Men :: 15 Years Old - Small Genitals - Same Size For Last 6 Years

Dec 30, 2014

Im 15 and 1/2 and my penis size has been the same for like 6years and it hasn't grown at all My size is 1" plz help because this problem has overwhelmed me for years and im tired of it.

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Men :: Small Genitals (2 Inches) - 13 Years Old

My penis is about 2in to2 1/2 in long I am 13 is that bad will it stay the same when does it grow if it does

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Men :: Small Genitals - 15 Years Old - 4 Inches Flaccid And About 6 Erect?

Alright guys I'm gonna smash on my girl, in a few days and I was wondering something... I'm 4 inches flaccid and about 6.1 erect by the way I turned 15 a month ago. I was just worried and thinking am I small for my age? Will I grow more?

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Men :: 15 Years Old - Small Genitals, No Pubic Hairs - Smoke Pot

I'm 15 my penis is small I'm short and heavyset no facial hair or pit hair but I have pub hair why won't my penis grow ...and I smoke pot

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Men - 14 Years Old - Small Genitals (penis) Of 2.5 Inches Only On Erection

I'm 14 years old, i have already hit puberty and my penis is only 2.5 inches when its fully erected, i am really worried because i couldn't have kids, and do woman really care about penis size?

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Men :: 13 Years Old - When Will My Genitals (penis) Grow?

I'm almost 13 years old and about 4"10. I have cry little armpit hair and noticeable pubic hair. My penis is less than an inch when soft and about 2.7 when erect... Is this a problem? Please help I want my penis to grow! Also I know I have hit puberty because I have orgasmed (although it's hard to mastubrate with a 2")

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Men - 15 Years Old - When My Penis (genitals) Will Start To Grow?

I'm not concerned about size or anything, but I need to know when my penis will start to grow, I'll give all my signs and missing signs of puberty I can think of.

I'm 15 years old.

It's 3.5 inches in girth and length exactly.

My voice hasn't changed much at all since I was younger.

I'm not overweight at all but I've got a pretty big amount of fat on my chest yet nowhere else(man boobs), I also have little to no muscle definition.
I look like 12ish in my face according to polling a lot of people including my family and my own personal opinion.
I'm 5'3

Of my body hair, I have had some soft "baby hair" in my armpits and shaft area since about 13ish, and since about 6ish months or so I now have the curly, coarse, dark hair in both areas, but little enough to count if you were determined.

My body odor is god-awful if I don't keep it under control.

There's acne on my hairline and some on my nose and eyebrows area.
Simply, I want to have a rough estimate on when my penis will start to grow at a fast rate, or perhaps an estimate on when I'll be in the 5.5 inch length and 4 inch girth area assuming that I'll have something around 7 inch length 4.5inch girth based on my family.

A bonus question would be when will I start getting taller, more muscle defined, and deeper voiced?

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Men - 18 Years Old - Wondering When My Genitals (penis) Will Grow?

I have a question I'm 18 about to be 19 and my penis is still not up to standard to guys my age when am I going to grow ?

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Sexual Health - Men :: Very Small Penis 19 Years Old

i am 19 years old boy my penise is so small so how can i get to be bigger?

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Unable To Conceive After 9 Years Of Yasmin - 32 Years Old

I am 32 years old and I have 1 child and for awhile i have been trying to get another and i have not been able to conceive ...I should start by telling you that i have been on yasmin for 9 years and i stop taking them for awhile to get pregnant but nothing happened so because of not taking the yasmin my period became off balance and i was put back on them by my doctor. i also had a surgery couple years ago called an umbilical hernia, can this be the cause why i am unable to have another child ? I would like to have another child before I am 40 what should I do ?

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Men :: Small Genitals - Till What Time Penis Grow

I am 14 and have few pubic hairs around my penis and am wondering how long it is until my penis grow

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Pea Size Nodule At My Anus

i have internal hemorrhoids. but now i found a new small pea size nodule in my anal opening that nodule bumps.

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Birth Control :: Bright Red Blood With Some Small And 10 Cent Piece Size Clots.

I'm a 23 yo female. I have been skipping my periods on levlen ED for about 2 years. Have had breakthrough bleeding (5 days) about i'd say 4 times, which definitely wasn't like this one... i had a breakthrough bleed recently a week before i had tummy cramps & felt rather nauseous then got my period that lasted 10 days it stopped i had intercourse with my partner it came back lightly went away & once again with my partner afterwards there was bright red blood with some small & 10 cent piece size clots... i have always had the occasional bleed after intercourse but not like this.. i do have hpv & have a med- large lump inside i was told to leave it & it should go away.

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Cholesterol :: 17 Years Old With 140

I am a 17 year old teenage male. I am not overweight (I'm 5"8 and like 145 pounds which is around average for my height) but my doctor apparently told my parents that I have a high cholesterol level of around 140 which has gotten my parents pretty freaked out. However, my parents tend to freak out about alot of things, so I just wanted to know if I'm really high for someone my age and weight, and if this means I'm at high risk of a heart attack. Does anyone know how cholesterol works for teenagers?

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Hypertension :: 32 Years Old With BP 150/90

I am 32 years old and my BP 150/90 is it necessary to take medicine to control BP? plz suggest how could i control it without taking medicine.

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Been On Amiodarone For 20 Years

I have been on amiodarone for most of the last 20 years. I have a heart rhythm problem that killed my mother at age 25 and a sister at age 21. Initially I had problems with sleep and other symptoms until I got used to the drug. Nowadays I have to take care with the sun but have no other symptoms and ensure I have regular blood tests etc. If it were not for amiodarone I would probably not be here today.

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Venlafaxine :: Getting Off After 10 Years

I have read a lot of entries about this drug, and I do agree with many that at first it did its job.  To pout you in the picture I have been on 225 mg for 25 years now and like some have been very apprehensive about stopping due to extreme withdrawal.

Yes some may criticise my deciding to go cold turkey, but I do feel that venlafaxine is like any addictive drug with one exception, it is fear of withdrawal that stops many from even trying.  I am now on my 5th day and yes the symptoms are shocking in more ways than one (srry bout pun).  My reason to decide is simple.. Do I need venlafaxine anymore?  Simple answer No!  I just got to the comfort and routine of taking it every day.  Don't get me wrong cold turkey is not necessarily the right way unless you have an iron constitution, and willpower.  I am no expert so please do not take all I say as gospel.

Whilst the withdrawal is bad at the moment, I have noticed a clarity in my mind growing as time goes by, it almost as if I a getting part of myself back and it is no longer negative or suicidal as of many years ago that I lost to venlafaxine (My faith is a big part of this too.).

So what is happening this early in cold turkey?  Brain zaps like mad I also have slight nausea, I have decided to consult my GP to request some anti withdrawal medicine I am aware that this prob will not stop the zaps etc but poss offer a cushion.  Maybe I am stubborn but I will not do the weaning off method, I have stopped illegal drugs and alcohol without weaning off, and even though venlafaxine is legal, for myself would be like having dope or a drink to solve the problems, but in fact I consider doing that a step backwards.  I would be very interested in any one especially who did cold turkey to share what they found out with me, and of course any other comments you may have. 

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6 Miscarriages In 5 Years

I am 37 years old and have had 6 miscarriages in the last 5 years, I do not currently have any children. I have had testing done and have been told that all tests were normal. All miscarriages have been before 10 weeks and all of them except one were after having seen a heartbeat on ultrasound. I'm just looking to see if anyone has been successful after having this many miscarriages or more. I'm just looking for some hope as I'm not getting any younger but don't want to give up on my dreams of a family.

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Raynaud's Again After Years?

Let me introduce myself as a 57 year old male living in Minnesota. We are currently experiencing one of the longest sub-zero cold spells in my memory. 55 days below zero degrees F already this winter. Yes it is very COLD.

Twenty five years ago, in my early 30's, my fingers began blanching white while carrying items during summertime. I was frightened when several visits to the doc hadn't helped. Carpal tunnel syndrome was ruled out. At that point a neurologist asked if I was a smoker. Yes I was, two pack-a-day. He looked at me very pointedly and told me I'd better quit smoking ASAP. I was crushed, I had tried many times to quit cigs to no avail. I looked down at my white fingertips and bluish toes and decided to quit then and there. That was my last cigarette. Sept 1989. Miraculously, I never saw a white finger tip or blue toe again.

Twenty five years later my left hand has been suddenly reminding me that there is still an issue. Two or three fingers remain cooler than the others and will empty of blood when carrying parcels, or squeezed. Slowly the pink returns. I do not smoke. Hopefully that will keep the symptoms limited.
Someone had posted that what affected you in youth is probably gonna come back to haunt you later in life.

Young people with raynaud's; Quit smoking! Don't move to arctic climates, either.

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Hypertension :: 19 Years Old With BP Of 140/60

I was diagnosed with a heart murmur just under a year ago, could this be a cause of my BP being so high? I am active pretty much everyday doing at least 2-4 hours of exercise a day and eat a reasonable diet.

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Knee :: TKR Less Than Two Years After PKR

I'm probably going to have TNR less than two years after PNR. It would be nice to hear some success stories to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Are you happy you did it? Are you able to continue a somewhat active lifestyle?  Are you pain-free?

I'm sure for those of us that are trying to overcome post surgical issues, a dose of positive news would be most beneficial. 

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