Anxiety :: Zoloft - Any Bad Side Effects?

May 14, 2016

Has anyone had luck with Zoloft ? Any bad side effects ?

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Side Effects :: Zoloft - Jaw Clench And Dry Mouth

So I started taking zoloft yesterday, every time I've taken it makes my jaw clench, gives me dry mouth and causes my anxiety to go through the roof. I have a history of major anxiety and trust me, zoloft is making it worse and I only took half a 50mg tab. I'm unemployed and I can tell you, if I had to go to work today I wouldn't be able to because it's that bad.

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Sertraline :: Tiredness And Agitation - Zoloft Side Effects

New to this Zoloft thing 1 week in ! Hoping I'm on the right road to recovery ! This has been a tough 5 months ! Feeling some side effects such as tiredness and agitation would this subside ?

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Zoloft Bad Side Effects - Headaches, Sweats, Chills, Joint Pains, Confusions

Have anyone have these problems while on it are as the meds was increased.I have been taking it for two and a half year.Since my sister die from breast cancer.I started at 25mg it didn't work so they up it to 50mg it work for a few months then they up it to100.That work for about a year then that went up to 150. But between all that I have had bad headaches, sweats, chills, joint pains, confusions, filling lost, getting turned around and not remembering what I was doing are were I was going. Gaining .Lbs not eat then wanting to eat everything,can't sleep,then can't wake up at times zoning out.itching,yawing feeling like you're losing your mind. BUT THE WORST is the dr's is telling you it's not the meds and your family even though you know they have you and is therefore is starting to look at you like your losing it.

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Anxiety :: Xanax - Side Effects If I Go Cold Turkey?

My concern is I have been on Xanax for about four years. I only take .025 one pill a day. Can I have side effects if I go cold turkey? I have no more pills, so I a little worried.

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Anti Anxiety Drugs :: Side Effects Of Xanax Xr

Has anyone taken xanax xr for anxiety?? I definitely need this as I am very anxious and sometimes I can hardly get through the day because of my anxiety. I heard that you can just buy xanax xr on the web and that it is easy to come by. I do want to know if there are any side effects with xanax xr?

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Cialis Side Effects :: Panic And Anxiety Attacks

I've had panic/anxiety attacks on and off for 2 years now which makes me very scared about taking anything. But my wife and I want to have another child and the last few months I cant seem to keep an erection through intercourse. I'm not in the best of shape which I am sure is a cause of this and I know I should see a doctor about it but I hate doctors and very embarrassed to talk about it. I found a guy on craigslist selling Cialis 20mg and bought some. I'm nervous taking them so trying to do some research on whether they may cause me some more panic/anxiety attacks. We have a sitter tonight and i'd really like to satisfy my wife as well as myself. I am guessing i'll try breaking one in half and see how I feel.

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Lisinopril Side Effects - Anxiety And Panic Attacks

I have been on lisinopril for a few months and I also have anxiety and panic attacks which was controlled with Valium but since I started lisinopril within a few days my anxiety came back along with the cough headache and now it's tearing up my stomach. I also get lightheaded and feel off balance.

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Anxiety :: Antidepressant - 30 Mg Of seroxat - Side Effects On Increasing Dose

i'm taking 30mg of seroxat the doctor has increased this today by 10mg does anyone know if i will get any side effects?


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Anti Anxiety Drugs :: Side Effects Of Xanax Bars

I am new to the idea of taking medication for my anxiety. I have suffered from anxiety since my teens but I thought that this is simply part of who I am, and that I could not do anything about it. I have since been in therapy, and I am now starting to consider the idea of medication. I have heard about xanax bars. Are they OK? Do xanax bars have any side effects?

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Propranolol :: Choosing Severe Anxiety Or Horrendous Side Effects?

I had been prescribed proletarian for anxiety 10 mg  to take as and when I need to take them.This was about four weeks ago I leveled out at 3-4 tablets a day.. It took me two weeks for the symptoms and side effects to go and it was truly horrible getting there. After the side effects did settle ( although not entirely) on week three my doctor advised me to try to take them as and when I need to as I had gotten used to taking them at routine times of the day and not when the anxiety was present . I left the doctors surgery and didn't take another for a full week. I felt cured, perfect in fact for a full week. it seemed the doctor was right I was taking tablets for anxiety I didn't have.I had the best week ever No anxiety, no side effects. Completely me again. On the 7th day I woke feeling anxious, all my symptoms back again,unable to function. I took a 10 mg tablet and the whole list of side effects returned as strong as they were in the very beginning. Horrible. That was Monday.Monday was so bad. anxiety AND terrible side effects from the tablets.Tuesday I had anxiety in the morning but couldn't take a tablet as I still had the same horrible buzzing head from the day before, the anxiety eased off late afternoon, and today this morning the same.Horrid anxiety. I would like advice from people who take this as and when please, as right now I am feeling like my choice is either severe anxiety or horrendous side effects taking the tablets.

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Anxiety :: Stopping 20g Seroxat - Side Effects, I Had A Nausea, Lack Of Appetite

The story started when I noticed a tremor in my hand fingers (both hinds) as it starts from my wrist bone. I went to a nervous specialist and then he offered me the seroxat knowing that I didn't had any kind of anxiety at that time, where I had before this visit by half year. This visit began 6 months ago. I have started, as per his instructions, to get table and a half per day for the first 6 days then 1 tablet till 3 months. Suddenly, I stooped to use it and I know that was my bad. I returned to the dr, he said that we will start over. then, I started to feel that this medicine is not resulting well anymore. I started to stop it as per his instruction by taking half a tab for 5 days then half a tab every day after day. The last dose was on last Thursday. Now, we have passed 2 full days (Friday and Saturday). Today, I am feeling very and very bad. I had all of its side effects, I had a nausea, lack of appetite and DIZZINESS.. What do you suggest?

He said that I have to return to half a tab day after day and visit him on Wednesday. I am not planning to go to that dr any more thus I am here. I have read some forums of dropping it in the right way. Do you suggest taking a quarter tab day after day again? or to deal with the above side effects and finish up the day, tomorrow or what?

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Anxiety :: Zoloft To Prozac To Zoloft

A little history: i've had Anxiety just about all my memorable life, i knew something wasn't quite right upstairs when i felt my heart racing, i felt panic like i've just drank a crate of red bull, That even when cold i sweat buckets. i have always been an obsessive googler, have always tried exercise, performance enhancements, alcohol, herbs and a whole other bunch of magical potions to make me feel (NORMAL) and so my brain didn't freeze in social situations. when i know im clever but i come out silly because i acted like a lunatic to compensate or to show i wasn't shy or could be taken advantage of. Certainly making me troublesome and not a nice person to be around.

so about 4 months ago i realised what it was that's up. I was reading all about anxiety and discovered i have just about every variety of it. strangely enough this made me happy because now i knew...... im not stupid or a rare breed and can possibly be treated or handled better.

Medication:    I first went to my GP and explained how i was feeling  (keeping it short) he agreed and proscribed me 50 MG sertraline per day.I took this for a month and felt no better the odd day i had a flash of anxiety heading in the right direction. i was told to up the dosage to 100 mg and i continued at this dosage for a month. still not better i went to the GP and asked for another increase as im 6'4" and 19 stone maybe i needed a little more than average. i was told no if its not working at 2 months we will try this.... i was prescribed Fluoxetine (prozac) 20 mg per day and i took this for 2months not really feeling any effect whats so ever, still sweating nervous panic stricken cold clammy, over thinking things.......

so i went back the other day and seen another GP a british one this time ( every time i visited the GP it was a different one, not the best way to cope with things, lesson learned always ask for same GP. so this time he said ok lets have you back on sertraline ( zoloft) and i will prescribe you up to 200MG per day.  he just said get there as quick as you safely can........ what about 125 or 150? what happens if this is the correct dosage and i skip it out and go for 200? how do i even get to 200? do i do 100 for month ? then 150 for a a month ? just so so confused now as to what i do. so please if anyone has been in this situation or not. what do you think? should i try 150? should i do it over a month,over a week? 

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Anxiety :: No Withdrawal On Day 4 Without Zoloft

In January I was prescribed 50mg of Zoloft for anxiety. Recently it started making me feel "drugged" and I weaned off with doctor's permission. Sunday was my last dose of the Zoloft and I am going on day 4 with no Zoloft. So far so good. I was wondering if I would have already experienced withdrawals from the meds by day 4? My doctor doesn't seem to think I will suffer major symptoms cause I was on a low dose and not for very long.

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Anxiety :: Zoloft And Xanax Together?

I take Zoloft daily and use Xanax as needed. Usually every three months or so I have heightened anxiety and use approximately 6-8 Xanax to help me function. Does anyone else need both?

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Anxiety :: Best Time To Take Zoloft?

when is the best time to take zoloft?  I have been taking it after lunch

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Anxiety :: Getting Off Zoloft After 12 Years

I was taking 150 for 12 years until I realized there was no need for me to be on it. It was for situational anxiety and no one ever suggested stopping the drug after that was resolved. I didn't currently have a doctor but decided it was time. So I cut out 50 mg and three days later the effects started. Severe IBS, headaches, brain zaps, nausea and fatigue.  Gradually over a period of 6 weeks, it seemed resolved. I now have an appointment with a doctor next week but all of a sudden the withdrawal symptoms are back. I couldn't figure it out but when I checked my pill box, realized I hadn't put the 100 mg of zoloft it - last Sat. - three days later here I am again. Since I know the symptoms pass, I am wondering if I should just stay off or go back to 50Mg and do the other 50Mg later. Is there any danger in going off that much at once. Anyone experience a faster withdrawal then the 10% suggestion. That is so slow.

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Anxiety :: Zoloft Worst Withdrawals Ever

I could really use the support of someone who is going through SSRI withdrawal or has recently. After years of being on SSRIs my doctor is afraid Zoloft started worsening things and wants to try Lamictal. I am going through the worst withdrawals ever. Can hardly leave the house at day 5. To top it off the Lamictal is making me pretty sick. I'm obviously highly sensitive. Has anyone else had this experience?

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Sertraline :: Day 14 Of Zoloft - No Anxiety But Depression?

Hi all. I'm on day 14 of Zoloft. I was put on it for anxiety & I would feel depressed the odd time. Iv noticed while I no longer feel anxious I feel depressed instead. I'm hoping this will lift as it's still very early days & maybe I'm still having side effects.

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Anxiety Normal On Sertraline (Zoloft)?

I started taking sertraline two months ago, after it turned out that my sleep issues were caused by depression. However, even though I’m on 100mg dose, neither my sleep or emotions feel like they are getting any better. If anything, I’m feeling worse since I’ve started taking it.

I was rarely anxious before sertraline/ Zoloft and now I have to go through several bouts of anxiety, usually triggered by everyday things which I was able to do normally before starting Zoloft. Is it normal to experience increased anxiety when you’re on sertraline?

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Anxiety And Depression On Stopping Zoloft

this was my 4th time throughout my life on zoloft and I have never had such wicked side effects. I started taking it because I thought maybe the dizzy spells and lack of motivation in my life might help with zoloft but I was so wrong.  My doctor agreed the side effects weren't good so I stopped after only 6 doses.  One week later after stopping it I still have so much anxiety and depression.  Can anyone tell me how long will it take to return to normal or if I should have screwed something up in my head and should take another drug now?

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