Want To Have A Baby With 20% Kidney Function

Aug 18, 2013

Falling pregnant after having a transplant for 25 years and 20% kidney function. What r the risks?

I have recently got engaged and my fianc and I would love nothing more than to have a child, however my renal specialist has advised my against falling pregnant due to the risks and it may send me into renal failure.

Does anyone have any info on this or any similar experience with this?

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Loss Of Kidney Function Due To Aging?

I'm confused about my blood test results. My GFR is 89. My BUN is in the normal range and my creatinine is also in the normal range. Do I have kidney disease or is my loss of kidney function due to aging? I'm 64 years old. My doctor's office sent my results to my home address and said everything is o.k. I think the GFR should be higher.

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Low Kidney Function Is A Risk General Anaesthetic?

I have just found out I have low kidney function and am due to have a shoulder operation in June. Will low kidney function have any effect on GA risks?

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Slightly Low Kidney Function :: Pain In The Butt ?

Have blood in urine slightly low kidney function and CT scan showed smaller left kidney have mild ache in the left side also experiencing heavy chest and one big heart beat every so often which comes and goes. Now I have a strange feeling in my left bum cheek like a numb pulling sensation its very hard to describe and not letting up. Anyone have any similar symptoms. Awaiting an MRI next week.

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Amiodarone For Cardioversion - Damaged Kidney / Renal Function

i was put on this awful med, prior in for a Cardioversion , i have never been so ill in my life, it was strong dose, three a day, then two a days for second week then one every day after that. Since the first day I was nauseated,ulcers in my mouth, old sores at the corners of my mouth I lost 1 stone in weight,and couldn't, I persevered, with the Cardioversion at end. I went to get bloods and ECG prior getting the procedure, and I got a phone from the cardiac nurse to say my renal is only about 50 per cent,so cancelled and go to my Dr, I had more bloods, then later in the day I got to say go to the renal ward in hospital, probably for a few days. Might say I had routine bloods taken in April and no problem. Apparently my kidney's function is now at 29 percent. I am now waiting for a biopsy from my kidney!!! It's galling to think I have never drank and never smoked in my life and now this.Strangely they took me off the needs immediately, but theŷ  never admit it was the Amiodarone. I am left with probably  irreversible renal function, and still have PAF.....

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Coming Off Diazepam - Not Able To Function

We'll I'm afraid iv had to go back up to 5mg again,I think I was trying to come of them to fast, after 22 years,I wish I'd never taken even one, I was told by my gp that cutting down 1 mg a month,I'd be fine,got down to 3 I've never experienced anything like this in my life,I was lying on the floor,not being able to function,I'm now being referred to a shrink,to see,what's wrong with me,when in fact there's nothing wrong with me,apart from,I can't seem to get of these tablets,as they do stuff to your brain,chemical imbalance or something,I'm, still going to try again,but,very slowly next time,

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COPD :: Stage 2 With 61 Percent Lung Function

I was told way back in August of 2013 I had copd. Smoked for 33 years. Started when I was 13. Did stop smoking in October. Now on 12 meds daily and get out of breath doing just about anything. I own a lawn mowing biz but getting harder and harder to do my job and getting ticked off clients because I cant keep up. Have been getting real depressed about everything. Someone told me to keep a daily blog about my life with copd. Started that about a month ago. Its somewhat therapeutic, it at least lets me get stuff off my chest so to speak. And maybe someone will read it and go hey i'm going through the same crap. In my case its hard to find folks going through it or those that do who even want to talk about it. So if your getting depressed i would recommend doing a blog. No one may ever read it, but you will be able to get out all the stuff you want to say. Thanks for listening and i hope you find what you're looking for. 

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Progesterone To Help Regulate Sphincter Of Oddi Function?

Does anyone out here have any experience with using progesterone to help regulate the function of the Sphincter of Oddi?

My history: I am a healthy and active 132lb, 42 year old female, but I have been having pain in my upper right shoulder, neck and collarbone for three years now that has really curtailed my life and work. I have tried massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, drugs, strength training, chiro, all with no results. Recently a chiro noticed that my gallbladder area was tender and mentioned that gallbladder problems can refer pain up to the right shoulder area through the phrenic nerve. When I started tracking my pain and food I did notice a connection with pain in my shoulder and my right lower ribs as well (which I had been hiding with lots of ibuprofen). An ultrasound, blood work, and HIDA came back normal (at least that's how the doc reads it), but I'm still having pains when I eat oily foods. So now I am thinking I might have problems with the sphincter and with bile backing up creating pressure on the phrenic nerve. Another symptom is that I am now also having pains on my left side which could be the pancreas being impacted, which shares the common duct and sphincter.

So my question stems from the fact that I had a hysterectomy several years back and have only been on estrogen replacement. I've recently found out that progesterone is important for relaxing the Sphincter of Oddi muscles as well as gallbladder function (as well as many other things). When my nutritionist suggested a few months back to use Progonol, a progesterone cream, it did have a positive effect on the pain within two weeks, but it also caused acid reflux (it also loosens the valve between the esophagus and the stomach), so I had to stop taking it and now we are trying to figure out the best way to introduce it back into my body.

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Pregnancy 6 Weeks :: Earliest You Felt Baby Movement On Second Baby?

On baby number 2 when was the earliest you felt movement and kicks. I'm only 6 weeks and getting nervous because i haven't had any symptoms only snackin all the time.

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Liver :: Normal Function And Ultrasound In Early Disease?

I read that you can have normal liver function and ultrasound with early liver disease. If that is the case, how are you to find out in order to take corrective action?

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Side Effects :: Topamax - Compromised Liver Function?

I am a 30 year old mother of two and I've been a migraine sufferer since I was 16, where this used to be occasional a few months ago they became more frequent, occurring about 3-5 times a month with headaches in between. Up until this point in my life I never felt the need to be on any kind of medication for them, at this point I was desperate. I was popping Excedrin, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Advil, whatever I could get my hands on just to function. After a trip to the ER to receive a nice little "migraine cocktail" to relieve my pain, I scheduled a visit with my PCP who sent me to a neuro.

This is my second trip to a neuro. Two years ago, I had an incident where out of the blue, my speech became garbled, I couldn't make any sense out of what I was saying and moments of my memory were erased. I was sent to a neuro then too (a different one) by the same PCP who did a quick little physical to be sure I hadn't had a stroke and sent me on my way. At this appointment, the doctor attributed my migraines to stress given I'm a single mother, prescribed me Topamax in addition to Imitrex to take PRN. She started me on 25mg to take twice a day for two weeks. After two days I started noticing weird side effects, tingling down my left arm and feeling like I didn't have full control of the arm. My index finger would move by itself, twitching (which is frustrating when you have to type for a living). The next side effect was my inability to form a sentence, again, very frustrating! I knew exactly what I wanted to say but for the life of me could not spit it out! I called the doctor's office, the doctor was out but they said they would relay the message and call me back. When they did they said she wanted me to stay on it but take it at night to reduce the side effects. Two weeks later it was time for me to double my dose, now I was taking 100mg daily.

I have now been on Topamax for a month and I am having tons of bruising on my arms, legs and hips with no explanation, hair loss and today I noticed my eyes are yellow. I went to E Care and they are running tests on my liver functions and have ordered me to stop the medicine cold turkey, hoping for no bad side effects of that because I can't take any OTC medications.

Has anyone else experienced liver damage from Topamax?

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Menstruation :: Primolut N Did Not Delay My Period (function / Event At Home)

January 8th is my Period date as per previous month. wanted to delay my date as there is a function at home. Started taking Primolut N from Dec 25th and from Jan 4th started using Regestrone with Doctors Suggestion. But i have got my period on Jan 6th though i'm using pills. Why pills did not work over me? I'm really upset.

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Blood Pressure :: Stress Test - Hyperkinetic LV And Hyperdynamic LV Systolic Function

I am a 31 year old female who was diagnosed with POTS in 2008 at that time I had a normal stress test and has always been able to tolerate my heart rate going up however over the last month I have become short of breath and have been developing chest pain with minimal activities such as showering. I had another stress test on Friday and I was only able to walk 3 1-2 minutes and became short of breath and developed chest pain also my heart rate was 98 at the start and got up to 164 then it took 2 hours to recover that's right 2 hours not 5-8 min and they had to give me iv fluids then I was sent on my way. The report showed hyperkinetic LV and hyperdynamic LV systolic function. All the dr said was it was essentially normal.

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Proton Pump Inhibitors - Raised Liver Function Test Results

How I wish that I'd never been prescribed these horrid drugs. I've found them to be addictive and dangerous and I'm having a lot of trouble getting off them. I have joint and muscle pains, constipation, suffer a dry mouth, throat and eyes now I have raised liver function test results.

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Kidney Disease :: Prep For Lithotripsy (Kidney Stones) - Magnesium Citrate

Is it me or is this stuff a waste of time?

I've had obout 20 lithotripsy's in 15 years of having continuous stones. They've never gotten my kidney completely empty of stones ever. I've had lithos, ureterscopy, PCNL. On meds but they can't seem to stop them from growing. I avoid alot of the things that cause stones or limit them. Got to have the 1 cup of coffee in the morning

On the day before litho, your suppose to eat light ( nothing that leaves residue in bowl) but they say you can have white bread or boiled chicken. (Why bother?) I usually only eat jello, gatorade, and just broth. Plus tons of water. The instructions say to drink the magnesium of citrate after dinner. Well to me dinner is after 6/7. But I thought this time I would take earlier since last time didn't start to move the bowels until i was in the hospital. Plus this stuff is awful- taste bad- even refrigeration like they suggest doesn't really help. Twice in past I threw it up.

So I took at 5 pm thinking it would work earlier. Nope. Nothing. Just stomach cramping and it finally started around 5 am after me getting up every hour during night. Still was working again while in hospital.

There has to be something better (tasting) and work faster. Plus less side effects. Or they should change instructions & say take a noon. Next litho (in 2-3 months) I'm taking a 1/2 day off day before and taking at noon. Maybe then can get a little sleep the night before procedure.

Sorry- felt like ranting as frustrated as its been two full days since litho and nothing passing yet. Plus I have a bad back (2 surgeries) which makes it hard to do the exercises where you drink 2 cups water, wait 30 minutes, then elevate kidney @ 45 degrees and stay like that for 30 minutes to try and get the pieces to move.

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Kidney Failure :: Protein In Urine With Chronic Kidney Disease

I was just wondering if anyone has protein in their urine with Chronic Kidney Disease and what did your doctor do about it if anything.  I am trying to keep my GFR stable.  The last time it went up a bit but am worried about the protein causing more damage quicker.

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Kidney :: 19, Suffering With Bladder And Kidney Infections For Years

Hello I am 19 years old I have been suffering with bladder and kidney infections since I was 14. I was admitted to hospital to find out what was wrong with me nothing could be found, I think I have tried every antibiotic under sun...nothing seems to help, I suffer with them every few mounts or so on and off.

When I fall ill with one I'm very ill it puts in bed for days with terrible pain and fever, I'm young and starting university very soon...I don't know anyone who suffers as bad as me and I struggle to get to the doctors a lot with being a full time student, it's so unbearable and frustrating can anyone help?.

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Kidney Disease Without Protein In Urine? Kidney Failure?

Is it possible to have CKD or kidney failure without protein in urine?

Last week my masseuse found a knot in my back that she suspects could be inflammation in my kidney. I've had some weird symptoms popping up over the last month like foot/ankle swelling, profound fatigue, leg cramps and blurry vision. This last week though I began developing SEVERE flank pain (like 9 on a 10 scale), back pain (started out lower, now entire back), horrible nausea, horrible headaches, shooting pains down my legs, metallic taste in mouth, dizziness and loss of appetite. Not to sound melodramatic but I feel like I'm dying. The pain is constant but the intensity seems to be moving in 24 hour cycles. Today I feel awful but I was able to shower/get dressed. Yesterday I couldn't even get out of bed. I slept for 16 hours. It's been going in that pattern for the last week and a half.

My doc did a urine culture last week, got results today and there was no protein in my urine, but I had 3+ ketones and a large amount of leukocytes. Blood work from a month ago just came in and my kidney numbers were off a month ago: BUN (32), Creatinine (1.8), eGFR (33). Between the symptoms and the blood test I'm thinking it sounds like renal failure, but could it be CKD without protein in the urine?

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Kidney Stones :: Staghorn - Filled My Right Kidney

Thursday morning I spent the night in the ER with a kidney stone in the left kidney -- when they did a CT Scan - they came and told me that they made an "incidental finding" in the right kidney that is a problem -- they have discovered that I have a "Staghorn" kidney stone that has attached itself and almost completely filled the right kidney. He said that I will not pass it and now my GP has made me an appt. with a Nurse Practitioner at the urologist's office for Tuesday morning to discuss my options. What are my options going to be?

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Kidney Stones :: Calcium Deposits In My Kidney

A while ago I had kidney stones, I was sent for a scan after, upon returning to my GP for the results of my test, he told me there were calcium deposits in my kidney that could mean I have another on the way, I've been trying to keep well hydrated and doing all I can to prevent a recurrence, because they're damn right evil, I've got away with it for quite a while now, last night I was woke up with the same pain I had when I had kidney stones, I sat on the toilet and waited for the pain so subside, it seems to have gone again for now, I was just wondering if I'm supposed to avoid eating foods rich in calcium, I'm also lactose intolerant and with all this I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to en up deficient in calcium.

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Kidney Problems :: Kidney / Bladder /UTIs

In the last week of Jan I was diagnosed with a bad kidney infection and given a weeks antibiotics (can't remember the name). After 2 weeks feeling no better I went back to docs with a sample and the infection was still there and given 3 day course of antibiotics (naturfranton (not sure of spelling)) and was told to come back again the next week with a sample. This time the sample was clear but a week later I was back with flank pain and generally feeling unwell, there was no infection in urine but I was sent for blood tests to test my kidney function etc and sent for an ultrasound. All of these tests came back clear. 2 weeks later back again feeling unwell, nausea, pain around bladder, upset stomach and received 3 day course of trimethoprim. I finished this course and finally felt normal only ten days later to be back with nausea and kidney pain and I am currently on a 5 day course of amoxicillin.

I'm not sure if this infection is one that will just not go away or recurring infections.Has anyone else ever had this problem and what did it take to get rid of the infection? I,ve never had kidney infections before and never had antibiotics before this ( I am 18 ) any help is welcome, I am sick of being sick at this point.

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