Insect Bites :: Skin Peeling

Jul 12, 2015

I recently was bitten or stung, not sure which, on my finger. Now, a small area on both of my upper arms has some skin peeling off. I am not sure if I should seek medical help or if it will go away by itself.

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Insect Bites :: Bloated Green Tick?

I found a tick on my back - it was very bloated, soft, and a light olive green color (almost like a small berry) and came off easily. I squished it and dark brown liquid came out. Does this have any significance? I've never seen/heard of such a thing.

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Insect Bites :: Bite Blisters And New Blisters Form Around It Days Later

What kind of illness or insect could cause small insect bites to blister on the bite site? After being bitten a blister appears on the skin at the site of the bite after a couple of days, followed by new blisters forming around this bite site a further few days later. Skin appears red and site is painful, blisters are about 1cm in diameter and half a cm in height, newly formed blisters appear much smaller. This insect bite would have been contracted in a central American country such as Guatemala.

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Burns :: Peeling Skin After Scald (hot Water) - Pink Skin Underneath

I Just need to know if this in normal. I burn myself with hot water last week. I blister formed and then busted open. I drained the yellow/ clear fluid and a small scab in a straight line formed where the blister split. The scab got peeled yesterday by mistake and then a good amount of the skin that was burned ( only about 2-4 inches of skin, may be ) peeled off. It left pink skin exposed underneath. It doesn't really hurt at all, it just itches. I put neosporin and a band-aid on it this morning. I want to know if this is normal, if its going to stay pink like that forever, and if its going to scar.

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Clitoris :: Peeling Of The Skin

I'm 20 years old and I wanted to see if i am not the only woman who has peeling of the skin over the clitoris area. It is painful and extremely embarrassing. I've tried everything to get rid of it. I tried using more lubrication during sex and just in general with coconut oil due to its antifungal/antibacterial properties. It's been like this for months, I do have genital herpes but no other indication of an outbreak that I know of...I just want to be able to enjoy sex and not be in pain. I even air dry as much as possible and only use soaps that are non irritating for the vaginal area, plus keeping the area dry. Help! I just want to feel normal.

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Bad Sunburn And Skin Peeling

hi! i just moved from germany (where there is no sun!) to texas (i'm sure you all know how that goes!). i took a motorcycle safety class and the first day we were out in the sun a lot more than i thought we would be. long story short i got a really bad sunburn on my face and neck/shoulder/collarbone area. i got the sunburn last weekend and just started peeling yesterday...

anyway i haven't had a sunburn in a very long time so i have been peeling off the dead skin myself. i didn't realize until i googled it today that i shouldn't do that i am about to go take a chilled bath... i don't have any lotions that are fragrance free or any soap like that... what should i do? will it leave a scar? how likely is infection since i've been peeling myself? i have all these pink spots now mixed in with the burnt skin mixed in with my normal skin. it's very ugly! but that's not what bothers me, i just don't want to get sick!

and don't worry i have been on top of my sunscreen since then. sunburns are no fun!

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Peeling And Pruning Of Hand Skin

I know everyone gets pruning hands if you leave your hands in water for excess time. However For the past 3 days if I do dishes or rinse something off in the bathtub for a couple mins my hands start to peel very badly and when they become dry I am left with flaky skin. I've never had issues of peeling skin or anything like this

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Penis :: Sore And Red With Skin Peeling Off

the head of my penis is sore and red. there is a small rash of bumps and looks as if the skin is peeling off.

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Flaky Red Nose And Peeling Skin

I've been having issue with my nose. some red marks sometimes, and when I touch or apply some force onto my nose, it becomes red. Every morning, my nose becomes very flaky and the skin peels off. I do use moisturizer after washing my face. It has been like this since August. But after some time when I don't do anything with my nose, it has the normal color of my skin but, it still have a bit of redness on my nose.

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Peeling Skin On Face

I am 12 weeks pregnant and my skin on my bridge of nose/eyebrows, are immediately to the left/right of nose, and on the sides of my mouth down to my chin won't stop peeling.  I have tried olive oil, coconut oil and nothing works.  I didn't experience this with my first pregnancy nor is my skin ever like this.  

I have to exfoliate in the mornings (use baking soda) and gently scrub those areas so it doesn't look so awful but within a few hours, cracked peeling skin.  I have tried not exfoliating, nothing works.

Any ideas on what I can use? do? Should I go see a dermatologist?

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Penis :: Itch + Skin Peeling

Alright so during the last two days I've been feeling that under the foreskin my penis has ben reaaaally itchy, so I've scratched it through my pants and I've never had something like this.When I showered today I saw a huge red spot on the head plus white stuff all over it seemed kind of dry and from what I could see the foreskin's been peeling.At first I thought I forgot some toilet paper from the last time I masturbated, but I don't think that's the case here.I'm a virgin if that helps.

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Penis :: Peeling Skin On My Genitals

So recently my penis was really dry and is like peeling the top layer of skin. It's on the head and the shaft, most on the top half of the shaft though. It is also red all the places it is peeling, and hurts if masterbaiting or during sex. I do not have any STD's or anything and I only had this for about 2-3 days so far.

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Penis :: Peeling Skin After Unprotected Sex

I had sex with my girl without a condom and now the skin on my penis is peeling and dry

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Breast :: Peeling Skin Around Nipple

At first my breast was really itchy so I scratched a lot and that caused the skin around my nipple to Peel. After that I noticed some liquid coming out of that area so I put a napkin inside my bra. Later, when I was trying to pull the napkin off, I noticed it's stuck to the part where it was watering. So I pulled on the napkin and it did come off. But that again caused the skin to peel and i saw yellow dry stuff on the napkin. At night instead of sticking to my bra or the napkin, it would get stuck to my shirt and it would look just like the napkin. So after a few months I visited my family doctor and he gave me a special cream to put on twice a day and if it doesn't get better I should see him again in two weeks. After 3 days, my breast was completely normal again so I stopped using the cream. But it came back again. It would start itching then the skin around my nipple would tighten and crumble. I would pull on my skin and there would be cracks on the skin. During the day, the skin would Peel and the same thing would happen all over again.

Please note that this only happens to my left breast.

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Penis :: Red Testicles With Skin Peeling Off

My balls are red and the skin is peeling off and idk what to do and I'm scared it going up my pens and I just need help and advice I'm still very young and it just happen to me like 5-6 months ago I told my parents but they don't know what to do and I put some anti fungal and it's not working. 

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Skin :: Feet Peeling / Blistering

For the last few months the skin on my heels and below my big toe has been peeling/blistering. I assumed it must be athlete's foot so started treating it but it's not going away. One blister has burst a little and silly me pulled the skin away, the new layer of skin was wet but I just put antiseptic cream on it and left it but now it's dry and turning black?

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Red Peeling Skin On Sides Of Nose

I have been suffering for months now with a bright red nose more to the sides and more on the side where I used to have a piercing. It always looks red raw and appears like the skin never heals and seems bumpy. It's constantly a combination of oily and dry flakes but these are really visible and make it look awful. I was diagnosed with acne rosacea 2 years ago as always have flushed cheeks and the doctor prescribed me metronidazole cream but this does not seem to help at all on my nose area?I have tried all types of different creams from rosacea creams to Have enough dry skin but get married next year and getting to my wits end now as even putting makeup on it looks flaky.

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Penis Skin Dry And Peeling Off By Night

I am a 37 year male.

I have been suffering this condition on my foreskin that connects the penis glan and the penis and sometimes on the glan for many months now. During the day, the foreskin appears very dry. Some white flakes will appear on the skin. Most of the time it is not itchy. By night, the mild itchiness will start. As I spray the penis with the water jet from the shower head (not overly strong current), layers of of skins around that area will 'peel-off' and the discomfort will go away. But the area looks and feel raw. It is easy to rip during sex that looks like little cuts (which hurts). As I result I have applied lots of olive oil to lubricate.

There has never been any discharge. I have had a serious dermatitis episode in that area 6 years ago. Since then similar but much milder problem appears on and off.

I have photos but not sure how to post it or where to email to for a more accurate description.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me dealing with this recurring problem !

Previously my dermatitis seems to respond to a combination of Advantan and Elidar. However lately it seems that Advantan has not worked. Currently I have not applied anything.

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Hands :: Blotches Of Peeling Skin

About a few weeks ago I noticed that my hands are peeling (Which they've never done before). It didn't start at my fingertips, it's like blotches of peeling skin all over my hands.

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Vaginal Health :: Peeling Skin Around My Vagina

I have been feeling an uncomfortable, rubbing sensation around my vagina. I went to the look at it not too long a go and it hurt to pee. I then noticed a that it was bleeding slightly, as though I've got a scratch around the area. Being a 14 year old girl, and not having had sex, I wasn't quite sure what it was. I took a shower afterwards, and the area was extremely sensitive to touch. I later discovered that the lips around the vagina (i think it's called the labia) were red. All around this area, and around the clitoris is raw and the skin seems to be peeling off. I also have very awful smelling discharge. It's a dark yellow in color, then turns brown later on. I am really worried, and have no idea what this is. I have missed two of my periods, although I think it's alright since I just started this February. As i said before, i have never had sex, is it an infection? Is there anything i can do to soothe the pain? Will it just go away?

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Peeling Skin And Swelling After Forefoot Reconstruction

I'm almost 4 weeks out from a forefoot reconstruction with four incisions - along toes 1, 2, 3, and 5. I still have two hammertoe pins that will be removed on June 7 (Thank God...I can't wait!!). The rest of the hardware stays in.

Incisions are healing nicely. I'm walking pretty well in the boot and mostly without crutches. Occasionally trying a shoe for a brief period of time.

Here's my question: My foot still swells (oops...almost left a typo saying "smells" instead of swells!) if I have it down for very long. If it gets pretty swollen and purple, then the next day, a lot of skin peels off - almost like a peeling sunburn. I wash it gently and use a cream (but was told to be careful not to get much lotion around the ends of the toes with the hammertoe pins).

Do others get this skin peeling? Any idea how long it will continue to happen? Any suggestions for preventing it or helping it when it occurs?

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