Stopped Smoking Six Months Back - Still Indigestion And Breathlessness

Jul 13, 2015

How are all you non smokers doing. I have just past the six month mark. Still feeling a bit rubbish with indigestion and breathlessness. Going to doctors tomorrow hope I can get some help as inhaler does nothing at all. 

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Pregnancy :: Smoking - How Many Weeks Before Your Stopped?

I'm just wondering how many weeks all the smokers were when you stopped smoking?

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Stopped Smoking :: Digestive Upset, Hives And Shortness Of Breath

I smoked my last cigarette on September 12th.  I hate not smoking.  I hate the 40 lb. weight gain, the digestive upset, the hives, the shortness of breath, waking up at night in tears and panic, crying over the smallest thing, the boredom, not having anything to do when I take a break.  Nothing smells good, nothing tastes good.  My skin and hair now have a rancid smell that won't wash off and makes me nauseous.  My complexion is a pasty gray like unbaked pie dough.  Friends say I smell bad and am embarrassing to be around.

If this is what non-smokers experience every day, I don't know how they stand it.  Life used to be good; now it's a never-ending nightmare with new aches and symptoms of sickness showing up every day.   

I'd like to find the person who convinced me to do this and hurt them.

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Venlafaxine Stopped Working After 6 Months?

After 5 good months of taking Venlafaxine and getting my life back together, being back at work etc my depressive symptoms seem to be creeping back in along with increased anxiety levels, i feel like I'm back on that downward spiral to go back to where I was 12 months ago! 

I've had to take some more time off work as I feel so bad these last few days, got a Dr's appt next Monday couldn't get in any sooner unfortunately. 

Is this an early poop out from the Venlafaxine? I don't know what to do I didn't think I'd be here again so soon. Currently on 150mg XR with 10mg of Abilify I know they will be reluctant to increase the Ven as I suffer from bipolar disorder and they are worried about mania but I've never had mania.

Has anyone else had any experience of Venlafaxine pooping out after so little time? Would an increase help me?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Periods Stopped 3 Months After Sex

I Had Sex With My BF on Sep month 3-4 times, After that i Have My Periods On October & November Month. And Now My Periods Is Stopped In December..Is That i have any Possibility Of Having Pregnancy..

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ARDS / COPD :: Stopped Smoking - Improved Breathing But Throat Phlegm

I stopped smoking 11 days ago, went cold turkey after being told my copd is getting a lot worse, in just a few days my breathing has improved, what is annoying me is the last few days I keep wanting to clear my throat in bed its terrible can't sleep for the noises in my throat and keep trying to clear it, I am not bringing any phlegm up never really have in all the years I smoked, has anybody experienced this ?

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Fluoxetine :: Prozac Has Stopped Working After 2 Months

I have been on Prozac 4 months and 2 of them were better and now I'm going back to the way I was before. What do I do now? I'm so miserable and don't understand why this is happening plus I'm pregnant.

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Birth Control :: Stopped The Pill After 3 Months Bleeding

I started birth control pills almost three months ago. As soon as I started taking them I bled and bled for the whole time I was on them, so almost three months. I recently decided in the middle of my third pack that I would stop taking them and get off of the pill. I am still bleeding two days after but it is heavier than the usual bleed I had on the pill. Is this my period starting? If not how long will the bleeding last until it stops?

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Stop Smoking :: Nausea Due To Cut Back?

I am a regular smoker (about 1/2 pack a day) and I've never had a nausea problem from it before. I decided to cut down, and the past couple days, I only have had about 2 each day. Then, this morning after smoking one, I suddenly felt very sick and then threw up. Is this because I cut back?

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Back Issues :: Microdiscectomy And Smoking

I am 19 years old and having my micro discectomy for herniation at L4/L5 tomorrow at noon. I am a smoker and have been smoking since I was 14 (I know I started young) and don't know what to do after my surgery. My doctor informed me that I should quit smoking or at least go a few weeks without it post-op because it could interfere with recovery.

I've tried in the past to quit multiple times and failed all of them. I smoke about 1 1/2 packs a day and the longest I've been without smoking is 3 days.

I'm really confused as to do what to do. I know quitting is the only right answer but I don't think I can at this point of my life.

So I was wondering just how bad is smoking post-op? What kind of consequences could come out if I do continue smoking? Is making a full, healthy recovery impossible if I continue to smoke?

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica And GCA :: Indigestion On Predisposition?

I have been on pred for 3 years now, but don`t know if anyone remembers,  with blurred vision occurring around Xmas time,I was put up to 20mg.  I have been on this for a month (now have to start lowering) never before have I experienced heartburn like I`m getting in the night.  It was so bad the first time, I even wondered if it was a heart attack....but I`m still here!!  I take my pred at lunchtime with my meal, I get more sleep now, than when taking it in the evening. 

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OK To Have Sex After Prostatitis (2 Months Back)

I was diagnosed with prostatitis and have been on FloMax since then. I haven't had any pain or complications from prostatitis for 2 months. I need advice if decide to have anal sex with a partner(of course, using a condom), will it cause any problems or negatively harm my prostate? In other words, is it ok to have anal sex considering my current condition.

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Hypothyroidism :: Cough And Breathlessness

I feel breathless or more accurately have a sensation of not being able to get my breath properly. I find this very depressing as it all makes me feel afraid.

I have just been diagnosed with multinodular goitre as this was an incidental finding on a CTPA scan report nothing has yet been done by way of blood tests .

However having written that some bloods were taken but by a different speciality. I am awaiting the results. I am also awaiting an appt to see endo surgeon and endo physician. Today is a bad day due to subjective sensation of sob. Also have some neck and shoulder pain and slight irritating cough which comes and goes.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica - Breathlessness

For the last week or so, I have been getting short of breath, and very dizzy, feel like I am losing my balance, and my heart is racing.  I have never had panic attacks, and this seem to start strangely enough when I have been reading....and then the weird feeling lasts the rest of the day.

Is it  possible it`s the 11 mg pred I`m on? (have been for 4 years) Just can`t pin down what`s causing it!  My blood pressure is ok....not diabetic...

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Bell's Palsy :: Back After 14 Months

I had Bell's Palsy last year and with in 14 months i got it back. First time i think it took around 6 weeks to recover 90%. I still have some signs of it. During First time - i had pain behind my ear for 3 days and on 4th day - I started noticing something wrong and by the end of the day - i had total facial paralysis on my left side.

Now for second time - it is so weird that i had pain for almost 5 days and on 6th day i started noticing changes and by end of the day i am still normal and by end of 7 day it got worse.

I went to Doctor and he kind of confirmed Bells Palsy ( not sure whether he is 100% sure) and gave me Steroids and Antivirals.

Weird part is why is it so slow this time - after 2 complete days of initial symptoms - i am still able to close my eyes ( forcefully and not like the other one) and i am still able to smile little bit ( very slightly). Is it something normal to Bell's Palsy or i have something else.

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Came Off Pill 3 Months Back - No Periods Yet?

I come off the contraceptive pill in May & haven't had a period since, I have taken two pregnancy tests one in June & one 3 weeks ago. I have requested a call back from my gp but this won't be for another week. I have read on other forums it can be common to have no periods for awhile when coming off the pill?

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Hip Replacement :: 5 Months And Back To Normal - What About You?

It is now just five months since my RTHR and I think I'm back to normal. So hands up all you hippies who think, as I do, that, as a reward for my extraordinary courage and being a model patient,  my wife should now allow me to purchase that lovely little classic sports coupé that I've seen for sale (quite cheaply) on the Internet.

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Substance Abuse :: 4  T'1s A Day For The Last 10 Months For My Back Pain

I've been taking 4  T'1s a day for the last 10 months for my back pain, should I expect any withdrawal and how is it going to be like, thanks

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Back Issues :: Right Buttock Hurts For Months

I've been miserable for months with my right buttock area hurting while seated. It has recently also started bothering my while standing or laying down. I seem not to notice it when I am active. It's making my life miserable. I feel a knot/lump deep in the buttock tissue by my sit bone. Also, 3 times this month my whole right buttock from low back to thigh has become swollen. My leg muscles on both sides twitch. I've had 2 MRI's that show nothing except mild arthritis in my low back. I fell hard on my right side and broke my tailbone 2 years ago but just started experiencing pain this past year. Here is what I have tried:

Stand up desk at work
Multiple Chiro appointments
Seen ortho specialist who told me not to concentrate on the pain!!
2 months of PT which seemed to aggravate the issue
Pain management doc says ischial bursitis and gave me an injection but didn't work.
Naproxen in case it is muscle related
Gabapentin in case it is nerve related

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Nausea ,indigestion And Diarrhoea Side Effects Of Nerve Ablations?

Can nausea ,indigestion and diarrhoea result from the ablation of nerves especially sciatic nerves

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Ovarian Cyst? Frequent Urination And Indigestion / Wind / Belching

About 4 weeks ago, I started with very frequent urination and indigestion/wind/belching. Both symptoms were intermittent, but worse when I got my period. My bladder constantly felt full, achy and very uncomfortable, even after passing urine. I was treated for a UTI with antibiotics, but not much relief and no bacteria found in urine. However the symptoms do come and go and vary in intensity. Other symptoms - a noticeably larger, bloated looking abdomen, which feels heavy & draggy at times (I'm not pregnant) sometimes a stitch type sensation and slightly achy sides, but not bad. My periods have also changed recently - shorter cycle and heavier/longer periods. Full bloods done which all came back normal and good. CA125 results also came back normal/good. Doc thinks perhaps still UTI or slight prolapse or fibroid. Someone else mentioned IBS. I've booked an app with a gynaecologist in two weeks and am also awaiting an ultrasound app. I am 42 years old and otherwise fit and healthy... Oh, apart from a wee anxiety issue! Namely, health anxiety! Great! I'm worried and wondering what it could be. I'm thinking maybe a cyst!?

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