Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia :: Why Muscle Cramps Is A Symptom With ALL

Apr 18, 2012

I had a question as to why muscle cramps is a symptom with ALL. Could it be because of the reduced ability to metabolize calcium or anaerobic metabolism or what?

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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia :: Left Side Throat Pain That Is Radiating Into Ear

What are the signs and symptoms? Ive had left side throat pain that is radiating into my ear. I also have swollen nodes under my chin and neck that hurt pretty bad when pressed. I am not fighting a cold or anything the throat pain just came out of the blue a week ago and hurts when I swallow.

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Leukemia & Lymphoma :: Swollen Occipital Node, Headaches And Muscle Spasms

For the past week, I've had a headache. It started out with being one of the worst headaches ever. I've been dizzy and lightheaded with ears ringing for the past week and a constant headache that varies in pain. Yesterday, I found my occipital node is swollen and if I push anywhere on it or on the left side of my head, I feel pressure and it hurts in my face all through the left side of my face and in my eye. I've been having awful muscle spasms in my neck and body, and now there is a constant dull pain still in the left side of my head that will not go away. I hear cracking and popping in my head often since it started too. Please help! This is killing me. What could it be? The headaches get to almost unbearable and sometimes it's just a dull agitation.

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Muscle Cramps All Over Body, Upper Thigh Cramps So Severe

Cramps so bad in thighs, I can't take the pain anymore

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Eye Care :: Paniful Muscle Cramps Above Right Eye

I am a 14 year-old male. In the past few days I have been experiencing somewhat painful muscle cramps above and slightly to the left of my right eye (the hotspot is eyebrow level, situated between my right eye and nose bridge). These cramps/pains are getting worse and I am getting a bit worried. I am hoping this is not serious or permanent, and want to know all I can about this from professionals or nonprofessionals.

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Muscle Cramps And Weakness For A Week ALS?

I've been worried sick about my health condition these days I can't function well in school. My arms and legs have been feeling weak and have been getting short but sharp cramps. They would also feel numb sometimes along with a tingling feeling. I also seldom feel some muscle twitching which are not painful.

This happened a day after a very mild workout. Since then I haven't exercised due to the weakness of both my arms and legs.

The results I've been getting from the internet had made it difficult for me to sleep and go out. I am terrified this could be ALS. Is there any chance, even a slight one, that this could not be something serious? I am almost convinced that this is ALS but I still have a small dash of hope that it isn't.

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Atorvastatin - Causing Muscle Cramps - Alternatives?

I was diagnosed with blocked arteries with up to 90% blockage in LAD, last year. Have a stent and need to take clopidogrel 75mg, this has given me endless problem, but this is must for one year.

at the time I ticked all the boxes on healthy side.

1) No smoking ever

2) No Alcohol at all

3) I am 5ft 5inch my weight 54kg

4) was going to gym everyday for 1hr every morning.

5) very fit no tiredness very active with walking and gardening and extensive diy work in the house.

6) my cholesterol at that time was 3.6

Recent test same level without any statin use.

I was prescribed atorvastatin 40 mg.

Started having very bad muscle cramps

they reduced to 10 mg. still gives same problem. I do not take them

My question is how much a person's cholesterol need to be/ Or is it an automatic requirement to have statin because you had blockage?

My diet is as healthy as it should be.

Will welcome information for alternative to statin or something that can effectively reverse the blockage,in arteries.

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Cramps :: Toes, Foot And Calf Muscle

its great to know i'm not going mad thinking i'm unique in this - i get cramp in my toes every single time i go to bed, if i dont try to nip it in the bud within a few minutes it moves to the rest of my foot and then to my calf muscle, i am wondering if i have a circulation problem, i did have Quinine for this and to be honest i noticed a reduction in the amount of times per week i got it then my husband said try an Aspirin which i did and noticed an aspirin in the morning then one at night reduced it even more than the quinine but, after a month of doing this, my cramps have increased to every night again whether i take aspirin or quinine, i am thin, relatively healthy but i am not a drinker of water so wonder if i should try that one next and maybe get hold of some concentrated Magnesium Citrate, i'll do anything to stop this, i even get it come on when driving and putting my foot on the gas pedal occasionally.

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Leg And Knee :: Fluttering Explodes Into Cramps In One Muscle And Spreads

I am suffering terrible fluttering in both legs below the knee, sometimes the back of the knee too. The fluttering then explodes into a cramp in one muscle which spreads to one or more others as I try to manipulate or stretch the first. The cramps are agonizing and last for up to 10 mins! When they finally subside the fluttering returns and the cycle keeps repeating itself. Rest and cold are sometimes factors. I would say I'm generally healthy and fit, I don't drink much water and sometimes I wonder if coca cola or diet coke make if worse. I have also recently done atkins diet but have been eating normally for a week or more. I can go weeks with no cramps then be plagued for a month! Its driving me mad and keeping me awake! HELP!!

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Undiagnosed :: Muscle Cramps With Stinging Pain In My Calf And Legs

For the past couple months I experience sharp, stinging (or maybe burning) pain in my calf, usually right leg but sometimes left too.

I've been walking long distances my whole life and never had cramps before. Been doing some reading and so far symptoms fits cramps.

I have lately been walking really long distances on occasion.

I have the pain happening at night. I wake up with badly aching leg (calf muscle) and need some time time for it to lessen, sometimes I fall asleep seconds later and when I wake up the muscle is stiff and painful. It's also bit painful/sensitive at touch on other days too.

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Prostate Cancer :: Muscle Aches And Cramps With Zoledronic Acid

I am having a monthly infusion of Zoledronic Acid, I was wondering I'm anyone else has experienced the above symptoms, Cramps are always in my calves, ankle and groin. Muscle aches can be anytime during my treatment. 

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Leukemia :: Low WBC Count? Genetic?

My wife's past WBC count was always about 5. She just recently had a test and it is 3.7 and has been flagged as low on her health records (nurse didn't mention it but she has only seen her online records since speaking to the nurse).

Now she is worried because her father died of leukemia. Is this white blood cell count dangerously low or unlikely to be anything serious?

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Muscle Disorders :: Generalised Stiffness And Right Calf Muscle Wasting

When in bed at night I struggle to turn over or move as I feel so stiff and sore. Once out of bed and moving I am much better. I initially find it hard to become upright after sitting for any length of time. About 2 years ago my daughter noticed my right calf was much smaller than my left one. I cannot raise my self onto my toes on my right leg due to loss of muscle/strength in the affected leg. 

I have had blood tests, nerve stimulation tests and a muscle biopsy. My CK level from my blood tests was slightly raised, my nerve study tests were abnormal and my biopsy only showed minimal change. 

I now cannot raise my arms above shoulder level to the front and if I walk at a quicker pace my lower back feels like I have no support and I get pain around my lumbar region. 

I go spinning 4/5 times a week and cope with this very well. It's as though once I'm warmed up my stiffness diminishes. I am 51 and have only one period every 3/4 months , I have been to the dr's re the menopause but have been told all my blood tests are normal.

i have been referred to a neurosurgeon and neurologist  with ? A form of muscular dystrophy but now my muscle biopsy result has not shown the expected result. 

i struggle going up and down stairs often. I feel so fed up with my inability to do what I want to do as I have always been an active person. I have put weight on and cannot motivate myself to control my diet.

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Anxiety :: A Withdrawal Symptom From Marijuana??

Hey everyone, for those of you have seen my last questions that I've been suffering from anxiety for about 7-8 weeks now, it all stemmed from me thinking I was having a heart attack but after many tests, I was ok, but also at the same time I stopped smoking weed cold turkey, just wondering if anxiety could be one of the side effects, I wasn't a heavy smoker but smoke for about 21yrs until about 7-8 weeks ago,

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Sjogren's Syndrome? Dry Eyes Are The Only Symptom I Have

I have had dry eyes for about 2 year now (I also had lasik in 2005).  Within the last 4 months my have have gotten really dry.  I have all 4 tear ducts plugged and I am on Restasis.  I also use sclera lenses (more for vision but also helps the dry eye).  My eye dr said he thinks I may have Sjogren's  even though I have never has a Schirmer's test (I am not sure how accurate that would be since i have had lasik anyway). tested positive for ANA 1:80 titer with homogeneous pattern but negative for RF and SSa and SSb.  Should I pursue this further?  Dry eyes are the only symptom I have.

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Sjogren's Syndrome? Depression Is A Symptom?

I was wondering whether depression is actually a symptom of this illness. I understand that it is natural to feel depressed when receiving a diagnosis of chronic illness, but my current mental state feels like something much more insidious and severe. I have never felt depressed in this way before, even when I got a diagnosis of another painful AI condition 8 years ago. I also know that mental stress can negatively impact symptoms so it is vital to 'feel better' quickly in order not aggravate the condition. I am not sure how to start to do this and wonder whether systemically something is going on that is affecting my brain chemistry to feel this bad.

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Carbimazole :: Painful Leg Cramps (not The Usual Night Time Calf Cramps)

I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I have been taking Carbimazole since Aug 6, 2010, since yesterday I have been experiencing painful leg cramps (not the usual night time calf cramps) that begin just above my right knee and travel down to my foot sometimes 5 or so in quick succession - this is really painful :? and I wondered if anybody else has these or should I go back and see my GP?

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TOFI (Thin-outside-fat-inside) Another Symptom Of GOUT

I have suffered from gout for many years often in big toe on either foot, eventually in most joints to the point of swelling and deformity of joints.

Now it has been named as TOFI which is uric crystals forming as lumps on joints on my fingers,  toes , knuckles of hand 

I have as many as seven lumps formed on one toe all around  toe joint, now it has formed an abscess oozing a thick white mucus now with a gaping oozing hole,this is also happening on another toe.

Went to my doc told me it is tofi I know that, then I saw another  locum doc to ask for referral to consultant told NO 

take antibiotics finished course to no difference at all in desperation went to a podiatrist she is so shocked to see the state my toes are in and put a dressing on them with a urgent referral to my own doc my condition is so bad now that it has been mentioned I will need amputation. 

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Leukemia :: Bruising Around Legs, Tired, Pain

For the past weeks I've been getting random bruises around my legs, but now I found one in my arm. I find them weird because I don't bruise easily, plus they are tiny (although there is one that is larger in size) and I don't recall hitting myself with anything repeatedly to cause them. Additionally, I've been feeling increasingly tired, even when I sleep for a long time (i.e. 10 hours). Could this be related?

I've had leg pains for the past 12 years (I'm 20), but the reasons are still unknown. Could the bruises be related to this?

Plus, I get pains around my right-lower back, and around my uterus (like slight cramps. The last time I went to the gynecologist a sonogram was performed and I had an ovarian cyst. I was supposed to return after my period for another sonogram to see if it was endometriosis (it was a huge cyst), but was not able to. Are these pains related to that, or something else?

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Menopause :: Brown Discharge - Symptom Of Perimenopause?

This is an embarrassing question; but I have had brown discharge for the last two days. I read this is one of the symptoms of "perimenopause" Has anyone had this? I am making a doctors appointment tomorrow. This is all new to me. I am going to be 42 in July. I'm healthy, no pain-just this.

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Anxiety / Depression :: Leg Pain? Physical Symptom

I have recently been diagnosed as having depression, and my psychiatrist feels my leg pain that I have is being caused by my depression. Does anyone else experience similar problems and has antidepressants helped at all with the physical symptoms ?

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