Sciatica Or DVT? Discomfort In My Bum Cheek And Upper Thigh

May 21, 2016

I have had pain/discomfort in my leg for 3 weeks now it started as calf pain which changed positions from behind knee to lower down to ankle and shin. It would come and go throughout the day but seems worse when sitting down. There is no swelling or redness. It has now progressed and I have pain/discomfort in my bum cheek and upper thigh down to my ankle again it comes and goes and is worse when sitting doesn't really bother me when I'm walking around. It is mostly in my left leg although occasionally I feel discomfort in right leg also but majority of time it is my left.

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Dermatology :: Large Bump On Upper Right Cheek Bone

I have a large bump on my upper, right cheekbone. It started the night before last with just a little swelling. When I woke up yesterday AM, it was almost swollen shut. Throughout the day yesterday, the swelling expanded to the entire left side of my face. I've messed with it a little so now there is a little break in the skin. I kept ice on it last night which seems to have reduced the swelling. The knot itself is not round but long.... a little longer that the size of a quarter. It hurts and is very sensitive to the touch. Over night, it's like it moved up a little bit. I can now see it out of the corner of my eye. I feel like Shrek. The knot is hard and seems much deeper than a pimple. What the heck could this be and how do I get rid of it? I'm really concerned.

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Sciatica? Bum Numbness And Thigh Tightness

I have a numb bum on the right hand side and tightness on my thigh as though it is about to go into spasm only after work on the drive home.

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Sciatica :: Constant Pain In My Calf And Thigh

I'm a 21 year old female & I was diagnosed with Sciatica in December & it's been driving me crazy since. I have had back problems in the past as I done gymnastics from a young age & studied make-up artistry for two years, both which can strain your back, also my job of working in retail has not helped. I have been in & out of the doctor's & it recently got so bad I had to go to hospital, I have been referred to physio however the waiting list is at least 10 weeks long before I will get to see someone. I've been taking advice from doctor's, I am on medication however I don't find it is helping, I have been doing stretches, yoga, going swimming, walking for as long as I can before the pain gets unbearable & to no avail. It's gotten so bad I can't sleep at night because I can't lie in a position without feeling shooting pains through my calf or my thigh. I'm really at my wits end, I'm so frustrated & down all the time because the pain is constant & it's stopping me from living my normal life & going out at the weekend with my friends. Can anyone recommend anything else that might help? The pain started in my lower back & has now spread to my calf & in the past few days has been making my foot feel numb.

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Lyme Disease :: Small Flat Dark Brown Tick On The Back Of My Upper Thigh

I found a small flat dark brown tick on the back of my upper thigh on 7/22. I went to see a doctor at MedExpress and she told me that the tick was engorged and that she believed that it could be a deer tick. We estimated that the tick had been on me for over 72 hours based on the time I was in wooded areas. As a precaution she put me on 200mg daily of doxycycline. I have been tracking the bite via pictures and there appears to be a bulls eye forming but I may just be paranoid. I know several people who have Lyme disease with varying forms of diligence for care. I have seen how it can ravage a person's body and mind. I want to make sure I am doing everything I possible can to help myself. What, if anything should I be doing from here?

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Sciatica ? Pain In Buttock Muscles, Knee And Bubbling On Back Of Thigh

Pain in buttock muscles, knee (with additional feeling of bubbling on back of thigh) and groin, is this sciatica?

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Muscle Cramps All Over Body, Upper Thigh Cramps So Severe

Cramps so bad in thighs, I can't take the pain anymore

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Headache And Cheek Numbness On Right Side - Migraine?

I am 27 years old. For a few days I have had a headache on my right side which goes with a numb feeling in my cheek. I have pain down my right neck shoulder and arm which goes to my hand. I went to my GP today and he gave me painkillers Naproxen I think they are. I have took 2 already and due to take my third one. He told me I have a migraine.

I have left for 15 hours last night and another 3 today after coming back from my GP. I still feel tired. I have never had a migraine before but I am scared to death that this is not just a migraine.

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Shingles? Eye Stye And Cold Sore On My Cheek

It started with a swelling on my eyelid which I thought was a stye.  Then I had a red swelling around a kind of cold-sore on my cheek, then others on the left side of my face, also in there are bumps on my scalp  .... they look and feel like cold sores and itch a lot.

Happily had already made an appointment at the docs for another matter, so I'm waiting for that to come up ... hopefully she'll be sympathetic about dealing with two different ailments.

If it is shingles - can I go swimming tomorrow?   And what about work - I have a little job in a grocery shop?


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After Shingles :: Pain Under The Skin On My Collar Bone, Cheek Near The Ear

I still have this gnawing pain under the skin on my collar bone, cheek near the ear, behind the ear, and neck and there's some swelling too. 

Can somebody explain and what are the natural remedies?

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Pimple Type Lump On Eye, Arm, Cheek And Groin Area

A week ago i observed a pimple type lump on my left eyelid area, and searched for the the same on net and found that it is known as sty OR stye in medical term. The same type of lump is on my cheek, right arm and on the groin area. The 4 old ones are getting better without any medicines, but 2 more are observed on the groin area, one on lower cheek and one on the same eye but upper side. Pls advise about the disease and what will be the remedies for the same.

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Occipital Neuralgia - Metallic Taste And Cheek Numbness

I was told by my neurologist that's what I have which is fine I have a lot of the symptoms (burning in head, ache, sharp pains, etc.) however I would like to know if anyone else experiences a metallic taste with theirs?

Or bitter taste? Hard to explain the taste exactly but I noticed I only get this taste when my ON acts up.

My right cheek also feels numbish when it comes along. I have a nerve test for neuropathy in a few weeks (to see which kind I have) and have had CT/MRI of brain which was clear so the taste may be related to the neuropathy but it just seems weird it comes when the ON comes.

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Shingles :: Recurrence With Swollen Lymph Nodes , Cheek Filled With Liquid?

I am 21 now, I had gotten shingles when I was 20. I only had it for a week luckily but, it was on my face...around my left eye and cheek area. While I had it, I had a lymph node swollen behind my ear that was pretty large also a couple lymph nodes on my head that were swollen as well. Both with piercing, constant pain. Then with the Shingles, the marks on my face and near my eye also hurt BAD. I got through all of that, no scarring.VERY lucky on that one. But now about 8 months later I have the same lymph node behind my ear swollen, my cheek actually filled up with fluid one day and when I opened my mouth something popped, all the fluid was released and the trash can became my best friend that night. NASTY. I thought it may have been a abscessed tooth causing the swelling and fluid build up, but after the fluid left my body my tooth stopped hurting. Now I'm just kinda lost and looking for some help on what may be going on.

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Dental Health :: Canker Sores And Cheek Bites Have Red Dots In Center Of Them?

Does canker sores and cheek bites have red dots in center of them? I have a small sore inside of cheek with a red dot in center.

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Oral Lichen Planus Can Lead To Cancer? Cheek Sores With White Lines

I think I have Oral Lichen Planus but I can't get a doctor to confirm it.  I have had mouth sores in my cheek area since 2009 and now my gums are very red and inflamed and have been told that I have white lines on my inside cheek area.  When I go to a dentist to have my teeth cleaned, I am always turned away because they don't like the looks of my mouth sores.  In 2013 I had doctor swab my mouth and send for testing and also did blood work but was told nothing showed up. I think she was looking for bacterial infection.  In the mean time, I continue with a very sore mouth.

I have a hard time eating anything because the sores are next to my bottom back teeth so eating irritates the sores a lot at night I sometimes bite the area with sores due to swelling so they pretty much never heal. 

I recently went to a new dentist and she too wouldn't work on my teeth but she gave me details as to her concerns and told me to get checked for an Auto Immune disorder.  I have since been to a doctor and had blood taken to check for that and then they sent me to  ENT.  He mentioned Oral Lichen Planus which was the first time I have heard of it.  He wants to do a biopsy and then he mentioned a steroid rinse. 

I also researched OLP and I have all the symptoms listed so I just don't understand how going to doctors since 2010 about the mouth sores, no one can figure it out?  Am I finally heading in the right directions for diagnosis?  I scares me that it has been left un treated for 5 years when I read that sometimes those with OPL can lead to mouth cancer. 

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Hip Replacement :: Thigh Pain

I am 4 weeks post TRH and was doing really well but went to physio today and mentioned that my thigh was aching a bit and so she gave it a deep massage to get the blood flowing and now it is very painful . 

I have dosed myself up with mess for the night and hope it eases off . 

Have any other hippies had bad thigh pain ?

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A Lump On The Inside Of My Thigh, Right Beside My Groin

I have a lump on the inside of my thigh, right beside my groin. It's not painful. It is under the skin, rounded and has a rubbery feel to it but quite solid. It's about 2cm in diameter.

Does anyone know what this can be?

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A Small Red/pink Lump On The Top Of Thigh

I have a small red/pink lump on the top of thigh which looks like a bite. It's about the size of a bite, a bit smaller than a 5p. I went to the doctors about 4 weeks ago and he didn't seem concerned and said it was an inflamed hair follicle. I was wondering whether if there has been an infection or inflamed tissue it takes a long time to go away or it leaves scarred tissue. I am really worried about cancer as my mum had breast cancer last year. I am only 20 but im paranoid that its a cancerous lump as its hard and doesn't move.

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Cerazette :: Mood Changes And Leg / Thigh Pains

I've been taking cerazette for a month now but since being on it i have been having what i can only explain as shooting pains in the front of my thighs?! Just wondering if anyone else has experienced it?! The mood swings i also have are crazy! Constantly being in a mood over anything someone says......

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Migraine With Pulsing Nerve Pain In Thigh And Leg?

For the last 3 months one of my odd symptoms before the migraine start is nerve pulsing pain in the arch of my foot. Then my inner thigh on same leg get nerve pains. Then it hits the temple on the same side. And then the head pain and nausea starts. Am I crazy? Anyone else get this? Should I start my pain med when the foot nerve starts...or when the head pain finally hits. Since I also have fibromyalgia, I think oh it will just be a stretching out issue.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug - Greenish On Inner Thigh

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and this mucus stuff came out and I felt it on my inner thigh. It was like greenish. So I'm assuming its my mucus plug ? What does it mean ???  I'm only 6 months pregnant

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