Impetigo :: Flucloxacillin And Fucidin Cream Not Working

Oct 20, 2007

I experienced impetigo for the first time about 4 months ago which was treated with antibiotics(flucloxacillin)-it appeared again & treated with antibiotics & a 3rd time-I thought this had cleared when i got it again 1 day before my hols last week & when i returned home this week--I have been prescribed 1 months supply of antibiotics again 4 a day for 2 weeks then 2 a day for 2 weeks also i use fucidin cream----I am 56 yrs old very clean & very fed up & upset--what am i to do about this?

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Every Cold Leads To Nose Impetigo - Fucidin Cream Works Temporarily

everytime i get a cold and blow my nose a lot it leads to impetigo just as a i get rid of the cold.

i always get it inside my nostril or just below my nostrils.

my doctor prescribed me fucidin cream which seems to do the trick after about 5/6 days.

Is there a permanent cure as i get it about twice a year whenever i have a cold

would multivitamins help build my immune system so i get less colds or impetigo

also when i'm half way through my cold would it be best to use my impetigo cream before i get the impetigo to stop it early ?

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Fucidin H Cream Works

Hi, I have a 7 years old daughter who had been suffering with Mollescum Contagiosum for 18 months. Over that time I have searched the net trying to find a cure but to no avail. (I did try the Apple Cider Vinegar) HOWEVER, I contracted the virus on my toe and thought I would try and use Fucidin H cream (an anti fungal cream my son had been prescribed previously for a sore toe) and it cleared the Mollescum C up in a week. I wanted to try this on my daughter as she had many spots on her arm and chest area. I first went to my GP to ask to be referred to a dermatologist but was told that she could only be referred after having the condition for three years! I then told him about the success I had about using the Fucidin H and was it safe to try on my daughter. He said it was perfectly safe but had not heard that is had been used in treating Mollescum Contagiosum. I then went on to apply the cream to my daughter twice a day and after 3 weeks all the spots completely went and nothing has reappeared over the last month! It has made her life so much better and I hope this treatment gives relief to other sufferers of this condition.

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Penis :: Fordyce Spots Disgusting Girls - Fucidin Cream?

I'm a 17 year old guy and I've just been to the doctor's for my Fordyce spots which I've had for a little over 4 years. I know they're completely harmless, but they look awful and are quite noticeable, so I'm mostly worried about girls. I've been prescribed Fucidin cream: does anyone have experience with that? How long did it take to work? Or am I just going to be disgusting girls for the rest of my life?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Dermovate Steroid Cream Not Working

Still using dermovate steroid cream twice a day, soreness is getting worst, haven't been able to wear underwear for a week!. Feeling so depressed, feel so alone .

Can anyone give me advice?

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Herpes :: Impetigo Or HSV 2?

I've been in a monogamous relationship with my boyfriend for about 4.5 months. We started getting physical about a month ago. I'm a virgin and have yet to do anything physical with a man. He has limited experience. He told me he was tested last May after his last relationship ended and it came back negative. I'm the first girl he's been with since May. We started having oral sex about a month ago. We've gotten carried away and had it unprotected three times.

I got a rash between my butt cheeks about a month ago. No blisters, lesions or burning when i pee. After a week, it scabbed over. I noticed the scab was perfectly symmetrical on both sides. It was like one long scab on each side of my butt crack. Then, I noticed an increase in vaginal discharge. It scared the crap out of me. Normal color and consistency. No odor. Just a lot. I got tested for everything. It all came back negative. It was three weeks after our first encounter. One week after our last.

I went to the doctor. She diagnosed me with impetigo. As it turns out, me shaving that area and then wearing a tight thong and skinny jeans was a bad idea. I've used the cream faithfully and the rash fell off and went back to normal. A bit of itching but I think that's because skin is growing. I talked to my boyfriend about it. He insists that I have nothing to worry about and that in the only girl he's had unprotected oral with. I asked him to get an STD test and he complied. We have to wait a week for the results.

Over the past week? I've noticed a slight itching and burning around my pubic area. No bumps or lesions. No pain when I pee. Plus, I feel an excess of discharge when I wipe. I went to another doctor who gave me a prescription for Diflucan for a suspected yeast infection. She also did a Pap smear and sent it off to test for BV, trich, syphilis and chlamydia. However, in worried about herpes. I made a mistake and went to WebMD and everything points to herpes. Does this sound like herpes? Herpes wouldn't be completely symmetrical. Right?

Other facts that may be important.
I just started to use tampons instead of pads
I douched about three days before I got the rash.
I never wore cotton underway before this. I like cutesy underwear.

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Recurring Cases Of Impetigo

I'm 17, and have been getting impetigo from the age of 5 years old, the doctor believed at the time that it was from face paint. I've been getting recurring outbreaks every year since then, normally up to three times a year. However, as I got older I believed I had "grew out of it" (if that's possible) yet I severely burnt my lips on holiday and I felt the tingling feeling straight away after not having an outburst for about a year and a half. One thing I can tell you all is that as soon as you think you can feel the first symptoms of having it use the antibiotic cream (fucidin cream) asap, this will reduce the spreading of impetigo immediately. I've recently just had another outbreak just for being run down and so I now know I definitely will still be getting it. But there is hope, I was given a leaflet about this when I last got the cream from the doctor and it stated that you can get a swab taken from the inside of your nose and sent off to the lab where they will find out if you have the bacteria that causes impetigo living up there. This doesn't mean it will appear around your nose but when you get impetigo due to whatever reasons- mine normally being from stress, being run down, change in the weather etc.- then it will trigger it and appear in the usual place. I researched it some more and it said that your whole family that live in the same house should be checked as they could have it and that's what could trigger you off even if they've never had an outburst of impetigo. I had a swab sent off yesterday and I'm hoping that this is true as they will then give me a cream to kill it from up my nose and supposedly it won't come back. However, when I had this done my doctor seemed to know very little about it and I've never heard of it until now, I don't know why this is so I shall see if it works out. I just wanted to share this all with you as I know how horrendous impetigo is, I hate going out with it and as soon as I feel it coming up I know I'll have it all over my lip for a while.

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Recurring Impetigo Or Shingles?

I took this disastrous trip to Greece (I was completely healthy before the trip) and upon my return last April within a few days I started having this sore growing larger everyday on my chin. Somewhat yellowish and had a 40 C temperature for a week and very sick for another week. I took Doxy for two weeks which apparently did not eradicate the bacteria.

Two weeks later while a big red spot remained on my chin I started having another sore on my back but the doctor diagnosed (by observation) that this sore was shingles (i had shingles on my leg 4 years ago) so prescribed me Valtrex.

Then I started having another yellowish sore on my lower back last month which is likely a return of impetigo since it itches a lot with no pain and the doctor prescribed me 250 mg twice a day erythromycin for 3 months. I have been taking it for 2 weeks now and the sore appears healing however as a result (of likely my immune system weaken by impetigo) I came down with a second shingle in less than a month!!!. Not to mention chest infection last week too on the top of everything else So it appears I am now in a cycle of impetigo and shingles. How I can get out of this vicious cycle I have no idea. I have never been in a similar situation. is returning impetigo (followed by returning shingles, third or fourth in 4 years and second or third in a month) a norm. I asked my doctor to give me higher dose of antibiotics or a stronger one but he refused. What are my options to end this vicious cycle.

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Impetigo :: Returned From Sea Side And Juicy Wound On My Knee

I have this bacteria called IMPETIGO. To be honest it's the worst thing I had in my life. I'm 18 years old and having this kind of bacteria is simply awful. It all started when I returned from the sea side, I was there on holiday with my best friend. During the trip I had nothing, everything was fine, but the last day a juicy wound appeared on my knee. It was itching a bit. The next day when I arrived home another one appeared on my FACE! I was traumatized! I stood like this for 2-3 days, after I told my mom she took me to a specialist. The doctor gave me antibiotics and Fucidin cream. I started the treatment about 3 days ago, the wounds are looking better now. The major problem is that in 6 days from now I'm leaving to London to visit some relatives and they have a daughter, she's 10. I'm so scared that I could give this bacteria to her, I feel so embarrassed. Please help me, could someone tell me if there is any possibility that I can avoid this ?

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Opening Near Anus - Hemorrhoid Cream?

For the last 1 or 2 days I have had a painful lump on the skin around my anus. It is about a centimetre away from the opening but still on the anus part. It doesn't hurt sitting but on occasion you notice it is there.

I thought it might be a spot, but then started reading about Hemorrhoids.

When I went to the toilet shortly ago after I defecated I wiped and there was quite a lot of dark red blood on the toilet tissue. The pain was sort of gone then, like it had released the pressure. I immediately applied germolene to it as that seemed like the best product to use from the house.

My questions...Do you think that sounds like Hemorrhoids? Is the likelihood it will go away on its own if I drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruit? Should I go out and buy some Hemorrhoid cream from the supermarket?

I have never had this before. I have not had irregular bowel movements, diarrhea or constipation recently although have had IBS symptoms on and off for years now. This lump is in no way connected to the inside of my anus. It felt like the size of a pea, maybe slightly smaller.

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Hemorrhoids :: Cream - No Pain But Still Bleed?

I have no discomfort from the piles just this small amount of blood every day. I'm worrying myself sick it's bowel cancer and am scared to go back to doctor. I have a terrible fear of having to have anesthetic if I needed an operation. I just wondered if what I have is normal symptoms of piles?

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Menopause :: Hot Flashes With Estrace Cream?

I am 64 and have been menopausal since 2000.  My doctor gave me this Estrace Cream to use in the vagina because of thinning lining and a little blood.  Doc says it will make my tissues healthier but since using it I have been getting hot flashes.  Anyone else experience this?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Estrogen Cream To Use?

So I saw my PCP yesterday. Hadn't been able to get in to her for two years. She was great at listening to me. Finally after 10 years with LS she is referring me to a gyn at the hospital. 

I want to ask for an estrogen cream. So my question to you all is what do you use on your vulva and do you have it compounded in something. If so what is it compounded with.

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HIV Prevention :: Shared Anal Piles Cream

My question is can someone get hiv from sharing same anal cream for piles?

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Fungal / Yeast Infections :: What Medicine Or Cream Is Used?

This disease occurs near my penis and it is white color around my skin.My skin is dry.

Sometimes it is itchy. I want to know how to treatment and what medicine or cream is used?

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Pregnancy :: Stretch Marks - What Cream Or Lotion?

My stomach hasn't really started itching until now in less then couple hours I'll be 11 weeks . what cream or lotion do anybody recommend I really don't want stretch marks I wanna try everything to not get them .

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Breastfeeding :: Cream To Soothe Sore Nipples?

Any moms on here have any breastfeeding experience because I'm looking for a cream that will be helpful when it comes to soothing sore nipples and keeping my skin from cracking. Wasn't prepared for all that when I had my daughter so needless to say I gave up on breastfeeding. Just want to be successful this time around.

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Allergies :: Hives - Prednisone And Clotrimazole Cream Of No Help

About two days ago I had an allergic reaction to a detergent in my friends blankets. I went to the doctor the next day and found out it was hives. The doctor prescribed me PREDNISONE and some benadryl, I've also been applying Clotrimazole cream. It works for a little while, but comes back eventually very itchy and irritating. I took two PREDNISONE and two benadryl yesterday, but today I've took two PREDNISONE and about five or six benadryl. I even tried taking a cool bath and I've applied the cream multiple times. After a while the hives just start to itch again and I can't sleep.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Does Clobetasol Cream Work?

Since being diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosus last February,  through trial and error, I have discovered, sometimes painfully, what works for me with regard to using Clobetasol cream.

When I initially had the typical white LS plaques, which were on the inside of my Labia Minora,  I used Clobetasol and it worked quickly, and effectively, and I think it took around a week for them to clear up, using it twice a day, and fortunately they have never returned. Also when I have had pain, and soreness on my clitoris, I will use it twice a day for around four days, and I have found it to work really well for clearing this problem  up quickly.     

However, Clobetasol did not work for me when I had a sore area (a lesion) about half an inch away from my Vjay.   I applied the cream carefully, and the next day I had a seriously nasty red rash running everywhere, and up the crack of my butt!! and so I stopped using Clob in that particular area after that, and the next time I got a tiny sore in a similar area I bathed in salt water and used baby cream, Desitin I think it was initially, and I think I used vaseline before bed, but  only for the first couple of days, after that I switched to bathing and then using hardly any talcum powder on a powder puff to make sure that there was no moisture down there whatsoever, and this worked really well.  I have found sore areas need cream initially, but then  they need to be kept dry, and after a few days my sore area cleared up!  So for me, using Clob on my Vjay works, but for on the surrounding skin not so much.

With regard to maintenance, I don't use the cream.   My Vjay looks normal, no white patches, cuts etc and so I don't see the point of applying cream to areas that show no visible sign or symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus.  I do believe in the routine of spraying after using the bathroom, drying and lubricating, this I think stops fusing from occurring and so it is an important routine to have, of which I always stick to rigidly! this is what works for me.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Way To Use Corticosteroid Cream / Ointment

I'm listening to Dr. Andrew Goldstein's lecture on LS. He a preeminent expert. He's describing that LS skin is not thin but extra thick, because it's all scar tissue and hardly any skin cells. The white blood cells that cause inflammation are way down deep at the bottom of this thick tissue. So, he makes two major points I would like to have been told, say, A YEAR AGO!

1. Soak it in warm water for twenty minutes first (bath night! I thought baths were bad, haven't had a single bath in a year) to soften the tissue

2. Rub, rub, rub, the cream/ointment in for about 90 seconds. That's a lot of rubbing!

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Cream/method That Removes Back Hair Permanently?

Can you get a cream/method that removes back hair permanently?

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