Infertility :: Eggs Not Growing

Feb 12, 2015

I am 27 years old lady,got married before 3.5 years.It is kindly requested that i am looking for your kind considertaion reagarding my problem related to not growing egg, and it causes to prevent me from being a mom.Even i consulted one gynecologist who is assisting me since last one year almost,earlier i took so many medicines and gone through so many tests as prescribed by the lady doc.

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Infertility :: Even After Medicine, Why My Follicles Are Not Growing?

I got my USG done twice. Results are as follows:


50 mg siphene for 5 days.

Day#9: Left Ovary-11mm and Right-13.3mm; ET-6mm

Day#11: Same

Day#13: 13.4 mm and 13.6mm; ET-10.5mm (sfter evadiol for 3 days)

Day#15: 13.4 mm and 11.2mm; ET- 11.2mm

I lost that cycle.


100mg Good Ova from D4 till D9, D11, D12

D9: Left- 10mm, 9mm ; Right- 14.2mm; ET- 6mm

D10: Left- 11.8mm, 11mm; Right- 14.4mm; ET- 7.5mm

D11: Left- 12.9mm, 12mm; Right- 14.6mm; ET- 8mm

D13: Left- 14.2mm, 12.5mm; Right- ruptured follicle; ET- 9.5mm

Doctor asked me to try on D13, what are the chances?

Even after medicine, why my follicles are not growing up to 18-20mm.

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Uterine Fibroids :: Fibroid Keeps Growing And Growing?

My uterine mass/ fibroid seems to keep growing and growing. Is there any medication I can ask my GP to prescribe me to stop it from growing or to shrink it ?

Do I need to see a Consultant Gynaecologist to discuss any kind of medication I could take to try to stop the growth of my uterine mass or to try to shrink it without any kind of surgical procedure in mind, at least for the time being ?

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Severe Allergy From Eggs

I am 20 year old and this problem started when i visited a city in Pakistan (Peshawer), there is a dish called Kabab (Mixture or meat, eggs adn other), I ate that and after that I can't even eat a bit of egg.

I have left eating Backing products, Biscuits, Chocolate and everything that includes a bit of egg.

When I eat even a slice of biscuit, i causes me excessive pain in stomach and I can't eat anything else, i don't digests.

The only solution when I face such a problem is to give me injection to unconscious me for 3 to 4 hours than I feel a bit better.

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Food Allergies :: Allergic To Vanilla Extract Or Eggs?

I think I am allergic to vanilla extract or eggs but I can't be sure. For as long as I can remember, I havn't been able to eat cookies, cake, cupcakes, brownies, custard icecream, and vanilla ice cream in general. For some reason, I am able to eat short bread cookies and soft serve ice cream without getting my allergic reaction. What happens, is my throat swells up almost immediately, only to the point where it's uncomfortable to swallow. Then after awhile, I get a stomach ache and sometimes I throw up, but sometimes not.  I do not eat these things at all, although sometimes I will come across something I think I am not allergic to, and I get my allergic reaction from it. (Always some kind of desert food.) Any feedback? Is it all in my head, and it is possible to be allergic to vanilla or eggs? I know one time I handled eggs and then I rubbed my eyes, causing them to get red and puffy. (Also, for some reason I don't eat cooked eggs. I just have never eaten them.)

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Bowel Disorders :: Stool Dark/black And Smells Like Rotten Eggs

I had irregular bowel movements for months and i finally became regular the last two weeks but something is terribly wrong because my stool is dark/black and smells like rotten eggs every time, my nutrition is in check because i am a bodybuilder and i consume 30-35 grams of fiber every day and eat all the micro nutrients I need, my macro nutrients are roughly 80 grams of fat and 180 grams of protein and rest of the calories are carbs ( i eat around 3000 calories every day.

Note: I was eating the right amounts of nutrients even while constipated.

is there any health issue i could be facing?

BTW I am 18 years old.

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Vaginal Health :: White Tiny Worms And Eggs Near Vagina / Labia?

I found out on my own that each time i go to the bathroom i pee 1 or 2 white tiny worms.. and started yesterday zentel. today before going to sleep while looking at my vagina after 4 washing a day of this sensitive area, i've realised that there are some white stuff that are hard to be removed near the labia..i believe that these are eggs...

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19 Year Old - Am I Almost Done Growing?

I am a 19 yr old guy, currently 5'5 1/2" and around 125 lbs (my weight fluctuates about 125-130 these days). I hit puberty around 14, but I have been my current height for 4 years, have weighed between 110-140 in that time, and have not growing at all in height. I currently have a lean 28" waist, 35" hips, 35" chest, and 14" neck. I have a bit of armpit hair, thigh hair, navel hair, and leg hair, but it's somewhat sparse and not really thick yet. I also have the peach fuzz on my face, and it's starting to get darker on my jawline. My Adam's apple is also getting noticeable.

My dad is 5'6" and 200 lbs. He claims that a lot of it is muscle and that he only has "10 pounds of fat on him", but that's a statement more applicable to me; he is quite overweight. He says when he was my age he was 170 lbs and "not fat" -- I know for a fact that I would look really fat at 170 lbs. My appetite was really voracious for a couple years but has slowed down; though I still get days where I can almost clean out an entire refrigerator, they are getting more rare. My sister is 5'7" and 150 lbs, and somewhat chubby. My mother is 5'3" and about my weight.

I still look youngish in the face, though my jaw has become more geometric and square lately. I don't know whether I should "try" to grow by say, working out a lot, sleeping a lot, and drinking lots of milk + excess calories, but I feel like it might not even work. Is it likely my growth is almost done? Can/should I get a bone scan to determine it?

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Anxiety Of Growing Up

I am 15 and about to start a new part of my life in 10th grade. When I was younger I went to a small school in a very popular area of South Australia. I had one friend in particular that I have been friends with for over 9 years now. He and I were like 2 peas in a pod for most of our primary days but he moved to a different school then I did after we graduated. Now that I have reached year 10 at a high school college I feel as if I only have 3 more years to live my life easily before I have to get a part time job and go to university. I mainly have anxiety because I recently went on a family holiday with him and we recalled all the things we did when we were younger and one of the most treasured was playing a certain video game with him. We then played this video game once again and so many memories just rushed back to me the more I played. Now all I can think about before I sleep or when I am bored is the anxiety of no re-living these moments that I have clinged onto for so long. I just want to lose my anxiety, has anyone got any ideas or are in the same circumstance as I am?

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Infertility :: Infertility

I have been dealing with infertility for going on 8 years. I am young but it is still very hard. I found out yesterday that my 21 year old sister is pregnant by a man who lives with his girlfriend. She wasn't trying yet she got pregnant. It hurts SO BAD! I want to be there for her but I can't even look at her right now it is so hard.

I haven't had a period since October. When I was living in Michigan my Gynecologist put me on Clomid. I was on it for a year but it never worked. I don't ovulate properly and obviously don't have my periods on a monthly basis. I was just wondering if anyone has or is going through this and what you did to get through this/solve this?

Any suggestion would be great. I feel horrible right now and I need some uplifting news.



"Someday your ship will come in and you will be at the airport"


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Pregnancy :: Baby Not Growing

36 weeks, went to the doctor today & my baby is only 4lbs. They did some test everything was fine & shows that he's healthy, he's just a little small, I can't help but to be worried... Has anybody else had these problems

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Growing Too Fast?

I don't know if to be conceded but EVERYONE around me has told me I am growing way to fast, I am only a month and a half, and you can see my belly popped out already. Should I be concerned?

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Penis :: Puberty - Done Growing?

Idk if my Penis is done growing its 6" and I'm 15

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Infertility / IVF :: First Ultrasound ?

How far along do you have to be until you can get your first ultrasound?

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Infertility / IVF :: When To Tell When I'm Ovulating

when to tell when I'm ovulating.

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Pregnancy :: Not Growing - Same Weight For 2 Months Now

So I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow.  And I've been the same weight for 2 months now. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was gaining weight super fast now I just stopped.  I don't know how much my baby weighs. My doc hasn't said anything. But I know alot of ppl thats due after me and their bellies are way bigger than mine. Should I be concerned?

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18 Years - I Am Not Growing - Still 5 Feet 2 Inches

I am 18 years and still 5 feet 2 inch is there any pill or suggestion

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Carpal Tunnel :: Growing Pains

Anyone having a feeling of growing pains in the arm, like the kind you perhaps had when you were a little kid growing up? I have had it for the last couple of days for some reason. I wouldn't call it muscle soreness after doing physical activities. The arm feel a bit weak.

I have intensified the massage of the forearm and upper arm, since I've found I still have some very tender points on the arms around the elbow, especially the right one then. My shoulder is crunching a lot and not as moveable as I first thought, so I've discovered.

Background history is herniated disc in the neck, broken shoulder, tennis elbow, broken wrist, broken long finger and now then carpal tunnel syndrome and then release in March 2014.  All on my right and dominated side. Maybe this history background facts can affect you when you grow and get older?

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Sexual Health Men :: Growing A Big Penis

who knows how to grow a 9 inch penis?

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Heart Rhythm :: PAC's Growing In Numbers

I recently wore a holter monitor that came back with 92 PAC's over a 24 hour period. I have been having the fluttering feeling we all know and fear more often lately. I have been to 4 different cardiologists over the past 3 years and have had every test under the sun. My question is if my heart is structurally fine, why am I having more palpitations? The most PAC's I ever had on a 24 monitor before this was 10 and I've had many monitors.
Is it factual that stress brings on palpitations?  My cardiologist just tells me not to worry and enjoy life. Easy for him to say. Appreciate any feedback or to hear from people having the same problem.

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Ovarian Cysts :: Growing 6cm Cyst

I have had this cyst on my left ovary now for about 3 years and it is slowly growing (Ultrasounds every 6 months).  I moved out of state and my new doctor is trying all the meds I've tried before and nothing has shrunk it and it has continued to grow - slowly.   He said if I want it to be taken out I can.  Would you take it out or leave it?

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