Labia Minora Is Red - Used Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream

Mar 25, 2015

I used bikini line hair removal cream today which indicated that it was okay to use in the shower. I used it only on my upper pubic area and around the bikini line and was careful to remove the cream and then thoroughly rinsed my pubic area. I noticed afterwards the the inner part of my labia minora is very red. It isn't in pain and it doesn't itch but I'm worried that this might lead to an infection. Should I be worried about this?

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Large Labia Minora And Laser Hair Removal For Bikini Area

I want to remove my bikini area pubic hair however I'm extremely embarrassed to go as I have large labia minora hanging down and they show while I'm standing and my legs are closed is that normal

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Vagina :: Lump On Labia Minora

I noticed a lump on my labia minora a few months back, at first i thought it may be a pimple or ingrown hair but i dont think thats it from the research i done. This lump is the size of a pea. it does not hurt and is not painful. I have been examining and watching this lump for any changes but have noticed none. its just a lump that causes no pain or discomfort.

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Women :: Bleeding Itchy Bump On Bikini Line

Okay so I am pretty worried. I shave my bikini line every now and again when needed. This morning i woke up with a little spot in my underwear that was bleeding. I haven't shaved in a few weeks. I checked down there to see what was up and right on my left side of labia there was a red bump. It feels really smooth and it is a tad bloody. It also itches. I AM NOT SEXUALLY ACTIVE.

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Vaginal Health :: Lump In Labia Minora

I'm 17 about to be 18 in a week and a couple of days ago I found a pea size lump on my labia minora. I wasn't sexual active until 2 months ago. My boyfriend has been checked for stds and he was clean. Its fairly hard, skin colored, and can hurt a little if its touch. I did try to pop it and a little pus came out. However it hurt so I stopped.

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Vagina :: Pea Size Lump On Right Labia Minora

I have a pea like swelling on my right labia Minora, It's been there for past 4 days and is the same size and same color as the rest of the area. there is no head formation and is painless unless i touch it.the swelling is near the clitoris , i have been soaking it in warm water but no help. I have researched  on this but unlike other comments it cannot be drained or cut.please help if someone has experienced a similar thing.

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Hard Red Lump On Left Labia Minora

Recently I felt some irritation on my left inner labia, nothing major just some general irrigation. For the last 3 days I've been at my boyfriend's and we've been having intercourse about twice a day, there is now a clear hard bump a little smaller than a pea on my labia that isn't painful just uncomfortable, it is pretty red and is localized to this one spot. It feels as if there is something hard underneath the skin like a pimple or a cyst. What could this be?

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Bikini Line Vulva Area - Too Many Ingrown Hairs And Scars

I am 16. Female. Never done anything sexual so i am 100% sure this is not a std or anything of the sorts. SO, i started to shave young (pubic hairs..bikini line, vaginal area) at 12 or 13. And ever nice i started i would get these in grown hairs. I am half black - so i guess i am prone to that (curly hair growing inwards). But now almost my entirety of my inner thighs are covered with these dark marks and scars. And too many ingrown hairs. I am too embarrassed to go swimming, I never wear shorts because you can see them.  Also I have these sick pimples down there...  Waxing - - the scars are still there! When i was younger - i was dumb enough to pick at them and.. well it is just getting worse over the years. !

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Pain Right Side Of Bikini Line

I was wondering if anyone else had pain. It's on the right hand side of my bikini line and is very painful.

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Pain On Both Sides Of My Bikini Line

I am 11 weeks post op. Yesterday I started with pain on both sides of my Bikini line still got it today now the pain is really bad. Since UFE I have had these pains but only when I am on a period. This time there is no bleeding my last period was 2 weeks ago and the previous one was 2 weeks early. I had UFE done Jan 18. January and February periods where heavy but a month apart. This is the first time I have had the pain without the period wonder if anyone else has had this. Gonna get some pain relief of GP just wanted to know if this is normal.

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Black Lump On The Labia Minora, Near The Clitoris Area

I just found a little black lump in my vagina (on the labia minora, near the clitoris area), and it's scaring me a lot! I'm a virgin so I guess it's not some STD. It's black, but when I shower it gets pale, like, grayish...It looks like a blood blister or a seed, and it's kinda hard. It doesn't itch or hurt, only when I touch it, it feels a little more tender to the touch. but I'm very scared! I'll go to the doctor asap but, if anyone can give me a clue of what it is, I'll be less worried...I can't even sleep thinking it might be something serious or that it won't go away (it's disgusting ).

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Vagina :: Painful, Swollen Lump On Labia Minora

Hi! I am a 23 year old female. 3 days ago I felt irritation in my vaginal area. I looked at it and I have a swollen lump in the front area of my labia minora, like near my clitoris. It feels like it has fluid inside, and it is the same color as the skin around it. I'd say it is the size of a small marble. It is very annoying and I am getting concerned since it hasn't gone away yet. My period also started that day so I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Fusion Of Labia Minora And Majora

I am 33 years old and have just been diagnosed with LS.  I also have been diagnosed with vitiligo.  I really have no symptoms other than loss of color and a little bit of fusing of my minora to majora.  The doctor prescribed me Clobetasol to use twice a day and then he said we will monitor it and eventually use it twice a week.  Since I have not experienced pain with sex and my opening is good he told me to continue having sex.  I have really read nothing but horror stories online.  The doctor made it out like I will use this cream and it should control the LS.  I know this a life long diagnosis and there is no cure.  My question is...will my LS progress even with treatment?  Plus, what is a flare up? 

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Sexual Health - Women :: Three Lumps Near My Lower Area On My Bikini Line

I have Three lumps near my lower area on my bikini line and red soreness near the lumps , the lumps are all different sizes can u help?

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Skin :: Hive Like Rash On Bikini Line And Inner Thigh Area After Shaving

I shaved with a razor that was a little rusty. I Didn't realize this until after I was done... Ive developed this strange rash...its itchy. Not raised or open sore. Looks somewhat like blotches of birthmarks around my bikini line. Its lighter when my skin is dry. Right out of the shower it turns more red. Outline is a darker red. Inside is lighter shade....?

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Pain On Both Sides (bikini Line) - 7 Weeks Post Op

I'm now 7 weeks off the 6 month mark. Today is not a good day had pains both sides of my bikini line even the meds won't shift them. Thought I was past this fed up.

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Vaginal Health :: Scabs/open Sores On The Outer Edge Of My Labia Minora

The outer edge is a bit swollen or it might even be a lump. At first I thought it was dry but now there are like 3 or 4. They are flat too.

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Epidermoid Cysts :: Sebaceous Cysts On Bikini Line Area

I have 2 sebaceous cysts on my bikini line area near my rear end. They have both gotten infected and I put ice on them to bring down the inflammation. When the infection was gone, I put hot compresses on them to help get them to form a head and when they started to drain, I helped by squeezing them. I have been using antibacterial soap in that area and they haven't come back so far.

When I was first diagnosed that these were sebaceous cysts, my OB GYN had said that it was best to not have surgery because of their location. She had prescribed antibiotics - which didn't help.

I didn't see a lot of comments about cysts by females in the bikini line region, so I wanted to share my experience in case someone else has them in that area of their body. I wish there was an easier and less painful way to get these suckers off of me, but I have yet to find a way.

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Cream/method That Removes Back Hair Permanently?

Can you get a cream/method that removes back hair permanently?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Hair Removal

what did you do when you couldn't access "down below" anymore?

If I don't shave after the hair grows in for a couple of days I tend to be uncomfortable and now annoyed since I can't remove and my husband is too nervous too.

A bit nervous to go to a salon or spa and expose myself, but it may be the only option.

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Folliculitis :: Hair Removal?

Does anyone know if hair removal is available on nhs for Folliculitis?

Suffered with with this for nearly 3 years and nothing works. Suffer with it on my genital area which is now spreading to my inner thigh. Ive been prescribed washes which don't seem to help and umpteen amounts of antibiotics. Antibiotics help for short while but then just comes back. Sick of this horrible condition which leaves me in a lots of pain as well as intense itching. In process of using pure tea tree oil which seems to have helped on a few of the spots but not on others. Would really like an end to this condition but have been told there is not much else i can do. Doing lots of research online has told me that laser hair removal is very effective for folliculitis but ive also found out it can be quite expensive. I hope one day i will be rid of this condition but until then i guess i will just have to suffer and battle on.

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