Lyme Disease :: Small Flat Dark Brown Tick On The Back Of My Upper Thigh

Jul 24, 2014

I found a small flat dark brown tick on the back of my upper thigh on 7/22. I went to see a doctor at MedExpress and she told me that the tick was engorged and that she believed that it could be a deer tick. We estimated that the tick had been on me for over 72 hours based on the time I was in wooded areas. As a precaution she put me on 200mg daily of doxycycline. I have been tracking the bite via pictures and there appears to be a bulls eye forming but I may just be paranoid. I know several people who have Lyme disease with varying forms of diligence for care. I have seen how it can ravage a person's body and mind. I want to make sure I am doing everything I possible can to help myself. What, if anything should I be doing from here?

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Lyme Disease? Is This Lyme? Day After Tick Bite

I found a tick on my leg and it was not fully engorged and was able to fully remove The body with tweezers(stored tick in refrigerator with damp towel) and dumped rubbing alcohol on the bite site. Later that day there was a very small dark bruise like spot where the bite was, which I assumed was normal. next day early afternoon I realized it was red around the bite(small bruise spot still there) with a red ring on the outside, a little more red on the outside ring part but this was smaller than an American dime coin which is pretty small. I guess I should mention first, on the day of the tick removal I called my general practice doc over the phone and got prescribed doxycycline hyclate 100mg 2x a day for 14 days and started taking it the next day when I saw this redness. i have a pic if I can share?another thing to note is 1-2 days later the outer ring faded and is gone and now shows new very little amount of light bruising on the outer part.I had scheduled an appointment with my doc and showed pics showing this development and she told me she thought it was normal and not the notorious "bullseye" and said it was most likely irritation from dumping alcohol on the bite and was a normal reaction to bite. I am skeptical can the lyme rash be that small? she insisted it would be bigger I wish I could share pic are my chances good with this course of antibiotics I've read there are higher and/or longer doses people get.

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Lyme Disease :: Bitten By Tick - What To Do?

Yesterday (Saturday) I went for a cycle along a rural cycle path in Devon. When I got home and took my top off my wife noticed something that turned out to be a tick embedded in the left side of my lower chest. She removed it carefully.

I had been on a residential for three days before, in some woods, but had showered every morning and I had a long bath on Friday night and noticed nothing.

We suspect it bit me on Saturday morning but could potentially be any time from Wednesday to Saturday.

What shall I do in terms of going to the doctors / monitoring symptoms?

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Lyme Disease :: 4 Years Since Tick Bite

I was bitten by a tick in 2010. It wasn't until this week I learnt about Lymes disease. I got the bullseye rash, and as the months progressed I had the worst flu of my life, incredibly painful episodes of back pain and neck stiffness so much so that I was given physio  and literally couldn't move my neck when i was having a flair up. I got severe headaches which made me almost pass out and so dizzy  I was sick. I had tests for labarynthitis and saw a ear nose and throat specialist but found nothing. The right Side of my face I got facial numbness and neuralgia, and my eye would twitch and go blurry. Saw an eye clinic and found nothing.

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Lyme Disease :: Just Removed Tick - Should I Begin Treatment?

Today is Tuesday; I removed a deer tick from my thigh on Sunday. Should I ask my doctor to begin antibiotic treatment now and not wait for symptoms to appear (or not)?

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Lyme Disease :: Nymph Female Deer Tick Bite

I was diagnosed with lyme and bartonella a year ago and have been on antibiotics and herbals. Solely Herbals for the last four months (I had been doing really well just some minor symptoms) until 2 weeks ago when my llmd put me on Zithromax 500mg (I had a family trauma and all my neuro lyme symptoms came back but not as extreme as first time around). Two days ago I found another tick on me, back of my knee. I don't know how long it was there but I think it couldn't have been more than a few hours. I called my llmd and she said I was covered for infections (currently taking byron white formulas in addition to Zithromax) except viral ones. I took the tick to the health dept. yesterday and they identified it as a nymph female deer tick. They couldn't see blood meal when they looked at it in the microscope but thought that perhaps my husband had damaged the back of the tick when removing it. Yesterday and today I've felt very lymie, headaches, stiff neck, sore throat, tired. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it possible that I got something even though the tick wasn't engorged. I'm freaking myself out that I have one of these horrible viruses like powassan.

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Lyme Disease :: If On Abx Will Lyme Show Positive On Next Western Blot Test?

I read somewhere if on abx for about 3 weeks and then take another Western Blot test that is would show up positive if you have Lyme. Can anyone confirm this?

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Sciatica Or DVT? Discomfort In My Bum Cheek And Upper Thigh

I have had pain/discomfort in my leg for 3 weeks now it started as calf pain which changed positions from behind knee to lower down to ankle and shin. It would come and go throughout the day but seems worse when sitting down. There is no swelling or redness. It has now progressed and I have pain/discomfort in my bum cheek and upper thigh down to my ankle again it comes and goes and is worse when sitting doesn't really bother me when I'm walking around. It is mostly in my left leg although occasionally I feel discomfort in right leg also but majority of time it is my left.

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Skin And Hair :: Small Bump From Tick Bite

14 months ago I was bitten by a small tick. A few months later I still had a small bump looking like a pimple and it was itchy. I went to my skin doctor and he said it's nothing to worry about. He looked at it and had no further suspicions.

It is still there looking like a small pimple with fluid inside. Very Very small ! and not really red.

Should I test for Lyme ? Is there a possibility that the Tick's head is still there?

Is it possible that it is simply a scar from scratching it ? (can scars look like small pimples?)

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A Small Red/pink Lump On The Top Of Thigh

I have a small red/pink lump on the top of thigh which looks like a bite. It's about the size of a bite, a bit smaller than a 5p. I went to the doctors about 4 weeks ago and he didn't seem concerned and said it was an inflamed hair follicle. I was wondering whether if there has been an infection or inflamed tissue it takes a long time to go away or it leaves scarred tissue. I am really worried about cancer as my mum had breast cancer last year. I am only 20 but im paranoid that its a cancerous lump as its hard and doesn't move.

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Very Light Dark Brown Periods

Monday the 6th I started what I would say was a very light dark brown period, buy Tuesday it was gone, and was only visible when I wiped which ended Thursday, my periods normally last 5 days and heavy and not Dark brown( can only describe as a pooh like colour), i'm also 4/5 days early which is another mad one, ok I know it cannot be IB but I just wanted to know if any as had this happen to them.

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Menopause :: Dark Brown Almost Black Spotting

I am 50 years old and been having 2 periods a month for the last year hot sweats mood swings the lot but over the last 3 days have had bad period pain bloated tummy and very dark almost black spotting ,is this normal for menopause.

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Bowel Disorders :: Dark Brown And Black Stool

I recently broke up with my girlfriend and had a few days of pretty heavy drinking, 12+ beers throughout the day and night each day. I have always been somewhat of a heavy drinker and shortly after those 3 rough days of being down and in a dark place, I started to notice my stool was very dark brown or on the verge of black. It doesn't stink though. I read up on reasons why this would happen and the bleeding obviously scared me because of the drinking. Although I also had been taking some Chlorella supplements that contain iron off and on but they never gave me this color stool before. Sometimes green. Along with some Pepto Bismol the day before but only 2 doses, which is another cause. Some purple flavored sports drinks and even prune juice. So all of this can add up to the dark colored stool from what I read but I am still very worried. My stomach has been uneasy and makes me feel like I don't want to eat anything. Not sure if it's an upset stomach or still from the hangover. I'm into day 2 now, and it is still there and unsure when it should go away if it was from something other than bleeding? It doesn't seem to be dark black like tar or stink so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am 27 and have always been very healthy other than my drinking habit which I am obviously going to drop because this has scared the poop out of me

Its Friday now and have dropped all the supplements and juices to see if it goes away. Just not sure how long it would take to go back to normal since I took multiple things that could cause it. I guess otherwise I will be calling the doctor on Monday.

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Muscle Cramps All Over Body, Upper Thigh Cramps So Severe

Cramps so bad in thighs, I can't take the pain anymore

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Lyme Disease :: Anyone Ever Cured?

does anyone get cured

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Lyme Disease Or Sjogren's?

I have had a number of symptoms starting 6 months ago and have progressively got worse ever since! I've had MRI - normal, thyroid test - normal, neurologist tools lots of blood test looking for inflammation and tested for Lupus - all normal! He's now sending me for a lip biopsy! Here are my symptoms -

- Persistent swollen glands in throat (lots) - all reactive according to ENT

- thyroid nodules

- neuropathy

- Eustachian tube dysfunction (& muffled hearing)

- visual snow with all the trimmings (photosensitivity, increasing floaters etc)

- itching skin

- dull toothache

- tinnitus

- thinning skin (veins very noticeable and bulge)

- tickly throat and dry cough

- thick phlegm at back of nose

- occasional dry eyes

- ear ache

- muscle aches and pains

- joint pain

- on / off mild fevers

- tiny pin prick like spots on torso, arms, thighs

- blotchy skin

- pigmentation in skin (dark around mouth and nose and blotches in other parts of body)

- skin dents very easily / shiny palms / stretchy skin

- constant clearing of throat

- spaced out feeling

-dizziness and vertigo

- headaches

- stiff and aching neck and back

- random skin rashes that come and go but chest is red and blanches

- cold hands and feet

- shivers (get goosebumps all over body for no reason)

- Fingertips sometimes turn blue

- brain fog

- fatigue

- wart like tiny blister looking spots on palms and palms look extra wrinkled and shiny

- joint cracking especially neck

- night sweats (at the beginning, occasional now)

- constant buzzing feeling all over body

- can see heartbeat through clothes / palpitations

These a few more things but I won't bore you all with more!!

Anyone else with lyme had these symptoms? The most concerning is the vision and hearing which really concerns me! Can I have Sjogrens when all my bloods are fine?

Many thanks in advance!

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Lyme Disease :: No Antioxidants While On Abx?

Doctor suggested I do not take vits b,c,e,multi or other typical antioxidants while on Plaquenil and Biaxin for my Lyme. Something to do with the environment needing to be oxidized to kill the spirochetes... (i think)

I've had lyme many years (misdiagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) so the little buggers are in their protected cyst and other forms. I start on above drugs tomorrow.

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STDs :: Tingling On Back And Burning Sensation On Back And Upper Chest

I had protected oral sex on 3rd April and protected oral and vaginal sex with a prostitute in bali on 7th april.

on 12th and 14th i had rashes with itching but since i take anti allergic medicines they went away, since 15th april, i am having the tingling feeling on middle back portion and till now i am having the tingling feeling on the same portion and it comes and goes away. Since 20th april i have burning feeling sometime on upper back and upper chest and sometime on face.....

did anyone faced these kind of symptoms....

I am scared for HIV as she was very dry during the act and for around a min when she on top my penis was not hard enough but when we changed the position then i saw condom was covering the whole penis and then we continued....

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Pregnancy :: Bloody Show - Dark Brown Mucus Discharge

I got checked today, I was thinned out and 2 centimeters dilated. Like 8 hours after my appointment, I had this dark brown mucus discharge.  Every time I wipe there is some.  Could this be my bloody show or could it just be spotting from the pelvic exam? I'm so hoping it's the bloody show!

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Am I Pregnant? :: Dark Brown Spotting Followed By Orange/pale Pink

I am currently taking the Rigevidon combined pill on its own and have been for over a year now. I am in a very sexually active relationship and we don't use protection due to me being allergic to the latex and also the fact im on the pill. I am unfortunately one of those very unreliable people when it comes to the pill... I don't take it at the same time every day and I have also missed a day every now and then and as I was rather uneducated on the pill I never set correct times I was meant to come on my period. My boyfriend first came in me the day I was due off my period (1st november), then again on the 6th november, 7th november (by accident) and then on the 17th of november. I know that I forgot to take my pill on the last time he came in me. Anyways, because of being slightly worried I decided to do a pregnancy test late at night on friday the 13 november (negative results ( was very happy) but I've been having a few pregnancy symptoms lately like slight stomach cramps, tender breasts, frequent urination and feeling like im going to be sick in the morning but I haven't actually thrown up yet. So I decided to research and learnt that i had done the test a bit too early and decided to do another test again on the 20th november (in the afternoon) again a negative result. I was happy again that I had a negative result but on the saturday 21st november I went to the toilet around 9pm ish and noticed 3 dark brown spots in my knickers but there wasn't anything coming out when I wiped... Despite being confused I decided to ignore it but then today on the 23rd november when I wiped I found some orange/pale pinkish discharge when I wiped so I had a shower and now there's nothing there...

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Menstruation :: Yasmin - Flow Was Dark Brown/Black In Colour

So my period ended 4 days ago. The blood flow was really different in that it was Dark Brown/Black in colour for the whole period. After the last day of my menstrual bleed, I have been experiencing hard stool which would push me to force a little harder to push my stool out. In doing so, (meaning pushing a bit harder to poo) I would see a flow of bright red blood running out like urine (which does not contain any clots). This has been happening for the past 4 days after my regular period ended. Is this normal or should I be alarmed? P.S. I recently started using oral contraception (Yasmin) last month

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