Insect Bites :: Bloated Green Tick?

Apr 17, 2014

I found a tick on my back - it was very bloated, soft, and a light olive green color (almost like a small berry) and came off easily. I squished it and dark brown liquid came out. Does this have any significance? I've never seen/heard of such a thing.

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Insect Bites :: Skin Peeling

I recently was bitten or stung, not sure which, on my finger. Now, a small area on both of my upper arms has some skin peeling off. I am not sure if I should seek medical help or if it will go away by itself.

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Insect Bites :: Bite Blisters And New Blisters Form Around It Days Later

What kind of illness or insect could cause small insect bites to blister on the bite site? After being bitten a blister appears on the skin at the site of the bite after a couple of days, followed by new blisters forming around this bite site a further few days later. Skin appears red and site is painful, blisters are about 1cm in diameter and half a cm in height, newly formed blisters appear much smaller. This insect bite would have been contracted in a central American country such as Guatemala.

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Food / Beverages :: Green Tea Vs Green Tea Capsules

Is it better to take the green tea capsules or drink the green tea.

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Insect :: Red Ant Bite Some Swelling, No Pain, But Itching

hi, i am 36 old man, 3 hours before red ant bite me at my penis skin 3 to 4 times, and it has some swelling,no pain, but itching(very little ) sometimes, so its serious or not, what should i do

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Twelve Round Bites - Shingles?

I thought I had been bitten by something from my upper abdomen around to the middle of my back, but now I'm not sure.  I have about twelve round red "bites"  that are growing and itching and very sore.  They are now odd shaped but I have no blisters.  I'm having a shooting pain in the back.  By the way, all of this starts from the middle of my abdomen, between my breasts, around the left side to the middle of my back.  The two or three in the back are the biggest and the most painful.  I can't wear a bra without pain, although I do it.  I've put calamine on the ones I can reach.  I live alone and I'm a 58 yo woman.  I did have chicken pox at the age of 6.  The places are bright red and on the big one in front, a part of it is almost numb if I rub my finger across it lightly. 

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Mosquito/ant Bites Took Too Long To Heal, And Is Still Itchy After Healing

I have had this condition where when I am bit by something, may it be mosquito or ant bites, a small blister forms around it. It is extremely itchy, and when popped, the blistered area is ulcerated. Now it does not become painful at all, but becomes more itchy. when scratched, it rarely bleeds, but becomes itchier even when the skin is obviously more damaged. When I stop scratching, the area releases clear, very slightly yellowish liquid (i'm assuming it's some sort of antibody the body releases), and it takes a VERY long time to heal.Now when i do leave it alone, it heals up and becomes brown, but the scar is still very, VERY itchy, even if fully healed.I have been researching the internet to what it may be for days now, and I have not found what it is. I have used anti-bacterial creams but it does not help. I am not sure if this could be a parasite, or could be fungal.

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Dental Health :: Canker Sores And Cheek Bites Have Red Dots In Center Of Them?

Does canker sores and cheek bites have red dots in center of them? I have a small sore inside of cheek with a red dot in center.

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Just Pulled A Tick Out Of My Vagina

I just pulled a tick out of my vagina ... It had not latched on yet so its head was still on its body. It was squirming on its back and now im freaked out. Could I have more down there? Why was it there? could that make me sick? Was my breathing hard, fever, and nausea earlier the cause of a tick down there?

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Lyme Disease :: Bitten By Tick - What To Do?

Yesterday (Saturday) I went for a cycle along a rural cycle path in Devon. When I got home and took my top off my wife noticed something that turned out to be a tick embedded in the left side of my lower chest. She removed it carefully.

I had been on a residential for three days before, in some woods, but had showered every morning and I had a long bath on Friday night and noticed nothing.

We suspect it bit me on Saturday morning but could potentially be any time from Wednesday to Saturday.

What shall I do in terms of going to the doctors / monitoring symptoms?

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Right Dull Ache With Bloated Stomach

I have a dull ache on my right side with a very bloated stomach. Anyone any idea what it could be.

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Lyme Disease :: 4 Years Since Tick Bite

I was bitten by a tick in 2010. It wasn't until this week I learnt about Lymes disease. I got the bullseye rash, and as the months progressed I had the worst flu of my life, incredibly painful episodes of back pain and neck stiffness so much so that I was given physio  and literally couldn't move my neck when i was having a flair up. I got severe headaches which made me almost pass out and so dizzy  I was sick. I had tests for labarynthitis and saw a ear nose and throat specialist but found nothing. The right Side of my face I got facial numbness and neuralgia, and my eye would twitch and go blurry. Saw an eye clinic and found nothing.

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Undiagnosed :: Viral Infection From Tick Bite?

I live near Sydney , Australia, 49 years old, normally very fit and healthy.  8 weeks ago I was bitten by a large adult tick on right shoulder while hiking. It was on me for about 24hrs before I noticed, killed and removed it.   A week after bite, chronic dull headaches started, sinus pain focussed on left side with whitish foamy post nasal drip, neck like a pepper grinder when I turn it, jaw joints clicking and stiff, darkened hollows around eyes, extreme unnatural fatigue.  Have been to 3 separate GP doctors and local hospital ED several times and they were at a loss except to give me painkillers and antibiotics. Given 4 blood tests and all returned completely normal with no markers for inflammation, serology negative for infections.  Had sinus x-ray: normal. Had brain MRI: normal  Have taken so far in sequence, Doxycycline 100, then Amoxicillin Forte with Clavulanic Acid, now on Cephalexin and Metronidazole in combination with grape seed extract.  None have made much difference except to lessen the headaches and I suppose rule out bacterial infections, so what I have is probably viral. Taking loads of vit C, garlic, horseradish, etc and resting in bed but nothing is helping. This going on for 6 weeks now, very debilitating.

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Infectious Diseases :: Tick Borne Encephalitis

I got back from a 2 month trip across Eastern, Central and Southern Africa about 6 weeks ago. A few days after I got home I felt quite unwell, fever, headache etc and I was concerned I may have contracted malaria as I wasn't brilliant at remembering to take my pills. So I got referred to infectious disease department who tested me for lots of travel related illnesses. I was negative for malaria but came back positive for tick borne encephalitis and also Rickettsia (related to African tick fever) I think.

I am actually feeling fine now but they called me in for the results ... I'm just a little confused as from what I've seen on travel health websites is that you can't get tick borne encephalitis in africa! I didn't know this at the time so I didn't say anything to the doctor. You get it in Asia and Europe..I did go to Asia about a year and a half ago but would it be possible for this to still show up in my blood?

I'm just a bit worried as I know this disease can be potentially deadly or cause lasting neurological problems and there's no treatment. I'd feel a bit better knowing I definitely caught it from the earlier trip to Asia as then I know it would have made me much sicker by now if it was going to.

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Penis :: Swollen Foreskin And Bloated After Masturbation

I went to be after choking the chicken for a good 35-40 minutes last night, and when I woke up my foreskin was swollen, no pain, it's just bloated and I'm a little worried. 

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Menopause :: Bloated Forever And Weight Fluctuation

I have had a terrible month. Seems like I have done nothing but cry. I usually have more anxiety than I do depression and most of the time I can somewhat shake it off but not this time I don't know what's different. I was having symptoms of my period but so far no show. My question is do any of you have times when you feel you have been bloated forever and does your weight fluctuate?

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Omeprazole :: Weight Gain, Bloated Abdomen And Tiredness

I have been on omeprazole for 2 years and have put on 3 stone. It stopped my acid reflux and i know some of the weight gain was due to what i was now able to eat. I have experienced pins and needles and numbness in my fingers a very bloated a swollen abdomen, tiredness and shortness of breath. I have come off them now to see what happens and haven't taken a tablet for 2 days, so far acid reflux ok but had very vivid dreams and shallow breathing in the night almost like panic attack, not sure if this is a side effect to coming off them.

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Gallbladder Removed :: Stomach Bloated And Lot Of Wind After 4 Months

Had gallbladder removed last November, and everything was fine, only issue that the surgeon had was bladder had adhered to other organs, hence look longer to remove. But all ok.

Everything was fine for 4 months, then started getting same dull ache/pain across top of my stomach. Along with this started to get bloated stomach and also a lot of wind. Lived with it for a time and started taking Buscopan again.Although have the ache during the day it gets worse when I go to bed and lie down, and can only sleep on my back.

Have been to the GP, who says it could be adhesions, however he has now referred me to the Consultant surgeon who operated on me.

Has any else had a similar experience after the operation.

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Toddler Tick Bite - Bacitracin Cream? Or Antibiotics?

I removed a tick from my 3 year old son with tweezers. I estimate that the tick was on him for 2 hours. His pediatrician recommended that I clean the bite site and apply Bacitracin. I am pretty confident the tick was on him for less than 12 hours but I worry if I should still request antibiotics.

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Skin And Hair :: Small Bump From Tick Bite

14 months ago I was bitten by a small tick. A few months later I still had a small bump looking like a pimple and it was itchy. I went to my skin doctor and he said it's nothing to worry about. He looked at it and had no further suspicions.

It is still there looking like a small pimple with fluid inside. Very Very small ! and not really red.

Should I test for Lyme ? Is there a possibility that the Tick's head is still there?

Is it possible that it is simply a scar from scratching it ? (can scars look like small pimples?)

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Tick Bite 6 Months Ago - Red Irritating Spot Reappeared

i got a tick bite 6 months ago. i did a course of antibiotics it went away for about 2 months. A small red spot reappeared and gets irritating feels like something still going on with the tick bite! Any suggestions? Natural preferably!

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