Insect :: Red Ant Bite Some Swelling, No Pain, But Itching

Jun 2, 2015

hi, i am 36 old man, 3 hours before red ant bite me at my penis skin 3 to 4 times, and it has some swelling,no pain, but itching(very little ) sometimes, so its serious or not, what should i do

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Insect Bites :: Bite Blisters And New Blisters Form Around It Days Later

What kind of illness or insect could cause small insect bites to blister on the bite site? After being bitten a blister appears on the skin at the site of the bite after a couple of days, followed by new blisters forming around this bite site a further few days later. Skin appears red and site is painful, blisters are about 1cm in diameter and half a cm in height, newly formed blisters appear much smaller. This insect bite would have been contracted in a central American country such as Guatemala.

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Sjogren's Syndrome? Pain On First Bite - Neuropathy, Blurry Vision, Muscle Pain

I came across this syndrome when searching the Internet about extreme pain I have when I take the first bite EVERY time I eat and sometimes drink. That this could be a symptom of this syndrome but I don't know. I do have some of the other symptoms, i.e. neuropathy, blurry vision, muscle pain, fatigue but these can also be associated with Type 1 Diabetes which I have. Also, came across parotid/salivary glands are affected which also can cause the jaw to ear pain I'm having. Has anyone heard that the Coxsackie virus can have anything to do with it? How do you know for sure if it is Sjogren's and what type of doctor do you see about it - a primary?

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Insect Bites :: Skin Peeling

I recently was bitten or stung, not sure which, on my finger. Now, a small area on both of my upper arms has some skin peeling off. I am not sure if I should seek medical help or if it will go away by itself.

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Sharp Nerve Pain In Groin Private Area - Vaginal Pain And Itching

Does anyone that has back problems have sharp nerve pain in their groin private area? I have had back problems for years and sometimes would get a sharp pain up my vagina. After a bad muscle strain in my back and using the elliptical machine I've had twitching and burning all over but also in my private area. Like around my **** it will twitch or vibrate, and then I will get the sharp shooting pain up my vagina and around my butt. I notice it more if I bend over that's why I thought it might be my back. I remember when the stabbing pain started I thought it was a female problem and my OBGYN said everything looked normal with my cervix and my paps have always been normal so she didn't know. She seems clueless.

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Insect Bites :: Bloated Green Tick?

I found a tick on my back - it was very bloated, soft, and a light olive green color (almost like a small berry) and came off easily. I squished it and dark brown liquid came out. Does this have any significance? I've never seen/heard of such a thing.

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General :: Lower Right Abdominal Swelling, Pain When Walking, Random Sharp Pain

Me: 20 y/o female, 5ft5, 135lbs. (I have been losing some weight so I don't think I am pregnant.)

A week or two ago I was having this weird feeling, like tugging, in my belly button it was accompanied by some sharp pains on and off. A few days ago i noticed that the right side of my tummy, starting in the lower right quarter of my belly button and going about two - three inches down and about the same to the right, maybe a bit further, was swollen. It isn't super noticeable unless you look right in my belly button because I have some tummy fat, but the right is absolutely swollen. It is not a lump, but honestly just feels like fatty tissue or water retention. It isn't very tender, sometimes it feels like there is a bruise but there isn't, there is a spot that seems more tender. I have had this sharp tearing pain but it is very random and hasn't been bed enough for an ER visit. When I walk it hurts but it is very dull.

I have a doctors apt on monday but I am worried that this could be something bad.

I am not sure if this is related but it seems like it is (TMI sort of period stuff below just a heads up...)

I usually have normal/ heavy periods that last about 5-6 days. This time it started off very light, the next day i had about 12 hours of soaking a regular tampon in like an hour and a half (this is really unusual) and then it tapered off that night. The bleeding only lasted 2-3 days and the last bit was this strange copper color as opposed to bright red or brown. This is pretty strange for me.

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First Sex And Now Pain In Penis With Swelling

I had my first sex two weeks ago and since then i having pain in my penis and there is some swelling.

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Anus :: Hot, Itching And Pain - Is It Piles?

After the bowel movement it looks like very hot around anus for at least one hour. there is little bit of pain around anus, some redness and it feels like itching. Looks like the area is swollen.It looks like it is piles but while searching i found piles is something bigger







it started around 20 days back earlier it was only a pimple like thing ....

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Knot Under Jaw, Swelling/spots Back Of Throat, Swelling Under Tongue

About 2 years ago I noticed a knot pop up under my right jaw bone. I thought it was a swollen lymph node, and it only really hurt when I swallowed and would start swelling back up every couple months on and off. Recently the knot had been swollen up more, I can always feel it, but it will swell up bigger when I am eating at times. Along with that for the past couple months you can see a sort of swelling or lumps and redness  in the back of my throat ( I don't have tonsils) but that is also on the right side. This hasn't gone away at all, even when my throat isn't hurting. I also have swollen glands under my tongue that sometimes swell more and hurt when I eat. My family doctor has put me on two antibiotics, and I did test and was treated for type C strep, but no swelling went away after that.

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Bruising, Swelling And Pain After Walking

So for nearly two years now I have had a growing pain over the ridge of my left foot, I'm almost positive that it is my extensor hallucis longus. The pain is not present when resting, unless I stretch my big toe up towards me, and is much worse if I apply a measure of force against it. Once I start to walk the pain gradually worsens until I cannot put pressure on that particular side of my foot due to it not being able to hold my weight without severe discomfort. The pain emerges the moment I start walking and within an hour maximum it will be at its peak. Once I have stopped walking, the ridge of my foot will be extremely swollen, about as large as a golf ball, dark red and bruised.

I have tried to stay off it for a time, at one point using crutches for a week, applying a bandage, stretching, loosening my laces, wearing different styles of shoes (converse high-tops are my usual preference, but tried trainers, boots and dress shoes too), applying ice to the affected area and also taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine, all to no avail. As I said, it's been just a few months shy of two years and is gradually getting worse both in pain and swelling/bruising.

Also just a small overview of my physical stature as I assume it could be of some use

23 years of age
Shoe size 11-12 (depending on the style of shoe)
Physical fitness is good.

Could anyone recommend any other course of action before I finally give in and consult my GP, and also confirm my suspicion of tendonitis, or speculate on other conditions it may or may not be?

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Pain And Swelling 3 Months After Bunionectomy

I had a bunionectomy done on my right foot in December of 2013. They had to bread the bone, shave off a good portion, and put a couple of pins in. The surgery went good and I had minimal pain for about 3 weeks after the surgery. Now I am about 3 and 1/2 months out from surgery and I am still having some pretty major swelling. I still can't wear most of my normal shoes and my socks leave indents on my foot. When I wake up in the morning it will look like it's not swollen, but by mid-morning it is swollen again. My doctor prescribed me arthrotec to get the swelling down, but I've been taking that for a month and it's not helping much so far. I am a nursing student and I'll be graduating in 6 weeks and hoping to get a job. I really need to be able to wear regular shoes and be on my feet for up to 13 hours a day.

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Hemorrhoids Flare Up :: Chronic Pain And Itching

This is embarrassing but I've been experiencing haemorrhoids on and off for at least 2 years now. I think they are external. They are big and blue. When they flare up I have chronic pain and some itchiness. They don't often bleed though. I am a 20 year old female. Two Drs have told me to increase the fibre my diet. One said to drink 3L of water per day. Clearly I haven't been very successful.

My question is what do you do to relieve the pain when you have bad haemorrhoids? I have bought Retinol cream but one of the Drs told me not to use it, I'm not entirely sure why. Also, at what point do you know if you need surgery for haemorrhoids?

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16 Year Old With Breast Pain And Itching Nipples

I am a 16 year old girl and i have been really getting pains from my left breast. You can see veins and it hurts when i lay on it. Also it sometimes itches on my nipple. 

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Dental Abscess :: No Pain, Swelling And Symptoms

At my routine check up at the dentist, my dentist advised me that I have a tooth abscess - I have no pain at all, no symptoms, no swelling, no pain with I bite on the tooth - nothing, so I've agreed to have a bridge for £800 - am I being ripped off ? They didn't offer me anti-biotics, nothing ?

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Knee Replacement - Pain And Swelling After 9 Years

i had a knee replacement 9 years ago and still have problems with swelling and pain. my Doctor says there's nothing wrong with it. i find it hard to walk and dance, i was a dance teacher and now i can't work. would like to hear from anyone else that has the same trouble.

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Slight Swelling And Pain In Hand After Breaking Finger

I recently broke my left ring finger, 4 months ago, now slightly below my index finger is a small lump that looks like it is my tendons. This lumps starts a raised line in the center of my hand, proceeds up by my index finger as well as slightly splitting off towards my middle finger. I also have light pain in my hand, especially after I do something with it. Also my finger still feels very strange to move and bring down to my palm. It also is sometimes slightly stiff. The line/lump is what I would describe to be my bone or tendons.

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Hysterectomy :: Bit Of Swelling And Occasional Internal Vaginal Pain

I'm just over 7 weeks abdominal hysterectomy, I'm pretty much up to normal activity during the day ( no heavy lifting or hoovering yet), however about 6pm i'm about knackered and start to experience general discomfort, bit of swelling and occasional internal vaginal pain....I have others at this stage experienced similar symptoms?

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Extreme Pain Bruising, Swelling And On Blood Thinners

3 days ago an object fell on top of my foot and my foot became hugely swollen and I was in so much pain that I had to go to the hospital. They took an x-ray and told me it wasn't fractured, but the blood vessels in my foot had broken and I am bleeding internally in my foot (I'm also taking warfin for another medical issue). The dr. gave me painkiller and said nothing could be done except to wait for it to heal on its own. For the past 3 days I have been on complete bed rest and have elevated my foot and place ice on it every 2 hours. I am in extreme pain and my foot is still badly swollen and now I noticed 3 medium sized bumps on top of my foot. I am also taking blood thinner due to another medical issue, so my blood is thinner than normal, so it would take longer to heal. I can't even touch my foot as it is that painful and I haven't put any pressure on it. My family dr. told me that it could take 4-5 weeks to heal. Has anyone else gone through this??? Is there anything else I can do?

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TKR :: 4 Months Post Op - Pain In Heel And Swelling In Thigh

My friend is into his 4th month of having his tkr. It's like everyday there's something new. He had noticed an indentation on the outside of his knee. He is experiencing pain in his heel, swelling in his thigh, and pain in his back. He had to stop his PT because of the pain. He goes to his Surgeon but he just says it's going to take time. Has anyone else experienced this or similar to this?

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Swelling And Pain Of Stomach - Now Urinary Incontinence

Wow, RA is the gift that keeps on giving! I'm a year in and actually was picking up well compared to last year. The meds appear to be working ok but after a rather stressful two days where I had to work longer hours than planned I'm now in a bit of a state. Last night I peed myself walking back to my hotel - came from nowhere - totally unexpected - suddenly I was peeing... highly embarrassing. And today I've had increasing belching, distended stomach and now quite a bit of pain. I've taken all the pain killers I can and really not sure what to do next. Just wondered if this rang any bells with anyone else - maybe it's nothing to do with it!!  

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