Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Anal Bleeding, Fatigue And Tiredness

Nov 27, 2014

I have been having bleeding from my back passage, fatigue and tiredness for weeks and finally got to the doctor today. She told me that I had IBD and that she would arrange for an urgent referral for a colonoscopy (2 weeks). She also said that I should come back if the symptoms got worse in the mean time. I am anxious that I maybe underplayed the symptoms slightly. every time I go to the toilet (5 or 6 times per day) it is bright red and seems not to be getting better. Should I go back or is it fine to wait two weeks?


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Crohn's Disease :: Indicative Inflammatory Bowel Disease

I am a 24 year old who works a 12 hour rotating shift pattern (including night shifts). For the past 6 months or maybe more o have had upper left abdominal pain (cramping/aching) and more recently lower pain (sometimes across lower, sometimes left and sometimes a specific place on the lower right). I put it down to IBS due to shift work. My partner convinced me to see the GP as I have a family history of IBD. Oh and my bowel movements vary from constipated (less than once a week) to lose (not diarrhoea and multiple times per day)

Had stool tests and blood tests. I expected them not to find anything to be honest and just did it to please my boyfriend and put his mind at rest.

Doctor phoned and said that "the stool test shows signs of inflammation indicative of inflammatory bowel disease". I couldn't really ask more questions because of where I was. Phoned in for blood results and told by reception that they were fine.

I have been referred to the gastroenterologist and have an appointment in 2 weeks.

I am tired all the time and find it really difficult to get out of bed, frequently have naps at work but put that down to shift working.

I don't want to take any laxatives because I never know when it will change between constipation and loose stools and when I'm working, I often can't get to the toilet.

I often have joint pain but I also have a knee injury and some hyper mobile joints.

I am so confused as to what is going on and hate not being in control of my body. I know I only have mild symptoms, I feel so alone (shift work doesn't lend itself to meeting people regularly).

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Bowel Disorders :: Inflammatory Disease And Anhidrosis

My 27 year old son began exhibiting symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease about 2 months ago. He had severe stomach pain and his food wouldn't digest for several days. A CAT scan showed an inflamed ileum. He went to a gastroenterologist who ran more tests and put him on prednisone. The inflammation went away and at the last followup visit the gastro dr. decided not to label my son with IBD yet unless the symptoms come back. My son noticed that, since his problem began 2 months ago, he no longer sweats. Early on, he would get dizzy and light headed at work (it was September and still warm)but he wasn't and still isn't sweating at all. He goes to the gym for a workout and 1/2 hour later his face is bright red and his head feels hot and prickly, but not one little drop of dampness happens anywhere on his body. Since both the inflammatory bowel/digestive problem and the anhidrosis started at the same time, I wonder if they are related, and if so, what disease does he have? He is beyond frustrated at this point because his digestive problems aren't gone completely, and he has days where he's exhausted waking up after a good night's sleep, and has minimal energy a lot of the time.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease? After Quitting Smoking

I stopped smoking 6 months ago and to be honest feel worse for it. Currently i am suffering from

UC and mouth ulcers. I have never suffered with mouth ulcers before and my bowel has been painful since stopping smoking. What i need to figure out is this: is it worth taking up smoking again or do i need to put up with abdominal pain, bloody diarrhoea, mucus and faecal incontinence and always

having to use pads. I am only 55 and feel like i am 85. I am beginning to think smoking is the lesser of the two evils!! Have read on many forums how people give up smoking and then suffer the indignities of UC. Is there any medical evidence on UC and stopping smoking? If not, why not?

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Ulceration Of The Ileo-caecal Valve

GI Consultant has sent to my GP copied to me:

This patient had had a SeHCAT test as well as colonoscopy. The SeHCAT test is reassuringly normal showing no evidence of bile salt malabsorption. At colonoscopy there was ulceration of the ileo-caecal valve. I understand the terminal ileum and colonic mucosa appeared normal. Ileo-caecal valve biopsies shoe benign ulcer with focal cryptitis. There is no granulomata or other features diagnostic of inflammatory bowel disease. Other colonic biopsy show mild nonspecific chronic inflammation.

This taken together with his symptoms and the raised faecal calprotectin is highly suggestive of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Bouts Of Fatigue And Tiredness

Diagnosed with MS almost 2 years ago. Been on Tecfidera for over a year. I'm having such a bout with fatigue that I just want to go to bed and not wake up. EVER. I feel a ton worse now then I did when I was diagnosed ( which happened quickly at an ER visit and then confirmed 3 weeks later).

I am not depressed, never have been and have always had a positive attitude about my disease.  I do not feel sad, I am simply....T.I.R.E.D!

I had a brain MRI and lab work and everything is unchanged. While I am happy to hear this, I wonder how I can feel so crappy yet not be in a relapse. Every symptom I've ever gotten has NEVER left, I mean seriously never.

Is this really all there is in my life?  Going through each day staggering around like a drunk, stiff, uncoordinated, blurry vision, feeling confused, and not  being able to keep my eyes open? Elderly people pass me by when I am walking. WTH?

I am taking Ritalin for my fatigue and it was helping for a few weeks, but now I don't know why I even take it. On Christmas Day I hosted a dinner for friends. I rested as much as I could throughout the day.  I curled my hair, which is just past my shoulders - it didn't take long to do, but I had to take a nap after that before I could start cooking. Really? Who needs a nap after curling their hair?

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Infertility :: Diagnosed With Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

How likely is it to get pregnant after being diagnosed and treated for PID (pelvic inflammatory disease)? Keep in mind I've only had one child in over19 years with no other pregnancies!

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease And Azithromycin For Gonorrhea

Hi, I was treated yesterday night with 2 grams of azithromycin for gonorrhea (25 year old female). Didn't have any symptoms, but knew a sexual partner had it. Couldn't take the shot because of a bleeding problem I have. I have pain in my back today. Can this be associated with PID? I was exposed 10 days ago. Going for a follow up in 10 days to make sure the pills worked, should I worry before then? Or give the meds some time to work? I went to the clinic yesterday so I can't run off from work today to ask them.

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Chlamydia Before Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? Fertility?

I'm 21 and I've been having irregular periods since June 2014; in recent months have had increasingly painful pelvic pain. Went to the GP multiple times in an attempt to figure it out but got nothing. Finally went to the GUM clinic on saturday and was diagnosed with PID, although the cause is as yet unknown. I was told it is likely due to a 'long-standing chlamydia infection'. Thing is, I haven't had sexual contact with anyone since March 2014 and for the year up to that I was in a committed relationship. That guy was the only one I had 'unprotected' sex with (was on pill); everyone else before him I used a condom with. So I had no idea I was even remotely at risk (as stupidly trusted this guy) and I'm now worried that because of this and having no symptoms, that I might've had the infection for a while without knowing and it therefore have a worse effect on my ovaries etc.

I'm really worried as dr was pretty casual about the PID, but from what I've read it's really serious. Did anyone here have chlamydia for a while before PID? Do you know how you got it? And how has PID affected your sex life/fertility since diagnosis? I'm so scared I'm going to find out I'm infertile because someone I trusted did this to me when I was so so careful myself

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease With LS

Just wondering if anyone else has had LS and Pelvic Inflammatory ? They told me it's not connected.  But they couldn't find anything else wrong.

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - Ciprofloxacin And Metronidazole - Still Pain

I was diagnosed with PID last week Monday. The ultrasound scan revealed prominent collection of fluid behind my uterus. I was told to do a HVS/MCS. The result showed scanty growth of Escherichia coli. Before this result came out, I started treatment with ciprofloxacin and metronidazole IV for 4 days with pain killers. Follow up with drugs to complete 10days. I still have sever pain in my legs,lower abdomen and lower back. I had an ovary removed last year August because I had ovarian cyst. Please I need help. It's been 2 weeks plus now in pains. I'm tired of this pain.

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Undiagnosed Pelvic Inflammatory Disease For 5 Years - Infertility?

When I was 16 I was forced into having oral sex with someone that I went on a date with. I am now almost 21 years old and have only ever had intercourse or any other sexual encounter with my fiance. For the past years I have had problems with my periods and pain during them, but never thought twice about it. I went to the doctor yesterday for a possible UTI and found out that I may have PID. Though I have yet to be diagnosed with an STD (labs are still out), I am assuming that Chlamydia is the case, given to me from the guy who forced me to have oral with him (seeing as how he probably had many interactions with other girls if he did something like that to me.) I am now TERRIFIED that I have had this disease for almost five years. I am getting married in just 3 weeks and am now afraid that I won't be able to have children... What are the chances of this if I have in fact had this disease for this long?

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? Back Pain And Missed Periods

I been having pain in my right side of my pelvis some time it will go to the other side and I been having back pain and my periods are missed up it been spiking mouths and they be longer and heavier and i been sicker lately then before.

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Infertility :: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - Blood Work Normal But Inflammation

From 4 yrs i have been suffering from severe pelvic pain with lots of inflammation in both hips. all blood works come normal but mri does show inflammation. Doctors cannot find what it is, can it be my ovaries or fallopian tubes inflammation or infection which is causing this, plz somebody help. I want to get pregnant but my pain in pelvis which is that worse that I limp many time is not allowing me.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Constant Tiredness / Brain Fog

I have recently been diagnosed with IBS after 2 1/2 years of chronic pelvic pain. Have got large adhesion on my omentum (large flap of tissue covering bowel). I am due to see an IBS specialist nurse next month. I am trying to eat gluten/wheat/lactose free. I would like to know if anyone else feels constantly tired and like functioning on autopilot? I am so tired i can easily go to bed at 7pm and altho i don't go to sleep immediately....i feel better for being laid down. Is this normal? I work part time and have 3 kids and i am in bed before they are!

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Crohn's Disease :: Tiredness - Don't Have The Strength To Do Anything

I've had Crohns for 20 years I have a structure but is under control with drugs but the tiredness and fatigue is terrible specialist isn't much help or understanding on this point how do others cope with it ? My bloods are checked regularly and are always fine. I sometimes wonder how I'm going to get through the day at work sometimes and don't have the strength to do anything when I get it at night and I cannot wait to get to bed even if it's to watch tv I wouldn't mind but I'm no party animal has anyone got any sensible suggestions please ?

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Tiredness, Thirsty, Dizzy, Bloating, Nausea

So about a year ago i was diagnosed with GERDS... (or acid reflux disease) after suffering for about 9 years, in which i now take tablets for. However, in the past 6 months i have noticed that i am now feeling nauseous after eating, normally about 30 minutes after a meal, am constantly tired, thirsty, feel dizzy when standing up and moving around, get out of breath very easily and sometimes get a sinking feeling in my heart/chest. I also, which i have had for longer than six months, suffer from my stomach bloating out like a balloon when i eat or drink anything however small the portion. I do have a history of IBS in my family, however i do not experience symptoms like stomach pain or irregular bowels like others with IBS therefore it has been seen as being unlikely that it is this.

I had an endoscopy a year ago to confirm my GERDS and nothing else was found apart from having a weak muscle at the top of my stomach. I have recently been back and forth to my GP and have had blood and urine tests all of which have come back normal. I am a normal weight, 19 years old, have a good balanced diet and try to exercise at least two times a week, so am completely confused as to why i have all these symptoms. My doctors have no idea what could be wrong with me so i was wondering if anyone could help? Has anyone had the same symptoms and got a diagnosis, i'm fed up of feeling like this and would just like some answers!!!

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Bowel Disorder :: Anal Fistula Recurrence

So I have had an issue with fissures in the past, due to being on pain meds for pancreatitis for months and cooccurrent constipation. I have already had one surgery to heal the fissure, and it seemed to work. So when I started have that same burning pain when I had a BM I assumed that was what it was. I became really used to it, and it went on for a LONG time. Flash forward to now. I noticed a couple weeks back what looked like pus on my toilet paper when I wiped after urinating, and was freaked out. I pushed on the area near my anus and more pus came out. I assumed my fissure got infected somehow and left it alone. It happened again, this time I was home so I grabbed a hand mirror and looked down there. I saw a bloody spot that was leaking blood slowly about 1 inch from my anus, and I freaked out. I had NO idea what it was, so I googled it and looks like it may be a fistula. It seems to "close up" and go away for a while, then I can smell something and when I go the bathroom I am leaking a little bit of blood/pus from the hole. Seems to happen randomly, its opening doesn't seem to have any correlation with when I have a BM and BM's aren't bloody typically. I have been using anti bacterial soap down there frequently now and I can feel what feels like a ridge under the skin running from the hole to my anus if that makes any sense?

I am completely embarrassed. I am 28 years old and a female, someone who doesn't even leave the house without makeup and this situation is so bad. It smells, I feel like I smell 24/7 (nobody has mentioned it but I feel like I do) and I am almost too embarrassed to go to the doctor. Doesn't help that I am overweight, and though I am meticulously clean (I even use a bidet) I feel like somehow the doctor will judge me as a gross fat girl.

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Bowel Disorder :: Tense Anal Sphincter

My reoccurring problems The Cycle that I cannot seem to break.

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Chills, Nausea, Constant Pelvic Pain - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

A little background information about myself: 23 y/o female, diagnosed with PCOS at 19, suffer from multiple UTIs and kidney infections each year.

Starting in about September, intercourse would be incredibly uncomfortable and painful, causing me to cramp severely after and bleed. These symptoms became worse and worse, and I began spotting between my periods. So, after meeting with my GYN in October and her suspecting cervicitis (inflamed cervix), I had an appointment beginning of December for a colposcopy and cervical biopsy. Upon touching my cervix with a q-tip it bled out and was EXTREMELY sore to touch. Waiting on further consultation from the results, but according to my GP: pre cervical cancer cells, uterine lining infection and cervical infection.

I have now been on 2 rounds of different antibiotics with no improvement, I believe I am getting worse. Ever since the biopsy, I have bled EVERY DAY FOR SEVEN WEEKS! I have a fever that comes and goes, chills, nausea, constant pelvic pain and am extremely tired all the time.

I have been researching (bad idea I know) what could be causing all these symptoms and am thinking PID or uterine fibroids? Any advice out there?!

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Bowel Disorders :: Thick White Anal Discharge

I've suffered from mucus-coated stools and a light anal discharge for years and years, after having a peri-anal abcscess misdiagnosed as piles at the age of 17. This resulted in having an urgent operation to drain the ruptured abscess. 11 years after this surgery I was diagnosed with a multiple fistula-it was incredibly painful by this time as I had ignored the discharge etc for all those years, but it became unbearable. A year ago I had a fistulectomy, which has healed well. During the surgery they found a lump in my bowel. They took a biopsy and I was told it came back clear. For the last three months the discharge has returned-it's quite runny and not foul smelling, but I know also pass strange, fatty like things from my anus when I pee. It feels like I need to pass wind when I wee and then these bits come out, a couple of lumps of what look like slightly under cooked egg white. I am also still having mucus covered stools with some bright red blood and some darker blood when I wipe.

I really don't want to have to go through more 'camera up the bum' procedures but do you think I should?
Thanks for any help or advice anyone can offer me.

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