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Apr 12, 2002

I have been dealing with infertility for going on 8 years. I am young but it is still very hard. I found out yesterday that my 21 year old sister is pregnant by a man who lives with his girlfriend. She wasn't trying yet she got pregnant. It hurts SO BAD! I want to be there for her but I can't even look at her right now it is so hard.

I haven't had a period since October. When I was living in Michigan my Gynecologist put me on Clomid. I was on it for a year but it never worked. I don't ovulate properly and obviously don't have my periods on a monthly basis. I was just wondering if anyone has or is going through this and what you did to get through this/solve this?

Any suggestion would be great. I feel horrible right now and I need some uplifting news.



"Someday your ship will come in and you will be at the airport"


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Infertility / IVF :: First Ultrasound ?

How far along do you have to be until you can get your first ultrasound?

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Infertility / IVF :: When To Tell When I'm Ovulating

when to tell when I'm ovulating.

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Chlamydia :: Would Affect My Infertility?

I found out i had chlamydia about a year after a had contracted it but id met my boyfriend around 3 months after contracting we both ended up having chlamydia and both got treated for it.

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Infertility :: Eggs Not Growing

I am 27 years old lady,got married before 3.5 years.It is kindly requested that i am looking for your kind considertaion reagarding my problem related to not growing egg, and it causes to prevent me from being a mom.Even i consulted one gynecologist who is assisting me since last one year almost,earlier i took so many medicines and gone through so many tests as prescribed by the lady doc.

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Infertility / IVF :: Very Faint Line

So my husband and i have been trying to get pg for awhile now but i have pcos and don't know when i ovulate...done tests, bbt, etc. I'm going to my doctor next week to discuss clomid however yesterday i took a pg test at the clinic i work at to be sure before going on the meds and it came up with a very faint line...could it mean we are pregnant and its too early? we have been wanting this so bad but im scared to get my hopes up again.

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Fibroid Uterus Causes Infertility?

Is fibroid uterus cause infertility?

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Depo-provera And Infertility

I'm nearly 16 years old and I found out some pretty horrible news about 3 months ago and it's been playing on my mind.

When my mum was younger she went to her doctors for her first depo contraceptive injection, her doctor didn't give her a pregnancy test but little did they know she was pregnant on me (my mum clearly didn't know either).

2 injections down the line and my mum was having problems and her stomach was swelling the doctors said that it was a stomach ulcer (it was me aha) after a while my mum insisted on having a pregnancy test and found out she was having me.

They said it could lead me Into having fertility problems.

They have said in the future if I try before I'm 25 and I am infertile that I will get ivf and any other treatment for free but..

I just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else and if they have had problems with getting pregnant or of there is any advice in knowing if I am infertile like symptoms and stuff like that

I know I'm young and won't be having children yet it just worries me.

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Pregnancy :: Can Smoking Cause Infertility

Me and my boyfriend been trying to get pregnant for the longest and we still haven't gotten pregnant yet we both feel that something is wrong with it me or is it him? Can smoking cause us not to get pregnant? Or something else?

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Infertility? Too Much Laser Exposure?

I had IPL laser hair removal at a local salon. The technician gave me 5 sessions (each which included a free retouch session meaning a total of 10) with an interval of two weeks. Obviously i hadn't done my research well and it didn't work. I am going to the leading laser hair removal in my country concern is that too much laser exposure to my area and my ovaries? Would this cause infertility or anything of that matter? It's not about the laser itself but to the amount of exposure that i am being exposed to.

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Infertility / IVF :: 2 Miscarriages Now Clomid

I started my first round of Clomid 2 weeks ago. Last year I had 2 miscarriages early in the pregnancies. When ultrasounds were done to evaluate pregnancies the gestational sac's were empty. My doctor decided to prescribe me Clomid and I was wondering if anyone had success with Clomid after miscarriages.

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Infertility :: 43 Years And Desperately Need A Child

I'm 43 years and  I desperately want another child will it be possible?

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Infertility / IVF :: Haven't Had A Period In 3 Years

I haven't had a period in 3 years idk what's going on

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Infertility / IVF :: Ovulation - The Most Fertile Days?

I'm confused, I thought your most fertile days are somewhere around two weeks before your period, but the app is saying my next ovulation date is a week after my period. Is this correct or should I go with what other online med threads say.

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Fertility :: Herbs Can Cure Infertility?

Many articles around the web come out with claims that herbs can cure infertility. As a person who has dealt with infertility myself and then finally conceived using IVF, I feel strongly about not scamming women who are desperate for a baby into buying herbs that are no good for them at all. Can I get your opinion on herbs for women's fertility?

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Infertility Due To Blockage In Fallopian Tubes

I was diagnosed with infertility due to blockage in tubes. The doctor said that after some more examinations he will propose me a surgical method for treating this blockage. He claims that these procedures are effective. I wonder what are treating options?

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Infertility / IVF :: Positive/negative - Feedback?

I've been ttc going on three years now. I know long time. I'm so happy I finally got really good insurance to go to a infertility doctor. This was a IVF clinic n IUI. I made my first consultation with my doc about IVF and were shooting for April. I'm so nervous this would be my first time doing this but in
Super excited!! But I was reading up on all the packets before doing IVF my doc gave me and there is a lot of instructions and j have to do some injections in pretty nervous about it but if this is what it takes to get a child I'll do it. I've been waiting long enough for a baby. My question is any feed back or positive IVF ?on there first try ??? and also how was the prep and the after part of the procedure? Please let me know. What is worth it?

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Pregnancy :: Cytotec A Cause Of My Infertility After 6 Years?

six years ago a friend give me cytotec to abort my baby. now i am married and i am trying for a baby for the past two years but i was told i am infertile there is no way of finding out the real cause of my  infertility but i am almost positive that cytotec is the cause. is there anyone out there with a similar problem i am scared that i might never become a mom just because of a stupid decision i made as a sixteen year old

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Numerous Bladder Infections Can Cause Infertility?

I am not very old, I'm in my early 20s. I have had multiple bladder infections in the past year and they keep coming. I very much want to have kids at some point; its a big deal to me. Is it a possibility to become infertile due to numerous bladder infections?

Also on a side note, other than the general things like wiping and peeing after sex (Etc) is there any other things that could cause so many?

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Infertility :: Even After Medicine, Why My Follicles Are Not Growing?

I got my USG done twice. Results are as follows:


50 mg siphene for 5 days.

Day#9: Left Ovary-11mm and Right-13.3mm; ET-6mm

Day#11: Same

Day#13: 13.4 mm and 13.6mm; ET-10.5mm (sfter evadiol for 3 days)

Day#15: 13.4 mm and 11.2mm; ET- 11.2mm

I lost that cycle.


100mg Good Ova from D4 till D9, D11, D12

D9: Left- 10mm, 9mm ; Right- 14.2mm; ET- 6mm

D10: Left- 11.8mm, 11mm; Right- 14.4mm; ET- 7.5mm

D11: Left- 12.9mm, 12mm; Right- 14.6mm; ET- 8mm

D13: Left- 14.2mm, 12.5mm; Right- ruptured follicle; ET- 9.5mm

Doctor asked me to try on D13, what are the chances?

Even after medicine, why my follicles are not growing up to 18-20mm.

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Infertility :: Failed IVF Due To Embryo Fragmentation

I had my ivf and it failed because i had fragmentation in my embryos is there a solution for this problem i have been trying to have kids for 10 years and my age is 35 and were thinking to redo the ivf again ....

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