Leukemia & Lymphoma :: Swollen Occipital Node, Headaches And Muscle Spasms

Mar 9, 2016

For the past week, I've had a headache. It started out with being one of the worst headaches ever. I've been dizzy and lightheaded with ears ringing for the past week and a constant headache that varies in pain. Yesterday, I found my occipital node is swollen and if I push anywhere on it or on the left side of my head, I feel pressure and it hurts in my face all through the left side of my face and in my eye. I've been having awful muscle spasms in my neck and body, and now there is a constant dull pain still in the left side of my head that will not go away. I hear cracking and popping in my head often since it started too. Please help! This is killing me. What could it be? The headaches get to almost unbearable and sometimes it's just a dull agitation.

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Leukemia & Lymphoma :: Swollen Lymph Node-does It Move?

I found a lump behind my ear and it moved to the base of my skull. I was told it was a swollen lymph node. Do lymph nodes move? What would be the cause? I haven't been sick, so I am curious.

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Leukemia / Lymphoma :: Chronic Anxiety-persistent Lymph Node

I have always suffered from health anxiety and about a month ago, I grew a small lump on the left side of my neck. I was told that it was a lymph node, but it seems odd as it hasn't disappeared for a month now.

It is sometimes sore, but generally there is no pain and no fatigue, and I am generally healthy. Currently, a pimple is growing right on the lump as well, so I am wondering if that has to do with anything.

I do have acne so bacteria there is a possibility, plus allergies have been bad this year.

I had it checked and was told by a doctor not to worry and it was harmless. However, I am still worried. Could this develop into something if it doesn't go down, and why has it stayed there for so long?

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Leukemia / Lymphoma :: Trouble Breathing And Swallowing/enlarged Lymph Node

Husband having trouble breathing, especially when lying down, lots of gagging, and trouble swallowing.  Been to the doctor several times.  Elevated white count, enlarged lymph node in neck, one with black spot. Still 3 weeks until we see the ENT specialist. What can I do to help him while we wait 3 weeks to see a specialist?

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Enlarged Occipital Lymph Node And Headaches X6 Months.

I'm 36 year old female, have had headaches x6 months along with an enlarged lymph node at base of skull just above hairline (occipital I think it's called). MRI was normal, ultrasound revealed enlarged lymph node, neurologist wanted to treat as headaches and sent me to ENT to evaluate enlarged lymph node, routine blood work just revealed low b12 (taking supplements now). Vision is good, already had eye exam. Usually over the counter meds treat any pain I have and they haven't relieved headaches at all, neurologist tried migraine meds which haven't helped either. ENT Dr. seems to think the headaches are causing the enlarged lymph node and wants to treat headaches to see if lymph node goes down any, but I can't help but think the node is causing the headaches because when I press on node it makes headache worse. (I know THEIR the Dr. and spent years on schooling, etc and specialize in this stuff but doesn't make since to me) The node itself isn't sore to touch, just worsens headache. So far the new meds from ENT isn't helping either, and am told my node is just about nickel size and they don't biopsy it until half dollar size. I'm tired of going from dr to dr when I have to work and my insurance is about to end, I just want answers, so any help is greatly appreciated to steer me in the right direction.

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Breast Lymphoma :: Swollen Axillary Lymph Node

I went to the dr about a lump in my breast and then had an ultrasound where they decided it was a lymph node. I have to have z follow up appt in 2 weeks but have been crazy worrying I have lymphoma. It has been swollen for over a month, no pain, about the size of a pea. I am 22. Should I be worried?

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Lymphoma :: Swollen Lymph Node Behind My Ear, Fluctuates Size

I am 20 years old and I am worried about a swollen lymph node behind my ear. It has been there for 3 years and it fluctuates in size. It is hard, immovable, and painless. Currently it is over 1 cm, it is about 2 cm large. I have not had it checked out by my doctor. Is there a chance this is cancerous?

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Lymphoma :: Swollen Lymph Node Below The Thyroid Cartilage

I have a swollen lymph node just below the thyroid cartilage. It's been there for months. It doesn't change in shape or size (I think) and it doesn't hurt. I know it's a lymph node because I had an ultrasound for the six-moth thyroid check-up (I have Hashimoto's) and the doctor told me that's what it is. He was very hesitant when he told me I shouldn't worry about for now it and that got me thinking. Could it be something alarming?

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Leukemia / Lymphoma :: Lump In Neck With Migraines And Sweats

I feel a lot of annoying pain in my neck best way to relate is a stiffness a lump looks like a swelled up the ENT said it was around 2 cm  more long that wide close to the right side of jaw line but the top of the neck not too close to my ear but I've had terrible migraines on my right side as we'll night sweats loss of appetite, tiredness ,  the ENT sent me for a blood test for mono but my throat isn't sore and  I am a little achy but I'm trying to not freak out waiting on the blood test if I don't have mono next is cat scan and ultra sounds....

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Leukemia / Lymphoma :: Pea Size Lump On Right Side Of Neck

I found a pea size lump on my right side of neck in between my ear and collar bone but more close to collar bone. It does not hurt when I touch it but I have been touching it too much it causes the area to hurt. When I feel it it feels like it's on my neck muscle. I'm scared of what it could be. It's giving me anxiety and I just want to know if anyone else has had this or knows what it could be. I felt this a couple days ago I'm not sure how long I've had it but I did come down with a cold a couple days ago and a fever etc and I also had minor ear pain and my wisdom tooth seems to be a bit inflamed I can tell on my cheek. It might be from that but not sure.  I'm taking antibiotics for the last couple days but ts still here. Not sure what to do I want to stop worrying.

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Lymphoma :: Inguinal Lymph Node That Is Enlarged

I have an inguinal lymph node that is enlarged. 2cm long verified by ultrasound. It has been like this for 7 weeks now. Pain started in June with testicle pain. Doctor diagnosed epididymitis. All testing came back negative. Eventually testicle pain went away but turned into groin pain in mid July. This prompted ultrasound that found enlarged lymph node in groin. The doctors deemed the lymph node as questionable. My doctor said it is nothing to worry about. My concern is that it is causing minor discomfort since mid July in the node itself as well as my upper right thigh, my right hip, and also in the area on my right side between hip and ribs. My doctor says the node is not an issue and I may have an inguinal hernia that is pressing on my femoral nerve causing referred pain. I think my lymph node hurts and whatever is causing it seems to be spreading. My doctor is not worried at all. I'm freaked out. I have no night sweats but I'm so scared that I barely eat or sleep. I lost 10 pounds my doctor said from stress. I gained it all back afterwards. Does this sound like lymphoma? My doctor thinks I'm paranoid and tells me not to worry. I am freaked out because it feels like no one cares or believes I'm in pain.

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Cancer :: Lump On Occipital Lymph Node

I have had a recent ultrasound scan done on a hard lump on what seems to be my occipital lymph node, it doesn't move at all, it feels like bone and is painless, my lymph nodes on my neck have been swollen for 15 months and now in the past 2 weeks another lump has appeared on my shin bone, that lump is also solid and doesn't move however this one has become tender, i am being referred by the doctor who did my scan to have some "needlework" done i was wondering if this means a biopsy?

I also have other symptoms however i am currently being tested for lupus and my gp is querying antiphospholipid syndrome (hughes syndrome), my recent bloods tests have shown my cardiolipin antibodies as positive (i've had this test done 3 times within the past 3 months, positive every time) also my ESR was highlighted as 2mm (but the gp assured me this is normal)

I am a 24 year old female and also an epileptic and unable to take epilepsy medications due to severe allergic reactions which is now believed to be my immune system fighting off the medications, hence all the testing which is what has led up to this point. Another symptom when i deep breath i get a sharp pain in my diaphragm in the chest.

I really want to know if this could be lymphoma or if someone has had a similar experience as i've had no direct answers yet and i'm getting worried?

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Anxiety :: Possible Lymph Node/lipoma/lymphoma/liposarcoma-help Needed

My name is Kevin I have movable lump under/around my left collarbone. It seems to have become slightly larger over past three years, feels smooth and round but is firm (cant be squished too easily). It sits almost behind collarbone but just on the underside of it. It can be moved on top of collarbone and also from side to side a bit. Not sure size (possibly 2 cm). I am concerned that it is lymph node and possibly lymphoma or liposarcoma. I have no other symptoms. Male age 38 non smoker.
Anyone with a similar experience would be a huge help to share their story. Thanks in advance

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Lymphoma :: Cold And Pneumonia, Possibly Due To Persistent Lymph Node

I've had a swollen lymph node under my jaw on the left side of my neck for over a month now. It's very hard and it hurts. I was tested for mononucleosis and it came out positive, but I have had none of the symptoms except for fatigue and the lymph node. Today, I found a very small but also hard bump on the back of my neck, very close to the left side. I was reading online that this could be related to the fact that I have a swollen lymph node. I was also told by my doctor that my spleen has gotten very large. I know all this is because I have mononucleosis, but is there any way I could be having something worse? I'm a teen female if that helps with any answers. Also, the lymph node is not getting any smaller and I've taken three different antibiotics given to me by my doctor. Also, I have had a cold and pneumonia since i got the swollen node.

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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia :: Why Muscle Cramps Is A Symptom With ALL

I had a question as to why muscle cramps is a symptom with ALL. Could it be because of the reduced ability to metabolize calcium or anaerobic metabolism or what?

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Night Muscle Spasms After Microdiscectomy L5/S1 (2 Weeks)

2wks ago, I had a very large herniation removed and I did great the first week, but I think that I am now having muscle spasms. I see my doctor for my first post op visit this week. I have been in a back brace since the surgery and only take it off to sleep (am a side sleeper). This week, I think that I have been having spasms at night. I know that it's not nerve pain b/c I know what that feels like. It feels like a tightening and ache and is scaring me b/c it's in my back and leg, where I had the previous nerve pain. Are these spasms? I have not slept all night. I got up and walked around, but I don't know if I should be walking while in pain. I do have Valium, which was giving to me as a muscle relaxer upon release from hospital, but am getting no relief. Is this common and are there any tips?

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Omeprazole :: Side Effects - Muscle Spasms And Pain?

Hi my name is Michele and i am wondering if there is anyone out there who has suffered as much as my grandmother...she has been in really bad shape here is what happened..My grandma was prescribed omeprazole back in July of 2008 for acid reflux...She seemed to be doing fine until the first part of december when she was getting muscle spasms so bad she could hardly walk and is still dealing with the muscle pain, pain in the middle of her chest and her right shoulder so bad that she has to stop what she is doing to catch her breath, this chest pain also came with a rash that was very itchy and dry between the breasts, she couldn't figure out what to do until it dawned on her that it must be these pills...she stopped taking them the beginning of december and is slowly getting better but is getting frustrated with the pain that she is still enduring...is there anyone who has hope for her who has taken this medication who had the same symptoms as her..we do not know what to do to make it easier!!

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Muscle Spasms / Jerking Control?

My mom (40-50yrs) has had MS for about 13 years now. She has had muscle spasms for a while now, but medication would usually help. I know infections, colds, and any other types of illnesses will make them flare up, but lately the muscle spasms don't stop with the meds. They have gotten so bad that her knees get sprained, from time to time. The doctors push for baclofen but she took that for 8 years and doesn't help her anymore. She is currently taking tiZANidine which helped for the last couple of years but no longer. At the emergency room they have also given her volume and tried morphine but they don't help either. Anybody Using something for severe muscle spasms or have some routine or method of getting rid of them that might help?

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Shooting Headaches For Months - Occipital Neuralgia?

Does anyone have problems with occipital neuralgia? I have been having headaches everyday going on 7 months now that are dull and cause shooting head pain. It travels from my neck, to the top of my head, behind my ears, and behind my eyes. I have had MRI's and CT scans, and everything has come back normal. I have gone to PT for 4 months and had 2 nerve blocks. Nothing has given me relief. I went to a new doctor yesterday and he suggested that I may have occipital neuralgia. I am desperate to hear about what has helped other people and to hear about how everyone else copes with this/if it has gotten better.

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Headaches / Migraines :: Possible Occipital Neuralgia? Pain At Base Of Head

I have not officially been diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia, but I am beginning to think that that is what I have been suffering from. I will be going back to a doctor soon (husband is military and we are currently getting ready to move to a new country...so it will be a few months before I settle and can get to specialist). In the meantime, I wanted some advice from others who deal with this. I am curious if this sounds like ON to you (I know you can't diagnose me...just curious if my story is similar to anyone else's) and what you do for the pain.

I am 25 years old right now. The headaches started when I was about 18 or 19 years old. It started on the right side of my head right at the base of my head and neck. I got them almost everyday. It was just a dull ache. Nothing awful, but definitely annoying enough that I would have to take advil (especially when I had class or work or something). As months went by and the pain continued, I started getting nervous that I had a tumor (I am a pretty big hypochondriac). I went to my doctor and he sent me to get a CT scan. Everything came back normal. The headaches continued. Went to a neurologist and got an MRI. Again everything came back normal. The headaches still continued. Went to physical therapy. Still not much improvement (granted, I don't practice the exercises he taught me very often). At this point, to be honest, I gave up hope. I took advil almost every day and learned to deal with the pain. I assumed it was just tension headaches. The pain has now gotten worse. The headaches are still only that one side of my head, but the pain spreads behind my ear and up to my right eye when it is at its worst. It feels like a deep ache and I constantly want to stretch or crack my neck or something (which doesn't work). I have a "knobble" that I use to massage the area. Applying a lot of pressure on it hurts...but in a good way. It sort of relieves the pain for the time being, but unless I take advil it will usually come right back and it will last for a few hours if I don't do anything.

I am a teacher and I obviously have to be at my best everyday. The pain makes it impossible, which is why I usually give in and take meds even though I KNOW I should not be taking it everyday. If I am just at home and have nothing to do, I try to massage the area and relax until it dies down.

Does this sound like it could be Occipital Neuralgia? Does anyone have any other idea of what it COULD be? I haven't had much help from doctors, so I sort of want to be armed with information the next time I go see one. I am sick of being told it's nothing when I am spending every day in pain.

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Lymph Nodes :: Swollen, Painful Occipital Glands

I have a few bumps on the base of my skull / top of my neck.  One of them is large and the others are small.  They are quite painful and swollen  and have been there for a week or so.  What could this be?  Should I see a doctor about it? 

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