Pots Like Undiagnosed Symptoms Cause A Enlarged Heart?

Mar 3, 2016

My fast heart rate (sinus tachycardia) started when i was about 17-18. I was a healthy active kid up until i got dropped from high school and i isolated myself from everyone except family and literally sat in a room playing video games all day everyday. Didnt eat much, not alot of water... I was sabotaging myself and i didnt even know it. I honestly was depressed. Then came pots. My heart was plummeting to around 100-300 bpm just from walking or attempting to walk. I felt really desperate and i bet the cause of my symptoms were lack of certain nutrients, magnesium, potassium... Etc. I went to a cardiologist, got a full workup and my heart looked 100 percent perfectly normal. I then tried beta blockers (big mistake) Metoprolol was not bad, but it gave me sharp chest pains so i got off it. Could it be that these sharp chest pains were caused by lack of potassium or magnesium while taking beta blockers, which was my heart telling me this is a mistake? Long story short... I was enormously uninformed on the effects of not getting enough magnesium, potassium, etc for the heart. I would have never tried meds. The cardiologists i went to didn't even acknowledge that or test me for low levels. I didnt have a pcp at the time. Its almost 1 year later and im still in the same boat. But now, my heart does not beat the same. Compared to before, it feels as if my heart has a much more forceful and stronger pump. Which would indicate a enlarged heart, or possibly heart block? Growing up i had absolutely no awareness of my heartbeat... Even when i use to exercise. That feeling feels so distant now because it feels like im getting 24/7 palpitations. I could feel my heart all the time and i now have high blood pressure, and i didn't have this before. Will my heart ever be the same again? It feels as if i completely sabotaged my heart and precipitated heart problems that i didn't have.

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Heart :: Pots With Hypertension

Does anyone have pots with high bp when standing or activity?

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Enlarged Heart Classed As Heart Failure?

Is an enlarged heart classed as heart failure?

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Rhythm :: Enlarged Heart

My 19 yr old son was admitted to the hospital on  Friday. His heart afib, His organs were failing as well. He was drinking very high caffeinated soda's as well as energy drinks daily allot of caffeine, Everyone told him to stop drinking so many. All he did was stay in his room playing video games or on the pc from 11 am til 5 am the next day. He ate well, rarely drank any water, then a month ago, he stopped eating, vomited anything he drank or ate. Then he started drinking a gal of water a day, or chewing on gum or candy. Was burping allot, then his heart was beating fast so we took him in. Now I'm told he has an enlarged heart. Where did this come from? He's the healthiest one in the family. He's had maybe three colds since birth. Could all the caffeine and other ingredients do this to him?

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Causes Of Swollen Or Enlarged Heart?

I'm 34 years old and I've been diagnosed with a swollen heart muscle. I've got a number of symptoms my GP believes are connected to the unknown underlying issue causing it (eg fluid in my lungs restricting my breathing, very low platelet count and heart palpitations). However, I'm on a 2-3 month waiting list for tests in the public hospital to determine the cause.

Does anyone know the main cause for a swollen/ enlarged heart muscle, and especially given my symptoms?

The Doctors have ruled out use of stimulants and blood pressure issues. They did mention the possibility of a diseased heart valve or perhaps a clogged artery.

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Disease That Causes Enlarged Heart?

what are the diseases that cause enlarged heart? and what can I do to help with this problem are I am doomed to die with it without notice? mine was inherited . my older brother has it and my son has it. just here lately found this out . I new about mine , but not of there's. I was told by a doctor twenty years ago after doing a stress test that the heart was slightly enlarged and he also said I had the heartbeat of an Athlete, meaning that when I worked out my heart would raise up and when I stopped it would fall back to normal beat quickly.

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X-ray Showed An Enlarged Heart

Tonight I went to the urgent care clinic because my asthma was really acting up, doctor thought it may be pneumonia, so he had my chest x-rayed. They found that I don't have pneumonia, but they did notice that my heart was enlarged. I now have an appointment with my regular doctor on Tuesday who will probably send me to a cardiologist for tests. I am 28 years old, trying to lose weight, and I am afraid I am going to die young. I can't shake the anxiety off. I am freaked out that doing any slight exercise is going to send me into cardiac arrest. I didn't mention the findings to my husband because I don't want him to be worried if it is nothing. I am just really scared and I don't know what to do or what to expect.

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Slight Enlarged Heart

I just had surgery on Thursday and I needed to get a refill of my pain meds from my GP. While I was on the phone with her I asked her what my most recent chest X-ray showed, she said my lungs were fine but it showed a slight enlarged heart. She would not discuss it with me so needless to say I'm scared I'm going to die. I have been trying to lose weight and have gone from a size 22 to a size 14/16 which is still not good enough. they sent me a letter to say that my blood pressure was up and that my last GP had diagnosed me with stage 1 hypertension.

So now I'm scared I'm going to need a heart transplant since Google said that people with enlarged hearts sometimes need transplants and surgery. I eat right and try my best to exercise and do the right thing, all my blood work is good and I don't have raised cholesterol. Can this be from my recent two month plus cardio training? Is my heat enlarging from that? I also lost over 14 1/2 lbs and have changed over to a Paelo diet. What else can I do?? I don't want it die at 42 from a heart problem

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Anxiety :: Enlarged Heart

I had a ecg and they've referred me for an echogram because they think although the ecg said normal they think I could have an enlarged heart and I'm literally so scared. Can you live with an enlarged heart? I heard that it causes cardiac arrests I'm literally so scared I'm gonna have a cardiac arrest any second

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Pregnancy :: My Baby Heart Is Enlarged

Just seen my results from my ultrasound and it said my baby heart is enlarged. What does that mean? I'm really worried...has anyone else had this problem?

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Heart :: Enlarged - Skips A Beat

I'm 16 years old and I have just now started to notice my heart beating differently, like when you're heart feels like it skips a beat but it is happening like 5 minutes or so. Also my chest has felt tight and I have been wheezing when I am running which hasn't happened before.

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Left Side Of Heart Enlarged

My wife recently was told after an echo that the left side of her heart was only pumping at 20%. Having a CT scan done in a couple days. She's 64 and a non smoker. Came on all of a sudden. Can someone explain.

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Anxiety :: Enlarged Heart - Chest Pains

I went to urgent care for chest pains I was having the night before. The doctor did an EKG, blood test, and chest X-ray. He went over all the results and said everything was okay. He went over the chest x ray and said my heart was a little bit above average size and said it was no big deal. But I went home and looked that up and it seems like a pretty big deal. Now I can't stop stressing about it and my anxiety has been awful all night and day.

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Cardiovascular :: Enlarged Heart And The Mortality Rate?

I have had heart problems for 18 months now, i haven't been diagnosed with a specific cause yet but the cardiologist is looking at Myocarditis or Heart failure. My symptoms are worse so i went the docs and he had a xray done the results said i had an enlarged heart so he now wants me to have a echo again to see what is happening. I cant seem to find much about enlarged hearts and the mortality .

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High Blood Pressure :: Enlarged Heart

My 40 year-old wife in recent months has undergone a number of tests following some weight loss. It transpires that she is suffering from hypertension with her 24hr ambulatory readings averaging at 170/110. Further diagnostic tests (ECG, echo and cardiac MRI) were undertaken and her cardiologist told her that her heart is enlarged (moderate) with impaired function (I believe ejection fraction in the region of 45%) but has not been able to identify the root cause of the hypertension. She is asymptomatic and does not have any issues in terms of fatigue, breathlessness, swelling, etc.

She has been prescribed 5mg Amlodipine, 5mg Ramipril and 2.5mg Bisoprolol. The Cardiologist has told her she will be on medication for longevity and that improving the condition will take a long time. Her blood pressure has already come down to 132/84 which the cardiologist was very pleased with. She will be seeing him again in 8/9 weeks with a follow up echo in 4/5 months.

In terms of the diagnosis, the cardiologist has referred only to hypertension but having read and aligned the symptoms of the enlarged heart and impaired function, is it not heart failure.....? Also, what is the prognosis for an enlarged heart caused by hypertension, especially in someone of 40 years of age.....can the enlarged heart and function return to normal over time with the medication?

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Cardiovascular :: Enlarged Heart - Operation To Repair

I have a relative who has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart.  My father died of an enlarged heart 25 years ago. so its in the family.

I am an engineer so I can understand a simple explanation that if your heart gets bigger but the muscle doesn't get stronger then the pressure it can pump falls away and you have a problem of insufficient blood flow and low blood pressure.   Drugs that make the heart work harder are only going to wear the muscles out faster unless you can make them grow so they are again in the right proportion to the heart size.

One drastic solution I heard of is that instead of making the muscles grow or just work harder we make the pump back to its old efficiency.   Heart too Big?  Then just make it smaller.    The idea is that the surgeon just cuts a wedge out of the muscle and sews the remaining heart back together.   It all then heals and you have as good as new,    I can't imagine what you do while it heals but I am only an engineer and I expect the heart experts to have such issues covered.   After all swapping a heart out is now routine.

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Cardiovascular :: Xray Showed A Enlarged Heart

I was told by my GP yesterday that I may have Heart Failure due to the results from my xray showing I have a enlarged heart. She sent me today to have a load of blood tests one being the BNP,NT-pro. I am really scared as my sister died of a heart attack last November without warning. But I am really annoyed has she had the results from the x ray since the 1/4/15 and I only could find out on the 16/4/15..Has anybody found out this way before and what is the prognosis I get everyone is different. But in general.

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Never Thirsty, Yet Always Dehydrated

I rarely drink anything, maybe 1-2 cups of water a day, and I feel fine. But whenever it rains or I take a shower my fingers prune excessively. People always say "Oh just drink more water!" But I cant, If I am not thirsty (which is all the time) I physically cannot drink without feeling sick!

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Hot And Cold Spells

I have hot spells and start sweating then I get back to normal for a while

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Nausea / Exhaustion?

I am 20 years old and it's been at least 4 years since I started experiencing these symptoms. I am unable to perform normally in life (I have been struggling to live normal life up until now, I can't just take it anymore.) I'm from Czech republic so pardon my poor language skills.

These are symptoms I experience:

1) sore/stiff muscles, stiff neck, my muscles slightly hurt me when I stretch

2) being weak, tired, exhausted, feeling fatigue/nausea - nowadays basically to the point where I don't get up from bed whole day if I don't have to, this can go on for months even (when I have holidays)

3) permanently yellow/orange-ish stool no matter what food I eat. Eating fried food sometimes makes me feel worse. I think I also often go to the toilet - once every 3 hours. Similar for water: I drink usually 3 litres a day through the day and my bladder hurts me very slightly all the time - the more I drink, the more it starts to hurt.

4) symptoms as if I had mild cold all the time - permanently stuffy nose, sweating (it goes like this - I start to feel cold but when I get into warm environment, I start to sweat)

5) visual snow, feeling dreamy (aka depersonalization/derealization)

6) generally unspecified weird/unpleasant/painful sensations across whole body

Symptoms never go away, no matter how much I rest (when I don't rest, it obviously worsens them a lot).

Cold weather feels very bad to me so symptoms probably get little worse when its fall/winter.

I have undergone mononucleosis over a year ago, but as I said, I had the symptoms even before. It's however possible that mononucleosis worsened it.

I have been to several medical places during this year including gastroenterology (stool/blood/gastroscopy, ultrasound of my guts), oncology (blood test, it's known that I have 2 genes that make me more prone to cancer - family origin), immunology (blood test) and infections department (blood test).

All the results were negative except the few that had border values - smooth muscle antibody and something that indicated that I must have undergone lyme disease some time ago. (and the results from oncology)

I tried taking vitamins, magnesium (with B6 and B12 vitamins or so) and supplement that supports liver function (contains choline and few other things). It does not do anything.

As of the fact that I must have undergone lyme disease some time ago, I was prescribed antibiotics for 15 days, I have been taking them for 7 days now but I don't feel any better. Well they make me feel somewhat fresher, but all  my symptoms persist.

I tried I think 2 or 3 kinds of probiotics but it did not help. I was also prescribed pills at gastroenterology to slower indigestion process (or something) 6 months ago, but I haven't started taking them yet.

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Lymphedema :: Multiple Enlarged Nodes In Neck With Various Symptoms

I am a 40yo female. Within the last year I haven't been feeling well. I noticed swollen lymph nodes on each side of my neck months ago (at least 6 months, maybe longer). Then found one behind my right jaw underneath my ear. That one is very hard, not moveable and seems to be getting bigger. Had an ultrasound that showed 3 that were about 1.5-2cm. 3 without echogenic hilum. The ultrasound report said they can not be sonographically characterized as benign. So they did an FNA on the two largest. They refused to do it on the hard and fixed one. Came out benign. Right before the biopsy one had also become enlarged in the back of my neck. I'm seeing a different doc now and he doesn't understand why the hard one wasn't biopsied so I am going to go for that soon. As far as symptoms, I am exhausted and weak. Had a headache about 2 months back that lasted for 3 weeks straight, now it's a few times a week. Have had side pain behind my left ribs and below for 3 months straight. Now it's on and off. Can't eat much without feeling incredibly full, for at least 6 or more hours afterward. Have stomach pain and diarrhea. And have recently had upper stomach pain where. I can't lay in my stomach.  In October i lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks without trying. I am again starting to drop weight. I have had night sweats on and off for a long time and they are now constant every night. I can't seem to get comfortable even throughout the day. I either feel like it's 100 degrees or I have chills. My CBC showed elevated WBC. It was 11.2 and about a month later increased to 12.8. I've been having chronic eye infections for about a year as well as chronic yeast infections every month. I've been tested for Lyme, mono, HIV, Syphilis (which I new would both come out negative) all negative. Thyroid is normal. Just had a chest x ray that was normal. Waiting to have the second biopsy. Have been having pain in my clavicle region. It's a strange feeling, almost like I'm not sure where it is coming from.(muscle, bone??) I also vomited last night out of nowhere for no apparent reason. My eyesight has become more blurry in the last 2 weeks. It seems crazy that all this is going on with me. It gets very frustrating always feeling like garbage. I am starting to become worried and my doc suggested that if we can't figure it out I should maybe see a hematologist.  The hard node is what is very concerning to me and to my GP. The ENT I went to sent me for the 1st biopsy but seemed to be quite dismissive. I won't be going back to him. From the first appointment, I felt as though he wasn't really listening. My GP is determined to get to the bottom of it, which I am grateful for. He also has said that he thinks all these symptoms are related to one thing. He said there is no way he would say that it is anxiety related because he feels my neck nodes, has seen my eye infections, has seen that my wbc are abnormal, etc. I may push for an excisional biopsy. Has anyone been through this constellation of symptoms? I would be grateful to anyone who would reply with opinion, experiences, or suggestions. I'm at such a loss.

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