Dizziness After Stopping Zoloft

Jun 15, 2015

I am having dizziness after stopping Zoloft by is worse when I bend over or look up to ceiling.

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Anxiety And Depression On Stopping Zoloft

this was my 4th time throughout my life on zoloft and I have never had such wicked side effects. I started taking it because I thought maybe the dizzy spells and lack of motivation in my life might help with zoloft but I was so wrong.  My doctor agreed the side effects weren't good so I stopped after only 6 doses.  One week later after stopping it I still have so much anxiety and depression.  Can anyone tell me how long will it take to return to normal or if I should have screwed something up in my head and should take another drug now?

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Dizziness Withdrawal From Zoloft / Sertraline

Im currently in the process of withdrawing from Zoloft / Sertraline and finding it a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I was on 50mg a day for 6 months approx, then I moved down to 50mg every other day and then finally down to 50mg every 2 days.
I took my last pill 9 days ago. The first 5 days were absolutely fine but then on the 6th day the extreme dizzy spells and brain zaps started to occur, 4 days later they are no better.

Has anyone else been through a similar experience to me? was i foolish in thinking that tapering off would result in zero side effects? how long are they likely to last and is there anything I can do to take the edge of the side effects ?

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Anxiety :: Zoloft To Prozac To Zoloft

A little history: i've had Anxiety just about all my memorable life, i knew something wasn't quite right upstairs when i felt my heart racing, i felt panic like i've just drank a crate of red bull, That even when cold i sweat buckets. i have always been an obsessive googler, have always tried exercise, performance enhancements, alcohol, herbs and a whole other bunch of magical potions to make me feel (NORMAL) and so my brain didn't freeze in social situations. when i know im clever but i come out silly because i acted like a lunatic to compensate or to show i wasn't shy or could be taken advantage of. Certainly making me troublesome and not a nice person to be around.

so about 4 months ago i realised what it was that's up. I was reading all about anxiety and discovered i have just about every variety of it. strangely enough this made me happy because now i knew...... im not stupid or a rare breed and can possibly be treated or handled better.

Medication:    I first went to my GP and explained how i was feeling  (keeping it short) he agreed and proscribed me 50 MG sertraline per day.I took this for a month and felt no better the odd day i had a flash of anxiety free.so heading in the right direction. i was told to up the dosage to 100 mg and i continued at this dosage for a month. still not better i went to the GP and asked for another increase as im 6'4" and 19 stone maybe i needed a little more than average. i was told no if its not working at 2 months we will try this.... i was prescribed Fluoxetine (prozac) 20 mg per day and i took this for 2months not really feeling any effect whats so ever, still sweating nervous panic stricken cold clammy, over thinking things.......

so i went back the other day and seen another GP a british one this time ( every time i visited the GP it was a different one, not the best way to cope with things, lesson learned always ask for same GP. so this time he said ok lets have you back on sertraline ( zoloft) and i will prescribe you up to 200MG per day.  he just said get there as quick as you safely can........ what about 125 or 150? what happens if this is the correct dosage and i skip it out and go for 200? how do i even get to 200? do i do 100 for month ? then 150 for a a month ? just so so confused now as to what i do. so please if anyone has been in this situation or not. what do you think? should i try 150? should i do it over a month,over a week? 

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Unbalanced Feet - Dizziness While Walking And Standing

I have dizziness everyday while walking, standing as well as feeling off balance, unsteady on my feet like I am gonna fall over. I have had my ears checked by an ENT doctor in 2014 and he said I had meniere's disease so he treated it as that but medicine didn't help so went to another ENT doctor in 2015 who said I don't have meniere's disease but have hearing loss in both ears and did a test on my vestibular function which he said was normal so he referred me to a neurologist and I went and had an MRI done which was normal as well. I have had blood work done in November last year and my white blood count was a little high but not concerning and everything else was normal....no diabetes. Also had a stress test done on heart and was normal. I am at my wits end with this cause I don't know what's going on. I plan to see an eye doctor soon. Oh and I was diagnosed with anxiety 4 months ago but this dizziness and off balance feeling has been going on for 2 years now. I am on blood pressure medicine too. don't know what else to do. Does anyone have these same symptoms ?

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Constant Dizziness - Not Just Episodes Of Dizziness

I've been dizzy and "drunk" feeling since the end if march every day constantly. I don't know what it could be. I haven't gone back to the doc since they told me it was inner ear fluid build up. It came on after some extreme stress in my life started. What should I do? Go back to the doc?

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Tapering Off Zoloft

I have been on Zoloft for 1 yr. and would like to stop. Do I need to taper off or can I just stop taking it?

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Stopping Heroin Is Just The Start

Heroin is something that no-one journey is the same,the effects it has on your life may be same but to go though and come out the other side clean..yes in fairy land. Yes you can, but to get there is more than any words could describe. Its hard work the ones with family's supporting them may be a help but to most its just a suicide mission. I went though it dragged my family with me,but to no avail it wasn't cos I couldn't care less it was a matter of survival for me I couldn't cope with normal everyday duties. My Dad died and instead of being with my family I ran away it couldn't be true it was a lie I just wouldn't except it .

My world was shattered and no-one around to help -depression sunk its teeth in and wouldn't let go. That was 2 years 9 months ago ,today I am street drug free,on a maintenance regime with a network of out-reach programs with all the aspects of my life being worked on, its hard work, not for the faint hard it its got to come from you the one its destroying to take control, if I can have a life I want one that's got a future to look and plan for.I have been the lowest any human-being could get and crawled out of the huge hole I put myself in. that's the point"ADMITTING IT WAS YOU " no-one else. I wish you luck,and I give you hope,that you too can do what I did .its staying clean thats the hard part ,one step at a time and no matter how long it takes that no interest do it in time for you not to a time-table. Thankyou for reading ,hope it helps one person that'll do for me.

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Pregabalin :: Successfully Stopping It

i have been on Pregablin for 6 years  now. I'm an amputee and suffer badly with phantom pains. I want to stop taking them but fear not only the phantom pains becoming unbearable but also how I may react on other levels. I take 600mg daily. My memory has been badly affected as well as my concentration levels and I feel constantly tired. Has anyone on here sucessfully come off pregablin? I feel that I am a spectator watching my life pass by and all my emotions are very flat. Hoping someone can help me out with an answer.

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Stopping Smoking After 37 Years

I smoked for 37 years from the age of nine. I have tried to quit many times but can say now in hindsight that I never really tried, I just pretended to myself that I was trying. Some times I stopped smoking and had a cigarette less than an hour later but made up an excuse and continued to "try" stopping. I never actually admitted to failing until I was back on my usual 20 or 30 a day.

In January I decided to give it a go again but this time I went to a stop smoking group. This will not work for all people but it did for me so I am happy. Somebody at the group came out with the idea that everyone at the group should get into their heads that the minute you have 1 cigarette then you have failed. I am a naturally competitive person and this really worked in gettting me motivated. I did not want to be the one that failed.

In the group we were given help with products and I chose to use patches and lozenges. I used the patches for 6 weeks and the lozenges for about 12 but do not use either now. There seems to be this perception amongst internet posters that if you use stop smoking products then you didn't do it properly and its far better to stop "cold turkey" Personally I think it's the result that counts not how you get there.

I have now gone almost 8 months without a cigarette and still get the cravings now and again. But I just keep saying to myself "if you have 1 cigarette you have failed".

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22 And Stopping Use Of Blood Thinners

Let me just start with the fact that I am 22 years old and have been told Iwould be on blood thinners for life. Nobody at this age wants to hear that. And it may sound selfish, but me and my husband look forward to having another child. However, doing so while on blood thinners would mean injecting myself every day for nine months. Not okay for me.

This all started when I had my child. 10 days after having him, I had a bad pain in my lower back that I related to sciatica pain. However, something in me told me to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with having a blood clot in a major vein in my leg. Scary. I was put on warfarin and was told it would be for no more than 9 months. I work as a supervisor with my job, so taking my medicine on time and every day fo r hat matter was hard because I was working 3 different shifts in one week. 5 months after my first clot, I went to work and my arm started feeling tingly. Went to the doctor and they discovered a small clot in my arm. I was then told I would be on blood thinners for life and switched to xarelto because they thought it would be better for me. They ran tests to find out why I had clotted to begin with, and he ONLY thing they found was that it was due to y pregnancy. They could not find anything wrong with my blood. Only thing abnormal was my protein level and they said that was perfectly normal. So now its been 15 months since the first clot, and a year since the second.

Me and my husband would like to have another child. So my question is, has anyone ever (even in a pregnancy related clot) stopped taking their blood thinner? If so, how is your health now?

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Anxiety :: No Withdrawal On Day 4 Without Zoloft

In January I was prescribed 50mg of Zoloft for anxiety. Recently it started making me feel "drugged" and I weaned off with doctor's permission. Sunday was my last dose of the Zoloft and I am going on day 4 with no Zoloft. So far so good. I was wondering if I would have already experienced withdrawals from the meds by day 4? My doctor doesn't seem to think I will suffer major symptoms cause I was on a low dose and not for very long.

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Sertraline :: How To Get Off Zoloft Without Withdrawal?

I started Zoloft 25mg  on 5/18/15 today is 5/21/15. The side effects are wicked and I don't want to take these anymore. Should I just cut the tablet in half and take for a couple days. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Anxiety :: Zoloft And Xanax Together?

I take Zoloft daily and use Xanax as needed. Usually every three months or so I have heightened anxiety and use approximately 6-8 Xanax to help me function. Does anyone else need both?

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Antidepressants :: Bad Hives While On Zoloft

I've been on 50mg of Zoloft for 11 days and yesterday I started to get bad hives. I want to quit cold turkey, what do you suggest?

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Depression :: Zoloft Causes Bruising

I have been on Zoloft, it is the only thing that help with my severe bipolar depression, but causes bruising so i was taken off of it. any suggestions?

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Zoloft 25 Mg - Causing Depression

I was put on zoloft 25 mg. 14 days ago for anxiety. I had no depression. Now I feel really depressed. Has this happened to anyone, and if so, is it the start up effects?

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Anxiety :: Best Time To Take Zoloft?

when is the best time to take zoloft?  I have been taking it after lunch

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Sertraline :: Coming Off Zoloft

I was on 25mg of Zoloft for 3 weeks, before deciding to come off, due to emotional blunting/disconnect I was feeling. I talked to my psychiatrist and doctors, and they both agreed that it was fine to stop cold turkey. So far I have been off of the Zoloft for about a week, but I'm still experiencing feelings of emotionless. I can cry and smile, but when I do, the feelings feel masked within my head. I was just wondering how long this sensation would last, and if anyone else has experienced the same thing?

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Sertraline :: BAD Zoloft Withdrawal

I have been on 50mg of Zoloft since I was in JR high. Now I am switching doctors, and he says my diagnosis (I was diagnosed as bi polar) doesn't match up with the medication. So until I go to see him in October, I have no medication whatsoever. I am now 19 and I am having the weirdest withdrawals. Aside from insomnia, stomach pain, irritability, anxiety, and muscle tensions, I also have this urge to scratch. My skin and scalp is always itching (I've experienced that before whenever it would take a few days to get the meds refilled), I always have heartburn the nightmares I have the little bit I do sleep are so bad that I wake up in tears,and my muscles are cramping up more and I have random fits of crying for no reason whatsoever (I guess I just feel that sad every hour or so), but either I'm seeing things, or a shadow moved on my wall earlier.... and there was no light for there to even create the shadow. I have been without my Zoloft for a week now and supposedly it should be out of my system. If it is, then what the hell is going on? This is getting very difficult to deal with and I have college that starts next week...

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Anxiety :: Getting Off Zoloft After 12 Years

I was taking 150 for 12 years until I realized there was no need for me to be on it. It was for situational anxiety and no one ever suggested stopping the drug after that was resolved. I didn't currently have a doctor but decided it was time. So I cut out 50 mg and three days later the effects started. Severe IBS, headaches, brain zaps, nausea and fatigue.  Gradually over a period of 6 weeks, it seemed resolved. I now have an appointment with a doctor next week but all of a sudden the withdrawal symptoms are back. I couldn't figure it out but when I checked my pill box, realized I hadn't put the 100 mg of zoloft it - last Sat. - three days later here I am again. Since I know the symptoms pass, I am wondering if I should just stay off or go back to 50Mg and do the other 50Mg later. Is there any danger in going off that much at once. Anyone experience a faster withdrawal then the 10% suggestion. That is so slow.

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