Menopause :: Do Mild Hot Flashes Feel Like You Have A Fever Without A Fever?

Jun 4, 2015

I previously posted about my night sweats but now I have a new symptom. Mostly in the morning, my forehead and sometimes my face feels hot but I don't have a fever. In fact my temp. will be a degree below normal. My body will feel a little warm but not as much as my face and forehead. Does this sound like mild hot flashes?

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Hot Flashes Followed By Cold Flashes And 99.9 Low Grade Fever

I think I am going insane... I have been suffering from episodes of hot flashes followed by cold chills with 99.1 to 99.7 degrees fever for about 4 years now.. I have had Blood tested for almost everything- Lupus, Thyroid.-Aids, Sed rates.. etc... and nothing comes back... The dr's can not find anything.. This last episode is lasting 31 days and counting.. I am starting to get a lot of anxiety, my body aches and I have headaches that come and go..

I am 45 years old and feel like I am90! I have been in relatively good health.. Is is possible that this is perimeno? I just started hormone replacement therapy and My obgyn has me on a very low dose of progesterone - pills and testosterone..I am hoping this helps.. I am so sad and scared, I don't know what to do.

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Fever / Hot Flashes After Uterine Fibroid Embolization?

I had a UFE 2 weeks ago and I'm getting either a fever or hot flushes but not sure which it is. I have no other signs of Menopause. When I had zoladex injections I had very bad hot flushes this feels different. Not sure if I can have a test done to see as my procedure could have put me into Menopause.

So do I wait till I have fully recovered or get a test done. Wondered if anyone else had this after UFE I'm 49 years old.

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Menopause :: Fever And Just Not Feeling Good

Does anyone ever experienced having a fever and just not feeling good. Today I was feeling bad  running a temp of 100.1 with a high heart rate of 110 and just feeling tired weak and not myself please can you ladies let me know why postmenopausal symptoms make you feel sick run down tired and give you hi heart rates and make you run a temp of 100.1 Feeling bad all day so confused about all this just want to cry and hide away 

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Menopause :: Fever Related To Perimenopause?

I had an upper respiratory issue a few weeks back and am pretty much over it, but a week after the worst of it I started running a low grade fever almost every evening. My face and neck feels really hot like the heat is just radiating off it and I want to fan myself. I otherwise don't feel bad, not like I usually do when I have a low grade fever when sick, I just feel hot. My normal temps runs around 97.5 and I know that temps are lower in the mornings and can go up in the afternoons but I have never had it like this. It has been about 98.6, 98.8 and today it has been 99.3. But like I said, it isn't like a sick fever, and it is mostly my face and neck area that feels so hot. It starts every afternoon around 3pm.

Does anyone else experience anything like this? Could it be related to perimenopause? My cycle is really messed up right now.

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Hot Flashes Of Menopause? Feel Hot All The Time

I always used to have a body temperature below normal until 2 years ago. I had a partial hysterectomy at 25 and I'm now 60. I don't know if this is the typical hot flashes of menopause because I'm hot all the time, all year through. When I wake up, I'm comfortably cool for a few minutes. Once I'm wide awake I suddenly, within a second or two, get very hot and have to throw the covers off. I stay hot all day until I fall asleep at night. I've had my thyroid checked. It is apparently normal. Winters are a pleasure now! The funny thing is, though, I don't feel the heat as much as I used to. In addition to this, I am now perspiring for the first time in my life as well. Any ideas?

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Rhinitis Or Hay Fever ?

The symptoms first started 9 years ago when I found out I was pregnant and were quite severe throughout my pregnancy (symptoms such as runny itchy eyes that feel dry at the same time, very fast flowing runny nose that drips, sneezing fits, loss of smell, headaches, lack of energy). the symptoms then began to fade away as the years went by but have came back with a vengeance over the past 12 months, it makes working hard and stops me from doing normal day to day things as I feel like going and locking myself away.

I will be visiting my Dr in the next week to tell him that it is not hayfever that it is infact rhinitis and I want something done about it.

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HIV :: ARS Rash And Fever

I had unprotected oral sex when she was menstruating (tampon used) and also received oral sex. I am not sure with how many people she sleeps with.  for intercourse condom was used. Condom was tested for no breakage later.

Now after two weeks I have epididymitis inflammation and hence lot of pain on my left testicle. I have given urethral swab for test of chlamydia and also urine for test.  I am waiting for results. I am taking ciprofloxacin and it already helped reduce pain on my testicle after two doses.

now i have been having mild fever (37.5 - 38.4)  ever since i started having the pain (two weeks after the exposure). also i have 3-4 rashes , dark purple (only one of them is big to the size of a bed bug) between my shoulder and elbow on my left arm. rest of the body seems fine.

irrespective of the probability that I may have caught chlamydia, is there any worry for HIV?

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Does Cataflam Help Fever?

Sometimes when I get fever, I take Cataflam. Now, I have baby and he has fever and I am wondering does Cataflam help for baby fever. I did not take my boy to the doctor yet, because I know that is normal for baby to get sometimes fever and I do not want be paranoid mother. My boy is eleven months old.

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HIV :: Having A Itchy Rash And Also Have Flu But Not Fever

My HIV test is negative after 5 months of possible risk but in 7 month I have itchy rash with little red bumps on back and also have flu but not fever, however there is a cold dry weather as well. Is this a possible symptoms of getting HIV?

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Hay Fever Tablets Vs Injections

My husband suffers from Hay Fever quite badly. He takes one Hay Fever tablet in the morning and then another at night. He then has his nasal spray which he takes everyday as well as eye drops to stop them from itching.

Also to help keep the pollen off his skin he will take 3-4 showers a day.

I have tried to convince him to at least try the Hay Fever injection but he says it is too dangerous and can cause heart problems.

The fact that he doses his system up on the tablets, sprays and eye drops everyday can't be healthy either!

Does anyone know of where I can find information to try and convince my husband that what he is doing isn't that great for him either?

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FMF - Familial Mediterranean Fever

i have been suffering from this debilitating Chronic disease all my life, I was diagnosed  back in 2006 by a gene test. Ever since I was put on a disability pension. I suffer from recurrent episodes of high fever and pain in all my joints, my life is made of pain, and with at least twice a month sometimes even more often I get high flares.

nothing I was given by my GP that really helped. I may have few hours of the day at times that I feel normal, this is when I take advantage of the time to do housework chores. My husband who was my carer was there for me, helping me on my daily progress, since he passed away (15 month ago) on a stroke I have been suffering even more, emotionally and physically. 

Since September last year, I have been chased by Centrelink, who's telling me that back at the time they accepted my application for the disability I didn't have enough evidence to become eligible for that and had had made a mistake, so they asked me to bring evidence from specialist to do so, it was the time just before xmas.

now everyone knows that to get appointments with various specialists take time. Before I was able to see one, Centrelink had cut me off, I have appealed, and now waiting for the tribunal decision. In the meantime I have evidence from some specialists.

but from the ones that I was gone through the government system to see a specialist in the local hospital, it 5 month for the first appointment, then 2 month to do ct scans and xrays. Now I've been waiting another 2 month hoping to hear from them before coming may which is my tribunal day in May 18. a Doctor called me this morning asking if I have left a message in the hospital about the results of the scans, he said, your scans looking fine, only the liver is fattened, nothing about my debilitating disease or if I'll have another chance to see the specialist so they can advice me about my FMF problems. I'm shattered and so disappointed, he hardly finished talking to me and his beeper was buzzing, he continued saying sorry, I have emergency and was gone. Where am I standing here? What kind of treatment is this, I've been waiting now for at least 7 month to see and talk to specialist and this is what I get. I need a written results for Centrelink and I'm feeling lost. I don't know what to do. This is just a joke. Please help me to understand and get some wisdom here as I'm lost in this government system.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Fever Of 100 - Dangerous?

I m 27 weeks pregnant and having 100 fever is it dangerous

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Prostatitis? Fever Can Antibiotics Help?

I am 32 years old male. I was diagnosed with prostatitis. What does it mean? Anyone have prostatitis? I also have fever. Can antibiotics help me?

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Low Fever And Rash In The Month After C-section

I was pregnant with my first child when the following happened;

- at 27 wks began to have multiple lymph nodes swollen along both sides of my neck

- low grade fever which was controlled by taking a paracetamol

- dark urine color

- at 28 wks I was admitted to hospital and started to have severe oedema

- blood results showed my uric acid, creatine and alk phosphate, ferritin, c-reactive were high - with WBC critically high

- Hemoglobin, RBC, platelet, Albumin was low

- I had difficulty breathing (constant heart rate of 135), a scan of my heart showed it was lacking liquid

- blood pressure was fine

- Baby was taken out via c-section at 28.5 weeks where my condition worsened before starting to get better

- in the month after baby was taken out I continued to have low grade fever and developed a rash

- My blood work returned to normal in 2 months after being admitted to hospital with steroids

The doctors never found out what the cause was, please advise if you have heard of a similar case?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Fever - Start Of A Miscarriage?

I'm 12 weeks and thought I WAS done with vomiting and nausea but today I Feel feverish and nausea all day long I'm worried it mite be an infection. Or a. Start of a miscarriage?

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica Flare Fever?

I have had PMR since March.  Today I feel like I have a fever and "hot flashes". Could this be a PMR "flare"...or just a coincidental illness.

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Hemorrhoids :: Severe Pain And Fever

I believe a have a hemorrhoid. There is a rather large, hard bump under the skin just forward on the anal opening (1/2 inch) and a little to the left side. It started about 5 days ago with a slight irritation. Two days ago the bump grew and it became uncomfortable to sit. Yesterday and today the pain is unbearable. I have trouble turning in bed, sitting up, sitting on the toilet, or just moving about. This morning I noticed pinkish fluid discharge and I thought the hemorrhoid burst. The pain is even worse and I have trouble urinating and I have a fever. I've had this before in the past and it always burst and the pain went away immediately. However, this time it's a little different. Could it be something more than a typical hemorrhoid? I'm in Thailand and the medical quality is, well, I rather be back home at this time.

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Low Grade Fever Three Weeks Post ALIF (l5/s1)

I had surgery exactly three weeks ago. I developed a fever (99.9-101.8) in the hospital two or three days post op. They gave me antibacterial iv and oral meds from the surgery on. As I developed the fever, they gave me antiviral medication to treat a huge and painful fever blister I developed just two days after surgery thinking that this sore was the culprit. The fever had gone down to low grade but now i'm concerned because it does not want to go away. Im taking Norco and the tylenol in it keeps the fever below low grade but when I don't take Norco ( which i take less and less) the fever and chills/ night sweats keep returning. It is generally starting at noon or afternoon, almost always present in the evenings. Usually 99.5-100.5.

Im very worried that it can be some kind of a stubborn infection. I'm three weeks after surgery, i should not have a temp at all. Plus I'm not fever prone, i hardly ever had a fever in my life, flu or any other illness i pull thru with no temps.

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More Depression In Summer And Spring Rather Winter - Hay Fever?

does anybody suffer from depression during spring and the summer rather than the winter I know it could be a lot to do with hayfever I take anti histamines but don't help but as for the depression symptoms of headaches, anxiety, sleeping all the time weak and lethargic, shaking, confusion, I have struggled for years with these symptoms and tried anti depressants but couldn't handle the side effects I am just wondering if it's worth trying again has anybody been in a similar situation and have ads worked for you

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62 Years Sufferings Of Familial Mediterranean Fever

I am a female 62 years of age who has suffered with FMF since I was a child of 8 years old - but not diagnosed until I was 45 years old. The FMF attacks mimicked several different medical conditions - first I had my appendix taken out at age 8 because of abdominal pains, then at 32 I had a hysterectomy because my "attacks" happened during my monthly menstrual cycle, then the attacks continued and mimicked gall bladder attacks - so I had my gallbladder out! At the age of 45 I was diagnosed with FMF when I made a trip to Israel and visited specialists in this area of expertise to finally get a diagnosis. It was a long time to finally get a medical diagnosis as most of my adult life I was told by doctors that it was stress related and that I should learn how to control the stress in my life!

I was hospitalized each and every month for at least 4 days because of the severity of the attacks and the dehydration of vomiting. Colchicine has kept it a manageable level for me and kept me out of hospital. After 17 years I am now getting side effects of Colchicine of numbness in my hands and feet. Now I have to find another drug that I can use in order to keep the FMF under control.

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