Anxiety And Depression On Stopping Zoloft

Dec 7, 2011

this was my 4th time throughout my life on zoloft and I have never had such wicked side effects. I started taking it because I thought maybe the dizzy spells and lack of motivation in my life might help with zoloft but I was so wrong.  My doctor agreed the side effects weren't good so I stopped after only 6 doses.  One week later after stopping it I still have so much anxiety and depression.  Can anyone tell me how long will it take to return to normal or if I should have screwed something up in my head and should take another drug now?

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Sertraline :: Day 14 Of Zoloft - No Anxiety But Depression?

Hi all. I'm on day 14 of Zoloft. I was put on it for anxiety & I would feel depressed the odd time. Iv noticed while I no longer feel anxious I feel depressed instead. I'm hoping this will lift as it's still very early days & maybe I'm still having side effects.

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Sertraline :: Zoloft Is Right For Me? Anxiety And Depression

I have been suffering for some years during the winter time with anxiety and depression.  I have been on and off meds for 4 years now.  I always seem to have to go back on them when the winter comes.  I would stay on them, but I was trying to get pregnant so I went off.   Well its been a tough time for me lately and decided to put trying on hold to help myself.  I started 50mgs of zoloft 13 days ago.  Haven't really felt any therapist says I should feel better after 2 and maybe meds aren't right for me.  I kind of think I need to wait at least up to 4 weeks.  I have terrible anxiety all day with physical symptoms.  I push through my day because its the right thing to do.  I eat, workout, go to work, but just not enjoying it because I feel "weird".  Hoping I will feel better soon....this worrying about worrying is starting to make me mad!! Help anyone else have a similar story or hope?

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Zoloft + Lyrica For Social Anxiety / Depression?

I was prescribed Zoloft + Lyrica for my social anxiety/depression and was wondering if any of you guys has had any experience with one of them or both. but it would also be interesting to know your experience with other medication as well, so i know this is the right route to go to, i have gone to counselling and it hasn't helped so i thought i should go through the medication route.

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Dizziness After Stopping Zoloft

I am having dizziness after stopping Zoloft by is worse when I bend over or look up to ceiling.

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Anxiety :: Zoloft To Prozac To Zoloft

A little history: i've had Anxiety just about all my memorable life, i knew something wasn't quite right upstairs when i felt my heart racing, i felt panic like i've just drank a crate of red bull, That even when cold i sweat buckets. i have always been an obsessive googler, have always tried exercise, performance enhancements, alcohol, herbs and a whole other bunch of magical potions to make me feel (NORMAL) and so my brain didn't freeze in social situations. when i know im clever but i come out silly because i acted like a lunatic to compensate or to show i wasn't shy or could be taken advantage of. Certainly making me troublesome and not a nice person to be around.

so about 4 months ago i realised what it was that's up. I was reading all about anxiety and discovered i have just about every variety of it. strangely enough this made me happy because now i knew...... im not stupid or a rare breed and can possibly be treated or handled better.

Medication:    I first went to my GP and explained how i was feeling  (keeping it short) he agreed and proscribed me 50 MG sertraline per day.I took this for a month and felt no better the odd day i had a flash of anxiety heading in the right direction. i was told to up the dosage to 100 mg and i continued at this dosage for a month. still not better i went to the GP and asked for another increase as im 6'4" and 19 stone maybe i needed a little more than average. i was told no if its not working at 2 months we will try this.... i was prescribed Fluoxetine (prozac) 20 mg per day and i took this for 2months not really feeling any effect whats so ever, still sweating nervous panic stricken cold clammy, over thinking things.......

so i went back the other day and seen another GP a british one this time ( every time i visited the GP it was a different one, not the best way to cope with things, lesson learned always ask for same GP. so this time he said ok lets have you back on sertraline ( zoloft) and i will prescribe you up to 200MG per day.  he just said get there as quick as you safely can........ what about 125 or 150? what happens if this is the correct dosage and i skip it out and go for 200? how do i even get to 200? do i do 100 for month ? then 150 for a a month ? just so so confused now as to what i do. so please if anyone has been in this situation or not. what do you think? should i try 150? should i do it over a month,over a week? 

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Depression :: Zoloft Causes Bruising

I have been on Zoloft, it is the only thing that help with my severe bipolar depression, but causes bruising so i was taken off of it. any suggestions?

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Zoloft 25 Mg - Causing Depression

I was put on zoloft 25 mg. 14 days ago for anxiety. I had no depression. Now I feel really depressed. Has this happened to anyone, and if so, is it the start up effects?

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Depression :: Overdose On Zoloft And Xanax?

I've been struggling with depression for a long time, which was triggered by a death of a family member. My doctor put me on zoloft about a week ago. A couple days ago I split with my partner of 2 years, and being extremely sad and almost suicidal I took 17x50 mg zoloft tablets + 5x25 mg xanax tablets and about 2 bottles of wine. I didn't pass out or anything, I couldn't fall asleep for a long long time, and now I'm having terrible headaches. Should I see my doctor?

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Depression :: Stopping Sertraline Suddenly - On Low Dose Currently

I'd been taking 25mg of Sertraline every day for two years for depression. My doctor and I were planning to try to wean me off this summer. But I moved, and so I found a new doctor. However, this one wanted to keep me on the meds and increased my dose. I've been taking 50mg once a day for about two months. But now the new doctor wants me to switch to Wellbutrin. He says I can stop the Sertraline immediately and switch over because I'm on such a low dose. But I'm wondering if that's a good idea. My original doctor had wanted to wean me off the 25mg, and I've noticed that I get really weepy if I miss a dose accidentally.

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Depression :: Zoloft Withdrawal Makes People Really Mean?

My girlfriend has been on Zoloft 2 years, before we met.. We have been dating 8 months everything was nice, and normal. She was sweet, caring, and understanding of everything. Then she ran about about a month, and a half ago. For the last month she has blew up at every small thing there is. She is very hard to talk to, its like she see's it as a huge problem if I ask a question, and that'll just make her just blow up even more, or be snappy. I mean she is hurting me, and if I mention that. I'll get well why do you wanna be with me then if I'm hurting you?? It's like she no longer cares about us at all. Things that didn't even used to matter is a issue now. If I ask a question, I get blown up at, and told I'm trying everything in the world to please everyone. Baby cry's for one sec, she gets mad.. Everything in the world is basically a issue now. She snaps at basically everything now. She really isn't the same person since she quit taking them, I've never seen her act like this in my life. If our relationship was at stake usually shed all be trying to fix it, or apologize, or even cry now she's more of an angry mean person that don't really care, That says I dunno anything anymore... Then she'll say she does care the next day, and loves me and she never letting go etc, and sometimes cry, and say she was just frustrated, and then act like nothing never happened. Then the next day be distant as can be, and really quick to talk, or text, and be snappy. Then another day the most loving caring person again? I don't get it at all? Can Zoloft withdrawal really cause all this?  She blames being off the meds as a big part in the way she is acting. She told me to make her an appointment with a doctor she don't have the time she works etc (which she just recently started, which is also causing stress to her)... I'm not sure if I can do that for her I told her. But I'd try to get her a doctor. Seems she even got mad about that..

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Depression :: Zoloft Withdrawal - Irregular Menstruation And PMS

I was prescribed Zoloft 50mg, later increased to 100mg because nothing seemed to change at the lower dose. It has been more than two weeks since I have been taking Zoloft. I assume my last period lasted only 2 days because of this medicine. I went cold turkey on Zoloft for two weeks and this time my PMS symptoms were worse. I am taking Xanax on and off (1 mg), this time my period came on time but the flow has decreased. Does anyone else face the same changes, I don't want my cycle to be disturbed? Shall I mention these observations to my doc?

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Depression :: Zoloft Withdrawal - Hard And Fast Heart Beats

I'm a 38-year-old female.  Severely hard and fast heart beats.  Severe 24/7 head pain.  All ruled out.  I am planning to get off Zoloft, which my doctor had me at 300 MGS - I have been at 200 for a month or so. 

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Anxiety :: No Withdrawal On Day 4 Without Zoloft

In January I was prescribed 50mg of Zoloft for anxiety. Recently it started making me feel "drugged" and I weaned off with doctor's permission. Sunday was my last dose of the Zoloft and I am going on day 4 with no Zoloft. So far so good. I was wondering if I would have already experienced withdrawals from the meds by day 4? My doctor doesn't seem to think I will suffer major symptoms cause I was on a low dose and not for very long.

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Anxiety :: Zoloft And Xanax Together?

I take Zoloft daily and use Xanax as needed. Usually every three months or so I have heightened anxiety and use approximately 6-8 Xanax to help me function. Does anyone else need both?

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Anxiety :: Best Time To Take Zoloft?

when is the best time to take zoloft?  I have been taking it after lunch

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Anxiety :: Getting Off Zoloft After 12 Years

I was taking 150 for 12 years until I realized there was no need for me to be on it. It was for situational anxiety and no one ever suggested stopping the drug after that was resolved. I didn't currently have a doctor but decided it was time. So I cut out 50 mg and three days later the effects started. Severe IBS, headaches, brain zaps, nausea and fatigue.  Gradually over a period of 6 weeks, it seemed resolved. I now have an appointment with a doctor next week but all of a sudden the withdrawal symptoms are back. I couldn't figure it out but when I checked my pill box, realized I hadn't put the 100 mg of zoloft it - last Sat. - three days later here I am again. Since I know the symptoms pass, I am wondering if I should just stay off or go back to 50Mg and do the other 50Mg later. Is there any danger in going off that much at once. Anyone experience a faster withdrawal then the 10% suggestion. That is so slow.

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Anxiety :: Zoloft Worst Withdrawals Ever

I could really use the support of someone who is going through SSRI withdrawal or has recently. After years of being on SSRIs my doctor is afraid Zoloft started worsening things and wants to try Lamictal. I am going through the worst withdrawals ever. Can hardly leave the house at day 5. To top it off the Lamictal is making me pretty sick. I'm obviously highly sensitive. Has anyone else had this experience?

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Anxiety :: Zoloft - Any Bad Side Effects?

Has anyone had luck with Zoloft ? Any bad side effects ?

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Anxiety Normal On Sertraline (Zoloft)?

I started taking sertraline two months ago, after it turned out that my sleep issues were caused by depression. However, even though I’m on 100mg dose, neither my sleep or emotions feel like they are getting any better. If anything, I’m feeling worse since I’ve started taking it.

I was rarely anxious before sertraline/ Zoloft and now I have to go through several bouts of anxiety, usually triggered by everyday things which I was able to do normally before starting Zoloft. Is it normal to experience increased anxiety when you’re on sertraline?

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Anxiety :: Zoloft - Cold Turkey?

Is it bad to stop taking Zoloft cold turkey? It really works for my anxiety, but I've been taking other meds and I'm afraid of interactions.

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