Lisfranc/mid Foot Damage - Ligament - Misdiagnosed - Fusion?

Aug 2, 2015

Two years ago I fell onto my big toe, and heard a loud SNAP. The arch of my foot had collapsed immediately. There was a bruise on the top and bottom of my foot over the lisfranc joint. I couldn't bear weight for 1-2 weeks, can't remember exactly.

I had x-rays that showed nothing. I still don't know exactly what I did. The arch has collapsed and my foot aches all the time. I was told to have physiotherapy and wear an orthotic.

I fear I either tore slightly or completely the lisfranc ligament. Hopefully I didn't fracture anything. Recently I had a weight-bearing x-ray that showed loss of arch height and exaggerated space in the joint complex, but this was brushed off - I think, because the injury is so old. 

I was told I couldn't have suffered a lisfranc or I'd still be in terrible pain; however, I have read online similar misdiagnosed subtle injuries like mine that only become painful YEARS later, by then, with more damage done.

This is how it is: I can move the cuneiform (?) quite easily with my fingers, whereas I can't with the other foot. It feels loose, but not painful when I do this. It's slightly painful if I go on the tip of my toes, just feels strained. It's also much more prominent than my other foot. The arch sags from this point, as it did when I first heard the snap.

Has anyone else had an old ligament tear, gotten by with orthotics, and had no significant problems? 

I worry about arthritis setting in. Should I pursue and find out EXACTLY what I did? Or should I get by with the orthotic and if/when arthritis sets in, then have a fusion? Ignorance being bliss?

I know whatever I did, at this stage, the only thing left is fusion. I'm not sure whether this is something I should be doing sooner rather than later.

Could someone shed light on fusion? Especially if they had it young (I'm 20) and how it holds up long term etc.

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Pregnancy :: Lisfranc (midfoot) Fracture Requiring Fusion Of 1 Joint

I am 30 weeks pregnant. I broke my foot on July 4 stepping off a curb. I had surgery on it July 16. It is a lisfranc (midfoot) fracture requiring fusion of 1 joint and 6 screws and 1 plate. I am to be non weight bearing for 6 weeks and partial weight bearing for 6 more weeks, which puts me at full weight bearing a week after my baby is due. Has anyone ever been through something like this? How did you get any sleep? Sleeping on my back is difficult since I'm pregnant. How soon were you walking by yourself? Any help, advice, or encouragement is appreciated.

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Knee Pain And Discomfort, Torn Cartilage, Tendon Ligament Damage

I'm 22 and have suffered with knee pain for 5-6 years now i used to play rugby but stopped about 3 years ago mainly due to my knees. i went to my gp about 2 years ago and got refered to have an mri scan, my right knee has always been worse with the pain and giving way etc so i thought it best to get that one sorted first the results came back as a small tear in the cartilage so i was refered to have 3 months physio and if any problem persist after i would be referred to a specialist. Instead after my 3 months of physio i opted to pay for some private treatment (laser treatment, electrotherapy and ultrasound)where i was also told they thought it was tendons/ligament as well as the torn cartilage as i also get trouble with my hip, anyway i started to see.some improvement gradually but sadly couldn't afford to carry this treatment on so unfortunately im back to square one, i've got an appointment with my gp again and hoping to get referred to a specialist now, just wondered what other peoples experience with something like this has been, and what the outcome was? Ive got a bit of a phobia of doctors and hospitals so it takes alot for me to get sorted and i panic about it all.

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Foot / Ankle :: Brostrom Ligament Reconstruction - Still Pain

I had a modified brostrom ligament reconstruction back in October of 2013. I am still having a LOT of pain in my ankle. It is very much more stable now that it used to be... Before the surgery it was like every step it was close to popping out of place due to the ligament, however I still have severe pain in my ankle and shin... Does anyone else experience the same issue, and any advice on what I need to do? I called the OS and they recommended me going back to the brace and although that works, I would like to at some point be without the brace, because it hurts even with the darn brace on!!!! It just feels more protected while in the brace but it doesn't stop the pain from happening.... It aches like when you have the flu, I feel achy in the ankle all the time, but w/o the brace it HURTS about a 5 out of a 10.. I have a very high pain tolerance and would say the pain is about the same as it was before the surgery.. The pain before the surgery was never so bad I couldn't deal, but it was like all day nagging pain... I am still having that pain. Is that normal 6 months after surgery?

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Disc Prolapse :: Lump On Buttock - Disc Bulge And Ligament Damage

I had an accident in work a year ago and have finally been diagnosed with a disc bulge and 3 very stretched ligaments in my ankle but since my last physio I have started to get a pain in my right buttock and gradually it has been getting worse I'm in pain sitting walking standing going the toilet and the pain is that unbearable at times that I can cry. And now 4 days into this pain I have a large lump I can feel under the skin about the size of a 10p its about 3cm from the bum crack and is extremely sore to touch has anyone any idea if this is related to my other problems or something else as I don't know weather to go doctors or wait for my next physio.

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Foot / Ankle :: Fusion Vs Replacemet

My surgeon and I met today to discuss the continuing problems I am having with my left ankle. We started to talk about a fusion and I suggested an ankle replacement. He says I am too young for a replacement. I am 42 and he said they like to only do them on people in their mid-50s or older.
Has anyone had a replacement that is younger than mid-50s? Any recommendations regarding which surgery would be better?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just very frustrated with the lack of function and level of pain at this point after 4 surgeries.

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Foot / Ankle :: Metatarsal Fusion Revision Surgery - Yes Or No?

I was diagnosed with a hyperflexible big toe via a weight bearing scan. Two years ago now, my surgeon fused the first and second metatarsals and removed a mild bunion in the hopes that this would sort out pain and swelling in that area. Swelling around the hardware (specifically the plate) lasted a while but has calmed down now. However, my big toe is completely stiff. My surgeon was surprised as he didn't expect so much scar tissue to form (I was 27 when I had the surgery and very active). This doesn't cause pain so much as discomfort on a regular basis and I've had to completely change what activities I do now (no running or long hikes without causing swelling and a stiff feeling). My second toe is also now significantly longer than the first (it wasn't before). This doesn't cause pain either but again discomfort when it takes the load for the big toe and it sometimes sets me off balance eg in yoga. I'm not sure if this is due to the length or simply that the big toe isn't taking weight anymore because it's so inflexible.

My surgeon recommended surgery to: shorten the second toe, remove the hardware, remove the scar tissue, AND loosen the fusion (if that's the correct term).

Due to the intense recovery period last time and general concerns about surgery risks including that I'll end up either worse off or with the same stiffness, I'm not sure whether this is a good idea. I feel I can "manage" with my foot, but it's certainly not in the best condition to return to the activities I want to do, and I'm only 29.

It's scheduled for the week after next but I'm not sure whether I should go ahead. Neither my GP nor my surgeon seems overly confident, I think there's no real answer but I'd love to know your opinions on whether this second surgery might end up better or worse.

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Neuropathic Pain :: Nerve Damage After Foot Surgery

I had foot surgery 8 weeks ago - quite a major reconstruction that took a few hours.

when the plaster was removed at 6 weeks I was told that I had nerve damage causing partial foot drop and a lot of numbness and pain. I have just had nerve conduction studies and have started on   Gabapentin and physio..

They said either the tourniquet or nerve block has caused it. I can't believe that this can happen, surely they know about these nerves and how to prevent problems.

Has anyone else experienced this and what has the recovery been like. I'm just wondering what my life is going to be like from now on.

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Orthopedics :: Bone Infection / Nerve Damage After Surgery On My Foot?

6 weeks ago I had foot surgery (modified brostrom procedure to tighten up ligaments near ankle, and a procedure to correct a calcaneonavicular coalition).  I have on incision along my ankle, and another incision on my foot. My cast came off 3 weeks after surgery. 5 weeks after surgery, when I was changing my dressing, I saw some some black stitches from the ankle incision on my gauze pad.  I called the doctor's office, and the medical assistant said that that was normal. After that, I noticed drainage for a few days when I changed the dressing. I called doctor's office back, because my foot was feeling hot and I was having a burning pain. They put me on an antibiotic (keflex). And I was told to stop walking and go back to non weight bearing. They told me not to clean the incision. I have only been on antibiotic for 3 days, and it is a 10 day course. In the evenings, especially when I am in bed, I wake up because there is so much pain in my foot, it feels like a deep stabbing pain that is sharp, and sometimes burning. Is this normal of a skin infection from an incision? Could it be a bone infection? Or nerve damage? How patient should I be with this doctor and doctor's office?

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Hardware Removal? Lisfranc With A Broken 1st And 2nd Metatarsal

Tomorrow makes a week since my Lisfranc injury. Unfortunately I do not have a glorified story of how I broke it but basically got light headed & dizzy as I was walking up a step into my home, my legs gave out and all of my weight dropped on my foot that was on the step. As soon as it happened I knew something in my foot wasn't happy so off to the ER we went. ER was a total nightmare and knowing what I do now I would have just been better off waiting to go to the foot Dr. Went to the foot Dr and he said I have a Lisfranc injury and recommended that I see a specialist so I went. He informed me that I had broken my 1st & 2nd metatarsals and torn the ligaments. He recommended surgery to properly correct and said that I would need two screws to put it back in place. I am scheduled for surgery in two days!

What should I expect? Will it truly be a 2-4 month process before I can run and actively get back into the gym again? Will the pain after the surgery be far worse than the pain since the break? Did you eventually have your hardware removed and if so, why?

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Foot / Ankle :: Pain Outside Of Foot After Flat Foot Surgery

I am 7 1/2 weeks post of from Flat Foot Surgery and the outside area of foot from where my incision ends from the double calcaneal osteotomy up to my little toe the soft tissue is halfway numb and very painful. Has anyone else experienced this and if so how long did it last.

I am not sure how long it takes the soft tissue to heal to a point where it does not hurt when you are not walking. Or is what I am feeling nerve pain. I started PT this week and am PWB. My doctor thinks I will be in a shoe in 3 weeks and I don't know at this rate how that could be possible. I am icing a majority of the day for sure after I do my PT exercises.

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Orthopedics :: Ligament Tightening Surgery

I posted this in foot and ankle but am getting no responses.

I have contacted my surgeon and he is out of town and I am stressed.

So trying this here.

1.5 weeks ago I had ligament tightening surgery. I am still in a sling.

The sling seems to be very loose already as it moves around and I can fit my entire hand down the sling.

I keep getting sharp pains like little lightning bolts. At first it was from where my incision is but today I also feel it in another part of my foot where I think they did work but not totally sure.

I just want to know if these sharp pains are normal or if I should be going to the hospital.

I am supposed to get my cast in one week by now concerned as it will not be as flexible as the sling.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Round Ligament Pain?

I'm 27 weeks and 4 days. And I just recently started having some pains.  My stomach gets hard,  and it feels like it's baby but I'm not sure. Then I get this little pain really close to my vajay lol . Can anyone explain what this might be? It lasts for about a minute and it's not consistent

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Posterior Repair, The Ligament Fixation - Experience

I'm back home now after anterior and posterior repair, the ligament fixation for the uterus wasn't needed luckily.

my bladder isn't working at all so I'm home with a catheter which is a bit humiliating and I'm hoping it will give my bladder time to recover.

post op I've found it quite painful especially the back wall repair but they said some of the pain was down to urine retention. I'm super sleepy and have no attention span what so over.

wishing everyone well who is waiting for this op, It's been so helpful to have people to speak to, it's such an lonely condition.

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Foot / Ankle :: Flat Foot Reconstruction, 8 Weeks Postop With Heel Pain

I am currently 8 weeks post op from a very extensive flat foot reconstructive surgery . I was excited to start partial weight bearing this week starting w 25 percent in a boot.

My problem is I have sharp pains coming from the bottom of my heel which I am thinking may be from the screws from the calcaneal osteotomy. This is making it very difficult to put any pressure on my foot when weight bearing ?

Has anyone experienced this ? Did it go away on its own? Was there anything that helped this . I am afraid I will not be able to proceed the wt bearing with this continued heel pain.

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Foot / Ankle :: Bunion Surgery Pain & Swelling In Ball Of Foot

I am 7 and a half weeks post op after a Lapidus & an Akin procedure. I was in cast until last week and have managed a tennis type shoe and a sandal on so far.

The swelling has been bad as expected with full weight bearing, but the real pain is in the ball of my foot and my big toe does not lie flat, but rather sits elevated. I think the ball of the foot under the big toe is swollen so that may be the cause? I can only walk for a few minutes properly before the pain becomes too much and I am limping and walking on the outside of my operated foot. I can usually cope with pain so know this must be fairly severe.

I am doing my toe bending exercises and think that already the range of motion is not too bad.

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Foot / Ankle :: Broken Calcaneus Bone Right Foot 2 Screws Put In

I had broken my right calcaneus the doctor put 2 screws in. I'm at 8 weeks just started putting weight on it and walking with 1 crutch. Started doing stretching exercises. My question is I'm having pain in my foot now that I have started walking with 1 crutch. Very uncomfortable walking with boot so I changed to my tennis shoes with gel long does it take before I can walk with little or no pain. Does anybody know.

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Foot / Ankle :: Ball Of Foot Sore After Metatarsal Surgery

After having surgery on both the 4th and 5th metatarsal with plates and screws holding everything I have pain on the ball of my foot. I haven't yet started walking, I've been in no weight bearing. It's been three weeks and a half since surgery and the bottom of my foot really hurts when pressed upon. After almost a month this doesn't seem normal. Should I be worried. I will ask the doctor about this on my next visit when he pulls out the k wire.

The ball of my foot hurts also when I do toe exercise such as curling in and out.

Each visit to the doctor he tells me not to walk and put put weight on my foot. I tell him each time that I can't if I wanted to as it hurts to barely try.

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Plantar Fasciitis :: In Right Foot, Pain In Left Foot

I have suffered with plantar fasciitis in my right foot for about a year now.

It originally started after a knee operation and a torn calf muscle after an accident.

The pain in my right foot is so unbearable that I opted for a steroid injection last year. I watched some of the youtube videos to see that some numb the area first then inject.. Not my GP...Straight in with the steroid and it was so painful I kept saying "Oh my god oh my god". Well it didn't work and I know that I will NEVER have another one. The pain is more than before.

My left foot has now got a pain across the top of the foot.inferior extensor retinaculum I think it's called.

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Foot / Ankle :: Heel And Bottom Of Foot Pain

It is my right foot only. Heel pain, and basically all of my foot. I wear inserts plus an extra heel cushion. I been to the foot doctor and gave me a antibiotic and he recommended icing and heating and stretching bottom of foot. Any other suggestions?

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Foot / Ankle :: Pain On Outside Bottom Of Foot! Is This Normal?

I had PTTD reconstructive surgery on Feb. 24th. I am still NWB and in the hard cast.

I have been good about icing and elevating, and now the swelling is rarely an issue. However, now that the cast is much looser, I am very aware of the feeling that my foot is turning inwards... as in...It feels like i'm "standing" on the outside of my foot. If I prop the foot up so that the bottom of my foot is all fully touching the bottom of the cast, I have significant pain along that outside area from what feels like right under my ankle to just below the ball of my foot. Is there any chance that I am healing "crookedly" due to the cast being loose? Although I can't put weight on it, just straightening my leg completely will cause that "rolling out" and pain.

On an unrelated note:

Is there anything that I can do for nerve pain at this point in my recovery? I am no longer taking the "heavy" pain medication. I am just taking Advil and Tylenol. I am finding, however, that these do nothing for the nerve pain. Is there anything that I can do besides going back to narcotics? I'm wary of taking them for too long, but the real issue is that I would rather be clear-headed.

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