Hypothyroidism :: Cough And Breathlessness

May 10, 2015

I feel breathless or more accurately have a sensation of not being able to get my breath properly. I find this very depressing as it all makes me feel afraid.

I have just been diagnosed with multinodular goitre as this was an incidental finding on a CTPA scan report nothing has yet been done by way of blood tests .

However having written that some bloods were taken but by a different speciality. I am awaiting the results. I am also awaiting an appt to see endo surgeon and endo physician. Today is a bad day due to subjective sensation of sob. Also have some neck and shoulder pain and slight irritating cough which comes and goes.

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Viral Infections :: Cough Syrup Suppresses The Cough?

I am at the end of a cold (2 weeks)and I have a bad chesty cough. I'm up in the night like a cat with a furball.

I saw my doctor who advised to use honey and lemonade, and Vicks vapour rub, but said to stop using the covonia chesty cough syrup, as it suppresses the cough.

Is that correct ? I always believe it contained ingredients to help break down the congestion.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica - Breathlessness

For the last week or so, I have been getting short of breath, and very dizzy, feel like I am losing my balance, and my heart is racing.  I have never had panic attacks, and this seem to start strangely enough when I have been reading....and then the weird feeling lasts the rest of the day.

Is it  possible it`s the 11 mg pred I`m on? (have been for 4 years) Just can`t pin down what`s causing it!  My blood pressure is ok....not diabetic...

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Vitamin D And Iron Deficiency - Breathlessness And Fatigue

Well as it appears my vit D is a bit low. It's 18 and my Iron is 10. For a very long time now I've been feeling quite unwell to the point I can barely function at all. It's been a long struggle trying to find out what's wrong with me given that all of the tests I ever did were excellent. I'be for a while now I had an iron deficiency, but I haven't known about vit D up until yesterday. These are my symptoms has anyone had this?

- breathlessness

- extreme fatigue

- lingering anxiety

- muscle weakness

- muscle stiffness

- occasional numbness

- internal tremors

These are the most common ones and I don't always experience all of them. Also it's like I always feel a need to warm my body with warm water bottles and such. It's gotten to the point I never leave my bed even when I feel better because I'm afraid I might feel unwell. And I know this is so bad because on top of everything my body is getting deconditioned, but I can't make myself do it because I get so anxious.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica And GCA :: Breathlessness - Caused By Reduction In Prednisolone

I started my PMR/GCA journey on 7th January 2015 - and what a dreadful year it has been!

I have now reduced from 60mg Pred to 35 mg Pred each day. I have had a tendency to be breathless ever since I started Pred and put on weight, however, the last couple of weeks this breathlessness has got much worse. I only have to get up from my seat and take a few steps, and I am puffing and blowing and my heart is pounding - so much so that I cannot speak. Can anyone help, please? Is it the reduction in Pred that is causing this? I am due to go down to 30mg a day from tomorrow, but I am not sure whether I should reduce, in case the breathlessness gets worse.

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Stopped Smoking Six Months Back - Still Indigestion And Breathlessness

How are all you non smokers doing. I have just past the six month mark. Still feeling a bit rubbish with indigestion and breathlessness. Going to doctors tomorrow hope I can get some help as inhaler does nothing at all. 

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Ramipril :: Dreadful Cough

I have been on ramipril for about 8 months now. Have had a dreadful cough which has got worse the longer I have taken them. I also have asthma and the cough has been put down to that as it has triggered severe asthma attacks, which have caused me to go into hospital with blue light flashing. Not once has any doctor said this is down to Ramipril. I will be changing this medication before it kills me. BE VERY WARY IF YOU ARE ASTHMATIC!!!!!

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Ramipril :: Very Tickly Cough

I wrote on this sight about a month ago, declaring that i dont really have any problems with ramipril, other than contracting a couple of nasty colds with very tickly coughs since starting on it. How wrong was I. Every bug going has got me, I ache pretty much all of the time and constantly feel as though im about to undergo an attack of the flu. The tickly cough has stayed, sometimes keeping me awake at night! Ive just finished a course of antibiotics for a chest infection and was amazed when my doctor told me that the ramipril worsens any kind of cold, cough or virus! the scary part is though, my bp has been higher than usual and my doctor is monitoring it with the intent of highering my dosage if it doesnt come down.

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Ramipril And Dizziness And Cough

My elderly husband has taken ramipril 5.0mg for many years with apparently no or minimal side effects. But over the last two years he has suffered increasingly from dizziness in the morning. I think he also coughs a great deal more than he ever did.

I've been measuring his blood pressure regularly recently and the diastolic measure is consistently on the edge of 'low' (around 60). The systolic is just into 'high' and it creeps up a bit if he forgets the ramipril however. I wonder if a reduced dose of ramipril might still control the latter with less risk of hypotensive dizziness. Does that make any sense?

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Son Has Persistent Cough For 10 Weeks Now

So my son has had a persistent cough for around 10 weeks now, on and off. During that time he got an ear infection, now it has recovered, but during one of the doctors said he should start using albuterol for his cough if it continues, that he had during his ear infection. His ear infection has gone away, but his cough hasn't! Should I use albuterol or some other medicine, or am I able to treat it without using any drugs. I also gave him claritin to see if it was caused by allergies but that did not work.

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Terrible Dry Cough With The Ramipril

I was put on Amlodipine for severe hypertension and the first night i was in terrible pain with my chest and that brought on a anxiety attack, stayed on it for a week and still had spikes in my high blood pressure and chest pain, went back to the doctor and told her and she looked at me like i was lying, changed my medication to Ramipril and the chest pain and anxiety went but i have got a terrible dry cough with the Ramipril so need to come of them too, my blood pressure was very high and i was told it may lead to a heart attack or stroke so now i am in trouble as i don't trust any medications because of the side effects.

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Ramipril :: Taken Off - Blasted Cough

Just spoken to my GP who has taken me off Ramipril because of the blasted cough. I'm now on Candesartan, which I've never heard of. Anyone out there have any experience of this drug?

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Pregnancy :: Choking Due To Cough

I have had a cold for 2 weeks and  i have developed a cough that's starting to sound like bronchitis. Can I take mucinex or use vapor rub? Can I take anything at 4.5 weeks pregnant?

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Lisinopril - Hacking Dry Cough

Several weeks ago, having been on Lisinopril for around two years I suffered this hacking dry cough. Thinking it was a cold I left it but it never really went away, in fact it worsened and I had difficulty sleeping, having to prop myself up at a certain angle to stop the coughing.

I visited the doc who immediately diagnosed it as Lisinopril Cough. It's apparently a lot more common than you think. It usually takes a week or two to clear up after you stop taking them (there are many alternatives available) although in some patients it can take months or more. A friend who had been taking it for a few weeks also had this side effect. I found by breathing was a lot better after and my joints ached less. Two more side effects that are listed.

Googling revealed that the cough is a very common side effect. There are hundreds of reports posted on this condition. It could be 35-50% of the people taking it who suffer the cough, some after a couple of weeks of taking it, some after months or years.

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Ramipril :: Persistent Dry Cough At Night

Prior to taking Ramipril I suffered from a persistent dry cough of which the cause had not been diagnosed.

On taking Ramipril the cough was very considerably aggravated particularly at night: codeine gave some relief ( as phoschol and 15mgm tablet) but sleep was reduced to snatches between coughing bouts.

This lasted for 3/4 months until I was advised to stop its use.

Within a week I retrurned to the status quo ante with considerable relief.

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Ramipril :: Cough Side Effect

I had a heart attack 5 weeks ago and since have been on various medicines one of which is 5mg Ramipril every night. I read the booklet which explained that a side effect is a cough but agree with other inputs here that the cough is very depressing. It constantly disrupts my sleep pattern and it's so dry ! Im off to the GPs Tomorrow and hopefully he can prescibe something else. Is there anyway else of stopping the cough ?

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Bisoprolol :: Tired With Tickly Cough

I have been on this drug (5 mg/day) since having an M.I. on Jan 2nd 2007.

I have developed a tickly cough that stops me getting to sleep at nights, my metabolism is in my boots and I have put on over 56lbs in weight.

I feel slow and lethargic all the time.

I spoke to my GP at my yearly review this week and told him I don't want to take this drug anymore. He said he can't recommend i stop taking it as it is "protecting" my heart.

I never had a BP problem before my Angina attack and the M.I. always being 128/78 all my life.

So, I have decided to stop taking both the bisoprolol and the ramipril and monitor my BP 3 times a day.

I think doctors are too scared about getting it wrong to try any alternatives.

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Two Months Old Baby Is Having A Mild Cough

My two months old baby is having a mild cough. Can I give septrin? I feel terrible anytime he coughs. I think he got it from his younger bro that is just 2yrs

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Pregnancy :: Cough With Sore Throat

does anyone know what you can have to relieve a sore throat and cough when your pregnant?

Mines really bad, I managed to catch a viral bug which made me sick and gave me a very high temperature. Ended up in hospital for 2 days on a drip because I was dehydrated and couldn't keep any food or drink down myself. Thankfully I'm out now and everything's ok with the baby but my throat is so sore and I'm constantly coughing. I've been drinking water and taking paracetamol

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Chickenpox :: Cough That Sounds Like A Dog Barking

I woke up with a bad cough. I am also sneezing a lot. Sometimes I cough for a minute or 2. 

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Switching From Lisinopril To Losartan - Dry Cough

my doctor put me on lisinopril and ever since i have had a dry cough. i thought it was due to post nasal drip but now that i read the side effects i have my doubts. i was wondering if it would be wise to try losartan.

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