Lactose Intolerance Anyone? Pain In Upper And Middle Abdomen

Feb 29, 2016

I have been diagnosed recently with this as an adult. I am a little confused as my pain is in my upper abdomen, right in the middle, about 2 inches above my belly button and below the ribs. Anyone else get pain here?

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Pregnancy :: Anyone Developed Lactose Intolerance

Has anyone developed lactose intolerance while pregnant? And did your baby have it after being born? My husband has always been lactose intolerant and just recently I've become the same way and wondered if it was actually the baby's way of making me avoid it..

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Diverticula :: Wheat, Lactose, Sugar Intolerance

i was diagnosed with significant diverticular in jan 2013 each time I have a flare up I require augmentin antibiotics these flare ups seem to be every 2/3 months now hence I am left with horrendous ibs due to the antibiotics .  Today I went to a natural fitness centre as I could not convince my gp I thought I had food intolerances now. I biofeedback scan was done on me and the results were wheat intolerance lactose intolerance and refined sugar intolerance!!!!!! My question is my ibs is not constipation or diarrhoea just the need to have BO a lot especially after meals but I have been told by drs I need a high fibre diet to prevent the pouches becoming infected how can I have this type of diet if I am intolerant to wheat ?

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Fatty Liver :: Feeling Of Swelling, Bloating And Pain In The Upper Right Abdomen

Last week I went to the hospital because my stools were black. They tested for blood but found none. Blood tests showed slightly elevated liver enzymes so they did an US and diagnosed me with fatty liver. That evening I began to notice swelling/faint pain in my upper right abdomen. I thought it was because of all the pressure from the US. It's been a week and it seems it's only gotten worse. Pain/swelling feeling extends from below the rib cage, don't my right side and i also get intermittent pain in my right lower back.

Once I got the diagnosis I changed my diet and stopped drinking. I'll be honest I used to eat horribly. Fast food, frozen meals, high fat, sodium and sugar. I became almost addicted to minute maid lemonade and drank 1-2 liters a day. All that HFCS is what I think mostly contributed to the fatty liver. I don't drink all that often (although when I did it was usually heavy). 2 years ago I used to drink a lot (though still only on the weekends) but up until my diagnosis it would be maybe few times a month tops.

I'm beginning to worry that they misdiagnosed fatty liver and it's something more sinister like cirrhosis. Other symptoms include fatigue, sometimes when I breathe I can take a full breath but it's like I'm not getting enough oxygen. It's hard to describe, almost as if the swelling in my abdomen is crowding my lungs. Lastly, my stools are now very light brown and loose (I honestly can't remember the last time I had a normal BM). I have a follow up with a GI Dr but that's not for 3 weeks.  All of this has triggered some severe health anxiety that I once had as a child after an oral surgery.

Does anyone with fatty liver experience this feeling of swelling, abdominal bloating and pain in the upper right abdomen, right side and lower right back?

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Lactose Intolerance - Diarrhoea, Nausea, Vomiting, Abdominal Cramps, Brain-fog, Anxiety Attacks

I have just been diagnosed with lactose intolerance. After, literally years of suffering, I finally have an answer to my problems. I was just wondering if anyone else out there has this and what you suffered? I mean, this seemingly little thing has caused me to become bedridden! I ate a diet LOADED with lactose prior to diagnosis and honestly felt like I was dying over the last two years in particular. I had severe diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, brain-fog, anxiety attacks...the list goes on... I had my appendix out in Oct 2013 too, which I can't be sure was related, but it was horrendously painful any way!

The symptoms I had, I put down to various things and was convinced I had parasites, which I don't have. I just could not fathom why I was so ill. I had a food intolerance test and eggs came up positive, so I eliminated them from my diet at the time, but I had little relief as I was still eating a high-lactose diet, not knowing that I was intolerant. 

I have now eliminated all lactose AND eggs from my diet and in one day, I felt better. I had no abdominal pain, no urgency to poo, and no headache - which I have literally, constantly had for years. It's remarkable. I also didn't suffer bad dreams, which is so weird, as I have actually become used to my dreams being bad/negative and it became normal for me. It's such a relief to be able to rest without disruption!

Did or do any of you suffer with really bad symptoms down to lactose intolerance? Also, as I am new to this and have had to overhaul my diet, does anyone have advice on foods I should avoid, etc?


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Upper Right/ Middle Intermittent Throb Day After Alcohol

Hi Does anyone experience upper right/ middle intermittent throb 24 hours after having a drink. Just a pint of cider or two glasses of wine can do it. Normal lft and low ggt, fatty liver diagnosed couple of years ago, only had odd drink since thanks

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Angina ? Sharp Pain In The Middle Of Chest

I am a female that is 23 and I am quite overweight (BMI around 47). I would like to know if I am experiencing angina or if it could be something else. My stomach doctor has ruled out a hiatal hernia. I've also had EKGs and two heart ultrasounds and they were all fine.

So the symptom I'm having is just sharp pain in the middle of my chest. It comes and goes, but is frequent. I've been having this since I woke up about 11am and it is 4:30p now. I've not felt right all day. I've been to sleep twice since I woke up and still it is happening. I've been having a little trouble breathing as well. My forehead felt weird this morning too. I couldn't describe how it felt to my mother.

There is a clinic nearby and I don't know whether I should go to it. Every time they do a test on me for anything, it is always negative. I just don't want to make them waste their time or make myself look like a fool/hypochondriac.

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Getting Pulling Pains In My Abdomen - Not Periods Pain?

Last night 23 September I kept getting pulling pains in my abdomen, my last period was from the 7th till the 11th of September so it's not period pains, what could it be?

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Vasectomy :: Acute Pain In Right Testicle And In Right Abdomen

I had a vasectomy 11 days ago. I rested, stayed off my feet mostly for a few days, used ice packs, all the ordered behaviors. My incision still hasn't healed well despite wearing compression shorts for 9 days. On about day 8 I started applying antibacterial cream and breathable sterile pad taped down over the incision to prevent infection (and was also on antibiotics for a sinus infection). There was no sign of infection, no visible sign of hematoma. But the incision remains a bit raw, like a split lip that seeps. The dissolvable stitches mostly came out within 6-9 days.

However, my right teste or epididymis is extremely sore still (I felt better from day 4-8 except when sitting a lot), swollen and riding high. When I sit upright for awhile at work, I also get an acute pain in my right inguinal area about 6" in from the hip bone. It feels like a nerve issue. It twinges and throbs when I stand and today is even making walking painful.

Any thoughts? Acute epididymitis? Sperm granuloma? Nerve damage? Normal recovery? I had a single-incision closed vas with excision, clips and cauterization.

I agree with the copious comments on the web -- the urologists need to do a FAR better job with the honest assessment of recovery. I was under the impression that this would all be largely resolved within 3-4 days. Instead, the past 3 days just keep getting worse with no clear self-diagnosis. I'm calling my urologist again tomorrow and insisting on a checkup....

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Colonoscopy :: Worried - Pain In My Right Lower Abdomen?

I've been having pain in my right lower abdomen for some time now and did some tests and all seem clear. Today I went to a surgeon who tested me and said all feels very normal. Since my dad had colon cancer at 56 he suggested I do a colonoscopy just to make sure there is nothing. I need to wait till the 20th April and I'm already freaking out. Will they tell me immediately after the colonoscopy if something is wrong? I'm 39 with 2 kids and always assume the worst that I have cancer.

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Kidney :: Lower Abdomen Pain Under Ribs

I went to the hospital a week ago and was diagnosed with a UTI. Since then I've continued to have sharp pain in the lower left area of my abdomen, under my ribcage (and just general side pain and some bloating)- and a dull pain in my back. Along with that, for the past couple of days I've felt nauseous off and on, weak, extremely tired, and today I felt like I was close to passing out when I was in a store. Could this still just be the UTI? Or possibly now moved on to a Kidney Infection, or... Thoughts?

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Pancreatitis :: Back / Abdomen Pain Under Rib Cage

I'm not sure where to start. A lot has been going on in the past month. It all started when I started to feel like I had a couple of drinks when I had not. I was able to calm myself down because I thought I might be having some sort of anxiety attack. Long story short the symptoms did not go away. So I saw my doctor last week. With my vague answers to his questions he mentioned he wanted to do some further testing. Part of the testing was blood work and a 24 hour urine. That was last Wednesday. I had the blood draw on Thursday and turn my 24 hour urine and on Friday morning. It just so happened that I started my period on Friday. Its normal for me to feel a lot of lower back pain during my periods. this time is a little different. I started to feel the lower back pain then the pain moved to my upper abdomen on the left side. Then the pain moved to my lower right side of my back. now the pain is back on the left side of my upper abdomen. Of course everything that I have been reading leads to one thing... Pancreas. after calling my doctor my blood work has come back normal. However my urine test has not come back yet. They told me it could take up to a week. In the past this pain may have been here and it has gone away. But because of how much reading I have been doing on whyI have been feeling funny I've noticed the back pain and the abdomen pain a little more.

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. However I'm really scared.

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Endometriosis :: Abdomen / Leg Pain After Total Hysterectomy

I had a total hysterectomy due to endometriosis. i was put on climaval hrt patches after which caused headaches and pains and i was then changed to livial approx a year ago but for the last 2 to 3 months i have started to experience the abdomen pains, back pains, leg aches, exhaustion, joint pains and bloating etc that i had before my hysterectomy. its not as bad but its still bad enough to cause problems to my everyday life and routine especially with my 4 year old daughter here. please could anyone recommend any other hrt or treatment for hysterectomy after endometrial? i am now taking my co codamol and voltaren tablets for the pain that i was on before my op!

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Pregnancy :: Pain Lower Back/abdomen And Sore Thighs?

I'm 33 5/7 I have been having bad lower back pain and abdominal and it goes through my thighs which makes them feel sore I didn't do anything out of the normal today but when I try to stand I can't stand straight. Anyone know what it could be?

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Prostatitis With Symptoms Of Blood In Urine And Lower Abdomen Pain

I'm a 18 year old guy with no previous illnesses of any kind, don't drink/smoke, etc. Except not exercising and sleep irregularly, I'm pretty okay with lifestyle.

I had the symptoms of a UTI one day (first time in my life) with symptoms of blood in urine and lower abdomen pain. My doctor diagnosed it as prostatitis and gave me antibiotics for a month.

I never had the symptoms again since the first day of antibiotics, but now that I'm 3 weeks in, I'm feeling new symptoms like hesitation to go urinate, want to go urinate more often, etc.... Maybe it's my mind playing with me, but I FEEL like my bladders feel a little weird. Like, it feels... full? There's no pain at all, except perhaps minor irritation in my testes.

So now I'm really wondering if I should go see the doctor again, mostly in fear of potential kidney damages (urea poisoning a possibility?) I don't have insurance, but won't hesitate to stomach the bill myself if need be. Since I don't want to end up in the ER, or die...

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Vasectomy :: Significant Bilateral Pain In My Right Testical, Abdomen And Back

4 days after a no-scalpel vasectomy, I have significant bilateral pain in my right testical, abdomen and back. Doc says it is just recovering from the surgery, said I should take 600mg Advil every six hours for 5 days.  I'm worried this is the start of post-vasectomy pain syndrome.  Anybody experience this?

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Women's Health :: Hemorrhoids, Spotting Before Periods And Pain In Lower Abdomen

In my last 2 cycles I have noticed more changes than usual for me. I have started spotting about a week before my period and have pain almost from ovulation onward each cycle. I have been tired most of the time, temps are all over the place even after ovulation, have a combo of diarrhea and constipation as well as an influx of acne. I do have a Drs appointment but I have to wait a month to see her. Anyone else had anything similar? I usually have painful periods but not usually all month long and many symptoms of Endo, just never been diagnosed with it as of yet.

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Hysterectomy :: 5th Week Post-op - Waist Muscle Pain And Upper Abdominal Pain

I am on my 5th week post-op TAH (removed uterus, cervix and Fallopian tubes). I was recovering well in the past few weeks with reducing pains.

Of all sudden, I had a painful swelling abdominal and soreness/pulling pain around waist yesterday coupled with giddiness and headache. Is it normal having a regression during recovery period? Any remedy members could share esp. now I still can't exercise. I put on an abdominal binder now to ease the pain slightly.

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Digestive Disorders :: Upper Abdominal Pain, Metallic Taste, Bone Pain

I'm a 27 year old female and I've been having abdominal pain for 2 months now. I've had a CT scan and blood tests done and everything came back normal other than an elevated WBC in the urinalysis. I can't get in to see my doctor for a few days and just want some peace of mind. I'm having bad sharp upper abdominal pain. It started on the left side originally but is now happening all over my stomach and I'm ridiculously bloated. I started having weird bone pain a few weeks afterward--there is no pattern. My hands will hurt, then my left leg will hurt, then my right hip, etc. Today I started noticing a metallic taste in my mouth as well. Anyone know what this could be? I've researched everything from hemochromatosis (my mom carries the gene) to H Pylori but nothing fits perfectly.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Cramping And Pain In My Lower Abdomen Lasts For Days

My boyfriend and I don't have sex, but will "fool around", and I have noticed after foreplay, I have cramping and pain in my lower abdomen that sometimes lasts a few days. It sometimes feels like a bloating feeling, but it is painful. (I have had problems of painful cramps during my period and my doctor has put me on oral contraceptives.) Is he being too rough, or is there something else that is causing this pain?

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Abdominal Pain :: Upper Left With Back Pain Mainly At Nights

For the last 6 months I've been having quite localized pains in the upper left abdomen just below the ribs, accompanied by nausea and sometimes back pain mainly at nights. I sometimes have wind, but hardly ever heartburn. Two doctors have thought it a gastric problem, but Zantac and Omeprazole don't seem to work. I wondered whether it could be my pancreas, as I've been on Epilim Chrono for 4 years, which can affect pancreas. I've come off this now and am still getting problems, and my amylase is normal, although my liver function tests are elevated. One doctor thought it may be kidney stones and sent me for an ultrasound, which was normal. I was told though that the ultrasound couldn't see the pancreas properly, nor the stomach & bowel linings. I had a stool test for H Pylori which was negative. Any ideas on what this could be, or further tests I could do?

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