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Mar 23, 2016

In the last week of Jan I was diagnosed with a bad kidney infection and given a weeks antibiotics (can't remember the name). After 2 weeks feeling no better I went back to docs with a sample and the infection was still there and given 3 day course of antibiotics (naturfranton (not sure of spelling)) and was told to come back again the next week with a sample. This time the sample was clear but a week later I was back with flank pain and generally feeling unwell, there was no infection in urine but I was sent for blood tests to test my kidney function etc and sent for an ultrasound. All of these tests came back clear. 2 weeks later back again feeling unwell, nausea, pain around bladder, upset stomach and received 3 day course of trimethoprim. I finished this course and finally felt normal only ten days later to be back with nausea and kidney pain and I am currently on a 5 day course of amoxicillin.

I'm not sure if this infection is one that will just not go away or recurring infections.Has anyone else ever had this problem and what did it take to get rid of the infection? I,ve never had kidney infections before and never had antibiotics before this ( I am 18 ) any help is welcome, I am sick of being sick at this point.

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Kidney / Bladder Infections :: Wearing Panties Causes The UTIs?

Can wearing panties cause the uti's?

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Kidney :: 19, Suffering With Bladder And Kidney Infections For Years

Hello I am 19 years old I have been suffering with bladder and kidney infections since I was 14. I was admitted to hospital to find out what was wrong with me nothing could be found, I think I have tried every antibiotic under sun...nothing seems to help, I suffer with them every few mounts or so on and off.

When I fall ill with one I'm very ill it puts in bed for days with terrible pain and fever, I'm young and starting university very soon...I don't know anyone who suffers as bad as me and I struggle to get to the doctors a lot with being a full time student, it's so unbearable and frustrating can anyone help?.

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Urology :: Repetitive UTIs And Kidney Infections?

I have never really posted on any board before, so I don't know what to do or what to say. But. I am currently experiencing my 6th UTI and the pain is beginning to radiate to my back already; I believe I have a kidney infection. I just turned 18 years old during the holiday and I never really had a problem with UTIs until 8 months ago when I had my first kidney infection. It was the worst pain I had ever experienced. I had the UTI for a week prior and I was just using monistat since that had worked for me the one other time I had one, and when the pain reached my back I didn't tell my mom until three days after and I was taken to the hospital right then. Anyways, they gave me strong antibiotics and sent me on my way home after hours of IV tries and ultrasounds. The antibiotics worked wonderfully and I finished the bottle like instructed. After a few weeks I had another UTI, so I went to see my doctor and I was given more antibiotics. I didn't think anything of it and I just took my medicine as instructed.

My third and fourth UTI snuck up on me about three and a half weeks after my second and that was when I was kind of worried. I know something is not right, but I don't have an ob/gyn to consult with as I'm not sexually active (but I will be making an appointment with one and getting a referral for urologist). So I went to my doctor again and I was diagnosed with a kidney infection and sent off with more antibiotics and that single pill that clears up the uti (i don't remember the name). I thought that it had finally worked and I was going to be a-okay until Dec. 23rd when I got my fifth UTI. I went to the hospital, was given a shot (a steroid, maybe? All I know is that it burned) and it cleared up until the day after my birthday on the 28th. I haven't been able to get out to my doctor yet for antibiotics and I'm not a fan of hospitals so now I'm beginning to have flank pain all the way up to beneath my right shoulder blade.

This was rather lengthy but Is there anything that could be causing these recurrent UTIs and kidney infections that I should bring up to my doctor? Because whenever I go there, I pee in a cup and get sent home with antibiotics and "this will nip it in the bud!" but it's back within a month. I'm probably not wording myself right (it's 2AM) but I just want to know if anyone else has had this and what worked for them/their diagnosis?

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Kidney Stones In My Bladder Won't Come Out

I was diagnosed with a 5mm kidney stone. I had a ct scan and was told it was close to my bladder and it would pass in a few days.after another episode of horrible pain I then began experiencing the urge to urinate constantly with not much output. I am pretty sure the stone has moved into my bladder but it hasn't come out yet.I am drinking a lot of water to try to flush it out. How long should it take to come out once it reaches the bladder?

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Kidney And Bladder Full Of Stones

I have just had an ultrasound and I was told that my kidney is full of large stones and that I need an xray due to there being a long thin black shape in there also; plus my bladder is full of stones as well.

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Bladder Not Functioning At All After Kidney Stone Removal

My husband had a kidney stone removed November 2015. It was extremely large and dense. The surgeon was only able to blast 1/2 of stone, and a second procedure was scheduled. In the interim, his bladder stopped working. We are not sure if it was a pre-existing condition due to his Type 2 Diabetes. He is 6'1 and currently weighing 165. He is not a heavy man, and his Diabetes diagnose was only discovered from a Life Insurance test. He has had it for 15 years. After an stone attack in July, he knew it was time to finally attend to this stone. His urologist had been telling him for a very long time that he had an enlarged prostate and was also retaining urine after he emptied his bladder. As I said, he was told these issues, but life was "too busy" for him to take care of it. 

Subsequently after the attack, he sought a second opinion. This new surgeon (very prestigious surgeon) told me husband his prostate was not enlarged. "Music to his ears!" after years of being told it was, even though he had all the symptoms of enlarged prostate. You tell a man that, there's no looking back. He also did an ultrasound at initial consultation, and he said his bladder was empty. That was it!! Surgery was scheduled. I'm not even sure if they read his records that were sent over from his previous urologist. Seventy-seven days later, my husband has been catheterized. The second 1/2 of stone was removed, the stent removed, and he spent two days in hospital recovering after second surgery and experiencing extreme pain with bladder spasms. He has had the bladder test, and nothing. We have removed catheter weekly, wait, and then the pain is so severe, he needs to be catheterized immediately. Last time his bladder had 1400cc from 9:00am to 1:00pm. I had to rush him down to Dr.'s office. My husband is 57. He's a young guy still, and I am afraid he will never get full function of his bladder. He will begin self-catheterization next week, and we will be looking into another specialist in the city. He has suffered from spasms, UTI's, weight loss, and I feel helpless.

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Kidney Disease :: Prep For Lithotripsy (Kidney Stones) - Magnesium Citrate

Is it me or is this stuff a waste of time?

I've had obout 20 lithotripsy's in 15 years of having continuous stones. They've never gotten my kidney completely empty of stones ever. I've had lithos, ureterscopy, PCNL. On meds but they can't seem to stop them from growing. I avoid alot of the things that cause stones or limit them. Got to have the 1 cup of coffee in the morning

On the day before litho, your suppose to eat light ( nothing that leaves residue in bowl) but they say you can have white bread or boiled chicken. (Why bother?) I usually only eat jello, gatorade, and just broth. Plus tons of water. The instructions say to drink the magnesium of citrate after dinner. Well to me dinner is after 6/7. But I thought this time I would take earlier since last time didn't start to move the bowels until i was in the hospital. Plus this stuff is awful- taste bad- even refrigeration like they suggest doesn't really help. Twice in past I threw it up.

So I took at 5 pm thinking it would work earlier. Nope. Nothing. Just stomach cramping and it finally started around 5 am after me getting up every hour during night. Still was working again while in hospital.

There has to be something better (tasting) and work faster. Plus less side effects. Or they should change instructions & say take a noon. Next litho (in 2-3 months) I'm taking a 1/2 day off day before and taking at noon. Maybe then can get a little sleep the night before procedure.

Sorry- felt like ranting as frustrated as its been two full days since litho and nothing passing yet. Plus I have a bad back (2 surgeries) which makes it hard to do the exercises where you drink 2 cups water, wait 30 minutes, then elevate kidney @ 45 degrees and stay like that for 30 minutes to try and get the pieces to move.

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Kidney Failure :: Protein In Urine With Chronic Kidney Disease

I was just wondering if anyone has protein in their urine with Chronic Kidney Disease and what did your doctor do about it if anything.  I am trying to keep my GFR stable.  The last time it went up a bit but am worried about the protein causing more damage quicker.

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Kidney Disease Without Protein In Urine? Kidney Failure?

Is it possible to have CKD or kidney failure without protein in urine?

Last week my masseuse found a knot in my back that she suspects could be inflammation in my kidney. I've had some weird symptoms popping up over the last month like foot/ankle swelling, profound fatigue, leg cramps and blurry vision. This last week though I began developing SEVERE flank pain (like 9 on a 10 scale), back pain (started out lower, now entire back), horrible nausea, horrible headaches, shooting pains down my legs, metallic taste in mouth, dizziness and loss of appetite. Not to sound melodramatic but I feel like I'm dying. The pain is constant but the intensity seems to be moving in 24 hour cycles. Today I feel awful but I was able to shower/get dressed. Yesterday I couldn't even get out of bed. I slept for 16 hours. It's been going in that pattern for the last week and a half.

My doc did a urine culture last week, got results today and there was no protein in my urine, but I had 3+ ketones and a large amount of leukocytes. Blood work from a month ago just came in and my kidney numbers were off a month ago: BUN (32), Creatinine (1.8), eGFR (33). Between the symptoms and the blood test I'm thinking it sounds like renal failure, but could it be CKD without protein in the urine?

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Kidney Stones :: Staghorn - Filled My Right Kidney

Thursday morning I spent the night in the ER with a kidney stone in the left kidney -- when they did a CT Scan - they came and told me that they made an "incidental finding" in the right kidney that is a problem -- they have discovered that I have a "Staghorn" kidney stone that has attached itself and almost completely filled the right kidney. He said that I will not pass it and now my GP has made me an appt. with a Nurse Practitioner at the urologist's office for Tuesday morning to discuss my options. What are my options going to be?

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Kidney Stones :: Calcium Deposits In My Kidney

A while ago I had kidney stones, I was sent for a scan after, upon returning to my GP for the results of my test, he told me there were calcium deposits in my kidney that could mean I have another on the way, I've been trying to keep well hydrated and doing all I can to prevent a recurrence, because they're damn right evil, I've got away with it for quite a while now, last night I was woke up with the same pain I had when I had kidney stones, I sat on the toilet and waited for the pain so subside, it seems to have gone again for now, I was just wondering if I'm supposed to avoid eating foods rich in calcium, I'm also lactose intolerant and with all this I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to en up deficient in calcium.

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Kidney - Low GFR For A Year, Now Went Down To 51

I have had a low GFR for a year now but recently it has went down to 51 and I'm passing urine a LOT more often and feel I've a pinching pain under my right rib.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Kidney :: Creatinine Is At 4.1mg/dl?

My mom was having problem with vomiting for like 3 years.Anything she ate she vomited.This had up and down intensity. About 6 month ago we saw a gastronomy dr and he did endoscopy and the result showed h pylori. he did not prescribe antibacteria right away.Instead he prescribed among other medicine Domperidone BP 10 mg to stop the vomiting .After a month he gave pylocure (AMOXICILLIN + CLARITHROMYCIN + RABEPRAZOLE) for 14 days.My mom did not take them then.Then one day she had chicken wings at night and blood showed up in stool the later morning. We took her to doctors and did a colonoscopy, it showed she had polyp and ulcer. This time we finished the 14 day triple therapy and she ate according to a chart i made,no oily or spicy food or fatty food.Yesterday we did another endoscopy and it showed the bacteria was gone,at least I think so as the result shows everything normal. But mom was very weak and throughout the 14 days she was taking the antibacterial she had been vomiting only water. Her mouth tasted bitter. She stopped taking anti bacteria from yesterday and no more water vomiting till now. She was very weak and we admitted her to a hospital. The dr did some tests and it showed she had Creatinine at 4.1mg/dl . She also had low sodium and dr said to take table salt.

She has been taking for diabetes and other problems like :1.oramet 850 mg( Metformin hydrochloride 850 mg)

2.osartil 50 Losartan Potassium USP 50 mg

3.Mecolagin Chewable Tablet: Each tablet contains Mecobalamin INN 0.5 mg.

4.Jointec Max is a combination of Diacerein and Glucosamine for the treatment of osteoarthritis and joint pain.

For h pylori and vomiting:

5. pylocure (AMOXICILLIN + CLARITHROMYCIN + RABEPRAZOLE) she stopped that now

6. omidon(Domperidone BP 10 mg)

After dr saw the creatinine level, he stopped Mecolagin and gave another chewable tablet Simethicone 40 mg

Now she is taking :Simethicone 40 mg,oramet 850 mg, Domperidone BP 10 mg,table salt

Dr also gave her Emistat 8 mg injection and Esonix 40mg Inj yesterday only.

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Kidney :: My BUN 23 And Creatinine 38.3

So I'm a little worried only because I'm a worry wart. I got my blood results back from the doctor today and was emailing him and he says I have nothing to be worried about but this is the first time I've ever felt like I need a second opinion with him. When I reviewed my results the only items that stuck out to me was that my Monocyte was 7.2, BUN 23, and the one that worried me most of all was my BUN/creatinine was 38.3.

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Kidney Stones In Men - Can't Cum After Sex

I know this is probably a place for guys but I cannot find anywhere else to post this it is Last Monday me and my boyfriend went to the ER and they diagnosed him with having kidney stones... he got a cat scan and all that and they said the stone was almost in his bladder... they put him on loratab and flomax i think.... Well Tuesday or Wednesday we did "our" thing and everything was fine well here these past 2 or 3 days if he attempts to get his self off or if I try he cannot cum at all we have tried everything too make him cum and it will not work...

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Want To Have A Baby With 20% Kidney Function

Falling pregnant after having a transplant for 25 years and 20% kidney function. What r the risks?

I have recently got engaged and my fianc and I would love nothing more than to have a child, however my renal specialist has advised my against falling pregnant due to the risks and it may send me into renal failure.

Does anyone have any info on this or any similar experience with this?

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Kidney :: VUR In Adults? Need A Transplant?

I had my right kidney removed 3 year ago. It was atrophic and only functioning at 19%. They could never explain what happened to it. Right after my daughter was diagnosed with VUR and had to have it repaired. Recently after a stay in the hospital for an infection in my only kidney, they said they found VUR in my kidney. I have not had anymore test yet due to waiting on my insurance. My questions are. Can they fix it? If not will I need a transplant? Am I a good candidate for a transplant Because I also have AIH?

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Kidney - Diagnosed With CKD Stage 3 (GFR 48)

I have just been diagnosed with CKD stage 3 (GFR 48) and I can't understand why. I have low blood pressure and don't have diabetes. I am slim fit and healthy and age 52 so not that old. I also have a low white blood count. Can anyone shed some light? My GP does not seem worried, and so nor should I be, but I feel uncomfortable not knowing what has caused this.

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Stage 3 Kidney Disease, Having A GFR Of 34?

How can I improve my Stage 3 kidney disease, having a G.F.R. of 34?

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Kidney Disease :: Lithium Use And CKD

Does anyone have any experience with this topic?  I was told I have stage III kidney disease due to lithium use. Is there a  likelihood  that it can be stopped in this stage because it was caused by a medication, or will it follow the same course of progression as other causes?

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