Fever

I think I am going insane... I have been suffering from episodes of hot flashes followed by cold chills with 99.1 to 99.7 degrees fever for about 4 years now.. I have had Blood tested for almost everything- Lupus, Thyroid.-Aids, Sed rates.. etc... and nothing comes back... The dr's can not find anything.. This last episode is lasting 31 days and counting.. I am starting to get a lot of anxiety, my body aches and I have headaches that come and go..

I am 45 years old and feel like I am90! I have been in relatively good health.. Is is possible that this is perimeno? I just started hormone replacement therapy and My obgyn has me on a very low dose of progesterone - pills and testosterone..I am hoping this helps.. I am so sad and scared, I don't know what to do.

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Urology :: Urinary Urgency/Frequency/Blood In Urine/Tissue Bits In Urine

On a doctor's visit back in December, it was discovered that i had microscopic blood in my urine. This went on for a few months, and increased with every doctor's check up. A urologist did an ultrasound of the kidney/bladder back in February, and all was normal. He also did cystoscopy which was normal too. He also did a test which shows my bladder holds sufficient amount of urine. The problem is, we never really figured out what the cause was, and recently i have had a new symptom (mucus tissue looking things in my urine). I am considering going back to a different urologist, but has anyone experienced something similar, or know what tissue looking bits in urine is?

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Enlarged Kidney, Protein In Urine, Severe Back Pain, Smelly Urine

Test show that I have a enlarged kidney, I have protien in my urine, severe back pain to the right side, strong smelly urine, blood pressure very high now on 10mg blood pressure tablets, Doctors have done tests on my kidneys and say the test shows the kidneys are functioning normally so I have not to go back to hospital for six months.

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UTI :: Cloudy Urine, Burning, Urine Test Came Back Negative For UTI

I'm a 26 yr old male, I've been peeing cloudy for months now, not every time I pee, usually just once a day, and the rest seem normal. Lately it seems like it's more cloudy than before. Also at night i have to get up alot to pee, but its usually just a few drops each time. Just recently two things happened, on two different occasions. First, I was peeing and it seemed to be normal color, but at the last end it turned white/cloudy and right at the last drop or two it looked like white flaky particles in it. Since then I've been noticing the particles more often. Second thing, almost two weeks after noticing the particles I was peeing one night and it seemed to burn quite bad at the last few drops, and when I was done it didn't feel like a finished, felt like I still had more. I went to outpatients the other night, did a urine sample and the test come back negative for UTI, so they sent it to a lab, next morning they did blood work and another urine sample. Waiting for the results now. Dr thinks it could be a prostate infection (prostatitis) caused from chlamydia so he put me on Ciprofloxacin. I dont think its from chlamydia because the two girls I've had unprotected sex with both been tested recently and come back clean. He also said its possible it could be stones.

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Urology :: Blood In Urine But Negative Urine Culture And Normal Ct Ivp

Im 29 year old female, i've always thought my painful bladder and urination was from chronic bladder infections for years until my doctor recently sent me to a specialist and sent off for urine culture and came back negative. .have all the symptoms of a bladder infection. Have large amount of blood (4+) ..Urologist sent my for a ct ivp to look for stones or look for something abnormal with ureters or kidney, nothing ..everything came back the urologist ordered a test to look at the bladder with scope through my urethra and also take a biopsy of bladder wall to look for cancer cells..owww. Any answers on what this can be I have all the symptoms of bladder cancer but im young and no family history of bladder cancer im a non smoker /alcohol drinker.

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Paper Cut Cracks In Vagina

Has anyone ever had this with a yeast infection?? Or at all? If so what caused it. Even I say cracks I mean it looks identical to a paper cut. I'm only 32 so menopause is not the cause. Testing for herpes has so far turned out negative but may be too early for accuracy....

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Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug Has Been Lost In Pieces

To those who've already lost it, I'm just wondering how much it was cause mine has been lost in pieces. So, I dunno if I lost it all or not...

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Bowel Disorders :: Black Pieces In My Stool

I'm 17 female and I know it's gross but I'm worried today and yesterday I had light brown stool with black in it the black piece was long I'm scared I have been taken vitamins the past two days but my stomach hurts and nobody will take me to the Dr should I be worried

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Pregnancy :: Have Been Losing Pieces Of Mucus Plug

So i have been losing pieces of it. I am 40 weeks. I was worried because i was told there's usually blood in iy and i don't have any and it's coming out a little at a time since yesterday... Anyone else have this?

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Dysphagia :: Tiny Pieces Of Chewed Food Getting Stuck

I'm having a very weird problem for past week. tiny bits of chewed food when i swallow gets stuck back of my throat and takes time and effort to go down. However the problem of swallowing is not there with big chunk of food :S(when i swallow food without chewing much it will be fine.)
Also there is some pain like sore throat..

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