Lymphedema :: Multiple Enlarged Nodes In Neck With Various Symptoms

Jan 28, 2016

I am a 40yo female. Within the last year I haven't been feeling well. I noticed swollen lymph nodes on each side of my neck months ago (at least 6 months, maybe longer). Then found one behind my right jaw underneath my ear. That one is very hard, not moveable and seems to be getting bigger. Had an ultrasound that showed 3 that were about 1.5-2cm. 3 without echogenic hilum. The ultrasound report said they can not be sonographically characterized as benign. So they did an FNA on the two largest. They refused to do it on the hard and fixed one. Came out benign. Right before the biopsy one had also become enlarged in the back of my neck. I'm seeing a different doc now and he doesn't understand why the hard one wasn't biopsied so I am going to go for that soon. As far as symptoms, I am exhausted and weak. Had a headache about 2 months back that lasted for 3 weeks straight, now it's a few times a week. Have had side pain behind my left ribs and below for 3 months straight. Now it's on and off. Can't eat much without feeling incredibly full, for at least 6 or more hours afterward. Have stomach pain and diarrhea. And have recently had upper stomach pain where. I can't lay in my stomach.  In October i lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks without trying. I am again starting to drop weight. I have had night sweats on and off for a long time and they are now constant every night. I can't seem to get comfortable even throughout the day. I either feel like it's 100 degrees or I have chills. My CBC showed elevated WBC. It was 11.2 and about a month later increased to 12.8. I've been having chronic eye infections for about a year as well as chronic yeast infections every month. I've been tested for Lyme, mono, HIV, Syphilis (which I new would both come out negative) all negative. Thyroid is normal. Just had a chest x ray that was normal. Waiting to have the second biopsy. Have been having pain in my clavicle region. It's a strange feeling, almost like I'm not sure where it is coming from.(muscle, bone??) I also vomited last night out of nowhere for no apparent reason. My eyesight has become more blurry in the last 2 weeks. It seems crazy that all this is going on with me. It gets very frustrating always feeling like garbage. I am starting to become worried and my doc suggested that if we can't figure it out I should maybe see a hematologist.  The hard node is what is very concerning to me and to my GP. The ENT I went to sent me for the 1st biopsy but seemed to be quite dismissive. I won't be going back to him. From the first appointment, I felt as though he wasn't really listening. My GP is determined to get to the bottom of it, which I am grateful for. He also has said that he thinks all these symptoms are related to one thing. He said there is no way he would say that it is anxiety related because he feels my neck nodes, has seen my eye infections, has seen that my wbc are abnormal, etc. I may push for an excisional biopsy. Has anyone been through this constellation of symptoms? I would be grateful to anyone who would reply with opinion, experiences, or suggestions. I'm at such a loss.

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Lymph Nodes :: Enlarged Under Right Jaw - Molar Infection?

I have had an enlarged lymph node under my right jaw for over a year now, i have had biopsies, blood work, ct scan, x-rays, pet scan, took antibiotics, and the doctors still don't know what it is, it does not hurt, but i can feel it every once in awhile when i swallow, and i seem to have a lot of throat problems whenever i get sick, i'm a healthy 26 year old male and workout 4 days a week, but the one thing that i think, may be an issue is that i have had a bad molar tooth right above where the node is. i'm not 100% sure my tooth has been bad the whole time i've had the swollen node, but i am starting to think this can be the problem, the doctor told me that its a possibility it could be the problem, but i'm tired of being ran around by these doctors, i went to the dentist and he told me there was a slight possibility that the tooth is causing this, but i'm afraid the dentist will tell me anything to spend 3000 on a root canal, i do not want to get it removed with surgery unless it absolutely necessary ...

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Swollen Lymph Nodes Head, Neck And Jaw

I feel dizzy and have swollen lymph nodes on my neck all the way back along my jaw and along the right side of my neck there is just a line of swollen tissue and well as on the back of my head. this has been going on for a couple months and I just found out I have a bladder infection. Could this all just be from the bladder infection?

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HIV :: Lots Of Symptoms Except Swollen Lymph Nodes

can I have lots of hiv symptoms and do not have swollen lymph nodes?

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Pots Like Undiagnosed Symptoms Cause A Enlarged Heart?

My fast heart rate (sinus tachycardia) started when i was about 17-18. I was a healthy active kid up until i got dropped from high school and i isolated myself from everyone except family and literally sat in a room playing video games all day everyday. Didnt eat much, not alot of water... I was sabotaging myself and i didnt even know it. I honestly was depressed. Then came pots. My heart was plummeting to around 100-300 bpm just from walking or attempting to walk. I felt really desperate and i bet the cause of my symptoms were lack of certain nutrients, magnesium, potassium... Etc. I went to a cardiologist, got a full workup and my heart looked 100 percent perfectly normal. I then tried beta blockers (big mistake) Metoprolol was not bad, but it gave me sharp chest pains so i got off it. Could it be that these sharp chest pains were caused by lack of potassium or magnesium while taking beta blockers, which was my heart telling me this is a mistake? Long story short... I was enormously uninformed on the effects of not getting enough magnesium, potassium, etc for the heart. I would have never tried meds. The cardiologists i went to didn't even acknowledge that or test me for low levels. I didnt have a pcp at the time. Its almost 1 year later and im still in the same boat. But now, my heart does not beat the same. Compared to before, it feels as if my heart has a much more forceful and stronger pump. Which would indicate a enlarged heart, or possibly heart block? Growing up i had absolutely no awareness of my heartbeat... Even when i use to exercise. That feeling feels so distant now because it feels like im getting 24/7 palpitations. I could feel my heart all the time and i now have high blood pressure, and i didn't have this before. Will my heart ever be the same again? It feels as if i completely sabotaged my heart and precipitated heart problems that i didn't have.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Stiffness And Pain In Neck / Back Of My Head

Just joined and recently diagnosed with RRMS.

I am going out of my mind with worry over some unpleasant symptoms I have been having the last six days.

It started with stiffness in the right side of my neck and at the back of my head, similar to a tension headache but more severe. I have intermittent pain in my right ear, occasional muffled hearing, my neck feels sore to touch, especially at the gland. When I lie down or lean forward/bend over, I have a whooshing sensation in my ears like I can hear the blood pumping.

I have felt dizzy and unsteady at times with waves of nausea.

As I have had no follow up since being diagnosed by the Consultant and have not had an appointment to see an MS nurse yet, I consulted some online MS sites to try and make sense of the symptoms. I thought I may have a muscle spasm and mentioned it to my GP when I saw her on Friday. I was 'told off' for Googling symptoms and told to "stop trying to hang everything on MS".

She ruled out an ear infection or virus and said it was more muscular, however, poo-poo'd a spasm and said it was more likely it was muscular tension following the diagnosis, worrying and getting myself worked up.

It is a different pain to the tension I am used to and tension has never caused me to feel off balance and nauseous. I was given a five day course of diazepam to relax the muscles, however, have only taken one at bedtime on 3 occasions as I need to be able to drive and function at work. They haven't helped particularly.

I was given a 5 day course of Methylprednisolone, 500 mg by the consultant, for neuropathic pain, I finished these last weekend (26th June). A friend who has RRMS suggested it could be side effects of the steroids as her neck and face always swell after she has taken a course and she feels unwell for weeks afterwards.

I am finding it really difficult to function, I just want to lie down all the time and can't get anything done. It's causing me massive anxiety not knowing what is causing this.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Symptoms After 50?

I have noticed some symptoms that I have developed in recent years that I believe to be symptoms of MS. I am 62, female and concerned that I may have the disease. It's affecting my arm, hand and head and I didn't put it together until I went to a yoga class and it just came to me to check out the symptoms. I have been having tremors, spasms, sometimes painful, in my arm for a few years and it's gotten progressively worse. Last year I noticed my head would shake if my arm was in a certain position. I went to an orthopedist and he said it was due to an old cervical fracture so I let it go. I am going to see my primary doctor and ask for their opinion. But I would like to know if I'm too old to develop MS.

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Sjogren's Symptoms Vs. Multiple Sclerosis

I just want a little input from people who have a sjogren's diagnosis. I have a lot of symptoms that my Dr first thought were from MS. I've had all the tests and that's been ruled out. I've had a low positive RA factor for years so the neurologist sent me to a rheumatologist. He thought without swollen joints and no treatment for years after dx that it's not RA. He did more bloodwork and xrays of my hands, feet and chest. I go back to see him Aug 6, so no info yet. My question is do you have these same symptoms? Leg pain, tingling in legs feet and hands, can't tolerate heat, migraines, brain fog, itchy rash on my chest and arms, Epstein Barr virus, leg cramps, b12 and vit d deficiency that I'm taking shots and supplements for and extreme fatigue.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Symptoms Improving With Xanax

I've been having MS symptoms for nine months. I've seen three doctors and no one could find anything so I asked to see a neuro which I will do later this month.

I have mirror image (symmetrical) numbness on my hands and feet every day. I have patches that feel tingly that come and go on various spots on my left side. I often have shaky legs and fingers and feel unsteady.

I have shooting pains in my left arm about once or twice a month and my arms get weak when carrying 2 pounds or greater.

I am a nervous flyer and was prescribed xanax for a cross country flight. Xanax dramatically decreased my numbness and my shaky limbs felt fine.

Would xanax take away my symptoms if I in fact have MS? I also am an avid runner and have been able to keep running through this entire 9 month ordeal. No leg exhaustion. Would this be possible?

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Anxiety / Multiple Sclerosis - Strange Physical Symptoms

I am writing this post after over 20 years of being worried about getting MS having been around my beloved Mum who has had it since I was 5 (I am now 33).

As a child I really suffered from bad anxiety, clearly related to my Mum being ill and in pain around me and my parent's relationship very slowly breaking down. This would come and go, but included a lot of missing school, night terrors, panic attacks, feeling ill when nothing really wrong etc. When I was 22-25 it really came to a head and I suffered terrible panic disorder. After months of therapy (talking it out and CBT), it went away and I was able to live my life again. I felt like a new person.

BUT, last year my father left my Mum which was a huge strain on me and more recently my mother has been very ill and in hospital for weeks after a bad relapse. I got extremely stressed travelling to and from the hospital every day and also trying to sort funding, hurry up the social services and hospital nurses that were so overstretched Mum's care was appalling (not their fault, but the NHS cuts) and then I had to sort a new care home for her that would look after her properly with proper nursing.

Anyway, for the past few months I have been having some very scary symptoms and I really want to believe that they are anxiety related and that my nervous system has been under so much stress that it isn't computing properly and me telling myself my worst fear, but I also need to be sensible and realise that my chances of getting MS are higher than the norm having an immediate relative with it. And I suppose I have been thinking about it all my life and I am sure that must have a long lasting effect on people.

I would say that I am experiencing a lot of symptoms all at once, I am not sure if these can occur through pure stress and anxiety as they are so physical! I have spent my whole life not reading about the disease or symptoms, only being around my Mum (lifting her, putting her to bed, sorting district nurse appointments constantly, caring for her during two MS trials she did years ago (which didn't work. Again hugely stressful etc etc) - and I think that reading about it all now would send me off the rails!

My symptoms include tingling in left hand and right leg, headaches, heavy feeling leg that is stiff when I sit down for long periods of time, strained feeling in eyes (recent eye test ok though) constant painful neck (helped by Osteo), light feeling in arm, chest pains, itchy feeling as if bugs crawling on my legs when I lie in bed...

The doctor has checked my blood and all was fine, checked my reflexes and everything seemed OK. I do think I should be referred to a Neuro but I am TERRIFIED.

I have had too much stress and worry and all my friends say I cope so well, but it is just a front, I don't think I can go through with an MRI and the worry of waiting to hear what I think I have expected all my get MS like my Mum.

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TMJ :: Possible Symptoms (Daily Headache, Ansicoria, Sore Neck)

So i have been posting in an anxiety forum for a while, because initially my doctor diagnosed me with Generalized anxiety disorder over a fear of a brain tumor because of the following symptoms;

-constant headache/pressure that started about 3 months ago

-noticed that my pupils at times are uneven (my right one at times is about a Millimeter or more dilated than the left) this is usually most noticeable in the morning, but can catch at certain points in the day

These symptoms sent me to an urgent care first, who ordered a CT scan. The next day i had a panic attack and was so sure i had a brain tumor. I rushed to the ER where they gave me the CT scan w/o contrast, came out normal. I then met up with my GP, who after looking through the ER report, diagnosed me with GAD. The timeline makes since because in the last 7 months i have had a massive promotion at work, had my first daughter and have an increasingly stressful relationship with my wife. I also had an optometrist look in my eyes, he noticed the uneven pupils but reported that they respond normally to light, and that the discs in my eye do not show pressure and my optic nerves look good.

So i am trying to overcome my obsession with thinking having a BT. I have a neurologist appointment in 2 months, and hopefully then i can get some peace of mind. but until then i am trying to find other possible explanations for my symptoms.

Since the initial onset of this condition, i have been put on several medications to control the anxiety and help with focus;

zoloft 100mg

Klonopin 1.5 mgs a day

Trazodone 50 mg for insomnia

adderall xr 20 mg for ADHD

along with the medication, i have seen an increase in side effects/symptoms, at this point its hard to tell which is which because of all the meds;

-Headache seems to focus behind/above my left eye

-Tingling in right hand, sometimes pinky ring finger only, other times top of right hand, though this has subsided in the past few weeks

-shooting pain in left temple

-seeing stars at random intervals, usually white, but occasionally purple in my field of vision

-feel off balance/dizzy

Now i know that's a long backstory, but i feel it necessary to explain the whole situation. Now i know i have TMJ, my jaw clicks constantly, and loudly when i fully open my Jaw. I also experience lockJaw 3 or 4 times a year, usually due to stress. My jaw also gets sore sometimes when chewing. So although i have not been officially diagnosed by a doctor, it is safe to say since my mom and 2 of my siblings have been diagnosed, i have it too. Now my question is, could TMJ coupled with stress cause most or all of the problems i have listed? primarily a constant headache? If anybody has experience anything like this or has any advice for me, i would greatly appreciate any comment you can give.

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Spinal Cord :: Neck Clicking, Crackling. Pop Rocks Sound When Walking After Neck Adjustment

I went to physical therapy for TMJ 4 days ago, I'm 31 years old. While massaging my jaw the physical therapist went on to my neck, and without me knowing out of nowhere cranked my neck super hard and it popped 3 times on the left side. My neck has been stiff on the left ever since with some pain and when I walk I hear loud clicking crackling/pop rocks sounds in my neck right before it meets the shoulders. Did he injure me? anyone else experience this? will it go away.

I was so upset he cracked my neck like that he isn't even a chiropractor but said afterwards when I got upset with him that he knows chiropractor movements.

I've never been to a chiropractor so I don't know how it compares but it seems really hard and forceful when he did it. Its weird that when I move my neck I don't hear the sound, only when walking. Someone please advise me on this.

Also what type of doctor should I see for this issue, i'm going to schedule an appointment tomorrow, but don't know the type of doctor who would be best. My GP just gave me ibuprofen and said it should go away on it's own.

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Propranolol :: Dizziness, Neck And Upper Back Pain, Tingling Gums, Sore Neck Glands

Had stroke 13 years ago. Have suffered anxiety ever since. Mainly dizziness. Recently came off citalopram after 8 years, started on sertraline. Never felt worse in my life......including severe diarrhea. Dr now stopped sertraline and put me on propranolol one week ago. Still feel awful and dizziness possibly worse. Will anything ever work?

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Sinusitis :: Back Of Neck/side Of Neck Stiffness / Swelling?

I've had chronic severe sinusitis for a couple years now and now am bedridden from it from being too weak and toxic feeling. Anyway, Most of my infection is on the left side and I have swelling on the left side of my neck and swelling/stiffness on the back of my neck too.

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ENT :: Lumps Spread Down My Neck, Ear Pain, Stiff Neck

i have lumps in the back of my neck. It started with one and then spread down my neck. it makes my ear hurt makes my neck very stiff and the pain shoots into my shoulder also there is no marks on my skin showing any bug bites or anything like that. any idea what it could be?

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Neck Pain And A Small Lump In Neck

I have had pain on the left side of my neck for about three years now. About 4 months ago I felt a Marble size bump on the same side as my neck pain. My neck pain does not stop me from doing things. I can move it side to side and up and down etc. The neck pain is more like a pain that doesn't go away but like I said it doesn't stop me from doing things. What could this be? Can anyone help me with this? I have a doctors appointment at the end of September.

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Fullness In My Ear With Prominent Lymph Nodes

For the past few weeks I've had what I'd describe as a fullness in my ears, more so my right than my left, slight ringing In my ears, dizzy and the lymph node just under my right ear is slightly more prominent when I touch it than the left. I just wondered if anyone else has had similar?

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Swollen Lymph Nodes (all Over Body) For Years

I'm a 21 year old male. About three years ago I started having different lymph nodes in my body swell. Its at the point now where everywhere in my body there are swollen lymph nodes that have been swollen for years. It seems there is lymph nodes pus that has accumulated in areas as well. The places include my neck, back of head, private area, and more. I'm really scared and worried. None of the places really hurt, and its been like this for years. What does this mean. Will i just be able to take antibiotics or something to stop the spread of these lymph nodes from swelling. What is the problem that I have.

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Lymph Nodes :: Jaw / Collarbone Slowly Getting Bigger

I have recently found two swollen lymph nodes, one above my collarbone and one at the top of my jaw under the ear (not sure what this one is called?) both on the right. I have had night sweats for about 18 months, very run down and tired, and itchy armpits of all things. My doctor is thinking lymphoma so done blood tests and chest xray which came back fine. I am being sent to see a hematologist so just waiting for the appointment. Im guessing a biopsy is going to be the only answer to if it is or isn't lymphoma, i'm trying not to worry, hopefully it will all be fine.

My question is, the lymph nodes are slowly getting bigger every day, not by much but they seem to be growing. Is this somewhat normal? Or could this be a sign that it is somehow getting worse?

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HIV Risk :: Unprotected Oral - Lymph Nodes Swelling

I'm a 23 year old male who received unprotected oral about 6 times total on and off for about a year or less after the 5th time my groin lymph nodes swelled up for a couple of days then my penis turned a weird shape like swollen just before the head of my penis a couple months after I got what looked like acne between my inner thighs my hands started to inch on and off and sometimes my feet. The person I was with claims their clean and gets tested "regularly" and they are hiv negative and they said I shouldn't be worried but I have terrible anxiety and depression to begin with and get a lot of panic attacks during the day and worry about stuff randomly and so I'm constantly googling symptoms and it's freaking me the hell out please can anyone help me please!!! I posted this on the std community and they said it's a super low risk of catching anything at all and hiv through oral is no risk a specialist told I just need some reassurance

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Cancer :: Swollen Lymph Nodes And Liver Not Functioning

I have had swollen lymph nodes now for around 6 months in my neck head and behind my ears.

My Liver Function is 3 times higher than what it should be and is getting higher every blood test I have.

My spleen is swollen.

Im suffering night sweats and breathing difficulty.

I am suffering severe headaches and my head is swollen all over the shape of it changes weekly with one side swelling or the top swelling etc.

My vision has depleted considerably over the last six months.

I am suffering ear ache because the nodes behind and in front of my ear are pressing against it.

My Doctor sat on this for 5 months saying it must be an infection and it would go down. When two nodes popped up in the top of the back of my head 2 weeks ago he booked me in for a biopsy on the nodes in neck and for some blood test and a x-ray on my chest.

My bloods have just come back and for the first time in the last 6 months the test for glandular fever has come back positive. I am still having a biopsy and my doctor suspects it is not just glandular fever.

I have been reading up on lymphoma and personally think I have lymphoma of the brain. Could anyone give me a second opinion on this I would really really appreciate it. I am 20 year old fairly fit male.

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