Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Twelve Round Bites - Shingles?

Jul 5, 2014

I thought I had been bitten by something from my upper abdomen around to the middle of my back, but now I'm not sure.  I have about twelve round red "bites"  that are growing and itching and very sore.  They are now odd shaped but I have no blisters.  I'm having a shooting pain in the back.  By the way, all of this starts from the middle of my abdomen, between my breasts, around the left side to the middle of my back.  The two or three in the back are the biggest and the most painful.  I can't wear a bra without pain, although I do it.  I've put calamine on the ones I can reach.  I live alone and I'm a 58 yo woman.  I did have chicken pox at the age of 6.  The places are bright red and on the big one in front, a part of it is almost numb if I rub my finger across it lightly. 

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Never Thirsty, Yet Always Dehydrated

I rarely drink anything, maybe 1-2 cups of water a day, and I feel fine. But whenever it rains or I take a shower my fingers prune excessively. People always say "Oh just drink more water!" But I cant, If I am not thirsty (which is all the time) I physically cannot drink without feeling sick!

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Hot And Cold Spells

I have hot spells and start sweating then I get back to normal for a while

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Nausea / Exhaustion?

I am 20 years old and it's been at least 4 years since I started experiencing these symptoms. I am unable to perform normally in life (I have been struggling to live normal life up until now, I can't just take it anymore.) I'm from Czech republic so pardon my poor language skills.

These are symptoms I experience:

1) sore/stiff muscles, stiff neck, my muscles slightly hurt me when I stretch

2) being weak, tired, exhausted, feeling fatigue/nausea - nowadays basically to the point where I don't get up from bed whole day if I don't have to, this can go on for months even (when I have holidays)

3) permanently yellow/orange-ish stool no matter what food I eat. Eating fried food sometimes makes me feel worse. I think I also often go to the toilet - once every 3 hours. Similar for water: I drink usually 3 litres a day through the day and my bladder hurts me very slightly all the time - the more I drink, the more it starts to hurt.

4) symptoms as if I had mild cold all the time - permanently stuffy nose, sweating (it goes like this - I start to feel cold but when I get into warm environment, I start to sweat)

5) visual snow, feeling dreamy (aka depersonalization/derealization)

6) generally unspecified weird/unpleasant/painful sensations across whole body

Symptoms never go away, no matter how much I rest (when I don't rest, it obviously worsens them a lot).

Cold weather feels very bad to me so symptoms probably get little worse when its fall/winter.

I have undergone mononucleosis over a year ago, but as I said, I had the symptoms even before. It's however possible that mononucleosis worsened it.

I have been to several medical places during this year including gastroenterology (stool/blood/gastroscopy, ultrasound of my guts), oncology (blood test, it's known that I have 2 genes that make me more prone to cancer - family origin), immunology (blood test) and infections department (blood test).

All the results were negative except the few that had border values - smooth muscle antibody and something that indicated that I must have undergone lyme disease some time ago. (and the results from oncology)

I tried taking vitamins, magnesium (with B6 and B12 vitamins or so) and supplement that supports liver function (contains choline and few other things). It does not do anything.

As of the fact that I must have undergone lyme disease some time ago, I was prescribed antibiotics for 15 days, I have been taking them for 7 days now but I don't feel any better. Well they make me feel somewhat fresher, but all  my symptoms persist.

I tried I think 2 or 3 kinds of probiotics but it did not help. I was also prescribed pills at gastroenterology to slower indigestion process (or something) 6 months ago, but I haven't started taking them yet.

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Pots Like Undiagnosed Symptoms Cause A Enlarged Heart?

My fast heart rate (sinus tachycardia) started when i was about 17-18. I was a healthy active kid up until i got dropped from high school and i isolated myself from everyone except family and literally sat in a room playing video games all day everyday. Didnt eat much, not alot of water... I was sabotaging myself and i didnt even know it. I honestly was depressed. Then came pots. My heart was plummeting to around 100-300 bpm just from walking or attempting to walk. I felt really desperate and i bet the cause of my symptoms were lack of certain nutrients, magnesium, potassium... Etc. I went to a cardiologist, got a full workup and my heart looked 100 percent perfectly normal. I then tried beta blockers (big mistake) Metoprolol was not bad, but it gave me sharp chest pains so i got off it. Could it be that these sharp chest pains were caused by lack of potassium or magnesium while taking beta blockers, which was my heart telling me this is a mistake? Long story short... I was enormously uninformed on the effects of not getting enough magnesium, potassium, etc for the heart. I would have never tried meds. The cardiologists i went to didn't even acknowledge that or test me for low levels. I didnt have a pcp at the time. Its almost 1 year later and im still in the same boat. But now, my heart does not beat the same. Compared to before, it feels as if my heart has a much more forceful and stronger pump. Which would indicate a enlarged heart, or possibly heart block? Growing up i had absolutely no awareness of my heartbeat... Even when i use to exercise. That feeling feels so distant now because it feels like im getting 24/7 palpitations. I could feel my heart all the time and i now have high blood pressure, and i didn't have this before. Will my heart ever be the same again? It feels as if i completely sabotaged my heart and precipitated heart problems that i didn't have.

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Long Term Edema

If a patient has long term generalized edema (pitting in the legs), what are the other possible diagnostic alternatives, after heart, kidney, liver and protein abnormalities have been ruled out? I've been struggling with this edema nonsense for several years, unremitting, and yet my docs are stumped when it come to diagnosis. I also have some GI motility and hormone stuff happening but they claim there's no connection between the two, although I do tend to get rid of excess fluid (through urination), on the rare occasions when my GI system seems to be functioning correctly

I'm 45 yr old male, no diabetes, thyroid usually normal range but flagged as mildly hyper at on few occasions, and low BP. I was very thin prior to the fluid retention, which averages between 20-30 pounds, by my estimation. I was also otherwise very healthy and active prior to these symptoms, but since becoming ill, I am often very fatigued and sleepy most days.

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All Shingles Symptoms But NO Rash?

I had classic shingles symptoms but never got the rash (and my doctor diagnosed as shingles).  Left side only, numbness, itching pain on one side of my neck/shoulder.  Antivirals reduced pain and itchiness but I still remain totally numb there and occasionally having itching or slight pain at 8 weeks out.

Now my lips and the end of my tongue feel different...not numb or painful but just different enough that I notice it. I am trying not to be a hypochondriac...but it worries me that it is not Shingles and something more neurological- MS...etc... My gut tells me this is all related to the shingles but.... 

Has anyone else had a similar experience with symptoms like these? 

My understanding that blood tests are fairly inconclusive..

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Lipoma, Sebaceous Cyst Or Just Edema ?

In July I noticed a lump on my left underarm.  I went to our local clinic and the Dr. diagnosed it as a lipoma or a sebaceous cyst. A few weeks later I went to have it removed. A different Dr. looked  at the lump and opted not do do the surgery because he did not feel it was a lipoma or a cyst. I was sent to do an ultrasound and a diagnostic mammogram. My breast tissue looked fine. The Dr who did my ultra sound showed me that my lymph nodes were fine. She also showed me that the lump looked to be fatty tissue. She thought it to be possibly edema, but she did not sound so sure it was. I go back in three months for a follow up visit.

As a side note, about this time I was ten days in to going from levothyroxine to nature- throid. The bump was sore at that time. I switched back to levothyroxine about 16 days ago and the bump only hurts on occasion now and not nearly as much as before.

Has anyone heard of anything like this? I am just curious. Nobody seems to know what it is and what to do about it.

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Tingly Left Index Finger

So for a few days on and off my left index finger has been tingly. It's just the tip of my finger and it is on and off. I work as a server and use my hands a lot. I've been wondering if it's just a burn. It feels like there is a string around the first joint of my finger. Not to tight but just annoying. I can still move it and feel things so it's not completely numb just a little tingly. Thanks for any help you can give

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Fatigue, Exhaustion And Muscle Aches

I'm a 28 year old male. Over the past couple years my health has been steadily deteriorating.

Physical Issues:-

- Weight gain. 1-2 years gained 40lbs. (Now closing in on 295lbs)

- Unable to lose weight. Cut calories, ate better food, worked out with a trainer 4-5 days a week, 2.5 hours a day for a month and lost 2lbs. Muscle gain did not account for the lack of weight loss.

- knee pain (for 4-5 years). X-rays came back negative.

- legs are constantly overheated, and warm to the touch.

- exhaustion, all the time. To the point where it affects my life.

- no interest in anything due to always being tired.

- caffeine has no effect. Never drank coffee in my life, but started drinking black coffee and had no effect.

- constantly feeling 'I can't', whenever something comes up.

Doctors suggestions:-

-Doctor treated this as depression. I went on Celexa for 5 months and all that did was make things worse. Increased weight gain, more tired, more emotional, more depressed.

- I also saw a psychologist for about 10 sessions, but this was not very effective as I didn't have any specific trauma events.

- blood work and urine came back normal. No thyroid issues, no diabetes, nothing.

I keep trying to get healthy, but I can't shake this 'cloudy' feeling and exhaustion all the time.

I don't know if anyone can think of what this could be? I know I need to get more active, but like I said above my body and mind keep telling me 'I can't'...and no amount of caffeine helps.

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Chest Pain With Floating Sensation During Sleep

Night before last I woke up 9-10 times with the sensation you get when you drive over a large bump in the road too quickly, or when you pass over the high points of a roller coaster.  I'm wondering if my heart is skipping a beat, or have I stopped breathing and I'm waking up trying to catch my breath?  I've had some issues with chest pain lately, and they haven't found anything yet.  They still have to do the stress test and ultrasound.  Has anyone else experienced the "floating" sensation I am talking about?  It's strong enough that it wakes me up.    

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Cramp And Heat Sensation In Back Of Lower Leg

for about a week i have had periodic "heat flashes" in the back of my right leg from the foot to the back of the knee.  Not painful, but odd sensation like hot compress being applied.  happens 8-10 times a day when i am sitting or standing.  Had a severe leg cramp, charlie horse, about 1 1/2 weeks ago so thought symptoms might be related.  went to my MD who told me no danger of blood clot (would be very severe pain, swelling, hot to touch).  said probably related to leg cramp and advised me to do more walking (i sit in an office chair all day) and to  do exercises consisting of pushing left down down as far as it will go for 5 seconds, then arching up for 5 seconds, for 10 times.  She likely due to spasms and  that hot flash is due to when blood vessels stop dilating (???). I will try this recommendation for one week and will let you know, but I am not very confident that this will work.This discussion is related to Strange feeling of heat in my leg.

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Bruised Finger Turned Black And Blue

I have a finger that is black and blue and is not going up into the top of my hand .  I do not know of anything I done that would cause the bruising.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Round Ligament Pain?

I'm 27 weeks and 4 days. And I just recently started having some pains.  My stomach gets hard,  and it feels like it's baby but I'm not sure. Then I get this little pain really close to my vajay lol . Can anyone explain what this might be? It lasts for about a minute and it's not consistent

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Hepatitis C :: When To Start Second Round Of Harvoni?

EOT 17 after 8 weeks of treatment on Harvoni. SVR test scheduled for June 17th. I just had a blood test done at another doctor and am awaiting results. If it shows virus has come back and is growing, how long before I can effectively take a second round of Harvoni treatment?

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Acne :: Small, Round, Rough Patch Of Skin On My Leg?

Okay, so for a few years I have had this patch of skin on my leg. I'm seventeen and I swear I can remember it being there for quite a while now. It has not changed in size, or color --- and it is not raised around the edges. I have had no other patches like this pop up. It has stayed in the same place since I can remember.

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Insect Bites :: Skin Peeling

I recently was bitten or stung, not sure which, on my finger. Now, a small area on both of my upper arms has some skin peeling off. I am not sure if I should seek medical help or if it will go away by itself.

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Hemorrhoid Vs. Rectal Prolapse - Grape Size Round Something Popped Out

After a bowel movement few days ago, I now have a large (large grape size), round, firm protrusion. I have always had a tiny "tag"/hemorrhoid since childbirth, which never really bothered much. But this new thing that has popped up (out, lol) is awful. It hurts to sit, touch, especially to stand up or sneeze (since such movements need to squeeze) and its difficult to bend down etc. However it does not hurt to go to the bathroom, does not itch or anything. It's just in the way and highly sensitive. The doctor's office (via email) thinks it's probably Hemorrhoid. It's just that the symptoms seem to match up more to prolapse which scares me. And will it just get better on its own, with proper diet and rest?

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Insect Bites :: Bloated Green Tick?

I found a tick on my back - it was very bloated, soft, and a light olive green color (almost like a small berry) and came off easily. I squished it and dark brown liquid came out. Does this have any significance? I've never seen/heard of such a thing.

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Mosquito/ant Bites Took Too Long To Heal, And Is Still Itchy After Healing

I have had this condition where when I am bit by something, may it be mosquito or ant bites, a small blister forms around it. It is extremely itchy, and when popped, the blistered area is ulcerated. Now it does not become painful at all, but becomes more itchy. when scratched, it rarely bleeds, but becomes itchier even when the skin is obviously more damaged. When I stop scratching, the area releases clear, very slightly yellowish liquid (i'm assuming it's some sort of antibody the body releases), and it takes a VERY long time to heal.Now when i do leave it alone, it heals up and becomes brown, but the scar is still very, VERY itchy, even if fully healed.I have been researching the internet to what it may be for days now, and I have not found what it is. I have used anti-bacterial creams but it does not help. I am not sure if this could be a parasite, or could be fungal.

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Dental Health :: Canker Sores And Cheek Bites Have Red Dots In Center Of Them?

Does canker sores and cheek bites have red dots in center of them? I have a small sore inside of cheek with a red dot in center.

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