Leukemia :: Low WBC Count? Genetic?

Apr 29, 2016

My wife's past WBC count was always about 5. She just recently had a test and it is 3.7 and has been flagged as low on her health records (nurse didn't mention it but she has only seen her online records since speaking to the nurse).

Now she is worried because her father died of leukemia. Is this white blood cell count dangerously low or unlikely to be anything serious?

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Leukemia :: Bruising Around Legs, Tired, Pain

For the past weeks I've been getting random bruises around my legs, but now I found one in my arm. I find them weird because I don't bruise easily, plus they are tiny (although there is one that is larger in size) and I don't recall hitting myself with anything repeatedly to cause them. Additionally, I've been feeling increasingly tired, even when I sleep for a long time (i.e. 10 hours). Could this be related?

I've had leg pains for the past 12 years (I'm 20), but the reasons are still unknown. Could the bruises be related to this?

Plus, I get pains around my right-lower back, and around my uterus (like slight cramps. The last time I went to the gynecologist a sonogram was performed and I had an ovarian cyst. I was supposed to return after my period for another sonogram to see if it was endometriosis (it was a huge cyst), but was not able to. Are these pains related to that, or something else?

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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia :: Why Muscle Cramps Is A Symptom With ALL

I had a question as to why muscle cramps is a symptom with ALL. Could it be because of the reduced ability to metabolize calcium or anaerobic metabolism or what?

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Leukemia / Lymphoma :: Lump In Neck With Migraines And Sweats

I feel a lot of annoying pain in my neck best way to relate is a stiffness a lump looks like a swelled up the ENT said it was around 2 cm  more long that wide close to the right side of jaw line but the top of the neck not too close to my ear but I've had terrible migraines on my right side as we'll night sweats loss of appetite, tiredness ,  the ENT sent me for a blood test for mono but my throat isn't sore and  I am a little achy but I'm trying to not freak out waiting on the blood test if I don't have mono next is cat scan and ultra sounds....

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Leukemia / Lymphoma :: Pea Size Lump On Right Side Of Neck

I found a pea size lump on my right side of neck in between my ear and collar bone but more close to collar bone. It does not hurt when I touch it but I have been touching it too much it causes the area to hurt. When I feel it it feels like it's on my neck muscle. I'm scared of what it could be. It's giving me anxiety and I just want to know if anyone else has had this or knows what it could be. I felt this a couple days ago I'm not sure how long I've had it but I did come down with a cold a couple days ago and a fever etc and I also had minor ear pain and my wisdom tooth seems to be a bit inflamed I can tell on my cheek. It might be from that but not sure.  I'm taking antibiotics for the last couple days but ts still here. Not sure what to do I want to stop worrying.

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Leukemia & Lymphoma :: Swollen Lymph Node-does It Move?

I found a lump behind my ear and it moved to the base of my skull. I was told it was a swollen lymph node. Do lymph nodes move? What would be the cause? I haven't been sick, so I am curious.

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Leukemia / Lymphoma :: Chronic Anxiety-persistent Lymph Node

I have always suffered from health anxiety and about a month ago, I grew a small lump on the left side of my neck. I was told that it was a lymph node, but it seems odd as it hasn't disappeared for a month now.

It is sometimes sore, but generally there is no pain and no fatigue, and I am generally healthy. Currently, a pimple is growing right on the lump as well, so I am wondering if that has to do with anything.

I do have acne so bacteria there is a possibility, plus allergies have been bad this year.

I had it checked and was told by a doctor not to worry and it was harmless. However, I am still worried. Could this develop into something if it doesn't go down, and why has it stayed there for so long?

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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia :: Left Side Throat Pain That Is Radiating Into Ear

What are the signs and symptoms? Ive had left side throat pain that is radiating into my ear. I also have swollen nodes under my chin and neck that hurt pretty bad when pressed. I am not fighting a cold or anything the throat pain just came out of the blue a week ago and hurts when I swallow.

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Leukemia / Lymphoma :: Trouble Breathing And Swallowing/enlarged Lymph Node

Husband having trouble breathing, especially when lying down, lots of gagging, and trouble swallowing.  Been to the doctor several times.  Elevated white count, enlarged lymph node in neck, one with black spot. Still 3 weeks until we see the ENT specialist. What can I do to help him while we wait 3 weeks to see a specialist?

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Leukemia & Lymphoma :: Swollen Occipital Node, Headaches And Muscle Spasms

For the past week, I've had a headache. It started out with being one of the worst headaches ever. I've been dizzy and lightheaded with ears ringing for the past week and a constant headache that varies in pain. Yesterday, I found my occipital node is swollen and if I push anywhere on it or on the left side of my head, I feel pressure and it hurts in my face all through the left side of my face and in my eye. I've been having awful muscle spasms in my neck and body, and now there is a constant dull pain still in the left side of my head that will not go away. I hear cracking and popping in my head often since it started too. Please help! This is killing me. What could it be? The headaches get to almost unbearable and sometimes it's just a dull agitation.

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Pregnancy :: Kick Count?

I'm confused on how I have to count kicks! This morning baby boy woke me up with his kicks! But through out the day i haven't felt him at all, he is not responding to coke or cold water!!! I'm 28 weeks, 29 tomorrow!

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Liver :: High ALT (312) /AST (604) Enzyme Count

I'm a 36 year old woman who has been battling undiagnosed health issues for about 10 years. No family doctor. Suggestions of possible autoimmune disease made by more than one ER doctor but as they only treat acute issues, I've never had any testing. On July 2nd I felt like I was having a heart attack or something, the pain would not let up for about half hour so my hub took me to the ER. BP was 158/100. I had blood taken and they prepped me with a picc line (which was never used as I refused the drugs). Test results came back ALT 312 AST 604 and doc said he was concerned so req ultrasound and blood work to check for hep A, B and C. Ultrasound found gallstones but no inflammation in the gallbladder. I do not drink, I do not take any medication...rarely take advil (I mean very rarely)...do not take Tylenol. I do not use recreational drugs either. I was asked by both the 1st ER doc and the second...if I was a drinker. Waiting for hep blood work results still...and still have a constant dull pain in my upper abdomen, mostly right side but also some on the left and some mid abdominal pain also and as always...I'm very fatigued. Not sure what is going on...anyone else had levels this high and got a dx?

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Kidney Problems :: Over 500 Count Of Protein In Urine

I had a count of over 500 protein in urine than two weeks later 100, primary dr says not too concerned....


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Fever - Malaise And Myalgia - High WBC Count

I am 48, male, I have fever for three days , temperature about 100 C , with malaise and myalgia, no specific problems of breathing, urine symptoms, or gastric trouble. I have scratchy throat and irritation in back of throat. My white cell count is 14.5 , 75% neutrophils. Hb is normal. All other labs are normal. My blood c/s has been sent. What may be reason of my fever and high WBC count?

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Low Neutrophil Count Hydroxychloroquine

I am 71 and have had Rheumatoid since 1988. Had various treatments over the years. I have been on hydroxychloroquine for about 8 years. One tablet a day up until just over a year ago when it flared up and I have been on two since then. Recent blood tests showed my neutrophil levels were just under half of normal. At my check up specialist reduce the dose back to one and asked for another blood test. This one was down to 15% of normal. 

Has anyone else had this problem. It is pretty scary and I am under instruction about seeking urgent help in case of infection.

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Mastrubation / Ejaculations Can Lead To Low Sperm Count?

I'm 16yrs old and I had been mastrubating since few yrs but now I have resisted it after a lot of determination and hard work.. when I used to masrtrubate the semen color was too normal.im afraid that mastrubation which results in ejaculations might lead to low sperm count.. though I have many yrs to get married I'm worried about the sperm count... Can the sperm count grow into required level if I stop masrtrubating for the next 8-10 yrs.....

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Sperms Count :: No Sperm At All - Small Testicles

I have tried to check my sperm count and the result is no sperm at all and my testicle are small, what are the remedies?

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Pregnancy :: Glucose Test 188 And Blood Count Below Normal

So had the 1 hr glucose test today and mu glucose was 188 highest normal number is only 140 damn it. Then my rbc and hbt was below normal so im assuming im anemic.

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Stopped Taking Testosterone Due To High Red Blood Cell Count

I am a 59 yr. old male and a disabled Veteran. I have been taking Testosterone for the past 15 years every 2 weeks. My doctor took me off of it on June 4th because my red blood count was too high. My body doesn't produce Testosterone anymore because of Hemochromatosis, which is a blood disease which produces too much iron in my blood.

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Lymphadenopathy :: Lymph Node For About 3 Months-raised Eosinophil Count

On my neck I felt a lymph node near the neck muscle, it felt huge. I went to doctors and they said it was hard, sent me for a scan as we didn't know why it was there. They said it was 3 cm and few there but by time I went for scan, I had a throat infection about 2 weeks after finding the lump. They said leave it, it's from that all lymph nodes all good and healthy. I'm very worried, I feel it's still there, it's huge to me. Some doctors say I'm feeling a sort of muscle and there's a pea size lump they said it's gone down from when I went. I don't know if I'm feeling a muscle of bone or cartilage. But when you lift your neck up and you put your fingers next to the neck muscle towards the throat at the top, that's where I can feel it. My eosinophil count keeps coming back raised, which is a white cell but normally it comes back normal about 7 for quite a while. Now it's at 9.1. Freaking out every day, I can't relax. I feel it's serious. Any help would be great please. 

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Sexual Stimulation :: Will Daily Masturbation Affects Sperm Count ?

Will there be a problem by masturbating every day, i started masturbating from when i was 13-14 years old. Afterwards i had a habit of doing it daily.. now i'm 20 and still do it, sometimes i skip.Will it effect my sperm count in future ? 

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