Lansoprazole :: Severe Sickness And Diarrhoea Side Effects

Dec 22, 2014

I have been suffering with reflux and feeling sick all the time been on lansoprazole for 4 months 30mgs in the morning. Feeling much better but the last 4 weeks about once a week getting severe sickness and diarrhoea so doctor as lowered dose to 15mgs the sickness and diarrhoea as stopped but now reflux is back help anybody else have the same experience ?

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Nausea ,indigestion And Diarrhoea Side Effects Of Nerve Ablations?

Can nausea ,indigestion and diarrhoea result from the ablation of nerves especially sciatic nerves

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Ramipril :: Side Effects - Sickness, Numbness, Tingling

I am 41 years old and have been taking this drug for the past 7 years (As at April '09) I suffer from all the symptoms; sickness, numbness, tingling etc. I forget to take it more than I remember. The advice I give is:- unless it affects you as a driver then don't worry about it but if you are concerned then speak to your doctor. I am a professional driver (Coaches) and if I went off sick every time I had a side effect, I would never work again. Then I would get bored.

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Lansoprazole :: Side Effects - Bad Wind And Burping

I have just completed a month course of this medication, prescribed due to possible acid reflux. I got rid of the final tablet as I feel the side effects were too bad to carry on even for just one more day. I felt worn out - very bad wind and burping from week one - my husband commented on this. Also feeling as though I would throw up at any minute - still a bit of shoulder pain but the chest pain has now diminished. Had a couple of nights when I did not even go to bed it was that bad so perhaps that is why I am so tired. Now two days after my last tablet I still have a lot of wind which does not seem to be shifting - maybe I will try charcoal tabs as I have heard that these work well. Still stressed out at work so I suppose I will have to put up with this until I retire. Really makes me fee so depressed and unhappy

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Lansoprazole :: Side Effects - Swollen Ankles And Feet ?

does anybody else get swollen ankles and feet when taking lansoprazole, is this a side effect of this medication. i would like to see some answers to this. and do you get such a dry mouth.

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Arachnoiditis :: Opana ER And Severe Side Effects

I was on Oxycontin for 9 years without so much as a hiccup for a side effect. Best pain killer I have ever taken. Not only did it eliminate my nagging back pain from degenerative arthritis, but it also cured my refractory depression. For those of you who aren't familiar with the word refractory it means you do not respond to any type of medication for depression. Those were the best nine years of my life. Then the health company's prescription plan made it impossible for me to continue by throwing up road blocks such as Pre Auth's, that became harder and harder. Formulary changes that they made up as they went along. I would jump one hurtle and they would throw up another. Finally I was running out of meds real fast and they couldn't care less if I was going to crash and go through severe withdrawal. My Family Dr saved me at the last minute by giving me just enough Methadone to keep me comfortable.

I was taking 180 mg of Oxycontin daily for the last six years with a total of taking the drug for nine years. I was so ****** at the Insurance company. So I was off of Oxy for 6 weeks. Then I had switched pain clinics and they had filed an appeal on my behalf for 40mg oxycontin 3x a day. A slight reduction in dose as I had been taking 60mg 3x a day. To my utter surprise the appeal went through and I was back on Oxy's. Now I had to wean myself off of methadone. I worked my way down to 1/2 tablet of 10mg (5mg) a day. Finally I thought I was ready and Oct 1 was my first day without Methadone. It was a horrible withdrawal that lasted a month to get it completely out of my body.

At this point I believe I had set a Guinness book world record for going through withdrawal 3 times in under 3 months. Worst three months of my life. Next month my PM DR wants to bring me back up to full strength at 60mg 3x a day of oxycontin. So off to the pharmacy I go and you know it, they want another freakin Pre Auth. So because it was a Friday and the Pain clinic shuts down at 12:00 noon, I am now without Oxy's for the weekend. So here comes the withdrawal again. The Pre Auth for 60 mg was rejected. Monday morning I was back at the clinic to pick up a script of 40mg Oxycontin which I still had a good Pre Auth. They continued the fight filing an appeal. Meanwhile I called the Insurance company only to find out now they had some new formulary rule that said you have to try at least 3 out of 4 pain relievers they listed. One I never even heard of. The hand writing was on the wall. They simply didn't want to write Oxycontin any more because of the cost. My one prescription of 90 60'smg cost $1460 if you paid out of pocket with no insurance.

So the next time I saw my PM DR I gave up and said forget it, I am tired of beating my head against the wall with the insurance company. So I switched to Opana ER 30mg. Here's the crazy part. This prescription costs over $700. They have a generic called Oxymorphone which is a tier one drug and is a fraction of the cost. The insurance would not let me get the generic and insisted on name brand Opana ER.

I have been on Opana ER 30 2x a day with up to four 10mg fast acting Oxymorphones for break through pain for eight days. By the way conversion is 2 to 1 with Opana ER being the stronger of the two. One 30 Opana ER is equal to a 60mg Oxycontin.

My opinion of Opana ER is it absolutely sucks, it is the worst pain med I have ever taken. It is causing me shortness of breath and extremely severe anxiety. Just the anxiety on a scale of 1-10 is an 8.5. I can't sleep right at night, and with the anxiety I am ready to rip somebodies head off. I am afraid someone is going to set me off and I am not going to be able to stop my aggression. I did speed when I was young and this pill reminds me of the speed, certainly does not act like a pain killer. I know it works for others, but I am not so lucky. I finally hit my wall when the back pain returned at about a 6. That was the deal breaker. So I have put in a call to go back on Monday to pick up a different script for anything but Opana ER.

I was so Happy and pain free for nine years. Why did the insurance company have to take away the best Med I have ever taken and completely destroy my life? It really Blows.

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Propranolol :: Choosing Severe Anxiety Or Horrendous Side Effects?

I had been prescribed proletarian for anxiety 10 mg  to take as and when I need to take them.This was about four weeks ago I leveled out at 3-4 tablets a day.. It took me two weeks for the symptoms and side effects to go and it was truly horrible getting there. After the side effects did settle ( although not entirely) on week three my doctor advised me to try to take them as and when I need to as I had gotten used to taking them at routine times of the day and not when the anxiety was present . I left the doctors surgery and didn't take another for a full week. I felt cured, perfect in fact for a full week. it seemed the doctor was right I was taking tablets for anxiety I didn't have.I had the best week ever No anxiety, no side effects. Completely me again. On the 7th day I woke feeling anxious, all my symptoms back again,unable to function. I took a 10 mg tablet and the whole list of side effects returned as strong as they were in the very beginning. Horrible. That was Monday.Monday was so bad. anxiety AND terrible side effects from the tablets.Tuesday I had anxiety in the morning but couldn't take a tablet as I still had the same horrible buzzing head from the day before, the anxiety eased off late afternoon, and today this morning the same.Horrid anxiety. I would like advice from people who take this as and when please, as right now I am feeling like my choice is either severe anxiety or horrendous side effects taking the tablets.

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Lansoprazole :: 4 Years Use - Severe Lower Back Pain, Pins And Needles

I have been using Lansoprazole for nearly 4 years, I am on 30mg daily, it works great, and I rarely get heartburn these days.

However I have for the past year been experiencing severe lower back pain, pins and needles, strong headaches and more recently dry mouth and dizzy blurred vision.

I stopped taking the Lansoprazole for couple of days, to see if side effects would go away, but the heartburn came back with a vengeance.

So I am having to choose between which is more unbearable, back pain etc. or the heartburn.

I have chosen at the moment to go back on lansoprazole, but if anyone knows of an alternative that works as well, but with no side effects, let me know.

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Headaches / Migraines :: Mild To Severe Head And Neck Pain Only On Right Side

For the past year I have experienced mild to severe head and neck pain only on right side. What would cause it and can I get rid of it completely? Some things help but it always comes back. I have not had any injury to my knowledge if so it was due to possible moving wrong or something. I can relieve the pain slightly by pushing my head down and to the left with my left hand. It's really bad if I cough or sneeze. If I massage the indentation on the right of spine on neck at base of skull it helps a little. A chiropractor has helped as well as using a water pillow but the pain eventually comes back.

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Ramipril :: Side Effects

I am a 47 year old male (right weight for height) and reasonably fit running three times a week who has recently had to visit the doctor (first time in years) for severe neck pain caused by strenuous gardening work -so called leisure.

However my blood pressure was checked over the past few weeks and has found to be continuously very high ranging 190/115 to 150/90. My GP has decided to put me on ramipril starting with 2.5mg increasing to 5 mg and then 10mg over six weeks. On reading the comments about side effects I am really concerned which has now possibly increased my blood pressure further - really concerned on what to do, should I get a second opinion through my private medical before starting this treatment?

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Orlistat :: Really Bad Side Effects ?

I'm looking to start orlistat this week but after reading over everyone's experiences I'm a bit nervous to start. Are the side effects really that bad as I don't want to make a fool out of myself at work!

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Nortriptyline - Was There Any Side Effects

I have just been put on nortriptyline for my pain has anyone else had this and did it work was there any side effects.

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Viagra :: Any Serious Side Effects?

I am about to use Viagra and I am a lot scared. I have never needed it but I guess I do now. So who knows about this drug, are there serious side effects. I do not want to trade one problem for another due to the drug itself.

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Oxytetracycline Bad Side Effects

I used the tablets for 5 months and a bit, should be taking it for 6 months but i decide to give into not taking them due to really bad side effects.

When i started, i took 2 TWICE a day for 4 months but, rashes appeared on my cheeks, completely red and skin dried also on my nose. I couldn't bear the suffering, i applied creams like E45 (made things worse for me) then i switched to sudocrem, applying it to my face where the rashes were. this seemed to help stop the rash from getting any worse. I went to see the doctor who said i should cut down on the tabs to 1 Twice a day so i finally started to heal from the rashes. I carried on using the tabs this way until the rashes appeared on my nose again, it was really bad.

To those who suffer from Eczema, be warned as this course may effect it, making it really bad. This is the reason why i have to quit from this 6 month course (am finishing on 5 and a bit months) As for acne, it helped clear it up nicely even old scars until a point where my skin could heal no further ( i stayed the same after the 3rd month) so hopefully, changes are permanent and my side effects will go away from stopping this course.

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Ramipril :: Problematic Side Effects

Put on this drug for HBP 2.5mg then 5 mgs had various problematic side effects went to doctor to advise him of my problems with this drug. He then increased the dosage to 10 mgs which I have taken now for 2 months and the problems have multiplied to a point when I have become so ill with all the problems highlighted in these messages that I stopped taking the drug and started to feel better within 3 days. I wonder now what the reaction will be from my GP when I tell him that I want to try an alternative drug. Having high blood pressure I could do without worrying about his comments which other people have endured when they have asked to have an alternative drug.

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Pernicious Anaemia :: What Are B12 Side Effects?

I have found reading the posts about PA very helpful, i was diagnosed early last year with PA and have injections every 3 months they have helped enormously with my symptoms, please could any one tell me about the side effects of the B12 injection, i have had various syptoms which i have just put down to the whole PA thing, but would like to know....

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Citalopram :: 7 Weeks - Side Effects Almost Gone

I'm on week 7 of 10 mg, and am pleased to say that my pounding heart, dry mouth and nausea have disappeared, I've only had a couple of headaches, my jaw clenching and tensing up have almost gone.  I'm still struggling sleeping but I've never been good at that anyway, so I'll just see how that goes.  I don't feel like skipping through life every day, but I certainly don't feel really low any more, I just feel 'steady'.  Stick with it everyone, and thank you for your support.

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Pregnancy :: Side Effects Of Omeprazole?

I'm on my 12th week. I've been diagnosed before with GERD. Now due to the pregnancy, it seemed to worsen as I experience painful heartburns. My doctor recommends I take omeprazole along with antacids. I've been taking antacids because I know they don't bare side effects on pregnancy. I am not sure though with omeprazole. I'm scared. I am afraid it might harm the baby. Anyone here experienced the same?

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Side Effects :: Amitriptyline With Fluoxetine

I've been on Amitriptyline for 6 months for pain management - lowest dose 10 mg in evening and I am getting on fine after the side effects at the start!

This week I've been started on fluoxetine 20 mg per day for other issues. GP said it might interact with the Amitriptyline but might not so give it a go.

Has anyone else taken these two medicines at the same time? How did you feel?

I've taken fluoxetine before so I'm ready for the crazy initial side effects (off work for 4 weeks so I can get through it!)

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Anxiety :: Zoloft - Any Bad Side Effects?

Has anyone had luck with Zoloft ? Any bad side effects ?

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Ramipril And Viagra - Side Effects?

Just in case that side effect sets in - does anyone know the effect of taking sildenafil citrate (viagra) when on ramipril??

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