Infertility / IVF :: Very Faint Line

Jan 30, 2015

So my husband and i have been trying to get pg for awhile now but i have pcos and don't know when i ovulate...done tests, bbt, etc. I'm going to my doctor next week to discuss clomid however yesterday i took a pg test at the clinic i work at to be sure before going on the meds and it came up with a very faint line...could it mean we are pregnant and its too early? we have been wanting this so bad but im scared to get my hopes up again.

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Trying To Conceive :: Faint Line, What Do You Think?

My last period started on September 12. Hubby and I may have conceived on the 23rd! My period was due today but hasn't come yet. Been feeling a little under the weather so decided to take a hpt today. The result was a faint line. Will try testing again in a couple more days. Got the result in less than a minute!

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Am I Pregnant? :: Had Three Faint Line In The Last 12 Hours

My period is late, and my nipples and boobs have been sore since ovulation. I took a afternoon test yesterday and it was a faint line. The morning after took another one and it also had a faint line I tested again with the next urine and another faint line shown. So I've had three faint line in the last 12 hours. But when I took the morning urine I seen a bit of blood but haven't seen it since.. Hope it's not my period! Is it possible I'm pregnant?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Faint Line On Test For 3 Days

My period is due in 3 days I have no appitte for no food really and I have had a discharge for a week thin white and creamy no oder so I took three test one each day all three are faint line what does this mean my test were bought at dollar store 1.00 each

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Pretended To Faint? How To Detect

Can someone's eye twitch as they are unconscious? My co-worker fainted and her eyes were twitching a little bit, and it twitched more as I sprinkled water on her face.

Is it POSSIBLE for someone's eye to twitch while they have fainted/unconscious?

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Anxiety :: Feeling Faint

does anyone's anxiety make them feel faint I feel faint sweaty and my hearing seems funny sometimes . This has been happening on and off all day and has happened before it really scary

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Menstruation :: Cramping Caused Me To Faint

I have been experiencing extreme menstrual cramping since my sophomore year of high school (I am 19). It usually occurs the first two days of my period, accompanied by nausea and gas. I have been prescribed ketorolac by my GYN, but it has not been working lately. Last month, the cramping caused me to faint twice and be sent to the local hospital. The emergency room doctor (after the pain went away) told me to ask my GYN for an ultrasound of my uterus. I was not able to schedule an appointment, due to my college being in an extremely small town. Now my period is about to come around again. Is there anything I can do? What should I ask my GYN when I see her? And if I faint and vomit again, should I even bother going to the hospital again?

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Lyme Disease :: Went To Supermarket - Faint

Can anyone relate to this? I have felt like this before but not for ages. I went to the supermarket and for about 10-15 seconds my head felt dizzy and i felt awful like i was going to faint. I stood still until it passed. It's scary at the time but then i just forget about it until it happens again.

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Anxiety :: Feeling Faint - Black Out For A Second

Is it normal to get up quiet quick from laying down and then feeling dizzy like your going to black out for a second? I'm really scared.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica And GCA :: FEELING FAINT

Can anyone tell me if you have fainting feelings with GCA...

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Am I Pregnant? :: Pink Blood And A Faint Red

I had unprotected sex 3 times this month, all times with ejaculation, I started to feel tired nauseated and mild cramping,occasional headaches, all 3 times I had sex wasn't on a day I was fertile unless I ovulated early or late which I have no idea, I had sex yesterday and experienced very light pink blood but then it went away I woke up this morning to find more pink blood & a faint red not a lot & I'm experiencing a little cramping, im suppose to start my period tomorrow. am I pregnant?

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Feeling Faint

Anyone have this problem that when your stomach starts to cramp you feel like you are going to throw up or pass out? I am wondering if it is my anxiety doing that for fear of the pain or if it is associated with IBS?

Any suggestions on how to control this feeling and I am already on anxiety meds but for the past week my anxiety has been really high

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Gabapentin And Mirtazapine - Dizziness And Feeling Faint

I've been prescribed Gabapentin for pain 300 mg three times a day if needed - I'm also on 30 mg Mirtazapine for depression and anxiety.   I've been on this regime quite a while and tolerated it well, I then decided I would reduce my gabapentin over a few months which i did but the pain came back so I'm slowly returning to the prescribed dosage.  However, I'm experiencing dizziness and feeling faint . . . has anyone else experienced this on this combination . . . I'm not entirely sure that it is the combination of drugs causing this as I've tolerated it well in the past.

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Fertility :: Positive But Faint Test After 7 Miscarriages

I am 25 years old and I have had a lot of problems with trying for a baby. When I was 21 years I lost the baby at 15 weeks 3 days. After that I've had 7 miscarriages throughout the years which don't last longer than 5 weeks. At the beginning of the year (Jan 2016) I found out I was pregnant and had a miscarriage at about 8 weeks. I had my last period 21st March 2016 and it stopped on 24th. Yesterday I woke up to a period and it's the 30th March. Not even a week off before my next period. So this morning I got up and done a pregnancy test just to check because this has never happened to me and it's come back as positive but faint. Can someone help me with some advise please?

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Dysautonomia :: Feeling Faint, Extreme Weakness And Tired

Hi, my daughter was just diagnosed less than a week ago with DA. I am heavily in the research phase and would love all the input I can get. I am wondering whether to skip our local cardiologist and go straight to finding a specialist, which I am not have much  success with yet. She has been symptomatic for a long time on and off again. Recently, in the last 1.5 mos her symptoms have worsened. She was have "spells" of dizziness, feeling faint, extreme weakness and tired. Over the past week she has gotten worse and has not been able to go to school for 2 weeks now., She gets really faint, very weak and exhausted with ambulation. She has difficulty getting out of the bed.

So my questions are: Since we have seen a progression does this mean it is getting worse and worse? Anyone know any specialist in SC or NC or close by to those states? She was started on Florinef. How long before we see improvements? Her doctor said 1 or 2 weeks? feeling sad and overwhelmed by this diagnosis. This is my 15 yr who was a competitive gymnast and looking forward to team sports in HS. I am sorry for all who are having to deal with this. Thank you in advance for your input.

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Women's Health :: Fatigue, Feeling Faint And Cramping

I've been seeing my doc lately about some extreme fatigue I've been having. I've had issues with fatigue for a few years now, but about 6 months ago it has gotten to the point where I could hardly make it to school as I have fallen asleep at the wheel for a split second. So my doctor put me on Prozac because of my history of depression. I tried it for the 8 weeks to no avail, and at this point I doubt it is depression. I've been there before, and I have been doing fine. I'm young and very motivated. Since I've been off of Prozac, my fatigue has only gotten worse. I initially thought it was just because I was getting off of the meds, but about a month later, I continue to feel worse. To the point I can hardly function at my job anymore, let alone get anything else done. I then had my Thyroids tested only to be told they look fine

Then I start to notice that I have been feeling faint a lot lately. Mostly when I make sharper turns, but at times it can come on out of nowhere, like when I'm sitting still! The only thing that really helps this is to lay down until it goes away, and sometimes it will not so I'm forced to go to bed early.

On top of this my periods have been rather irregular. They always have been a little irregular, so sometimes I will miss a period entirely, but mostly I will just have a longer wait until my next period. Lately, they have been coming early. Generally they will be 6 weeks apart, but then I had one that was 4 weeks apart.But everything seemed normal so I brushed it off since I'm used to being irregular anyways. But then my last period started just barely 2 weeks after my last one began! It was a lot lighter (and the blood was a bit thinner) and lasted a couple days less than normal which would be 6-7 days. I also haven't had sex in about 3 months or so.

Along with this I started to notice some muscle soreness and the occasional headache. At first the soreness was random and all over my body, then about a week ago, it all seemed to be in my lower back and lower legs/feet. Now, in the past several days, I've been having severe cramping just like menstrual cramping along with the lower back and leg/feet pain. I'm not due for another period anytime soon, in fact, I just ended my "period" not even a week ago. I've never had cramping in between periods, never this bad, and never for this long.

I am in the process of setting up a sleep study, and I scheduled another doc appointment for June 23rd to discuss my more recent symptoms, but I wanted to know if anyone might have an idea as to what this could be, or if I should try and see someone sooner?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Faint Bleeding After A Different Sex Style

I had sex with my husband and after sex I went to clean myself up and noticed very light bleeding on the toilet roll after couple wipes their was nothing there the bleeding stopped, we did do a different sex style which was hurting me so we changed to normal way we do it but I don't know if that's what has caused the light bleeding? Should I be worried?

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Swollen Lymph Node On Jaw Line

I have a swollen lymph node on the right side of my jaw for about 10 months. I finally decided to have it checked out and it was confirmed by a recent ultrasound. Ive no health issues to report other than tmj which I've had for many, many years. No gum, teeth, throat or ear issues. My understanding is this is normally caused by an injury or infection. I do not the remember the last time I was sick or injured as I've been fortunate to enjoy good health the last few years. I'm scheduled for another ultrasound in 6 weeks. Wondering what is causing this and what else I can do?

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Penis :: Circumcision Scar Line Bumps

So I've been circumcised for medical reasons when I was an infant, but I'm realizing recently that my circumcision scar line might be kind of abnormal. It has always been this way, but the scar area is very slightly darker and raised with some bumpiness. It is completely painless. I have never had sex so I don't know how I would've gotten an STI, and like I've said it's been there for as long as I can remember. Please let me know your thoughts/if this is anything I should worry about!

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Ramipril :: Side Effects - Heart Beats Really Fast Feel Faint

Once again I Seem to be experiencing more side effects. Last few days heart beats really fast feel faint the whole time. How long will these side effects go on for does anyone know.

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Infertility :: Infertility

I have been dealing with infertility for going on 8 years. I am young but it is still very hard. I found out yesterday that my 21 year old sister is pregnant by a man who lives with his girlfriend. She wasn't trying yet she got pregnant. It hurts SO BAD! I want to be there for her but I can't even look at her right now it is so hard.

I haven't had a period since October. When I was living in Michigan my Gynecologist put me on Clomid. I was on it for a year but it never worked. I don't ovulate properly and obviously don't have my periods on a monthly basis. I was just wondering if anyone has or is going through this and what you did to get through this/solve this?

Any suggestion would be great. I feel horrible right now and I need some uplifting news.



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