Lupus :: Any Experience With Seizures?

Apr 13, 2014

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with seizures with their lupus. I had one seizure last see summer before I was diagnosed with RA. I have been told by rheumatologist that I have RA with overlapping lupus symptoms, no positive lupus labs. My question is about the seizure, it was not a grand mal type, no convulsing but I did lose consciousness for almost 5 minutes. Is this a lupus sign. They found NO medical reason at the time for this.

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Lupus :: Lupus And Vasculitis Tests Clear-MRI To Rule Out IBC-explanations Needed

I've had odd symptoms for many stinging pains, muscle twitching rashes, pancreatitis that is chronic but clear via scans.

Well, almost 3 weeks ago, a large red mark appeared on left breast. I've been going back and forth to doctor as I've wanted to rule out inflammatory breast cancer-it presents with redness etc but no lesions, hard to diagnose. Today when I went back, the doctor felt nodes under my armpit, confirmed during ultrasound, but said they looked benign and small. He said actually it could pop up from autoimmune. He did admit it was odd. It was on the same side as affected breast and not the other. I'm going to get an MRI of my breast as IBC doesn't show on mammogram or ultrasound often.

I've had swollen nodes in the past. I noticed a few times on my jaw line.

I haven't been diagnosed with lupus, tests many years ago were totally clear as were vasculitits tests. But curious if anyone has had nodes on one part of the body pop up. Im praying its not IBC. I'd much rather it be something else. IBC is the most aggressive form of BC and spreads in a matter of weeks, so grasping for other explanations

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Epilepsy :: Are These Seizures Or Something Else?

For nearly a year now I have been having these symptoms, which are really starting to affect my life and college work.

Start off first with zoning out of conversations and just not being quite with it.

Then comes loss of consciousness and eyelid fluttering.

Then confusion, wandering round, verbal aggression (not screaming or anything, but apparently I can be quite rude)

Then I come round, just feeling tired.

Altogether (apart from tiredness) this can last anything up to an hour. I don't remember anything of these, and all the information has come from witnesses. I have had an EEG and MRI, which were clear. So why am I still having these?

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I Have Non Epileptic Seizures

im getting frustrated because i have these seizures and when i go to hospital  all i get is tests. after that i get appointment after appointment

and referrals. but still the seizures keep going on and no solutions.

my husband has put numerous complaints in and get more appointments. 

this has gone on for quite some time.  i stopped breathing twice during the seizures and was in hospital for 5 hours unconscious and on razapan all that time.  so i need to get this sorted as soon as i can. the paramedics that took me to hospital thought i had epilepsy but consultants assumed different

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Epilepsy :: Are These Seizures?

About 10 years ago I had something that resembled a stroke. I felt really strange that day and thought I needed to dilate my veins, i reasoned a run might help. After running about half a mile half the side of my body tensed or stiffened up; my head locked to one side, my arm curled in, my fingers curled in, the same side's leg stiffened and it was hard to walk. This lasted for something like 4 hours, and since then I've had trouble concentrating on things and the left side of my head/brain feels like numb/inflamed. I went to the ER and they gave me an MRI and said I had a brain cyst.

I always thought it was a stroke and I got some degree of damage, but a recent MRI doesn't show evidence of a stroke (but the pineal cyst is still there). So if it wasn't a stroke then what was it? Does this sound like an asymmetric tonic seizure?

I've had some other incidents that I thought were panic attacks where my vision goes dark, my hearing goes away and have to fight to not black out. Is my pineal cyst causing me seizures? I don't shake though.

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Epilepsy :: What Happens During A Seizures

I am looking for information. My Mom has been diagnosed with Seizures about 10 - 15yrs. ago. She has been on different medications- currently taking Carbamazepine 500 mg A. M. and 400mg P.M. her doctor is starting her on Depakote with 250 mg twice a day then 500mg twice a day. She also sleep walks and high anxiety.

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Epilepsy :: Are These Really Seizures?

My son has been having episodes at school, he explains then as he stares, and he can't hear anything, but he can remember what's happened and he can see and move his hands, he doesn't think he could stand or anything though. He is 10 years old and has recently moved schools, He has only noticed these episodes at his new school for the last few months and he had not experienced one at home until the other day when he said he opened the cupboard and just stared at the cups for a while. He also says he doesn't know when it starts or when it is happening but knows when it has finished that it has happened. He is going in for an EEG in a few days, I am a stressed mother who doesn't like waiting :/ Does this sound similar to any seizures anyone else has had?

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Epilepsy :: Seizures, And Fainting

I think I been having seizures, I fall to the ground and start shaking a lot, when I was a child I did have seizure I did faint a lot but that had stop at the age of five, I told my mom because one time my friend was about to call 911, is it possible for me to start having seizures again?

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Does An EEG Test Record Seizures?

I recently had an EEG because of sensory symptoms, auras and smelling strange smells. The test came back abnormal but did not record any seizures. Would it have showed a seizure even if I did not know I had one? Or are the auras and smells themselves considered seizures?

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Neurological Disorders :: Am I Having Seizures?

Back when I was 15 I started fainting, it didn't happen often but it always seemed to be in the morning after a cigarette. I would feel myself going, my fingers would go all tingly, and it would work all the way up to my head and my vision would go blurry and then i would fall. Over the next few years it was happening about once a year but this time it seemed to be caused by severe period pains - it happened at work once and an ambulance was called and apparently everything was fine with me. When it was period pain related i had more the sweats that would start right before and my hearing would go all tinny.

I am now nearly 25 and like most young adults I often go out drinking with my friends. It now seems these 'faints' are happening the morning after the night before type thing. It's happened twice in the past 3 months, once at home and one last week on a bus on the way to work.

Once again, i get the tinny hearing, tunnel/blurry vision, excessive sweating and heavy breathing and then i just go, but on the past 2 occasions, i've woken up almost having a fit - but its only my head that is shaking from side to side and i can't control it for a good 30 seconds and can't figure out where i am and am so confused... On top of this, on both occasions (unlike the previous 10 years) i have lost bladder control.

As i was on the bus for the most recent one i was roughly able to work out how long i was out for judging from memory of where i lost consciousness to where i regained it and it must've been 1-2 minutes. I don't think i could've been 'fitting' that bad on the bus as my head bust rested on the chair in front and i woke up smacking it with my head (sounds funny now, terrifying at the time!) so must've just looked like a weirdo on the bus. When it happened in my kitchen, i felt myself going so sat down but woke up with my head smacking against my cupboard door.

It's a horrible feeling and i know by the sounds of it alcohol is the main cause but i have many friends that drink a lot more than me and they certainly don't have any of this.

It's worth noting that i have been on Citalopram (10mg) since August 2014  -although i don't think the dose is strong enough to make any change to my mood let alone any side effects. I'm currently undergoing tests for a lump found in my breast which has been ruled out of being a cyst so awaiting results until beginning of May.

Is this anything to be worried about do you think? I've resisted going to the dr's as when it's happened before and paramedics were called and they said it was nothing and when i fainted in oct 2013 i went to A&E and he said i had extreme low blood pressure and i just got up too quick... but other than that, all blood tests and BP checks i've had in the past 2 years have said im fit as a fiddle basically.

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Hypothyroidism :: Have Had Seizures For 74 Years

Have had seizures for 74 years. They are under control yet. I feel bad today, so I will try and be back tomorrow.

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Epilepsy :: Seizures In A Relationship

I've had epilepsy all my life. I find the stress has really brought my seizures on a lot. Relationships has anyone had problems with their seizures in a relationship.

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Epilepsy :: Absence Seizures

I have been suggested 500 mg depakote.Very scared of weight gain..

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Non Epileptic Unexplained Seizures

I got a seizure full blown convulsion, for the 1st time at age 24yrs, up until today i dont no what is the cause of it, all test is negative and clear just that now im living my life day to day on my nerves ,hoping and praying it does not happen again, that the fear i have. i work in the emergency services, i dispatch ambulances and take in all emergency 911 calls to send them ambulances, and now i hear whole day about seizures and then it play on my mind. im just busy going through server depression, i had a party joyful fun laughing life style until age 25yrs, now im 29yrs old in this 4yrs i lost so much out of life, im scared of everything and nervous and anxious, anything that doesn't sound normal to me scares me like a Aura is about to scared im going to loose my sanity, my wife, my kids, my job everyone I love

dearest.I'm honestly living life,everything I do I want the best for my family. But not knowing when it could happen is the part that freak me out. I was even wondering if hypnosis is a solution. i just want answer?? am i the only one?i have no scans or test to show why i got a seizure at age 24years.

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Depression :: Can Gingko Really Cause Seizures?

I have been taking Wellbutrin for years with no problem and its the only drug that managed to pull me out of a severe depression. Recently, For several weeks I had noticed I was starting to have some alarming cognitive issues at work (I'm 27). Then one day I had a horrible headache one morning and a seizure that afternoon. Neurologists looked at my file for 10 seconds and said you have to discontinue wellbutrin it's what caused the seizure. I told them about the issues that started before and they shrugged and said "stress maybe, it's got nothing to do with the seizure because wellbutrin caused the seizure."

So I'm tapering Wellbutrin down slowly but my cognitive issues are rapidly worsening.

I want to try taking some supplements as a desperate attempt to see if maybe I can get to a point where I can at least do my job. Gingko comes up a lot in my search but it has a seizure warning on some sites!

I'm aware of wellbutrin's impact on seizure threshold and it is supported with plenty of anecdotal evidence online but I can't find a single story saying this herb gave them a seizure. Has anyone heard of this?

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Epilepsy :: Sudden Seizures At 27

I am a 27 year old male and about 3 months ago I started having seizures. The first 2 were about 2 months apart and both times! paramedics were called and I was taken to the er. Both these times my heart rate was high around 140 and my oxygen was low. After blood and urine tests I was told my potassium was low and I was given fluids and potassium pills and ativan. After the first seizure I got a ct scan at the er and an eeg and an mri a couple weeks later. My neurologist cannot figure out what could be causing them. After the second seizure I was given keppra in an iv at the er and the put on it daily. After a little more than a week on keppra I broke out in a rash. My doc then put me on trileptal, 300mg twice a day slowly stepping up to 600 mg twice a day. Before I got to the full dosage of the trileptal, two days ago I had another seizure. This time it did not last as long and I did not go to the er. My heart was racing for about 30 minutes after and then I was fine. I go back to the neurologist next week and I would like to try more testing instead of simply throwing medicine at the problem. Any ideas what could be the cause of all this?

I will add that I see a psychiatrist and I am on 20mg of prozac and 30mg of remeron for depression and anxiety. Also, my potassium has been checked in between and even before the seizures and it was always normal. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Epilepsy :: Sun Induced Seizures?

I seem to have this seizure type thing only when I am on transport and sun is flashing through the trees.

my senses all disappear, I blackout for about 30-40 seconds then jolt back into reality, I sometimes involuntarily scream when I jolt back because its scary.

I have been tested for epilepsy and have come back clear, is it possible to have only sunlight induced epilepsy.

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Epilepsy :: Laying Down Help Seizures?

I've noticed for years that if I lay down when I feel an aura coming on, no matter how intense it gets, I won't black out & go into a full blown T/C. Usually after a T/C my brain seems should I say.....reset itself as far as "knowing" how intense the last aura was....with every C/P I have they get more & more intense every time I have one until I would black out from one and end up in a T/C. Strange thing though, I've noticed that everytime I'm sitting or standing after they get so intense, I'd fall and go into one. If I lay down on the floor, after awhile, no matter how intense the C/P (AKA aura as far as I'm concerned) gets, it suddenly goes away after a bit. Anyone else ever notice this? Why could this be? I've tried to ask a handful of Neuros. but they NEVER give me time. Everything is "You have any seizures lately? Let's get a blood level. OK see me in ___ months." And that's pretty much the extent of the visit! They NEVER want to let me ask anything else (I've seen 7 or 8 in my life, so I don't think things are any different anywhere. And I'm not the only one I know who gets this attitude.) Anyone have any idea WHY this "pattern" would happen? Could it be more oxygen getting to the brain? More blood?

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Epilepsy :: Seizures - Medication Options?

Been on too many different kinds of medication for my seizures from 3yrs to now. Is there any other options besides having surgery to possibly them

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Epilepsy :: Having Seizures - Home Remedies

My mom has seizures but the doctors say nothing shows on the test they run.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Confusion/seizures

I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2000 in the middle of flare which caused numbness in my face and just a weird feeling when I walked. I have been fortunate not to have experienced too many problems aside from a couple of minor flares and the usual fatigue that goes along with MS.
Last week I was on my computer and all of a sudden I felt like I was not quite sure what was real...thoughts racing from one thing to another. I kept thinking of things and would immediately wonder if it happened. I finally decided to go the the ER. Doc did a neuro exam and said it was OK. I also thought I had a UTI but urine came back clear. He told me to go home and rest. The next morning when I talked to my daughter she said I sounded weird and it was taking me a long me to explain things. The MS nurse also said my speech seemed a little off and slow. Neurologist was out of town but when he came back he told her to call me to set up an EEG because it could have been a seizure. Since then my hand tremor has been more pronounced and weird little symptoms like twitches and sort of an internal tremor in my legs when I walk. I have the EEG next week and then will see my neuro.

I was just wondering else has had something similar. It was distressing to me because I can't really remember things I am usually right on top of; I couldn't remember my meds (I have a list at least). I felt like I lost time and was not sure how much.

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